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‘october 4, 2021 be oe Masthead Editor's Address managing editor-in-chief Hii otis with bangin’ bodies, anna Keller Troy from Community, Dolly Parton, Trixie Mattel, London ‘content editonin-chief ‘Tipton. Toeashantsman merit ‘What do these people haven common? Yes, they areal very treasurer prety, but itis just that. They belong tothe brant group sam sarap fat unsung heroesinown asThe Bimbas. A you, our dear ‘reader, can belong oo! Just open up the Gare ad yore production manager already on your way to becoming one. This ould juste us, ‘maya flischman bbut almost asi there's this unspoken pressure tobe “star” at ‘UotT? I’ ike..we ar given “grades” on “tess”? And its god copy editor to "do well” on these “tests? And it appears thar because of sivabllingsey hi, thse mong us with oer talents ike Toking ete and applying fake lashes) go unrecognized. Do we atthe Garg polities Sand for this? AS olivia cht & namah jag ‘With this issue, we were able to reunite with our collage ue supplics (including some vintage pornography?) for ann Joshua benstoek person production night! Our adventures imtoa very dist ‘SCR are currently limited to masthead only, but should opinions inopfily open up tothe pubic as the semester progresses. In ash man & carl sarki the meantime we wl stil be available through email and Discord to chat, hang out, and workshop submissions! arts & culture Tey stark & tamara milion And remember, we a the Gang vale yo hot dummies ven, ‘ery much, Just last week one of cut EICs hopped the fence avant-garg into the UC construction site to gt to produetion night on una poss & maya eischmann time AND very nearly lost her hoop earring because fit. front cover Long ive the bimbo ‘nia Keller Kisses x0x010, back cover Teas hutsman meskur Lava Huntsman Merkur Annika Keller Baitors-in-Chief 2024/2002 staff emeritus lita | contritutors | ‘aniket | alyssa yon any zhang About us ‘The Gargosleis University College's greases student newspaper and publishes every two weds. ‘Weare paper that believes that sometimes you should be angry, and that sometimes you should bbeloud andi you have not hada voice before, you deserve a voice. We donot give print space to bigots and we donot feign netrality on ists of social usc. At this moment eveything in out ice i eoveredin body lite Production bi-wookly on discord Goin our serve for instant clout). ‘uegargosle@ malcom admissions @uegargosleca "wiew:uegargoseca Feminist Action? why feminism centered around sexual liberation is a psy-op by big misogyny namah jaggi The reason the bimbo rcs she i both the devouriog you, reducing yeu tose ey te the fat that tis pretense (fy unconvincing ‘eat that). It doesn change the ae tha Lenefit from us wearing ut sevuslay on ee sleeve, Andi estat does nothing To thee the fact that in our ptitchal soe aa seth est thing a womamcan ber cane im rng honesthavng ys seeing Tt ong tht aft our seu he ea tmrkatpac an rvlag nb eed of avin! phenomenal ck. Baton te ip of ‘elegans thave confot nyetin themed ight ofthe nga rope i the oii nt inst eh be sie subversion tat is granted tos neta consider the fat theta fein het {courages women tobe more naked, ore stu mveniot for em bat ‘don’ mean to underine sexgal agency, itis solute fandametal to feminist ibeation Butitis ot the power to say yes but the power {0 say no that women throughout history have lacked. Tobe empowered isto be abet acct out rejection of ale desire, Joualy and proudly ithe hesitation is no ada or revohtioary fora woman to be defined by hersex, forte be the a ot ungible part of herbing Tithe 's dictated our blag for centris set a M ofavaneness does litle mutt than sheer white tak ona chil sig 99 y Hin wit a People’s History not a book review sears sary wot VET " it hg RO DI) BEND. = UREMp, Indians by the tens and twenties and of ‘cutting slices off them totes the sharpness of their blades’. [Bartolomé de las Casas) tells how “toro ofthese so-called Christians ‘met two Indian boys one day, each carrying «parrot they took the parrots and for fun beheaded the boss, ‘The Spaniards “thought nothin of knife f Forfun, ‘ / Elites ofthat me payed poor white agains black gine Indigenous fomaiataln power Butt suiting thn an don was response by the rulers against Soldariyamongettheruled.two3, Bacon's