Thoughts from Fr. Scott
Last week at the Masses I informed everyone that we are commemorating our parish 75th anniversary by selling a unique ornament designed specifically for us. The ornament is very beautiful and I believe that everyone will want to have at least one. In describing the ornament I can tell you that it is entirely hand made in Poland. The entire bulb is hand painted and it reproduces the Mural over the front entrance of our Church building. On the back of the ornament, we have an inscription that reminds us of the 75th anniversary and a few poinsettias decorate the sides of it. The ornament is large compared to others I have seen and one could always purchase an ornament stand to display it throughout the year in a curio cabinet or the like. The price for each ornament is $35.00 and, if you purchase two or more they are $30.00 per ornament. You can purchase these ornaments after any weekend Mass until they are completely sold out. This weekend a table will be set up in the Resurrection Room displaying the ornament. You may wish to purchase one sooner rather than later as I believe they will be sold fast. I hoped to make this ornament unique as opposed to producing a memorial mug or plate as others have done in the past. This is just my way of saying thank you for being such a wonderful family of faith. We should be proud of our Catholic faith and parish by displaying this wonderful love throughout the year. Obviously, Thursday is the Thanksgiving holiday. We will celebrate the holiday by having Mass at 9:00 a.m. I hope that you will be able to join us for the liturgy. The word Eucharist means “thanksgiving”. Certainly we can appreciate our need to thank God for the many benefits that He has bestowed upon us individually and as a community. What better way could there be to begin our celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday than Mass? It is vitally important to our practicing faith that we remember to thank the Lord for all the good accomplished in our lives. Please join us to give thanks if you are at all able to do so. Please note as well that the parish office will be closed on Thanksgiving and the following Friday. We will be open for regular office business on Saturday; we wish everyone an enjoyable and peaceful holiday. With respect to our celebration of Thanksgiving, I want to remind everyone that we will be taking a collection for our poor and needy fund here at St. Raphael. On Thanksgiving Day, and at all the Masses next weekend, we will be having a second collection after communion for our fund. All monies collected will go directly to our St. Vincent de Paul group, located at and working from our parish, to help them care for the poor and needy throughout the year. All monies collected will be used to help the poor in our local com(Continued on page 3)

"St. Raphael, Patron Of Our Parish, Pray For Us"

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St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City the Consecration at every Mass has special significance for us, the followers of Jesus. Following our tradition here, bread will be distributed at the Mass, and if you wish, you may also bring your table wine for blessing. Feel free to put it near the bread in the front of the church and Father Scott will bless it. The blessed bread and wine can be shared at your Thanksgiving meal; this will be a sign of the desire to grow in family love and unity through a sharing of the good things of life with one another. This sharing will also be a reminder of the great thanksgiving of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Let us remember, though, that each day is worthy of our thanks. Sadly, we live in a society that tells us that we don’t have enough, that we always need more. This thinking can blind us to the abundance that is ours, and cause us to lose sight of the continual thanks that should be given to God. Hopefully we can develop an “attitude of gratitude” (as Father Scott often mentions) which can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and ordinary opportunities into blessings. Thoughts for the day: Our Eucharist is incomplete when our brothers and sisters are hungry. If you want to multiply your joy, count your blessings. MONDAY, NOVEMBER 19 8:30 AM + Burnetta Forbing + Wanda Rykowski TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 20 8:30 AM + Jo and + Al Carson WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 21 8:30 AM + Souls in Purgatory THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 22 9:00 AM + Edward Orzel + Lottie Kuras FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23 NO MASSES TODAY SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24 4:30 PM + Richard L. Hammer, Sr. + Evelyn Judycki + Josephine Ostrosky SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 25 8:00 AM + Edgar Tatro + George and + Ed Anson 10:00 AM + Ines & + Stefano Sivori + Richard Butka 12:00 PM + Susan & John Owen on their 18th Anniversary Parishioners of St. Raphael

Pastoral Ministry Corner
Our annual Thanksgiving Day Mass will take place this Thursday at 9:00 A.M. We will center the theme of our Thanksgiving Day Mass on Eucharist, since the word Eucharist means Giving Thanks. At the Last Supper, Jesus took bread and wine and gave thanks to the Father. Therefore,

