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Digital Marketing Assignment
Web quality of airtel  I found the content part of the website( very good as it provides all the information to the customer in a proper way  Information provided to the customer is given in detail. Info about the company, Investors, Press, Careers,broadband services, recharge available,etc all are provided in a proper way  There is a separate segment for digital tv, broadband services, mobile and fixed line.  They have categorized their each segment properly.  No such business strategies or market strategies are mentioned.  Airtel uses facbook and twitter so that it can collect consumer feedback.  The whole website is divided into for consumers and enterprise business.  The website contains a lot of use of flash  The website is made in a systematic way and different information is provided in different pages.  It takes around 1 to 2 minutes to open a page on this website.

 International Fund for Agricultural Development  Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry  Pioneer India Electronics Pvt. Ltd .  Bata India Ltd.Digital marketing firm Magnon solutions (http://www. email marketing etc.  Videocon International  ITZ Cash  Marks & Spencer .com/)  Role of Magnum Solution: As a digital marketing agency they take up both push and pull marketing aspects of any organization¶s digital initiative.magnonsolutions.  Samsung India  Daikin Industries Ltd. implementing and executing specifically targeted segments. They emphasize on understanding businesses in depth and then suggesting some of the best solutions for digital marketing to an organization. Their area of services extend from internet marketing activities like paid promotions.  Clients  Hindustan Insecticides Ltd. social media optimization and rich media services to SMS marketing. Ltd .  Michelin India Tyres Pvt. They undertake campaigns with uniquely strategizing.

 HBO South Asia  ABN-Amro  Testimonials After having launched the Hyundai Corporate website. Hyundai Motor India Ltd . SSI & New Business. Using a combination of Internet and Mobile Technologies has been key to the breakthrough we have made in this area of operation.National Sales Training." Rao Pratap Singh DGM . Magnon has partnered us to initialise our Used Car Business.

® Events y Participate in anything from local chapter rides to pin stops.html Benefits to the members Road Side Assistance y You¶re automatically covered when you need it most.harley-davidson. and more. y Touring Handbook* y The Touring Handbook features H-D road maps for the U. H.O. member stories. HOG magazine has become one of the most popular magazines in the motorcycle industry. Canada and Latin America with a quick reference to dealer information.S.Blogs/communities www. HOG® Magazine* Now published 5 times a year y Packed with riding stories.G. to state and national rallies.G.® Roadside Assistance Standard Package comes with a one-time coverage up to $100. news. product info. .. (Upgrades available) H.

. as the consumers play an important role in the Harley Owners Group community.It generates the Love-Relationships amongst the owners of the Harley and helps create a positive e-WOM which is obviously good and beneficial for Harley Davidson. Content has to be good.

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