Foreign Invested Enterprise United Annual Report


Affirmd Hereby: The Company is responsible for the truthfulness of this annual report, balance sheet, income statement and other materials.

Enterprise Name: Zhengzhou City Shenyang Technology Ltd Registration ID: 41010010008310 Registered Government Office: Henan Province Zhengzhou City Administration Date: 2010-04-14 of Industry and Commerce

Signature of Legal Representative: Zhong Bo (signature)

Enterprise Chop:

Form by State Administration of Industry and Commerce

Enterprise Basic Information Enterprise Name Registration Number Address Zhengzhou City Zhongyuan District Huzhu Road 28 Postal Code Chinese side1 Chinese side 2 Investor List Chinese side 3 Foreign side 1 Everfair Technologies Limited Country Hong Kong Zhengzhou Shenyang Technology Ltd

Electronics, Cable devices, Industrial Monitoring Devices... Business Coverage Enterprise Type Legal Representative Director Changes? Setup Date Zhongbo No Business Licence: From 1996-05-20 to 2025-05-19 Limited Liability Corporation

Does business coverage include items need Admin License: Yes

Admin License Effective: Yes


Total Investment Registered Capital

29.2902 million USD

China side Foreign side

14.6451m USD

Received Capital

China side Assets

14.6451 m USD

Capital Form


Foreign side Intelligent properties Land Others

Amount (10k mUSD)

Current Year Investment Foreign side Foregin side Registered Capital in Place? Current Year Actual Investment Yes

Investment on external entities




Current Year Operating Summary


Service Revenue Service revenue

Domestic Sales Total Tax Profit before income tax Assets Debt custom Net profit

Henan Tianyou Auditor Status Started Cause for Loss The cause for loss in 2009 is because: We are changing business, so we have Low Revenue but high cost. Text

In Business

Other Information

Enterprise ID

Belonged Trade

Business Code

Other Computer Service

Information Delivery, Computer Services, and Software

Investment company?

Advanced technology company?

Export Company No Employee count No Foregin employee count No Current year added employee

Grant Date

Grant Number

State Tax ID

Treasury ID

Local Tax ID

Custom ID

Foreign Exchange ID

Reported Annual Report? Yes

SAIC Registration Coordinator Information


Zhang Ge

Department Phone

Admin Land Line

Mobile Email Address Address

Postal Code

Annual Check Agent Proof

Agent Name

Qualification Proof for Computer System Integration

Zhengzhou Shenyang Technology

Grade Three Number





Audit Report

Zhengzhou Shenyang Technology Company Limited

Reservation Items Limited by existing conditions, we were not able to check your tangible assets at the end of the period, and we were not able to check the receivables and payables, and we were not able to replace this deficiency with other satisfactory proedures to obtain sufficient and proper auditing evidences.

cash Bank Deposit

Siqi Technology Hua County TV Station Prepaid Expense

Sichuan Jinwangtong zhengzhou Qinsong Image Other receivables: Including: Shenyang Networks City Court Zhengzhou Zhongxin Real Estate Inventory

Sales Salary

Admin Cost

Salary Business Entertainment Office Supply Depreciation Finance Cost Interest Expense

Balance Sheet Reporting Company: Zhengzhou ZST end of period assets current assets beginning cash investment notes receivable Account receivables prepaid expense Unit: Yuan liabilities and equity current liab end of period beginning

account payales

tax payables other receivables Inventory other payables other current assets total current assets non-current assets current liabilities

Fixed assets


received capital reserved capital

accumulated profit equity non-current assets

Income Statement

Reporting Company: Zhengzhou ZST last year items Revenue Cost of Goods Sold Business Tax Sales Cost Admin Cost Finance Cost this year unit: yuan

Op. Profit other income other expense

total profit Income tax Net Profit

Cash Flow Statement

operating cashflow from sales from tax return from other source total cash inflow paid to goods paid to salary paid on tax other total cash outflow net cash Investment cash flow loss from assets disposition total cash change additional info

net profit depreciation

sale of fixed assets cash inflow purchase of assets

financial cost

inventory decrease AR reduction AP increase

cash outflow total cashflow Financial cashflow from equity from debt total inflow dividend or interest

operating cashflow

ending cash beginning cash

cash outflow total cash cash increase

Audting firm Certificate


Henan Tianyou

Accounting Firm Business License

Auditor Business License

Auditor Business License

Enterprise Business License

Duplicate Copy Registration number Name Address Zhengzhou Shenyang Zhengzhou City Zhongyuan District Huzhu Road No 28 Legal Representative Zhongbo Registered Capital Received Capital: Type LLC 100m RMB 100m RMB Wholly owned by enterprise from Taiwan, Macau or Hong Kong

Business Coverage


Everfair Techologies Company

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