Vigil Light Intention Nov.19 - Nov.25 , 2007

In Memory of Kareem & Anthony Ajlouny

Happy Thanksgiving and God bless you, Sister Ritamary

BULLETIN ISSUE: Dec. 1 & 2 Dec. 8 & 9 Dec. 15 & 16 ARTICLE DEADLINE: Wednesday, Nov.21 Friday, Nov. 30 Friday, Dec. 7

Please keep in mind that any article turned in after the above deadline(s) MAY NOT be published in the issue you have requested. All articles must be submitted to the office no later than 11:00 AM on deadline date. We welcome & encourage you to submit articles by e-mail, however, you must be sure to send your e-mail to both addresses below: & If you have any questions, please contact Kathy Kowalczyk or Fran Arsenault at (734) 427-1533.

St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City
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A Family Perspective
by Bud Ozar In the Gospel, Jesus was asked “for a sign”. We are comfortable with signs for they often speak louder than words. Our family knows the “signs” when we are angry, upset or worried. We may deny it, but they know.

munity of St. Raphael. I ask that you please be as generous as you can with these collections as we help a multitude of truly needy people throughout the year with food, bus tickets and financial help when a true emergency arises. Our Christian Service director, Mrs. Pat Rybak, does a wonderful job in screening people and making sure that we help where needed and are able to do so. This is a wonderful way to support the mission of the Church in providing for those less fortunate than us. In the Messenger next weekend, we will have a complete schedule of prayer events for Advent. However, I wish to draw your attention to one of these events in particular. On Tuesday, December 11th we will have a Taize style holy hour. Over the last years we had holy hours utilizing this prayer style and they were well attended. I am hoping that we will be able to pray in this manner before the exposed Eucharist with a multitude of people. I strongly recommend this style of prayer to everyone who wishes to develop his or her prayer life with God. It is also a wonderful way to bring calm to your life amidst all the distractions of the busy holiday season. Please keep the date open; we will begin the holy hour at 7:00 in the evening.


God Bless and have a great week! Fr. Scott

8:30 AM Mass 9:00 AM - 4:45 PM Exposition & Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 4:30 PM Rosary for Peace & Vocations 4:45 PM Benediction 6:00 Religious Formation Classes 5:30 PM Circle of Hope

Thought for the week: There is much to be thankful for; all we have to do for starters is look around and appreciate life.

8:30 AM Mass 8:30 PM AA Meeting

Order your fresh wreaths and centerpieces for your holiday decorating needs. These wreaths are fresh, handmade and come with a beautiful red bow. Return the coupon below to school by November 20, 2007, with payment by check to “St. Raphael School”. Your wreaths will be ready for pick up at the Parish Center Garage on December 4, 2007 from 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM. If you are planning to use your wreath at the cemetery, do not forget the stand. You will have to purchase your required tag at the cemetery itself. If you have any questions, please call the office @ 734-425-9771. Send your order to school with payment or drop it in the church basket. # of Wreaths @ $13.00 each________________________ # of Centerpieces @ $20.00 each____________________ # of Wire Easel Stands @ $2.00 each_________________ # of 60’ Cedar Roping @ $25.00 each_________________ Family Name:____________________________________ Telephone Number:_______________________________ Please include payment with all orders ~ Thank you!

8:30 AM Mass 9:30 AM Breakfast with the Bible 11:00 AM Scrip Sales

9:00 AM Mass

Happy Thanksgiving




10:00 AM Garden City Holiday Parade 3:00 PM Reconciliation 4:30 PM Mass

8:00 AM Mass 10:00 AM Mass 12:00 PM Mass


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St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City

An Invitation for all the Ladies of St. Raphael to the “Ladies Potluck Christmas Party”

The following children were baptized at St. Raphael Church in November:

James Allen, son of James Bush and Jaime Darichuk Marisa Lynn, daughter of Micah and Stacy St. John Hull
The Ladies Potluck Christmas Party will be December 4th at 6:00 p.m. in the Resurrection Room. Your admission: • A non-perishable food item or items for the St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Baskets. • A dish to pass. • Your own place setting. Prepare yourself for a grand evening with the St. Raphael Ladies.