Rebelion = inexeusably taking out éconemie despertion on Indigenous Peoples = shook the establishment bs Unifying fee-men, hte servants, and Back Saves revat Others wronged went cm Stik, attacked thet masters hatchee tino conspiracies, of fed outright. Most of thetime they failed miserably, and were prosecute, whipped, or exeate. These People mast have known that the, who were seen the th of society, ould Shier acting his nay. But their defiance inspite of hat indeates an intensely han revtsion toward indignity Inan especially moving passage, Zinn details the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike: a teatile workers strike in Lawrence, Massachuse! aw le [the strikers fod] was running out and the children were hungry. It was proposed by the New York Call, a Socialist newspaper thatthe children of the strikers be sent to sympathetic families in other etis to take care of them while the strike lasted. This had heen done by strikers in Europe, never in the United States -but in throe days, the Call got four hundred letters offerin children. The [Industrial Workers of the World] and the Socialist party began to i organize the children’s exodus, taking applications from families who wanted ‘them, arranging medieal exams for the On February 10, over a hundred children, aged four to fourteen, lft Lawrence for News York City. They were greeted at Grand al Station by five thousand Italian alists singing the "Marseilaise” and the nationale”. The follewing week, another hundved children came to New ‘York, and thirty-five to Barre, Vermont. The strikers vietory was thanks tothe fact, that they could send their children away The sheer sense of solidarity and organizational skill, with mail alone, seems But this i exaetiy to Zinn’ point. Iwas 0 ital fom above but ony, inte most Simple see the determination of workers and sympathetic fac that won the Strike This spacial a truism in by mule for juste. There are no labour Hts without milions of strikers, no civil Fehts without st-ineand direct action, and Pel nend towar and militarism withow & ‘emonstrations and dratdodgers [think these things often seem incomprehensible, and perhaps might be to anybody at anytime who has not lived through a serious movement, Because history is commonly told from the viewpoint ofthe privileged. I is the great men’ (today the great women’ too) who are culogized. Orat the ery least some additional select individuals. History is made ovt asa ‘complex game played between only those ‘who have the skill No surprise thatthe rest ‘oftus- if mentioned at all - should fee things are so far beyond our control D Henry Kissinger once said that “history is the memory of states’. This sa sel sgratifving statement, but also has some truth in it, Some history isthe memory of states, through the decisions oftheir ruling establishments, But another part of history is the memory of peoples who live through the consequences of those decisions. For the history of states is hardly the history of all peoples within them, who by their divisions Betider, race, class have often viciously conflicting interests, Atany tate the establishment has long been keenly aware ofthis divide. Evolving beyond ‘the god given right of kings, James Madison remarked “[The tate] ought to be s0 ‘constituted as to protect the minority of the ‘opulent against the majority” because, among related reasons, “ifeleetions were ‘open tall clases of people, the property of the landed proprietors would be insecure" Much later, activist surges i the 1960s and ‘os which expanded rights and peace Gaused miueh worry up top. Same P. Huntington, proiessor and White House ‘consultant, worried ina report of declining ‘governmental authority and eonciuded there was “an excess of democracy suggesting “desirable limits to the extension ‘of political democracy These “desirable limits” exist tacitly inthe framing of history too. Thankfully teday the ‘lscussion om heinows figures, ike Columbus, is much more honest, Can the ‘same be sd for national heroes? Lincoln ‘was adamant that the Civil War was to preserve the Union, with slavery ifneeded, ‘unt freed to change his postion, And Roosevelt’ relief measures Kept intact that system whieh produced eeonomie depression and disaster to begin with. 1 suspect the same holds for others elsewhere: Gandhi, Ataturk, Churchill, and soon. Seving these figures as their best actions makes them litle more than figures of ‘worship, who we pray to come save us. J think it would be a great mistake to ‘understand the establishment view of history as somesort of well-planned conspiracy. It is simply a reflection of how they see the world. Obviously the powerfal hovean interest in maintaining their power. But itis impolite, and can undermine one’s cause and sense of self to say and believe ‘something ike"l should own huge sums of| ‘wealth because lenjoy the prisileges, Sespite that others may lack food and bhousing’. Far better to speak in tems of enevosity, god intentions, respectability, tnd paternalism, whieh make out superiority as natural and desirable “This view makes it much more reasonable fact entirely rational to see individu leaders as righteous and movements as rmeddesome. The demands of the poor, ‘women, and minorities otherwise for ‘equality become untimely and excessive, like ill-tempered children who know no Detter. They might be entertained, but atthe tend ofthe day must neatly be put stay like toys. The adults in the room know what is Dest, else they would not be the adults. “The effect ofall this is that we are made to forget the conflicts and contradietions of aur societies. The interests of an establishment whose wealth comes atthe cost of the majority is hardy a debate between wise fand eager. And we forge tht cost at our ‘own peril The US War Department, after being notified of potential American prisoners of war in Nagasaki before the atomic bombings, replied: “Targets previously assigned for Centerboard remain ‘unchanged’ ‘What history from ths view is no more than ‘a polite mechanism of control for ‘democrat secieties like aur, Dictatorships ‘might use brute methods to sustain (yan, buat they are crude, and easy targets for ‘opposition. Better that every part of the ‘majority should se itself as a minority in confit: white against black, middle against Tower class, native-born versus immigrant, and prisoner versus guard, Better that every ‘segment ofthe population patiently awaits ite saviour, wholly resigned about their own ability to organize for change. But the point ofa people's history isto remind us that our acquiescence is by ‘design and our defiance responsible for ‘every expansion of rights Iwas a fagitational and combative mass abolitionist ‘movement which ultimately foreed Lincoln to-end slavery. And it as waves of tikes and worker militancy that committed Roosevelt to an unprecedented amount of and welfare seems to me that in nearly every period of history, fone digs enough, there is some amonint of resistance. Human beings as 3 ‘whole rarely suffer indignity quietly, and ‘though outrage may oeeasionally be redinected onto other victims, solidity is@ constant in even the darkest of times. The climate is in precipitous decline, and inequality grinding people to dust each day, Juttno matter the hopes of oligarchs and intellectuals, there is ‘ean dato alter their place asthe few The Age of Bimbo Reclamation why you should (always want to) protect vagina- owning people tivia ehug Tan eet ray non-binay selF-dentifcation leave mny body when Tse ovethanging bar signs which read “ladies fre entry” The ruth i [would in fect ike to benefit rom a society that otherise doesn't reaper my chosen pronouns any: Why shouldnt take advantage aan ‘opportunity that has Iai self ot 0 neatly at my feet? Not surpasingy, many people fel the ime way as me and {fly suppoet ther ia ‘ther personal gains when navigating a cds-hetdominant atmosphere. I perhaps you ‘dont agree that gender-nonconforming people {deserve to benef from «word which valucs {genitalia more than pronouns, le’ eeakit ‘down int simpler, gendered terms ‘What makes ‘bimbo? Is ita lack of lov 19, the way Twas aed to think as ayoung thing the early 20005? In tnuth, bimbefieation canbe interpreted! in ‘aris way, and ith ise to the ocasion through moder popular cltue, te this and assthetics of the bimbo lifestyle have served as Significant inspiration fr young people, coming torterms with self ideniseation in time of ‘mental, climactic and political turmoil Consider myself an elder THTok user for not treating fet spinner conten (and ctherise being aiteral cia), but have found slace in this