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Woods Fall 2010 Tadao Ando Tadao Ando was born in 1941 in Osaka, Japan. At the age of 10 Ando began working in a carpenter s shop where he learned how to work with wood. He began to read about buildings and visit interesting sites in Japan. Ando also traced drawings of Le Corbusier s sketches and was influenced by Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Alto, Luis Khan, and Frank Lloyd Wright. He also likes to keep up with other art forms such as music and literature. He only looks at architecture and design magazines.He likes to travel and sketch.Tadao Ando preferred to learn on his own so he received no formal education.He doesn t mingle much with other architects. The architect visited the U.S., Africa, and Europe before founding Tadao Ando Architectural & Associates in 1969.
who would you like to design something for? I believe that the way people live can be directed a little by architecture. I would like my architecture to inspire people to use their own resources, to move into the future. although now we are more and more governed by the american way of thinking, money, the economy... I hope that now people will shift to a more european way (of thinking), culture, individuality, and that people move towards new goals. so for me to be able to contribute to this would be great on the news broadcast they said that italians are afraid of unemployment, criminality and pollution. what are you afraid of regarding the future ? I'm afraid that people don't want the future to happen. in order for people to want this, each person has to have goals in their life, to feel proud. work is one of the ways of achieving this. unemployment is dangerous because then people don't use their resources. each individual has to be able to use their abilities.

Ando has won the many awards: the Carlsberg Prize, 1992Pritzker Prize 1995, PraemiumImperiale 1996, the Mainichi Art Prize 1987, Japanese Cultural Design Prize 1975, and the Gold Medal of Royal Institute of British Architects 1997.1985 Alvar Aalto medal, finnish association of architects, AIA gold medal 2002.Tadao Ando a visiting Professor of Architecture at Tokyo University,Yale, Columbia, and Harvard.(get dates on awards)(lay this out like a web page) His work is characteristically simple and the functions are not always obvious.Interested in the impact of nature and humans on simple abstraction.He brings nature into his work by light, sky, water, and wind.This could be b/c he wants people to make the space whatever they need it to be. Features of Ando s Architecture are materiality, tactility, and emptiness. The imposing walls of his structures have a soft look. Ando seeks to create a place for the individual, a zone for oneself within society .An Ando

This house represents the materiality of Ando.1995.Tadao Ando built the internationally known Rokko House I in Kobe.D. Print. This aspect of Ando s Architecture may be due to his inspiration from Enso. N Y : Princeton Architectural Press. 1 0 / 0 1 / 2 0 0 1 . .(ando. loneliness. N. Enso is a circle drawn by zin-budhists and it symbolizes emptiness. Cirlces are used frequently in Andos work.Japan: A. geometrical forms. This shows light. Tadao Ando also takes influence from the Pantheon in Rome.he believes inhaving goals for the future. We b . I am interested in a dialogue with the architecture of the past but it must be filtered through my own vision and my own experience. it is a masterpiece. Tado Ando believes in simplicity as well as complexity in architecture. Hyogo.Only in this way can architecture repudiate the realm of industrial techno to become grand art in the truest sense. In t e r vi e w wi t h t h e j a pa n e s e Ar ch i t e ct . closed but dramatized by light. Osaka. And . Tokyo .geometric mad-made forms contrast with the surrounding environment. 1988-89} Theories: read the book This architect is the best choice for the 21st century because he believes in learning from precedence. Not into American culture. d e s i gn b o om. Print Towards New horizons in architecture. Th eo rizin g a N ew Ag en da fo r Arch itectu re 1965. Features a courtyard . yukio. 40. {image church of light.A. The Koshino House (1981 & 1984) represents all of Ando s design ideas. <h t t p :/ / www. Sources: N esbitt. Kate. Row House (1976) located in Sumiyoshi. The units vary in size and each has a terrace. He believes in progress. p . It is a simple composition with diverse spaces. In 1981-83. openness. Ando s religious buildings are perhaps his most famous creations.84&92. Tadao Ando. contrasting to the rectilinear forms of the with his architecture. c o m/ e n g/ i n t e r vi e w/ a n d o. Western culture seek to block off and control nature and eastern cultures embrace it. This project was successful.Only hint of life is the entry. Ando is fascinated with the change of seasons and passage of time which is represented in the Koshino House.the center of lfe. Light play here creates curves. 1987. Osaka. N ew Y ork. Building is inserted into the hillside.building gives the user a since of emptiness. futagawa. 456-61. . This was actually a housing complex. Like many Japanese people. Concrete seems to be his main material but he woul also say that wind and light are materials. Ando seeks to always highlight . 1996. h t ml >. The stpping up aspect and gaps unify the design more as well as create plazas. "T a d a o An d o . 1 7 S e p 2 0 1 0 . " Des i g n b o o m. Edita.461) I aspire to transform place throught architecture to the level of abstract and universal. Baraki. connect with it. blah bleh. was Ando s first built project. and the moment of enlightenment.

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