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Due to the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan last month, companies worldwide are facing shortages of components that are made in Japan

The aftershock
UK: Production at Honda Swindon plant to run at 50% until end of May. Nissan to cut production at Sunderland plant. Toyota output cut April 21-May 2. Poland: Toyota to shut Jelcz-Laskowice diesel engine plant April 21-May 3, with reduced output through remainder of May.

Auto industry taking biggest hit
Canada: Chrysler to cut overtime at Brampton, Ont. to conserve parts.

Any colour but that one . . . or that one
Both Ford and Chrysler have restricted dealers from ordering vehicles in certain colours made with the pigment Xirallic, which gives the paint a metallic look. This pigment is made in Japan, and production has been halted. Here’s the colours:

United States: Several Ford and Nissan plants to be closed for part of April. Toyota to lose output of 35,000 vehicles by April 25. General Motors has restarted Louisiana truck production after five-day stoppage. France: Toyota output halted at Valenciennes April 21-May 2. Peugeot Citroen diesel engine production cut. Turkey: Toyota to cut output at Adapazari between April 21-May 2 – reduced output through remainder of May. PC and server storage system, smartphone and tablet production could be slowed due to a decline in silicon wafers Tuxedo Black Royal Red Red Candy Red Fire The pigment is also used in: • Transportation equipment • Cosmetics • Ceramics • Plastics • Printing inks • Packaging • Electronic goods • Construction materials

Brilliant Black Blackberry Deep Cherry Red Redline Inferno Bronze Star Rugged Brown Hunter Green Ivory Billet Metallic

Mexico: Chrysler to cut overtime at Toluca to conserve parts.

Japanese exports, Feb. 2011
Transport equipment 100% 89% Electrical machinery Machinery Manufactured goods The iPad 2’s battery, glass, compass, and memory all come from Japan, threatening supplies

Japan’s global market share of selected 87% components 72%
36% 43% 46%


22.8% 13.1%
$149.5B U.S.


Top trade partners for Japanese exports, 2010
62.4 42.3 34.2 17.6 15.9 14.2

ca M m ob er ile am p od hon ul e e co Ele s m ct po ro ne ni c Lit nts hi ba um tt i Si erie on lic on s wa Ga fe rs m es of tw ar e Al ca um pa in ci um Po tors lar i fo zer r L fil CD m s

U. S. So ut hK or Ho ea ng Ko n Th g ail an d M ala ys ia Au st ra lia

Both Sony and Nikon had to shut plants down following the earthquake, which could impact camera exports


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