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Synopsis on MBA 2nd Year Project Work 2011

Item Particulars Remarks

Name of the
Janardan Mishra
UPTU Roll No. 0-915270037
Programme MBA IVth Semester (2009-2011 batch)
Guide : Associate Professor
Designation: Mangalmay Institute of
Address: Management & Technology
Plot No.: 8 & 9, Knowledge Park-II
Greater Noida-201 309
Proposed Title “A Comparative Analysis of
of the Project
Gillette Vs. Park Avenue
After Shaving Products”
Objective of The objective of the project is to study Gillette
the Project and Park Avenue after shaving products on the
basis of 4P’s of marketing mix:

(a) Product

(b) Price

(c) Place

(d) Promotion

Scope of the The scope of the project can be

Project presented as:
1. To study after shaving products as
a product.
2. To study how the company has
increased the product value over
a period of time.
3. To study the after shave Products
Line and Merchandise Mix.
4. To understand the consumer’s
perception towards after shaving
products of Gillette and Park
Avenue brands.
5. To understand the packaging
aspects of the product.

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Synopsis on MBA 2nd Year Project Work 2011

6. To study the how the company

has done branding of after
shaving products.
7. To study the pricing strategy
of the company regarding these
8. To study the distribution
channel used by the companies
to market these products.
9. To study the Promotional-Mix
(such as Advertising, Personal
selling, Publicity, and Sales
promotions) used by the

Research Research methodology for this MBA

Methodology Project Work is as follows:

1) Type of Research: Descriptive

2) Mode of Data Collection:

i.Primary Data Collection:

through Survey method.
ii. Secondary Data Collection:
Journals, Magazines,
Newspapers, Business
Newspapers, Internet.
3) Research Instrument:

4) Type of Questionnaire:
Structured and Non-Disguised

5) Type of Questions:
Questionnaire will have Close-
ended questions (i.e. Multiple
Choice and Dichotomous).

6) Scaling Technique:
Comparative Scaling, Likert

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Synopsis on MBA 2nd Year Project Work 2011

7) Sampling Unit: Primary Data

shall be collected directly from
the customers whereas Secondary
data shall be collected from
various retail outlets.

8) Sample Size: 150

9) Sampling Area: Noida and

Greater Noida.

10) Sampling Procedure:

Probability sampling

Bibliography Text Books:

Marketing Management: Text and Cases,
Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi,
Aaker David A. and Myres J.G.:
Advertising Management, Prentice Hall
of India, New Delhi, 1975.
Brink, Edward L, and W.T. Kelly: The
Management of promotion, New Jersey:
Prentice Hall Inc; 1963.
Randal C. Picker, "The Razors-and-
Blades Myth(s)", John M. Olin Law &
Economics Working Paper No. 532,
University of Chicago Law School.
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Synopsis on MBA 2nd Year Project Work 2011

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