ABDUL KALAM Abdul kalam is the first scientist to head the world's largest democracy.

Widely known as the Missile Man, Abdul Kalam is acknowledged as the driving force behind India's leap in the defence technology that brought India in the league of nuclear nations. From Rameshwaram to Rashtrapati Bhawan at Delhi, abdul kalam life is literally a story of success trough sheer hardwork and determination, specially considering that he started life as a boat owner's son, who sold newspaper as a child. Abdul kalam, "The nation requires role models in leadership who can inspire youngsters. There is no dearth of resources and talent in this country but what we need is more creativity." His dream is to make India a developed nation by 2020. Abdul Kalam Biography In his biography abdul kalam observes strict discipline, practicing vegetarianism, teetotalism and celibacy. abdul kalam has written many non-fiction books like his biography Wings of Fire as well as several volumes of Tamil poetry.The secret is in positive thinking, for according to abdul kalam, "Thinking should become your capital asset, no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life." Unlike other political leaders, he retains his humility and accessibility. For abdul kalam, India's true assets are its youth and he continues to try and motivate them.Abdul kalam, "The nation requires role models in leadership who can inspire youngsters.abdul kalam observes strict discipline, practicing vegetarianism, teetotalism and celibacy. abdul kalam has written many non-fiction books like his biography Wings of Fire as well as several volumes of Tamil poetry.Abdul kalam is popularly known as the missile man of India for his work on development of ballistic missile and space rocket technology. Abdul kalam played a pivotal organisational, technical and political role in India's Pokhran-II nuclear test in 1998.A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, was the eleventh President of India, serving from 2002 to 2007. Abdul kalam strongly advocates an action plan to develop India into a knowledge superpower and into a developed nation by the year 2020 in his book India 2020. Abdul kalam is credited with the view that India ought to take a more assertive stance in international relations; he regards his work on India's nuclear weapons program as a way to assert India's place as a future superpower. Abdul Kalam Personal Life Abdul kalam personal life was full of struggles and hard work. Kalam's father was a devout Muslim, who owned boats which he rented out to local fishermen and was a good friend of Hindu religious leaders and the school teachers at Rameshwaram. APJ Abdul Kalam mentions in his biography that to support his studies, he started his career as a newspaper vendor.On Wednesday April 29, 2009, Abdul kalam became the first Asian to be bestowed the Hoover Medal, America's top engineering prize, for his outstanding contribution to public service.Abdul Kalam is the Third President of India to have been honoured with a Bharat Ratna before being elected to the highest office, the other two being Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Zakir Hussain. Abdul Kalam Quotes Abdul kalam quotes will gives the strength the best among the abdul kalam quotes are 1) “You have to dream before your dreams can come true.” 2) “Be more dedicated to making solid achievements than in running after swift but synthetic happiness.” 3) “Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or to the top of your career.” Abdul Kalam Abdul kalam is the first scientist to head the world's largest democracy. Widely known as the Missile Man, Abdul Kalam is acknowledged as the driving force behind India's leap in the defence technology that brought India in the league of nuclear nations. From Rameshwaram to Rashtrapati Bhawan at Delhi, abdul kalam life is literally a story of success trough sheer hardwork and determination, specially considering that he started life as a boat owner's son, who sold newspaper as a child.

and his brother's curio shop abuts it. In his personal life. Abdul Kalam Personal Life Kalam's father was a devout Muslim. the autobiography of abdul kalam constitutes an extraordinary reading for the young and old. Only the very young readers of Resonance may find it beyond. Guiding Souls: Dialogues on the Purpose of Life reveals his spiritual side.The secret is in positive thinking. and he says in Wings of Fire that he never could imagine that water could be so powerful a destroying force as that he witnessed when he was thirty three. with little exposure to the broader process of governance. he missile man lacks such experience or orientation. It has been reported that there is considerable demand in South Korea for translated versions of books authored by him. "Thinking should become your capital asset. APJ Abdul Kalam mentions in his biography that to support his studies. That was in 1964 when a cyclonic storm swept away the Pamban bridge and a trainload of passengers with it and also Kalam's native village. Another of his books. A Boy and His Dream: Three Stories from the Childhood of Abdul Kalam by Vinita Krishna. "The nation requires role models in leadership who can inspire youngsters. aimed at motivating Indian youth. In India he is highly respected as a scientist and as an engineer. he started his career as a newspaper vendor. in most of his speeches. Abdul kalm played a pivotal organizational. Abdul kalam. technical and political role in India's Pokhran-II nuclear test in 1998. practicing vegetarianism. he quotes at least one kural. Fly Ash Bricks The book Wings of Fire. most notably his autobiography Wings of Fire. India's true assets are its youth and he continues to try and motivate them. for according to abdul kalam. Abdul kalm is popularly known as the missile man of India for his work on development of ballistic missile and space rocket technology. There is no dearth of resources and talent in this country but what we need is more creativity." Unlike other political leaders. This was also told in the book. the first since the original nuclear test by India in 1974. This has become a point-of-call for tourists who seek out the place. Kalam grew up in an intimate relationship with nature. no matter whatever ups and downs you come across in your life. teetotalism and celibacy.He is a scholar of Thirukkural. Kalam has written several inspirational books. The house Kalam was born in can still be found on the Mosque street in Rameshwaram. for a common man and a professional including management pundits. Kalam Honours . He is an engineer who became a manager of cloistered defence-related programmes. and for the uninitiated and the technically trained alike. Dhanushkodi. abdul kalam is a professor at Anna University and adjunct/visiting faculty at many other academic and research institutions across India. He has written poems in Tamil as well. he retains his humility and accessibility. There is something that everybody can extract from this book. who owned boats which he rented out to local fishermen and was a good friend of Hindu religious leaders and the school teachers at Rameshwaram. abdul kalam observes strict discipline. For abdul kalam. abdul kalam has written many non-fiction books like his biography Wings of Fire as well as several volumes of Tamil poetry." His dream is to make India a developed nation by 2020.

