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I declare that the form and the content are original and have not been submitted in part or in full.CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Ms ISHA VERMA. PRABHAT KUMAR SHARMA Date – 10 April. PGPM July 2008-11 batch would be working on project work on “MARKETING STRATEGIES OF TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC)” under my able guidance. 2011 . for any other degree or diploma of this or any other Organization / Institution / University. – 0821000908.__________________________ Name of Project Guide . Signature of Guide . support and supervision. a student of IMT – CDL Ghaziabad. Enrollment No.Mr.

The company’s policies have been framed to cater to the needs of Indian population keeping in mind the income and expenditure ratio. study of marketing strategies has a wide scope and can be used to gain better marketing results while planning on all India level. . religion and versatile Indian needs. diversified geographical. whose marketing strategies have been developed to cater. is an international firm. cultural. and to polish my own skills to analyze the gathered information and use appropriately for further development of marketing strategies as a student.OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE OF THE STUDY The objective of the project is to study the marketing strategies of Toyota Motor Corporation. Hence. Toyota Ltd. taste and needs.

 The Finance segment is involved in the provision of financial services related to the sale of the Company's products. Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is a multinational automaker headquartered in Toyota.734 people worldwide. manufacture and sale of housings. In 2010. The Company operates through three business segments –  The Automobile segment is engaged in the design. minivans and trucks. Japan.  The Others segment is involved in the design. as well as the related parts and accessories. as well as information and communication business. Aichi. manufacture and sale of car products including passenger cars. . TMC is the world's largest automobile manufacturer by sales and production. Toyota Motor Corporation employed 317.COMPANY PROFILE TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION is a Japan-based company mainly engaged in the automobile business and financial business. as well as the leasing of vehicles and equipment.

Related to the Company's automotive operations is its development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). It faces intense competition from automotive manufacturers in the respective markets in which it operates. The Company sells its vehicles in more than 170 countries and regions. 1937. Its primary markets for its automobiles are Japan. As of March 31. North America. including an e-commerce marketplace called GAZOO. 2009 the Company operated through 529 consolidated subsidiaries and 229 affiliated It commenced operations in 1933 as the automobile division of Toyota Industries Corporation and became a separate company on August 28. the Toyota Motor Company and Toyota Motor Sales merged into one company. The Company is subject to laws in various jurisdictions regulating the levels of pollutants generated by its plants. joint-stock company. which was incorporated under the Corporation Act of Japan. . In 1982. Its all other operations business segment includes the design and manufacture of prefabricated housing and information technology related businesses.Toyota Motor Corporation is a limited liability. Europe and Asia. the Toyota Motor Corporation of today.

PRODUCTS OF TOYOTA  Cars and Minivans  Yaris  Corolla  Matrix  Camry  Prius  Sienna  Avalon  Crossovers and SUVs  RAV4  FJ Cruiser  Venza  Highlander  4Runner  Sequoia  Land Cruiser  Trucks .

• Fiat • Renault. are earning profits due to the stunning annual loss suffered by Toyota Motor Corporation. • Volkswagen • Nissan Motor Co. • Ford Motor Co. • Honda Motor Co. Tacoma and Tundra STATEMENT ABOUT THE PROBLEM  Toyota sales sink due to its recall and increasing number of competitors. The fall in the sales and revenue of the TMC is because of its recall. . Ltd. Ltd.  Major competitors of Toyota including • General Motors Co. The spot is just one of Toyota’s efforts to reach consumers.

and  Personal Interview Method . the research methodology adopted is basically based on primary data which the most recent and accurate piece of first hand information could be collected.METHODOLOGY The term methodology represents the one’s method or way of collecting. Primary data was collected by:  Questionnaire Method. As the prime objective of the project is to measure the degree of awareness among consumers. Achieving accuracy in any research requires in depth study regarding the subject. grouping and arranging the required data and information from different sources related to data.

Toyota and its products.  The time span during which questionnaires were filled was three weeks.Sources of secondary data: Used to obtain information To these geographical area questionnaire was  Text Books  Related Information Brochures Procedure of research methodology  Target geographic area was Delhi. the questionnaire was a combination of both open ended and closed ended current issues. wherever required. . www. procedures   Total number of people approached was 120.  Internet www.

.  Finally the collected data and information was analyzed and compiled to arrive at the conclusion and recommendations. Some dealers were also interviewed to know their prospective.

