General information about high blood pressure

Hypertension (high blood pressure)
from a hypertension occurs when the upper, systolic value of over 140 mm and the lower the diastolic value at about 90 mm. Primary Hypertension: In 80% of patients, the cause is unknown. Causes could hereditary factors, diabetes mellitus or diet Secondary Hypertension: Pathological changes as a body renal vascular constriction

General measures: First make a hypertension with the overall measures, such as • Weight reduction, weight hold • Regular sports (biking, hiking, swimming, jogging, skiing…) • Avoiding alcohol and nicotine, • balanced lifestyle, (Stress reduction, adequate sleep, avoid noise) • restriction of salt intake, avoid contact: liquorice, ketchup, Natriumbikaronat (in baked goods and baking powder, custard powder, available), dried fruits with Natriumcaseinat / -alginat, cottage cheese, high blood pressure can trigger! • drugs with the ingredient phenylpropanolamine (0DL-Norophedrim) eg. In some cold and appetite inhibitor available also solves high blood pressure. • Potassium-rich diet (diet follows!) • In addition, the metabolic situation will be reviewed (Eg adrenal gland function, glucose, cholesterol values) • in a period of 3-6 months of treatment before medication to be effective.

Here is a trip to the medicine Can we still need drug therapy does not prevent attacks on the 2 therapy principles. A. diuresis B. Vasodilation Statement follows:

Principles of hypertension therapy
A. diuresis: Increased urinary excretion, resulting in less blood volume = blood pressure drops B. Vasodilation: Vasodilation = blood pressure reduction through more space for the amount of blood pressure, heart has less work to afford = blood pressure drops

Preparations: 1st Alpha 1-blockers 2nd Beta-blockers 3rd Ca antagonists 4th ACE inhibitors 5th AT1- antagonists

So, now to the natural treatment:
1st dietary change; • Rich potassium, calcium-rich diet (potassium and calcium large blood vessels, thereby → is more room for blood volume, blood pressure → sinks.) • Have fruit bananas are lime deposits (atherosclerosis) in the¬ blood vessels. Potassium rich figs reduce the feeling of hunger, provide¬ sodium excretion. Potassium rich. grapefruit reduce cholesterol levels melon / honey melon very potassium Reich raisins and dried apricots are very potassium Reich. (Sultanas, but because of the Sulfat avoid → triggers allergies.) apples, pears, oranges affect cholesterol and Low blood pressure

• Vegetables artichokes effect against cholesterol avocados are potassium rich chili are Cholesterol Down and thus affect the Prevent arteriosclerosis potatoes are in first place with the potassium rich diet garlic and herbs, and chili act Cholesterol Down beans are also a potassium rich vegetable celery targeted for rapid blood pressure reduction: A week long daily 3 celery sticks eat as Stewed. Three weeks break A week long daily 3 celery sticks eat The 2x daily blood pressure measured! Cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi are very calcium rich (for comparison: In 1 Kohlrabi is as much calcium as a glass of milk.)

• skimmed milk products calcium rich, low in fat and cholesterol • Soy Products as tofu is very calcium rich • sodium poor, poor cholesterol diet mineral water is very low in sodium and is the calcium rich mineral water • Less Meat • seafood, as clams have a high calcium content. Crustaceans (lobster, shrimp, oysters are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids, these prevent arteriosclerosis (a narrowing of the blood vessels). 2nd Homeopathy: Aconitum (Acon.) D6 of DHU tablets against high blood pressure 1 x daily tablet Trued Documents