eretched app for constantly curating my Far-you-page te show ten second videos of people finding peace inthe bimbo way of Mowing themselves the benefit of ‘apitalism-fuled patriarchal society Women wore not giv acess to basic rights and poteona freedoms ont the inte 3960. Knowing Fis tact, I fnd i hilarious when men accuse ‘women of using an income that snot their own Tor her wamaniy existence, when thisis the ‘ety ding women were made wo expect as Fome-makers cild-bearers, and bereft members of an oppressive society. The fat of he matter is this: people who chove to utilize {heir perceived lover ctatusto their personal advantage deserve the exact same amount of ‘respect as those who actively seek ut Ui ven smears eal do. Respect fr bimbos means resp fo ‘those who seok out ends forthe means tt expense of ther deeply gendered position. Respecting bimbos lols like respecting sox workers, supporting tans and now-binary peoples, aswell as understanding the Limits of the deeply awed famevrork of Wester. ‘apitalism It means believing inthe ‘ecriminalization of drug use, believing in one's ight to affordable hvsng, to suicide prevention. Asking the right questonsisthe ‘ost vital part ofthe entre process of even boginning to pl apart these indivi iss andl theishortcomings Why are poople with ‘aginas expected to adapt at arate which far exceeds their own bounds? Would others i thie postion tu nt als attempt to take advantage Other owa distinguished place on the sata Tader to not pay the cover fee a the bar? To get fre drink? To take a seat? To be first in ine? It Seems to mie those who oppose this way fie are st hse who wish they thought oft fist, ‘What white men in power hundreds of years ago failed to consider was not the absole revo of the oppressed rather the aseptanceof them the analysis ofthe vane-based oct they were ‘oppressed under, andthe atlzation of the Sistem to achieve personal gn. To my fellow friends and comrades with vaginas, thankyou forall you continuously do forthe test of ws as & pillar within this socots Ant all howe who Dpposebimbos aod bimbofiation, tis time to tether get on board, of be sep up i the rath, Can men be Bimbos? Ss Lh 7 $17 + ant want to sound ikea gatekeeping bss, | bare emotion ro that happening ight now, we should conser the very lnptant question thts should we Tete parieipte The obsous answer to me Sem tobe “no Why shot weit thm 10 tur party when weve never ben invited 1 theirs sal sa convenient fr them to bargin, bt t's ing to ep dean up ater the party ‘Tostart, let's word "pica of men misogyny! Aditi : ake an insult and mule, ‘Aan, af sii low ag oan w objectionable Frege Besides, we alead Resides we aleve enon wat a shortage change in mening contemporary de ich derogatory toma ep. anata op slameoroas young woman Later che oun woman who ey 7 gual tractive bt uns Feo Rows mle oN ‘onsite dooyoo and oni) / Okay, 0 is an attractive woman, What's Insulting about that And being eles? What’ so wrong abot bing woul be proof ism tanding up woe and Capital i. Theyre sem and thre absolute shittingon "hey capitalist values W'sno wonder ung women [oni are prualyelling themselves bil ' ‘ Carelte Sarkis tnd fia? Hoye itretered A self proclaimed Bimbo connoisseur weighs in. So, can men be bimbor? Sur, fit was 1919, Bevis, mem have berm Bimbo. Te sours ‘more masculine, 1 goes with hi starting us all tf Just ease Sou forgot about their Imaseunty while clling ther stupid, Men have no they don get to have bimbo 100 not a wwe women Bave made tfan again. There issue here that there arent enough derogatory terms for men, 1 think before weet them in on the fan, we come tp witha fe mote nels for hem. For aow ‘Re eslamation of the tr bimbo is reserve forthe gr and the pss Tfwe couldn't have; Sat, arcane Setanta Seen Get creet N sg: sonatines Bimbo an fine Fn Satine anes roe bee iy ee ie one ie ace contentions anon hr ht woe, crn ane irae Siondé or Meon cir Grea eomedicsss pony ines tata ees eerie neem Saat harness ee Taping es ee ‘wt a Boe ge oe cored ae agers Le ‘ee Woe ie a Searchin eae eat cee ‘Without further ado.your feature presentations arth Gis Are Easy (1988), directed by Salen TempleSame Hight, shor fatto ar our evening ‘Starring the inimitable Geena Davis aleve Valley Gil exten ith Slanderng fiance anda oxi deseo lease him. Ske strikes