Misplaced Priorities — Earthquake Safety Takes a Backseat in PPS Construction Bond

Most schools would get no seismic upgrades — even those with a "very high" collapse potential
Collapse Potential Low (<1%) Forest Park Rosa Parks Moderate (>1%) Abernethy Elementary Astor Elementary Atkinson Elementary Benson High School Bridger Elementary Bridlemile Elementary Buckman Elementary Capitol Hill Elementary Chapman Elementary Creative Science Elementary Creston Elementary Creston Elementary Annex Duniway Elementary Franklin High School Glencoe Elementary Grout Middle School Hayhurst Elementary Hosford Middle School Humboldt Elementary Irvington Elementary Kellogg Middle School (closed) Kelly Elementary Kelly Learning Center King Elementary Lane Middle School Lincoln High School Madison High School Maplewood Elementary Marshall Meek / Alliance Metro Learning Center Mt. Tabor Middle School Ockley Green Pioneer - Holladay Center Pioneer - Youngson Elementary Richmond Elementary Rieke Elementary Rose City Park Elementary (closed) Sellwood Middle School Stephenson Elementary Vernon Elementary Vestal Elementary Woodlawn Elementary Woodstock Elementary High (>10%) Binnsmead/Harrison Park Middle School Chief Joseph Elementary Clarendon Elementary (closed) East Sylvan George Middle School Gray Middle School Hollyrood Elementary Jackson Middle School Lee Elementary Lent Elementary Lewis Elementary Peninsula Elementary Scott Elementary West Sylvan Middle School Whitman Elementary Woodmere Elementary Very High (100%) Alameda Elementary Arleta Elementary Beach Elementary Beaumont Middle School Boise Elliot Elementary DaVinci Gregory Heights Middle School James John Elementary Llewelyn Elementary Portsmouth / Clarendon Sabin Elementary Skyline Elementary Sunnyside Elementary

Some schools would get seismic upgrades as a byproduct of other construction projects
Collapse Potential Low (<1%) Seismic Proposed in Construction Bond Moderate (>1%) High (>10%) Faubion Elementary - Part of rebuild Tubman - Roofing Wilson High School - Roofing Very High (100%) Laurelhurst School - Part of rebuild Roosevelt* - Part of rebuild

Ainsworth Elementary - Roofing Cleveland High School - Part of rebuild Fernwood Middle School Grant High School - Roofing Jefferson High School - Part of rebuild Markham Elementary - Part of rebuild Marysville Elementary - Part of rebuild Rigler Elementary - Part of rebuild Roosevelt High School* - Part of rebuild Sitton Elementary - Roofing Winterhaven @ Brooklyn - Roofing * One Roosevelt campus is "moderate" and another is "very high"

Sources: Portland Public Schools; Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries, Statewide Seismic Needs Assessment (2006)

No Seismic Renovations Scheduled Prepared by Learning Now, Buildings Later


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