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Lovely School of Management Department of Management

Name of the faculty member: Vikram Katyal
Course No: MGT207 Course Title: Human Resource Management
Class: BBA Semester: 4th Section: S1907 Batch: 2008
Max. Marks: 25 Date of Allotment: 29-01-2010 Date of Submission: 30 march
Roll Topics
Each student shall be assigned a topic and the following parameters have to be covered:
o INTRODUCTION: Describe the importance of the study.
o Provide a rationale. State your specific hypothesis or objectives and
describe the reasoning that led you to select them.
o METHODOLOGY: the methods that were used to attain the final goal of the
report or rather to explain the procedure.
o RESULT: summarize your findings in the text and illustrate them, if
appropriate, with figures and tables. Analyze your data.
1 Relevance of job rotation in banks/other financial institutions
2 Study on identifying the measures adopted by industries to retain high performance teams in insurance sectors.
3 Performance management system in Indian Organizations
4 Managing workforce diversity.
5 To find out how different companies have managed trade unions as well as strikes.
6 Measuring HR effectiveness using HR metrics in Indian organizations
7 Training Delivery: A comparison of selected training methods in Indian companies
8 Women as leaders in 21st centaury
9 Job Hopping: A Challenge for HRM
10 Changing expectation of employees in 21st century.
11 Mergers and acquisitions: Employee counseling
12 Quality of work life and job satisfaction
13 Ageism at workplace: Bias and affirmative action programmes
14 Managing change in the era of globalization.
15 Managing uncertainty through hard decisions
16 Planned Exit
17 Culture coaches for on boarding
18 Why CEO feels HR plays small role in organization’s success.
19 Training a competitive advantage
20 Employee engagement Practices
21 Glass ceiling
22 Employee Discrimination
23 Talent Management
24 Gender and employment
25 Work family balance
26 Workplace harassment
27 Managing employee resistance to change
28 Cost cutting strategies in HRM during economic slowdown
29 Employee participation in strategic planning
30 HR Management in 21st Century: Challenges for the future.
31 HRM in small and medium sized enterprises
32 Performance management system in Indian Organizations
33 HR and six sigma practices
34 Ethical dilemmas in human resource management
35 Executive development program in HRM
36 Measuring HR effectiveness using HR metrics
37 Global Recession and emerging challenges for human resources management in India
38 Training Delivery: A comparison of selected training methods
39 Golden Handshake: HR perspective
40 Contemporary Workplace health issues
41 Golden Parachutes
42 Career issues for Dual career couples
43 HR balance scorecard
44 HR Outsourcing
45 Succession Planning
46 Employer Strategies and Tactics during a Union Organizing Campaign
47 Mentoring: A strategy for Organisational Excellence
48 Reverse Mentoring
49 The Changing role of HR Management
50 Future of HRM in INDIA
51 Evolving role of HR professionals in India.
52 Downsizing
53 Ethics and HR Manager
54 360 degree appraisal & its pros & cons
55 Importance of psychological testing in employee selection
56 Challenges for MNCs to expand abroad
57 TQM and expanded role of HRM

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