tig when a alien sacar pon) 4 she suntans. The lions in the pool Just Jef Gatdblam. Jim Cate. and Dao ‘Wayans. Ovrthe course ofthe next 8 and assimilate them into her sunny Southern Californian iste all while voiding the ie of he soon to be exfrance ‘The Bimbo as ingenne and ultimately ‘womantic her, As wholesome a. strange alien sex comedy ean get this fila sy {bimbo gets bimbo absolutely fee eft Goldblum, Damon Wayans, ad Jim Carrey lovingly and co-operative share ‘one brine Detween the thre of then in 8 stunning show of bimbo egaltarianisn One ofthe most underrated fms inthe ‘unofcial Bimbo canon, you're hotter person after having seen this im, nis theme deauceter teeny OY ‘luira, Mistress ofthe Derk (1988), irete by dames Signorells [don't know what it was about the year 1988, maybe ts because the double eights Took ike two pars ofbobs. Regardless, essa in or varie a seasonal favourite perfect for adding Bimbo to your lineup of spooky shack fests After quiting her job (vrs boss ‘at dr: and planning istarn er cum {ns vegs show she aes ars the county in Ber souped up convertible o Cellet the inheritance le for herby a dea aunt she had no ea of monde pel eer aforementioned Vege om, nding love and causing well meaning isch lone tho way. Bea othe Spooky bimbo farpr to be alway, labeled a hore comedy the only thing remotely seary about this fim ithe constant sexual harassment Elvira faces ‘rom her boss and many ofthe towns people she meets in Falvel, Massachusetts PS This Hl ecnically ‘counts as queer because Elvira has ben in {relationship witha woman for 9 ears find make the rules Showgirls (1995), directed by Pau Verhoeven Boy did T2ave the bes fo lat. By now its ‘past midnight youve eaten al your Snacks, there's aottle ofr wine siting ‘on your end tbl that you meant to open ‘aie but didn't, Vm gad you saved ft though beenuse this classic camp ‘masterpices deserves the botles A fotorous ep upon ts release ia the 905, Showpls tells the story of wide eyed, rave bimbo Nomi Malone as she drifts her way into Las Voi looking for success ssadancer. Enigmatic, sexy, with the ‘Vocabulary and soil awareness of child = Nomi isan almost Shakespearean level lragic bimbo hero, her ise and falls stuf of legend. tale of bimbo excess and sin the ies cf which we have not seen since (and no am counting the made for DVD sequel). This the perfect movie to end off your night of «thousand bimbos, ts nts, Kind ofhorrible, and oh did mentioned ‘te over2 hours long? This film ws !ssrumental myer fesdvcation and T couldn't imagine living in 4 wor without Nom Malone being frm AIEFERENT PLACES! and chatting about Potato chips and her na all day 4. TIM TORING 2.7m seRious hey sur fav femme forme i here to teagan ll youtolisten ther stupid fais recommendations becuse she Frat cannot absorb information that fot beng dees waved into het Brainat 25 sped the topic of bibos and binches i fertile ‘ean rth et rat dpe ot Expturing the sual mension. why? ‘ebauae we are simply that power. the tori owes toate te vale i accent, ‘ikea plsceholdr word, people frequent cal fea podcast hosts hel eafgoyingan yet we simply ue the medium! and nol DONT Kiow what aj Fogan evens RU More Bimbo, Jimbo, or Himbo? lucy stark All threo are cultural ions, but your soul au veally only taste ike one of the thre. Solet find out! Shoutout to Kenzy El Morsifor inspiring this quiz, ep ack ot how many A, an C Which of the following quotes speaks to you the most? “aw it in Teen Voge a yea ago, soi JT tying to sel to me for ul pie, You picked the wrong el B:"We all make mistakes inthe heat of bee suffage?"-No,beeauze women shout suffer" (reli: yeehawg0g9 on Urban Dictionary) ‘What sneck sounds most appesling? Armen's soul ‘Bs massive turkey og rom the renaissance fair C: protein shake tha’ 798 protein powder Wa a Friday Night. Where are you? A: Slipping into a latex dress and bunny v fas fora Rotman fet party B: Making the brown fod truck stay open Tate so you cam get yur late-night fies il CeReading one page of critical feminist @F theory and then gong to ale to quot it ‘ack to women, ied en Drained in odayssocensitt ave You: INCHTOPLA- a well rescarched weekly conversation by talented est fiend za SeLam and Julia Hava that coves everything fom Judith Bute to ited and eae ys yor encapatates me and my trend gabbing, land