1993 HOMOPHOBIC SENATE REMARKS BITES DAD-5042 01:58:47 SENATOR WARNER: And in this instance we may have to early

out some people because of their firm moral and religious, and indeed personal safety beliefs, and it applies to all, not just one class. DAD-5043 00:28:38 ROBERT SMITH: Um. Senator Kennedy in his, uh, opening remarks, uh, referenced the, the discrimination, uh, to, uh, black soldiers, uh, in the 1940s, and discussed the mis-, uh, perception by the way that, uh, blacks were somehow a health threat. Uh, I, I think that’s obviously, uh, false. That they were not and, and has been proven so. However, in the case of, uh, homosexual communities, there are studies, uh, are there not that, uh, sexually transmitted diseases are higher among the homosexual p-, population than they are of the heterosexual population? DAD-5043 00:32:57 LAUCH FAIRCLOTH: Well, what, if I understand what you’re saying, if there’s anything I don’t know much about it’s homosexuality. But, if I understand it, it’s men attracted to men and you say because you couldn’t put men and women together, in this bunk because of a natural attraction, why do you, are you saying that these homosexuals are going to control themselves with each other better than men and women would control themselves with each other? That the homosexuals have more ability or self control, is that what you’re saying? DANIEL COATS [OVERLAPS] But my, but my question goes to behavior. Uh, it, I guess you just disagree. LAWRENCE KORB: Well I mean, again if you, if you phrase it correctly, I mean if we, if we I think we all I’m saying is I think we have to define our terms because I think that s-, what, what it is, it becomes a loaded question because if you say well, then you know, this is a behavioral thing, then we’re into regulating behavior. And that’s what we’re talking about. See the, the p— TAPE 5047:

5047 [00:12:04:00] SCHWARZKOPF But I’ve also been approached by


I do not believe that any amount of sensitivity training or reeducating will change the way marines think or feel about homosexual behavior. At our families. in restaurants. [00:37:52:00] BERGERON: There is no distance between what we do. and who we are. My children.many thousands of Americans. Because there is nothing more basic to an individual than his or her own sexuality. At my family. and I’ve received countless letters expressing grave concern about this issue. Homosexuals are tolerated in the civilian community because individuals can separate their jobs from the other aspects of their lives. Both in and out of uniform. PAGE 2 OF 2 . In the streets. So you must understand that any attempt to assimilate homosexuals into the workplace will automatically attempt to assimilate homosexuals into our military communities at our very heart. I know of no other issue that elicits such strong emotion from the average American and certainly no other that has caused such divisiveness. in airports.

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