I am convinced that the youth power. meeting its challenges and bring peace and prosperity. A pre eminent scientist. could bring about transformational changes in humanity for its progress. social justice.The Government of India has honoured him with the nation's highest civilian honours: the Padma Bhushan in 1981. What can the youth of today contribute to face the situation? Can every one of the educated spread literacy at least to five in their life? Can the youth spread the message of water conservation? Can the youth come with “out of box solutions” for solving water scarcity? I have started a movement called “Lead India 2020 movement”. Trichy. can serve the family. and work for the national development. his undergraduate education at St. he is also a humble humanitarian in every sense of the word. and ends with him moving to the United States for a six month training program at NASA. can . The ten point oath given to the youth by me conveys that the youth can make difference to the society where they are living in the areas of literacy. It is indeed a youth movement. if properly directed and controlled. Padma Vibhushan in 1990. minimizing rural urban divide.Tamil family in the island town of Rameshwaram. America's top engineering prize. The citation said that he is being recognised for making state-of-the-art healthcare available to the common man at affordable prices. for his outstanding contribution to public service. while working hard for an individual goal. using spin-offs of defence technology to create state-of-the-art medical equipment and launching telemedicine projects connecting remote rural-based hospitals to the super-specialty hospital. and a true visionary.Kalam is the Third President of India to have been honoured with a Bharat Ratna before being elected to the highest office.On Wednesday April 29. I see the youth development has multiple dimensions: The youth working hard improving his knowledge with a career goal. Joseph College. Ramanathapuram. a gifted engineer. then continue a degree course in aeronautic engineering from Madras Institute of Technology. I insist that small aim is a crime. 50% of the population do not have access to safe drinking water. above the earth and under the earth. He is also the first scientist and first bachelor to occupy Rashtrapati Bhavan. including the Carnegie Mellon University and the Nanyang Technological University of Singapore. Let us now consider two major problems the world faces: one is. Kalam has received honorary doctorates from as many as thirty universities. Ignited mind of the youth I would like to put forth that the ignited mind of the youth is the most powerful resource on the earth. he became the first Asian to be bestowed the Hoover Medal. it added. bringing quality medical care to rural areas by establishing a link between doctors and technocrats. two thirds of the population lives below poverty line. environment.6 billion people. with the mission for young students based on the 10 point oath which I have specially designed. out of 6. the other two being Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan and Zakir Hussain.Kalam has been chosen to receive prestigious 2008 Hoover Medal for his outstanding public service. above all many do not have access to quality education. his early schooling at Schwartz High School. and the Bharat Ratna in 1997 for his work with ISRO and DRDO and his role as a scientific advisor to the Indian government. 2009.

When there is order in the nation. which takes one anywhere. The message is still reverberating in my mind: “I would like to tell the young men and women before me not to lose hope and courage. When there is harmony in the home. There is peace in the world. The power of Righteousness is described in a divine hymn. We need a spirit of victory. What we lack is perhaps courage. Knowledge makes you great While I am with you. As a youth of my nation. There is order in the nation. what we lack is perhaps driving force. I will work and work with courage to achieve success in all the missions. We have. which was given by Sir C V Raman. are the unique qualities of the youth. I can assert without fear of contradiction that the quality of the Indian mind is equal to the quality of any Teutonic. I think what is needed in India today is the destruction of that defeatist spirit. which is defined as follows: "Courage to think different. Nordic or AngloSaxon mind. That the combination of these characteristics can generate enlightened citizens. There is harmony in the home. Knowledge has four components. I would like to talk about knowledge. developed an inferiority complex. I think.serve the society. a spirit that . When there is beauty in the character. Courage to invent. creativity. Courage to combat the problems And Succeed." The third component is Courage. I would like to recall a great clarion call of indomitable spirit. Courage to discover the impossible. can serve the nation to which he or she belongs and can serve the humanity as a whole. courage and indomitable spirit." The fourth component is Indomitable Spirit. at the age of 82. Let us look at the first component Creativity: “Learning gives creativity Creativity leads to thinking Thinking provides knowledge Knowledge makes you great” he next component of knowledge is righteousness. Courage to travel into an unexplored path. which is as follows: "Where there is righteousness in the heart There is beauty in the character. All are uniquely connected. righteousness. Success can only come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you.