the takesfit perfectly nthe aillenat eal sweet spot with references to tok Arends and eltaral theory alike: mallox moments fom viewers tate ikea irownup version of the 17 magaine Emarrsing stories column, aot ‘mention they haves cat who is frequently discussed on a. a SESE Aa Doo character do you relate to most? 2: Daphne 5: Serappy-Doo Creed Your friend comes to you after a ‘hearthrealk, What do you do to cheer them up? [A:Crank Britney ad swallow a whole fontaier of Bad Gl Pals 1 Take them fishing Give them aback massage with your meaty cas Which course are you taking? A tntllectal Property Law Within Feshion Merchandising B: Thanks, Obama: A Conservative’ Gate to Questioning Goveramont Lies C. Advanced Sociology Seminar How to ‘Satis Everything Vou Say With Your “Arm Puppy Eyes Finally, what is your love language? Ar Reeling gs 1 Words of afrmation €: Physical Touch FOR THE THINKING BIMBO: YOURE WRONG ABOUT. ontine Imran arses tall for Gnesimple reason: RANGE Inbetwesn thea ferering the OF Simpson al Sub abs athe Satan Fei ihe suming cpt Sarah Marsal dc Miche Hobbes take more poles ian you might expect o eh te image of famous fimo anand. TW forse acct, but sme fhe Ds investuatons ect of ced fre ss tims peop rape cle hat {lover ta gids down: Lorena ait, Aana Nol Smith, Vanessa Witla, Ton Haig sn army year gt the Sarah Marchal trestmen yu come aah wondering ow medis coverage ofmbognste solenes an sino enta ‘So my lovely himbos,herbos, themes, Sd henles feast your ears on something ‘cational and sexy. Bimbos ean and dont read afterall honourable mention tothe cohest of ‘TrueAnon, Li Franczak. She knows oo mouse nyse mostly «at blown BIN ce ‘Congrats, YOU yo Trisha Pavia fall vanes Coat Sim coach immed ‘mb eer wai Sith AN ths men ASTIN Stoniant 28 ea bit tage = reat be underestimate 29" but e308 ine and mre aera het ibe bl warming or wt the ine iene AE theo, Sue WOU es pee ran ‘San emascle tanks ty Pe airbe mn he best CO, > me \N el Babe oth 0 f cot lO n of UW LV ERSITY ho LEG ; a ae. : i ps es Perspectives of a University College Human This Week With, Saffron Maeve! Joshua bienstock my Introduce yourself Tnelude your pronouns, programs), and year 1'm Saffron, my pronouns areshe/hes, and Tm a fourth-year English and Cinema Studies major. ‘This isthe bimbo issue so Ihave to ask, do you tonsider yoursefa bimbo? [Asof late, yeah! It's not an identity marker for thes by any means, but afte felig so removed from fy appearance nd my body isa nice Ile descriptor Tm ving so hard not to wse the ‘word empowering oes “bimbo* carry any negative connotations toyou? How s0? ‘Not consol, but think the word is just Farting to find «beter home a signifier of oufidence and autonomy. During te aushts, ‘Smbo™ was un Inslt you'd see pressed into tabloids or hurled at hot, aeheaded gs. il unpecking the pychological damage that ‘Stupid Cita by Pla infited on my sb-year- ld bra How would you define bimbo? ‘he word, andthe youth's reclamation off {and Tin sorry for what Tim about to sy) boundless, Yu can bea bimbo and be modest! Youcan bea bimbo and be brainy! You ean be the exact definition of ts original meaning and thats lovey. To me, it’ freedom of sexual {xprestion, a sense of comfort and contentvent {nyour body, being conceptually hat, having 2 ‘ood day, te. To you, what celebrity exudes tne most bimbo energy and why? 1s terptag say someone lode and masa Teter occ nealing eter tbe Q se at tena tat of Big, Dev ss oan anetnaveg o/b") recintion angie aunt of ot ung hata Had ma. Sot: Stet fan of The Green gh bat FOREN te Nope Dev Renisanee daa) Caner aoa be cul sae the Metcalaifhe just tid) rm not sure hy weve gendered the word. A Bimbo is bimbo i bimbo. whats the most girtboss thing you've done recently? Thoaght blazer and applied for ome Pee vk). Aso, Tei 5 website Ga. hing waspeakaly hot boot me bi my eye idk” aes How would you describe your most bimbo-esge out? ‘Okay, 1. mesh ra always (bonus points ifyou Jt throw an open button-up ontop and callita bight which you shoud) 2. Jeans that hug the trast and then give up y the thigh. 