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The UltimateQu~on: 1( ¥iffivanorN?tTo~ .....
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Can buYIng a carthat looks likea den_ akeyou Ul1COOt? -Hell, what'lQ)f?uklyourtemseljJ, ay.~.
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Afraid of losing myself This reader e-mail might A Very Cool Mom . appear trivial Over the last few years, to some. But I've dedlc~ted myself to to me it was researching the minivan an SOS from a phenomenon - dissecting woman on the it with area women,.occaMerritt sionally even with actual edge: Patterson minivan drivers. My study L'rn a Park Cities mom in in short revealed this: It's a the market for a new .car,My decision that should not be husband' wants me to get a entered into lightly, as the, minivan. I'm afraid it would. long-term impact cannot be the end of my coolness. be reversed. Once a miniWhat would becoming a van driver, even if eventuminivan driver mean for me ally switching to a Porsche or something later, you will overall?

alwaysbe, at the very l\~ast, , a former minivan driver. The informal study. started when one of rm dear friends, a Park Cities resident, went all minivan out of nowhere. Though we have remained close, the vehicle selection drove a slig It,but permanent wedge be een this pal and the rest 0 us in her social circle. . If you're already mentally drafting hate mail abo t how shallow I am, don't strain yourself on my account. I'm fully aware of Y0ll!l fee1-

ings about cars not making the person, blah, blah; bl~. But unless you are an.hon- ' est minivan driver, or are close to someone who took the minivan plunge, you just . have no idea what you're talking about. Dear Very Cool Mom, Forgive me for reading between the lines, but I think , I get what you're saying you love your children, and you don't mind if the whole world knows you're a mom, but you don't want the role to completely define you. You still want to be you. The you who listened to loud music with your ~lfriends ~n spur-of-the-moment road trips; the you who had' guys taking notice at stoplights. No need to explain. ,I know you don't want to cheat on your husband or go on a wild and crazy partying spree. You just want people to be able to visualize the super-fun chick you

once were, and still are deep throw up in your mouth down inside. a little just to think about The bottom line is you have yourself driving one? . mDuring the days immeto decide which of these two diately after college,while you things is more important: practicality or image. Make were dreaming of what the your decision, embrace it, and funrrehcldm~o~illd~u~ once picture yourself in a mininever look back. van? . With all due respect, IIIs the convenience of the I don't' think hip, single remote control sliding door women without children really ever purchase mini- more importantthan your soul? If; after thorough analysis vans, which is pretty much a slam dunk argument on the of your answers, you must image side, but for the sake get a minivan for reasons of a fair presentation, let's I cannot even fathom, go consider all the angles with, . dark. Get a black one. The four fundamental questions. more non-descript you can 1m Can you listen to any make it, the better. And kind of music ili it withnever, ever apply one of out feeling weird? Really, those decals with a family' can you throw in your Def of stick people and all your Leppard CD, pound on the kids' names on it, because steering wheel, and drum on frankly, if you get a minithe dash in a car that looks van, you're just one peel and stick' away from that. like a den? Truly Yours, iIlll When you were a Merritt teen, what would you have thought of the minivan idea, and would it have made you

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