will carry us to our rightful place under the sun. and shape of its body in relationship to the total wing span. being ignorant of scientific theory. in 1975 said "If I am authorized. Wright Brothers proved man could fly of course at heavy risk and cost. who built Saturn-V. as inheritors of a proud civilization. and cannot be flown. a very famous rocket designer. who was the President of Royal Society of London said. He strives continuously to subjugate impossibility and then succeeds. knowledge is equal to the equation: Knowledge = Creativity + Righteousness+ Courage+ Indomitable spirit. "any thing heavier than air cannot fly. a great well-known scientist Lord Kelvin. Political Science should form part of the curriculum from secondary to college level for all students with development politics ." Within a decade. Political System towards Developed India The youth should take up politics as their career in large numbers. Because of the size. On the successful completion of Moon Mission in 1969. weight. The bumble bee. In ancient days. now you realize. Galileo and Kepler had to give a new dimension to the world of astronomy. Today we take it for granted that earth is a globe. man was beaten by problems." Hence friends. At no time. nothing can hold us from achieving our rightful destiny. Assumption by then was that the earth is flat. What a scientific struggle had to take place to prove that the earth is spherical in shape orbiting around the sun. In 1895. to launch the capsule with astronauts and made moon walk a reality. If that indomitable spirit were to arise. flying is scientifically impossible. All the technological advancements we have today are the outcome of scientific exploration of scientists of earlier centuries. Von Braun. goes ahead and flies anyway. I will remove the word impossible". The three great astronomers Copernicus. a spirit. and the sun orbits in the Milky Way. Nothing is impossible Human flight is nothing but creativity of human mind and it undergoes several struggles to achieve excellence. orbiting around the sun. are entitled to a rightful place on this planet. which will recognize that we. According to the laws of aerodynamics the bumble bee should never be able to fly. Ptolemaic astronomy is a widely used system in calculating the dynamics of various stars and planets.

constitution. an interface is needed between the education system and the needs of the three . like proper housing. pharmaceutical. Thus nearly 10 million youth are injected into the society every year seeking employment. Our Panchayat Boards really represent the village citizens and they should ensure that all development funds allotted for rural development in their area are properly utilised for the intended purpose without dilution. there are many more areas in which citizens can participate towards the national development movement. Kinsey Report 2005. worldwide requirements for nurses are estimated to be around 1 million from now to 2012. India is in the process of improving the healthcare services which will need additional 0. How to bridge this gap between availability and requirement in the globalized economy. Citizens should proactively cast their votes to select candidates of known performance with honesty as the focus.5 million nurses and paramedical staff. uplifting citizens below the poverty level through a focused mission and accelerating agriculture reforms. medical cover and children’s education. This will enable them to concentrate in their work with peace of mind and thereby output from the police would increase. Employment and education Presently our university education system is contributing 3 million graduates and post graduates every year. There is a need to bring all the units under the registered category so that all the people can be provided benefits accordingly. whereas we do not have such a capacity in the country to generate this number which will be acceptable to the three sectors of economy. However. precision engineering and cosmetic products. in India about 50.as the focus. sanitary facilities. Many of them are unregistered units. experts and professionals should educate citizens about the political process. This will require addition of nearly 28 million people within 5 years with variety of skills in garments. there is a large gap in the availability of employable skill. As per the latest report. Above all our women folk constitute fifty percent of our population. Their dignity should be protected and they should get proper representation in all decision making institutions like Panchayat systems. there can be a movement in the judiciary for time bound clearance of pending cases in District Courts and High Courts within the next 3 years. Dear friends. processed foods. it is also essential that police stations are electronically connected and simultaneously they should be empowered with better quality of life. Now let me focus on national security. The Judiciary and Bar should ensure that the common citizen gets speedy justice with nobility. as per the NASSCOM and Mc. retail and transportation by 2010. procedures and their rights and responsibilities. Similarly. in the case of nursing professional. presently 12 million units are employing around twenty eight million people. the small scale industries contribute to an export of over 20 billion dollars a year. To bridge the gap. 7 Million Students after their secondary school education in 10th and 12th stop further education and seek employment every year. ITES and BPO sector alone will need 9 million direct jobs and 6 million indirect jobs in construction. which is expected to increase to over 40 billion dollars within the next five years.000 nurses qualify every year. electronics. At present. In the small scale sector. it is estimated that the IT. For example. While citizens demand that our Police Force has to be transparent and action oriented. Legal personalities. Similarly there are many more important tasks like making education accessible to every citizen. Presently. In the same way.