Evelyn Marra, daughter of Kevin and Robin Ireland Kinnelly Sullivan William, son of Allan and Rosemary Griffore Phillips

All ladies welcome & encouraged to attend!!
Father O’Neill As you know, Father O’Neill spent many years here at St. Raphael and has very fond memories of the parish. Because of health issues, he was not able to be present for the 75th Anniversary of the parish which saddened him very much. Father will be celebrating his 88th birthday on Thanksgiving Day, November 22. If you would like to send him a card, his address is: Father Charles O’Neill Marywood Nursing Home 36975 Five Mile Rd. Livonia, Michigan 48154

Purchase Your School Raffle Tickets This Weekend!
Didn’t pick up your school raffle tickets last weekend? Here’s another chance. Tickets are once again being sold after all Masses THIS WEEKEND for the St. Raphael School Fall Raffle. Tickets are $5 each, with 15 CHANCES TO WIN cash prizes. Daily drawings will take place December 3rd through the 17th, 2007. This year’s raffle prizes are: Dec. 3 – 13: $100 Dec. 14: $150 Dec. 15: $250 Dec. 16: $500 Dec. 17: $1500 Grand Prize All raffle proceeds benefit St. Raphael Catholic School (our AWESOME school). So take a chance to turn your $5 bills into BIG MONEY (some extra holiday cash, perhaps?). It’s for a great cause! You may also purchase tickets in the Parish Center or the School Office while quantities last. Questions? Call Susie McGraw at (734) 4271577.


Our parish directory will be ready for distribution early next year. The committee thanks you for your patience. We are confident you will be pleased with the results of our hard work.

St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City

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Religious Formation News
from Mrs. Carol Bregand, Director of Religious Formation

Religious Formation Catechists and staff are thankful for all children of our parish and their families. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy many hours of family togetherness and fun. Make up your own Family Prayer of thanksgiving to use at your dinner table. Try to involve all family members in the preparation of your Thanksgiving Feast. Even the littlest ones can contribute something, just ask them. We are collecting non-perishable foods or 50 cents toward the purchase of a turkey for Thanksgiving Baskets. These are distributed to people in our parish and our neighbors. Donations are accepted now and throughout November.

Would you like to be part of a Choir and sing at the Christmas Eve Mass and pageant? Any young person in the parish from grade 4-8th is welcome to join. Bring a friend! Check the rehearsal dates below. If you can attend them, return the form that was sent home or call 734-425-5550 for further information. There will be 3 practice sessions: Thursday, December 6th at 6:00 p.m. Thursday, December 13th at 6:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 19th at 6:00 p.m.

First Reconciliation will be celebrated on Tuesday, November 27th, at 7:00 p.m.


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St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City

Hey High School teens: we NEED YOUR HELP! This Monday, November 19th, we will be building our float for the Annual Garden City "Santaland Parade" from 6:00PM-9:00PM in the garage by the School bus. We will need lots of help, so consider coming to help us out. The theme for the float is "Christmas in America", so if you have anything you would like to add to our float, feel free to bring it with you! This will be a laid back evening as we work together to spread some Christmas cheer and prepare to promote our Parish to Garden City. There will be food and drink available for you. Even if you cannot stay the entire evening, just come and help for as long as you can. Also, remember that you are invited to march in the annual Garden City "Santa Land Parade" on Saturday, November 24th. Your friends and family are all invited to come along and march with us as well! Our parish just celebrated its 75th anniversary-what a wonderful way to show Garden City how proud we are of our parish and that we are still thriving after all these years! You can meet at the garage by the School bus at 8:45AM. We will be lining up for the parade around 9AM, so if you do not see us by the garage, look for the St. Raphael float in the line up at Moeller field. The parade starts at 10AM and will end at Garden City High School on Middlebelt Road. Please plan on getting picked up at Garden City High School at around 11:15AM or so. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. St. Raphael Parents: the St. Raphael youth groups will be offering free babysitting on Saturday, December 15th from 1PM-5PM in the St. Raphael Activities Center. Children ages 2-10 are welcome (must be potty trained). This is a great opportunity for you to do a little Christmas shopping, wrap gifts, decorate your home, go out for a cup of coffee and dessert with your spouse, bake some cookies, write Christmas cards, take a nap, have some "alone time" or whatever else you need without having to worry about the kids! Space will be limited. Contact me via phone or e-mail to reserve a spot. Every child who will be watched will need a registration form-they are available at the Parish Center. Hey 7th and 8th graders: the next “Angels of Faith” event is a “Social Justice-Christian Service Advent Event” on Friday, December 7th. We are meeting at 5:30PM at St. Raphael and then we will travel to St. Kenneth’s in Plymouth for this event. There will be FOOD, an awesome speaker-Mary Lee Becker, and we will be making scarves as a service project. This is a “Christian Youth Trek” event which means that we will be joining other 7th and 8th graders from churches in the Wayne county area for this event. You will need a permission slip for this event. Please contact me by Wednesday, December 5th to sign up. **Since we will be celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday, I thought I would take this opportunity to write how thankful I am for the wonderful youth at St. Raphael. Those whom I have known for a while, those whom I have met recently and those I have not as yet met. Thank you for your energy, faith, enthusiasm, friendliness and heart. You give us all great hope for the future! Thank you for being you. ***If you have any suggestions, comments or questions regarding the youth ministry program at St. Raphael or would like to volunteer to help, please contact me anytime *** Peace and God’s blessings, Mrs. Julie Ryan Phone: 734-722-9277 E-mail:

LOOKING AHEAD Mark your calendars for the events that are coming soon!
11/19 “COH” float building from 6PM-9PM in the bus garage 11/24 Garden City’s annual “SANTALAND PARADE” 11-26 “COH” Meeting in Hope Haven 7PM-9PM: “SIN CITY”

St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City

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Vocations to Holy Orders or Religious Life
St. Sabina Parish is having a Liturgical Celebration for Vocations to Holy Orders and Religious Life, on Tuesday, November 20, 2007, at 7:00 PM. The Mass will be celebrated with Bishop Francis Reiss, Fr. Tim Birney, Fr. Joseph Romano and Fr. Don Walker. St. Sabina Parish is located at 25605 Ann Arbor Trail ; Dearborn Hgts. For further information please call 313-5611977.

Thanksgiving Dinner
Will you be alone on Thanksgiving Day? If so, you are invited to join others for dinner at St. Mel’s Church, 7506 Inkster Road in Dearborn Heights. There is no charge, but reservations are required as there is limited seating. Doors open at noon, and dinner is served at 1:00. For reservations, call the parish office at 313-274-0684. Please note: the dinner is for people who will be alone, not for families.

Advent Tea Luncheon
Gather with friends at The Retreat Center at St. John’s in Plymouth to begin Advent “Waiting in Joyful Hope” and reflecting on the mystery of Emmanuel. The third annual Advent Tea Luncheon will be held on Sunday, December 2, from 12 noon to 3 p.m. It will feature Sister Matthias Sterner, OP, as presenter. Invite a group of family and friends–you may wish to bring your own tea set and table decorations. We will again collect baby items for the Catholic Social Services of Macomb County. There is limited seating for this event, so register by November 19th. For more information call 734-414-1104 or visit our website at

Divine Child Boy Scout Troop 1151 presents
The NEW “All You Can Eat” PANCAKE BREAKFAST (Now featuring scrambled eggs & fresh sausage) In the Divine Child High School Cafeteria, Sunday December 2nd - 8am - 1pm $5 (ages 13 & up) / $3 (ages 3 – 12) Proceeds go to help defray cost of scout equipment and campouts.

Madrigal Christmas Concert
The Chancel Choir of Divine Child High School, Dearborn, will perform a Madrigal Christmas Concert on Saturday, December 8, at 7 p.m. in the main chapel of the Retreat Center at St. John’s, 44011 Five Mile Rd., Plymouth. All proceeds from the event will go to the Capuchin Soup Kitchen and the Manna Meals Soup Kitchen. The minimum donation is $15 for pre-sale tickets and $20 at the door. The ticket price includes a “Sparkling Afterglow” at the retreat center. Call 313-277-0687 for ticket information.