2. High= Fete boots 4, Something red assert When the Sun at long last takes his leave and goes to close his eyes He cannot help but sneak a peek as day turns She has her imperfections but reflects nothing but light She’s brightest in the darkness, which in envy Idespise She and I are lovers in our own peculiar way I worship at her feet and watch the shadows turn to grey ‘She watches over while I'm sleeping, her soft breezes stroke my hai ‘When my lungs all but surrender, I know that she'll be there She's the one constant in my life as the stars all flicker and die And nothing knows how to break my heart like adark and vaeant sky. eden amy zhang My friend is beautiful. Almond eyes and peach, blossom cheeks, as poets like to say. She goes through boys quickly, with a smile, a laugh, and a murmured apology that leaves them brokenhearted but forgiving. It’s impossible not to forgive her. My first boyfriend was named Jack, and he liked me, so I liked him too. Our first date was awkward, tasting of lukewarm coffee and uncomfortable looks. But when I tell her, it was perfect. She wrinkles her nose at his name. I went out with him last year, don’t you remember? He has yellow fever, you know, Dated half the girls like usin the city. College ruled paper pokes through the top of my binder. “Milton reimagines Satan in Paradise Lost asa tragic hero, who's fall from grace is not a portrait of shame and failure, but of birth; the birth of one of the most powerful and seductive figures in the history of mankind. While one would be remiss to characterize the ‘Western embodiment of evil as heroie, he is certainly turned into a sympathetic figure by Milton's masterful narration. [...] Later in the epic, the fall of Adam and Eve, east out from the garden of Eden will parallel the fall of Satan; their mistake distances themselves from the grace of God, but in their tragic fall, they are reborn in something new.” Eden is sweltering in the summer heat. Its beach carries with it pieces of seaweed, debris, and forbidden secrets washed from hostile shores. Nobody knows ifthe forbidden fruit was really an apple or a pomegranate. ‘Temptation takes many forms; sometimes it comes stuffed in a salt stained uniform. Eve prods his body with the tip of her foot, and she falls, falls, falls. Ex’s and O’s uvina persaud Took at her and think that we could have been friends if it wasn't for him. We wouldn't have this sort of rivalry between each other if it wasn't for him. There wouldn't be this jealous of each other if it wasn't for him. But ‘all in all it doesn't excuse you ringing down his phone at 3am while he's sleeping next to me or texting him with all your X's and O's. After all he is mine now and not yours. He may have "loved" you once but that time has gone. Signed his one and only. Distillation amy zhang the beginning In the beginning, she was a goddess, a divine beauty. She was married to a god. ‘Then one day, she woke up asa mortal woman, Thrown out of heaven because of her husband's the beginning, again. In the beginning, she was a coneubine, a precious beauty. She served the king, once a good man who grew cruel the beginning, at last. In the beginning, she was a peasant, an earthly beauty She loved the archer (her husband) With all of her heart. Tm How come you don't have a Chinese name? Tjust don't You have to have one, she insists, grinning. I watch her take a drink, try not to stare too long. Otherwise you're not Chinese. It's not a big deal. Please? Let me give you one. Iwant to say no, but the sun is shining, and she is grinning, Fine, Later, I heara woman yelling, yellow fever HELLO see her walk towards us. T recognize her words, her sharp tongue repeating aword for girls like me not fit for polite company. WA, RAP Tlie, watehing her face fall, her tongue going mute. She pulls her away by the arm, leaving red marks. aR in the end No matter how her story begins, she ends upon the moon, Cast away from earth, drifting, Up, up, up, never to return home, all alone. (Sometimes there's a rabbit too. A hare, maybe.) SO 7S 4 7 4 history class ‘amy zhan, Our history teacher loves old slides and projections. ‘The classroom in the basement looks like a moment frozen in time, crammed with old projects and dusty posters. A class of only ten people, So few that the lights often go off halfway through class. Today, we're tal Nagasaki. After class, own the hall echoes the imitation of the man, with his southern draw! Twish we coulda dropped ten bombs. 1g about Hiroshima and

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