Definition: A fashion magazine can cover many things such as specific items of clothing and accessories, trends in various

apparel markets etc. celebrity fashion choices an d street fashion trends. They cover fashion at all levels from the biggest names to the smallest designers Many fashion magazines could also be categorised as shopping magazines, since "m ost of the conversation is shopping advice, liberally laced with consumer recomm endations". Some retailers in the fashion industry have even started magazines o f their own to promote their products. Magazines that only occasionally mention fashion are not categorized as fashion magazines, although they may be labeled by the magazineger as such. Impact on the fashion industry Fashion is a multi-billion-dollar industry that has considerable impact on the w ay ordinary people clothe themselves. As fashion is trend-driven and fashion mag azines provide a new way to follow these trends, it is likely they will have a c onsiderable long-term influence on the industry. These are some of the things fashion journalists have said about fashion magazin es and the impact they are having on the industry: ? "These days, to have one finger on the fashion pulse, you need to have t he other one on your computer mouse, reading (or writing) the latest magazines. ? "Before a designer s runway show has even finished, you can bet your botto m dollar that someone in the audience or better still, backstage has recorded ev ery silhouette, signature shoe, styling detail and sulking supermodel, then uplo aded it onto the internet for style watchers across the globe to Enjoy." Number of fashion magazines There is considerable disagreement regarding the number of fashion magazines in existence. In a February, 2006 Women's Wear Daily article, Corcoran stated: There is an enormous, and growing, number of fashion and shopping-related magazi nes: about 2 million, according to Technocratic Inc. or slightly less than 10 pe rcent of the 27 million magazines the company tracks. (That number includes maga zines in languages that use the Urdu and English and that contain anything fashi on-related, including magazines such as Pink Is the New Magazine, which focuses on celebrities.) It is likely that this figure is inflated by a substantial number of personal ma gazines that mention fashion. These are not considered fashion magazines using t he criteria above. All other estimates of the popularity of fashion magazines are considerably lowe r. In September 2005, HSY stated that "as little as a year ago, the number of [f ashion magazinegers] could be counted in the dozens. Today there are hundreds." Lara Zamiatin, an international fashion designer estimated in November 2006 that there are now "several hundred fashion magazines". Types of fashion magazines Fashion magazines can be categorised in a number of ways. By writer's expertise Fashion magazines may be written by insiders, outsiders or aspiring insiders. Insiders are people who work (or have previously worked) in the fashion industry or for the traditional fashion media. Outsiders are people who know a lot (or at least have strong opinions) about fas hion, usually by virtue of being very dedicated consumers of fashion. Aspiring insiders are people who want to work in the fashion industry or media a nd believe their magazine may provide a back door entry into a mainstream fashion

Commercialization of fashion magazines Fashion magazines are rapidly becoming a highly profitable new media business. Jang has confirmed earnings a six-figure salary through magazines. which reportedly brings in 6. The types of companies now running fashion magazines include large mainstream me dia organizations and fashion retailers. Many big media organizations have started fashion magazines and the best fashion magazines are now also being offered mainstream media positions. Mainstream media acceptance of fashion magazines Fashion magazines are increasingly becoming a part of the mainstream fashion pre ss. Some cover a mix of two or more of these topics. Fashion magazines are also now regarded as worthy of mainstream media coverage. and that the influence of fashion magazines within the industry is growing . Some cover celebrity fashion exclusively. mainl y from advertising". These publications include the Akhbar-e-Jah an. to a viable new media business. By ownership Fashion magazines may be owned either by individuals or by companies.000. Other commercially successful in dependent fashion magazines include The Wedding. while others cover street styl e. The reference list below shows the very high caliber of media publication that h ave written about fashion magazines. Street Style magazines Street fashion has recently made its way into the world of magazines. Akhbar-e-Jahan Magazine is believed to be the most profitable fashion magazine.000. M ore examples of independent fashion magazines that have achieved commercial succ .000 in revenue per year. and other large companies lik e the Nishat Linen etc.000 a year in revenue and The SHE.000 a year" by 2006. Some narro w their field to one type of fashion item e. An increas ing number of magazines now feature fashion on real people. and show how trends are applied in the street. By theme Most successful fashion magazines follow a particular theme or angle. Some special ize in a particular price point: usually either very high-end or very budget con scious. featuring plus-sized women's style. Pink. Jang Publications is a mainstream media organization with fashion magazines. Focus and Cross Roads etc. There are also a growing number of "fashion" magazines. "rumored to be [earning] around 700. are targeting fashion magazines in their public relation s effort. shoes. Sunday and the wedding etc. By 2008 She was generating 4. Republic.g. Large advertisers like HSY and Gul Ahmed etc.writing job. Fashion retailers with magazines include H SY. An increasing number of fashion magazines were invited to designers' fashion sho ws in 2006 compared to previous years.00 0. have bought advertising on fashion magazines. It could be said that fashion magazines is now developing from an interesting hobby. Many show the authors own pe rsonal style and ask for the reader s opinion. History Recent developments Recent media reports state that some fashion magazines have become highly profit able. which "generates a six-figure income. handbags etc. w ith a mixture of independent magazines and well-funded fashion magazine networks competing to dominate the space.

. Jang s small magazine network includes Akhbar-e-Jahan. Advertising placement is another monetization tactic employed by many fashion ma gazines. Recent advances in contextual ad placement have rendered placement as a n increasingly attractive option. Monetization Techniques Magazines are hard work. and few magazines in any industry are willing to devote the kind of time and effort necessary to build and hold a significant audience without some hope of financial reward. a fashion magazine.ess can be found in the references listed at the end of this article. to a rumored value of 5 million. These include: ? October 2006: Jang raised Series of funding from legendary venture capit al firm Gul-Ahmed. There have also been a series of business deals have brought serious investor mo ney into the fashion magazines space.

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