Season’s Best Holiday Art & Crafts Show: Juried Art & Crafts Show (Handmade Crafts)
When: Saturday, December 8, 2007; Where: Wayne Community Center, 4635 Howe Rd., Wayne, Time: 9am - 4pm. Crafters Needed: Crafters: Rental fee $40.00 - (8’x8’) space, Tables are for an additional fee of $5.00/each. Size: Standard 8 foot. Electricity is free but limited. Application form can be picked up at: Wayne Senior Activity Center, 35000 Sims Avenue, Wayne. Office Hours: M - F 9am - 4pm. To request one by mail or for more information, Please call (734)721-7460.

St. Dunstan Christmas Dinner
There is no reason to be alone on Christmas. St. Dunstan invites you to spend the day with them. Christmas Day Dinner will be served at 1:30 PM, doors will open at 1:00 PM. There is no charge for this dinner, but reservations are necessary. Please call Judy or Bruce at (734) 595-3049 to make your reservation or for more information. St. Dunstan is located at 1616 Belton St. in Garden City.

Come celebrate New Year’s Eve beginning at 8:00 PM with the Monsignor Hunt Knights of Columbus at 7080 Garling Dr., Dearborn Hgts. DJ Mark will be spinnin’ the tunes. Tickets are $25.00 per person in advance, $30.00 per person at the door. Reservations of Tables of 8 or more accepted! The evening includes Dinner, Beer, Setups, Party Favors, Champagne Toast at Midnight & Pizza to follow. BYOB For ticket information Please call (313) 271-3570.

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SCHEDULE OF LITURGICAL MINISTERS For the Weekend of November 24 & 25, 2007

Saturday November 24 4:30 p.m.
Denise Kaetz K. Beaubien D. Beardslee R. Chateauvert M. Conroy D. Kaetz Megan Bache Hannah Hermann Taylah Mahkimetass

Rita Chateauvert

Jeanne Pyonk Rylee Quattlander Dorothy Robinson Dolores Rodzewicz Florence Ruiz

Sunday November 25 8:00 a.m.
Mary K. Garland M. Franckowiak J. Garland K. Herman K. Rodgers S. Rodgers H. Batchik J. Kusluski S. Provagna M. Shaffer T. Stevens J. Breen S. Brothers P. Cerne N. Finkbeiner L. Hershey R. Suchy Chet Hershey Max Hershey Samantha Hershey Laura Rhodes Chase Wickett Nastassja Wickett Jimmy Kitz Shannon Kitz Rikki Vroom

Shirley Wells

Sunday November 25 10:00 a.m.
Alyssa Provagna

Gail Cozzaglio Lucy Wilhelmi

St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City

Sunday November 25 12:00 p.m.
Joan Rollins

Jan Maier

Helen Acosta Katherine & John Citko Phyllis DeKeyser Ann Derda Paige Doutre Mary Fodor Cindy Fyfe Carole Guck Vivian Hecmanczuk John Hornyak Harry Judycki Ruth Ann Kelley Father Tom Kirwan Walter Kunka Virginia Maciak James Mackenzie Larry Martin Genevieve Mijal

Kellie Sobas Ryan William Ryan (infant) John Sprietzer Paige Taggart Edith Vaquera Laverne Warden Joe Wegzyn Lucy Wilhelmi Tom Wilkins Joe Wroblewski Marie Zielinski

Readings for the Week of November 18, 2007
2 Mc 6:18-31 Lk 19:1-10



2 Mc 7:1, 20-31 Lk 19:11-28

1 Mc 2:15-29 Lk 19:41-44

1 Mc 4:36-37, 5259 Lk 19:45-48

1 Mc 6:1-13 Lk 20:27-40

Next Sunday
2 Sm 5:1-3 Col 1:12-20 Lk 23:35-43

Mal 3:19-20a 2 Thes 3:7-12 Lk 21:5-19

1 Mc 1:10-15, 4143, 54-57, 62-63 Lk 18:35-43

St. Raphael The Archangel, Garden City

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Shelter Items: We will once
again be collecting items needed for Sacred Heart Church in Detroit. Sacred Heart runs a homeless shelter from December until April. Some of the items really needed are gloves, socks, shaving cream, small or medium size tubes of toothpaste, disposable razors and sample size shampoos. If you would like to donate any of these items, please drop them into the St. Vincent de Paul food baskets in church and I will see that the items get to the shelter.

