The Background of the Problem English as a foreign language and as an international language is used by people in the world as tool of communication. Its purpose as a tool of communication m ust be learnt well to prevent any misunderstanding, whether it is orally or writ tenly. Moreover, English has a big role in some aspects of human daily life or h uman’s activities, such as; science, technology, politic, social, culture, busines s, industries, economy, tourism, education, religion, etc. Therefore, it can be said that English is very important to be known, learnt, and mastered in order h uman can forward the modern science, technology and the whole things in aspects of human daily life. Since English is necessary toward some aspects of human daily life, most states in the world have adopted English as a lesson or subject in education field to b e taught, included in Indonesia. It is taught to the students in order they can master and communicate it, also face many things in the future include to face t he global life society. English is an important lesson at school and it has four language skills, they a re listening, speaking, reading and writing. Reading is one of the four language skills is useful and important to be taught well to the students. Prentice (2001: 5) states that reading is a visual means of acquiring and retain ing information. It means that someone who reads trying to acquire the informati on and comprehend the content of the reading text. Moreover, Olson and Diller (1982: 42) state “Reading comprehension is a term used to identify those skills needed to understand and apply information contained in a written material.” Reading comprehension is a reading skill and emphasizes the activity of readers in getting information from reading text. In other words, so meone who is going to read is someone who wants to comprehend the content of rea ding text. Therefore, teacher who is going to teach reading should emphasize and train the students in comprehending. The statement above is also hoped in the curriculum KTSP of junior high school. The curriculum hopes the students to comprehend the meaning of short functional text and simple essay in descriptive and recount item in daily life which is rel ated to the around environment. Furthermore, Ramelan (1992: 4) stated that the teaching of English in Junior hig h School in Indonesia is not successful. It appropriates with the researcher obs ervation related to the students’ comprehension ability. It is found by researcher during PPL II, known that the students who are sitting at eight year class of S MP Swasta Bhakti Luhur-Kecamatan Fanayama have weaknesses in studying reading co mprehension. The students’ comprehension ability is not well. It is caused by many factors, they are the less motivation in reading comprehension, the limitation of reading resources, the lack of vocabulary, the teaching strategy in teaching reading comprehension is not appropriate, the teaching method in teaching readin g is not suitable, etc. One of the problem above which arose the students’ weaknesses in studying reading comprehension is related to the using of teaching method. Teaching method is ver y important in teaching included in teaching reading. The suitable method in tea ching and learning process makes the students easy in learning, and the suitable reading teaching method makes the students able to comprehend the content of th e reading text easily. In the other words, by having good teaching method in tea ching reading comprehension, the competency of students can be achieved. Therefo re, the teacher should find the suitable teaching method to the students learnin g process. In general, there are many teaching methods which can be applied in t eaching and learning process. As Alma, dkk (2009: 44) mention some of teaching m ethods that can be used in teaching and learning process, one of the teaching me thods is Syndicate Group Method (Metode Syndicate Group). Syndicate group Method in teaching makes the students try to read reading text, discuss and arrange the report of syndicate conclusion. In this method, the stud ents will not work alone but they will work in groups. They can be divided about

two or three persons per group. Moreover, through this method they can learn th e habitual of cooperation learning way and each group can share their experience s to other groups and also learn how to be responsible. While, the roles of teac her in this method are; provides references or other information resources, expl ains the general line of problem, describes aspects of problem, then each group is assigned to study a certain aspect. Therefore, the students can understand or comprehend reading text easily. Syndicate group method can be applied to train, encourage and make the students are able to interact or able to improve the stu dents’ ability in learning include reading comprehension ability. It is supported by Buon (2004: 16) says that syndicate groups are seen as an eff ective way to encourage participation, to make the learning experience more inte resting, and possibly, to increase group interaction and develop higher-level le arning. It means that syndicate groups are able to encourage students’ participati on, bring the learning experience becoming attractive and develop higher-level l earning. Regard to the problem above, the researcher is interested to solve the students’ w eaknesses in studying reading comprehension through syndicate group method. B. The Identification of the Problem The identification of problem in this research, namely: 1. Unsuitable method or strategy in teaching reading comprehension 2. The limitation of reading resources 3. The less motivation in reading comprehension 4. The lack of cooperation among students in studying certain material rela ted with reading comprehension 5. The students are not able to use their vocabulary as the tool in compreh ending the reading 6. The students are not able to use their background knowledge in comprehen ding the reading 7. The students are not able to conclude a conclusion in a reading text. C. The Limitation of the Problem In order that the problem of this research does not widen, it is better to limit the problem. It is also suggested by Ali (1982: 37): In writing a scientific writing, a necessary thing which must be checked is the widen problem of research. Widen problem will product narrow analysis and reserv ed. Therefore, the writer states the limitation of this research: Therefore, the researcher states the limitation of this research as follows: 1. The subject of this study only the students at eight year class of SMP S wasta Bhakti Luhur, Fanayama-Nias Selatan in 2010/2011. 2. The problem is going to be searched is about the improving students’ readi ng comprehension ability through syndicate group method. D. The Formulation of Problem In proposing a research should be considered and formulated the problem. The for mulation must be clear, so that research process become focused or specified to the right address. In this research, the researcher searches the students’ reading comprehension ability through syndicate group method. In the other words, the p roblem in this research is about students’ reading comprehension ability and the s olution is by using Syndicate Group Method. So that, the researcher formulates the problem “does Syndicate Group Method improv e the students’ reading comprehension ability?” E. The Purpose of the Research The purpose of this research is “to get information or know whether or not the the ory related to the students’ reading comprehension ability gets improving through Syndicate Group Method.” F. The Significance of the Research

The findings of the research are useful for: 1. Researcher, as the information in knowing the result of the students’ read ing comprehension ability through syndicate group method and as directive in his teaching. 2. Students, as the information in knowing their weaknesses in learning rea ding comprehension and the way in overcoming it. 3. English teacher, as the tool or references in teaching reading comprehension through syndicate group method. 4. Next research, as the comparison for the next research to search about t he related problem. 5. The readers, as new information, especially in improving their ability i n reading comprehension. G. The Assumption The assumptions of this research are, as follows: 1. Syndicate Group Method is an alternative method in teaching reading comp rehension. 2. Reading Comprehension is a learning activity of reading skill. H. The Research Limitation In this research, there are some limitations, such as: 1. The subject of this research is only the students of SMP Swasta Bhati Lu hur-Kecamatan Fanayama-Nias Selatan. 2. The phenomenon of observation is only about the improving reading compre hension ability through Syndicate Group Method. 3. The time research allocation is limited.

I. The Operational Definition In order the words are being used in the title be clear, the researcher gives so me explanations that concern with the definition: 1. Reading is a way for someone to understand or comprehend information. 2. Comprehension is a power in understanding something. 3. Method is a way which is used to implement a plan. 4. Syndicate Group Method makes the students to read reading text, discuss and arrange the report of syndicate conclusion. 5. Reading comprehension is the level of understanding a passage or text. 6. Improving is an activity to improve the ability or something by using ce rtain method. 7. Ability is the quality of being able to do something.

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