Mothers Against Drunk Carpool-Driving Mothers
Don't thinkyoucanhitthe'bottle and thenpick up my kids
M 0 s tofu s drink al c o.holic b everages now and then. Some of us have probMerritt ably had a few' Patterson too many at a neighborhood party and walked home with a · slight' buzz; maybe even tripping over the part of the sidewalk that sticks up, the same one that caused your kid to face plant into. the concrete recently. Your ·husband probably caught \ you just before hitting the pavement and still laughs ·about it to this day. I'll go ·out on a limb and admit I': don't see much wrong with th;~me have had the number of drinks necessary to bid recklessly, winning live auction items at elementary school fundraisers they might not have purchased otherwise. But this lush knew it was for charity and didn't drive home. No harm done. . My acceptance of, and participation in, this type of behavior has left me a bit desensitized. But! didadouble take last week at a table full of semi-familiar moms drinking at a late weekdav lunch in a Park Cities restaurant. It surprised me but I decided there was nothing wrong with a glass of wine at a special celebration. But for some reason I couldn't stop watching. I was glued to the group .. They poured glass after. glass and downed bottle after bottle of wine. I estimated each midday partygoer had at least three to four glasses. But who I am to judge? And they're probably not driving, right? '. . children piled into your probably seen me drinking SUVs for a ride home, at parties over the years, . throughschool zones, past maybe you'd think I was a hordes of other children on hypocrite. . bike and foot. I eventually blew it off I spent the next 24 hours and rationalized, thinking analyzing it, soaking it all .it. was a one-time thing. in. Why had I not done But then, within 48 hours, something to keep those I overheard you in the kids from buckling into a school hallway making possible death trap? Why another lunch plan, and I had I not knocked on your couldn't believe the criteria you rattled off for the window and mentioned that I had just seen you at restaurant choice that day, the bottom of a wine bottle "I don't care where, as long as they serve vino." . Here's the deal: When you drive carpool after slamming a few bottles, you're essentially taking a loaded gun and firing it randomly into our commu"" . .nity. If most any parent saw you raising a weapon in a carpool line, they'd probably try tackling you to the ground before you could and offered to help you get hurt anyone. And that's all those kids home safely? what I should have done Why? Because I was when you endangered so afraid of what I would look many lives that day, but I like. And since by some was scared. So, I'm glad everything miracle you happened to worked out but just know , get everyone home uninjured, you would be justi- this; I won't be such a cowfied claiming I was crazy ard next time because I've because everything turned decided I really don't can: out totally fine just like what you think, and I de you knew it would, And care about those kids ir honestly, I wasn't sure your backseat. Yours Trull' that I was qualified to say Merritt Pstteisot anything because you've

I won't be such a coward· next tune because I've decided I reallv don't care what vou think, and I do care about those kids in your backseat.
" Wrong! Dear Area Moms Drinkin' it Up at Lunch Last Week, At first I thought it was none of my business and I felt a.little weird for even noticing your lunchtime binge fest. But when I saw two of you, a little more than an hour later, waiting in driver's seats in the carpool line, I was at a loss for what to do. I was frozen and didn't say a word as other people'~

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