PA RISH OFFICE . . . . . . . . . .73 4-4 27-1 5 33 Rev . Scott Thib od eau….……. ………………. .Pas to r Rev . John Currin… ……..……….. .…A ss oc. Pas tor Rev . Mr. Fred Burrell…….. ..…… …… …….Dea con Sr. Ritam a ry Pyzick OS F…. …..Pas toral Min is ter Pat Rybak…………. ...Ch ristian S ervices Director Marg aret Furios o.. …..……… …….. Mus ic Minis ter Julie Ry an …… ……. ... ……… ……. ..Youth Minis ter J ohn Garland ……..… ….. ……… …...Business Mgr. Ka thy Kowa lcz yk……. .. Adm inis trativ e Ass is tan t Fran Ars enault… …… ....…… ………… .Receptionis t RELIGIOUS FORMATION . . . .7 34 -425-5 55 0 Mrs . Carol B regan d ……………… ……..Direc tor J oann Kathan…… ……… ……… ..S ecreta ry E LE ME NTARY SCHOOL . . . . . 7 34 -42 5- 977 1 Mrs . Jean ine Kenny……………… …………... Prin cipal Pa t Jonca…… ………………………… …..Secretary PA RIS H COU NC IL R on M cD on el l Cin dy Bri od y A utum n Pepera B ob Ham an n Pat Ca i n D enn is Len h art J ef f W hi tc h er C arol W al ew s ki Tim L azorka Frank Audia Lisa L ezotte……….…………… …………...Secretary Catelyn Ros etto…. .…………… ………….Youth Rep. Meghan Milligan… ..………… ……… ….. .Youth Rep. Joe C am panella… ..… ……… ……… ….. Stew ards hip S hirley W ells ……… ..……… ………… ……. ..Worsh ip Beth Aud ia… …………..……… ……………..Vicariate D eacon Fred B urrell…..……… ………….. .Vicariate D orothy Corey… ……… ……… ….. Chris tian S erv ice COMM ISSION S J oanne S han kin……… ……….Stewards hip Suza n ne Prov a gna… ….. .…… ….. .Wors hip LITURGIES Mo nd ay thru Frida y, 8:30 a .m . S aturd ay 4:3 0 p.m . S un d ay: 8 :0 0 a. m. , 10 :00 a.m ., 1 2: 00 n oon HOL YD AY LITURGIE S Con s ult s ched ule in b ulletin S A CRAME NT OF RE CONCIL IATION Saturday: 3:00 P.M. SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM Infant Baptisms are held on the second Sunday of each month. Please contact the parish office to make arrangements at least one month prior to the desired date of Baptism. Couples may make arrangements for Baptisms prior to the birth of the child. SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE Couples seeking to be married at St. Raphael should contact the parish priest at least six months prior to the desired date of marriage. Both members of the party must be free to marry, at least one must be baptized Catholic and a registered member of the St. Raphael community. Only the parish priest may confirm a date for a wedding at St. Raphael. PARISH ORGANIZATIONS A thl etic D i rect or K ev i n Mc H ug h… … … …… ..4 2 7- 15 3 3 B ooster Cl ub Ken B arn es… ...… … … …….26 1 -59 65 S t. Vin cent de P au l Con ta ct Paris h Cen ter O ffice

Sponsor of the Week Ron Ciciora, Home Inspection
(Ad can be found on page 11)

The St. Raphael Messenger is furnished to the parish without charge. The advertisements that appear in our weekly bulletin completely defray all publishing costs. When you patronize this sponsor or any of our sponsors be sure to thank them for their kind generosity!

Please Pray for family members who are serving in the Military Brian Luther Ann Pattock Tim Brozek Jonathan Cinka Mark Reitter Sean Amick Keith Michon Adam Gosur Michael Ahern Samantha Moody Alvin F. Kolpacke Destiny Sheko Norman Weakland Kevin Kinnelly Brandon Lynn Ryan Sylvester Jeff Logan Sean Patrick Logan Justin Becker Anthony Gentilia Daniel Murray Douglas J. Rosa Justin Ellsworth Patrick Steenburg Michael Coatsworth Brian J. Rosa Daniel German Luke Masiarak Sean Borchmann Jeff Porcaro Aaron Sotzen Timothy Brozek Amber Kleiner Wade McGahan Adrian Angelovic George Angelovic David Smitt Danny Morabito Todd Morabito