Divorcee) 1. Which all brands of automobile are you aware of? General Motors Ford Nissan Toyota .QUESTIONNAIRE  Sex of Informants Male Female  Marital Status of Informants Married Unmarried Other (Widow.

Volkswagen Honda Fiat 2. Which automobile brand do you prefer? General Motors Ford Nissan Toyota Volkswagen Honda Fiat Other. Relatives and Colleagues . specify __________________________ 3. Why do you like the brand? Better Quality Product Used by Friends.

Do you think advertising and other sales promotion activities adopted by the companies are helpful? Yes .Other. specify__________________________ 5. specify __________________________ 4. Which of the factor(s) do you consider while purchasing the automobile? Price Style and Look Mileage After Sales Service Interiors and Accessories Other. Are you satisfied with the automobile you are using? Yes No 6.

Can Consumer Awareness be increased through television and other media? Yes No 8. What are your viewpoints regarding the recall process adopted by the automobile companies? _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ 10. What is/are your expectation(s) from the company? . What makes Toyota different from others? Performance Pricing Positioning Satisfaction 9.No 7.

_______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________ PROJECT GUIDE’S RESUME PRABHAT KUMAR SHARMA Mobile: 9971792896 E-mail: sharma_prabhat@rediffmail. .com Seeking assignments in Marketing with an organization of repute.

as a Marketing Executive.S.C from RIC. Secured 6. as an Assistant Manager.G. An effective communicator and team leader with proven team building and management abilities.B. AGRA in 1997.B. Secured 63% marks.A. Pvt.Tech (Mechanical) from Rohillkhand University. Agra in 1999.Synopsis A vibrant individual with nearly 4 year’ experience in Marketing. Secured 60% marks. Academia  M.1 D.S. Extensive experience in management of product launch.P. Since April 08 to till now at M. . Ltd.  H. Secured 72% marks.A (Marketing) from AMITY University. Pvt. Presently associated with M.S. Bareilly in 2005. Industrial Exposure Since Feb’07 to March 08 at HCL Info systems Ltd. Noida in 2007.C from RIC.S. As an Assistant Manager.  B. Ltd.  S.B.

Key Result Areas  Managing a sales team of 4 members.  According to market trends deciding the sales forecast. is country representative of Oils Corporation Japan in India. audiovisual equipment.  Planning and implementation of marketing strategy to capture new business. . Office automation application and Communication long-term equipment and noto specialty requiring maintenance performance such as dams and other civil engineering project though our major customers are from automobile sector. Oils Corporation Japan is one of the largest manufacturers of Self Lubricating Bearings in the world. Ltd.Brief Company Profile: Mega Self Lube Bearing Pvt. The Oils bearing are in use almost everywhere from tradition applications such as automobile.  Planning and implementation of marketing strategy to increase the running business.

 Inventory control & management. as new development Key Clients.C. Nirmiti Auto Components.F..C. Tenneco R.  Sona Koya Gurgaon .. Hero Honda. Rewoned Auto. Toyota E.  Introduced our bearing for Tata Ace and Tata Magic Vehicle by replacing competitors bearing. Making and maintaining the relations with the customers.  To do Material Planning. The Attainments:  Demonstrated capabilities in handling various key clients such as Sona Koyo Steering Systems Ltd.  To maintain the balance between cash inflow and outflow in the company. Technico Industries Ltd. Nissan Apf. Dee Ess Buhin.  Got project of A-Star. Maruti Udyog Limited. Ritz.

 Tata Motors  Rewoned Auto  PHA  Nirmiti  Mahindra & Mahindra Trainings Title : Comparative Analysis of different PCO segment in Noida.  Hero Honda. Organization Duration : Reliance Communications : Jun’06 to Jul’06 service providers in . HMSI  Technico industries Ltd.C. Manaser  Dee Ess Buhin Fareedabad  Tenneco R.

Personal Details Date of Birth Address : 16th May. NO. C++ : SQL. Rohini.230. XP. Delhi . .Title Organization Duration : Computer Aided Stimulation of turbines : BHEL (Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited). 98. : May’ 04 to Jun’ 04 Projects Title Duration : Analysis of Idea Cellular market in India : Sep’05 to Oct’ 05 IT Skills Operating System Packages Language DBMS : Window 95. Pocket-V. Sector-2. 1983 : H. : MS Office : Basic knowledge of C.

Yours Truely Prabhat Kumar Sharma .

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