Encyclopedia Comparison Reference Answer February 9, 2008

Encyclopedia Americana





The New Book of Knowledge

Does it have material user is likely to need? Is it comprehensible to intended user? Is it produced by reputable people? Is it reliable? Is it free from bias & stereotyping? Is it reasonably current? Is it easy to use w/ contents readily accessible? Is it adequately illustrated? Is the book well made and aesthetically pleasing? Does it offer any special or unique features? Is it available in print & electronic form –which is right? Is it fairly priced? What do publishers reviews say?

Yes Yes Yes Yes …cultural bias reasonable yes yes Yes no

Yes Yes Yes Yes …cultural bias yes yes yes yes has Micropaedia a shorter version than the macropaedia Print iv www.britannica.com

Yes Yes Peer submission & evaluation vi Yes …submitter bias yes yes no yes free

Yes..age appropriate yes yes yes cultural bias??? yes yes yes yes

Print iii no



2006 $879.00 v Especially with its extensive coverage of American studies, Encyclopedia Americana is an excellent resource for high-school, public, and academic libraries."

2007 $1295.00 v Encyclopaedia Britannica continues to be an authoritative resource..." - Booklist

free see endnote from Nature Magazine



How does it compare with major competitors? Compare & Contrast Nuclear Fusion

Booklist, September 15, 2006. duh good, indepth, lots of pages

duh just a few paragraphs

better complete and extensive…offers links to more info… provides ready references list of time lines of conquests and related info. Extensive information

great Beautiful, illustrated, well spelled out.

Compare & Contrast Reconquest of Spain Compare & Contrast Star Trek

lots of good stuff… not well divided nothin

very very limited. gotta search thru stuff nothin

nicely laid out and well explained. nothin


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