Whomsoever. we may have series of problems. Challenges of 21st Century Based on my visits to all the States and Union Territories in the country and 16 countries in Asia. knowledge imparting. What does it mean? It means that economic prosperity alone is not sufficient. During this period. it is also essential to build education with value system drawn from our Civilization heritage. Even while pursuing our economic growth. I met they constantly ask what they .sectors of the economy. prosperous and safe nation. I personally believe. has shown considerable progress in the last sixty years. we need to do a lot to preserve the rich and diverse treasures of our culture and civilization. But the billion people have the connectivity which gives us the united strength. It has to be complimented with the value systems and our five thousand years old Civilizational heritage which has genetically shaped the Indian people. when the nation is progressing towards economic development. India needs large number of talented youth with higher education for the task of knowledge acquisition. I have experienced many of them and learnt a lot about my country and our people. emotional content of the tune. happy.5 million youth. I realize that all the youth irrespective of which country they belong to. This has to be done in a much larger scale through countrywide participation of multiple institutions. and above all we have hard working people particularly the power of the 540 million youth of the country. Every sector of our country has given me the confidence that India can become a developed nation well before 2020. knowledge creation and knowledge sharing. Our country is blessed with natural resources. aspire to live in a peaceful. Europe and Africa as the President and meeting over 1. It is our duty for our future generations. I have cited these examples just to give a glimpse of the richness of our tradition and effort being taken by different agencies to preserve it. cultural diversity and unity of minds in the vast land of ours. Power of the Youth was touched by the variety of Indian panorama. There are also many new adventures by institutions and individuals. The good human life comes out of the way we live. At present India has five hundred and forty million youth under the age of 25 which will continuously be growing till the year 2050.

As I got ready for meeting the first person out of twenty appointments. we have to empower the youth through value based education and leadership. I talked to Ms. love for their parents and teachers shedding of stage fear and recognition of their duties towards the nation. Makes no difference who you are. at Coimbatore. 2007. With the ignited minds of the 540 million youth below the age of 25. With this spirit. Defeat the problems and succeed On the evening of February 24. I met a group of citizens who are putting into practice the motto of transforming of our youth into enlightened citizen. I happened to know the transformation which has taken place among the students of Medak district. in Hyderabad. Nalgonda who related how she weaned her father away from smoking after imbibing the spirit of the 10 point oath from the Lead India Training Camp. I am sure they will reach close to the target or the target. which I consider is the most powerful resource on the earth. We should constantly strive to empower such members of the society. This gives me an assurance that the youth of our country are on the right path through this mission oriented programme. Sudershan at Hyderabad is training thousands of students in many districts of Andhra Pradesh in partnership with the District Administration. under the earth and above the earth. Will come to you? This poem is true to all of us. a student leader from Andhra Pradesh Tribal Welfare School. Youth movement for Developed India 2020 Recently. I am extremely happy that we are on the right path. unfortunately he has no hands and legs. I had a very beautiful experience. Here I am reminded of a famous poem: "When you wish upon a star. The Lead India 2020 Foundation created by Dr. Anything your heart desires.can give to the nation. Padma. N. Particularly.B. As per the district authorities the impact of the training on the students is visible in terms of self-discipline. a wheel chair was in sight with a smiling person probably in his late fifties. and particularly for our youth and if they aim great. His radiant .

Of course. I don't need anything from you. of Darwa village from Haryana. a question from a little girl Anukriti of Sri Sathya Sai Jagriti Vidya Mandir School. safe and proud India should be the guiding factor in whatever profession we contribute. Now he wants to give. The aspirations of the young to live in a prosperous. Accelerate Development: Aspiration of the youth While there were many significant events during my tenure. give and give his art to inspire others. This question reflects how the desire to live in developed India has entered into the minds of the youth. 2006. I was quite touched. what I could do for him? He said. What is the message? Despite being physically challenged. I greeted him and asked him how this had happened. his parents. I would like to sing in front of you?. He introduced himself as Vidwan Coimbatore SR Krishna Murthy. I would like to share with you my visualisation of such a nation. Anukriti asked me : Why India cannot become a developed nation before the year 2020?. For achieving such a competitive edge for a nation. teachers. The same feelings are echoed by over fifteen lakh youth. the latent talent of music could blossom in this person with his positive attitude and perseverance. Profile of a globally competitive nation Kalam's 10-point vision for a competitive India Global competitiveness for any nation is indeed a big challenge. during children?s visit to Rashtrapati Bhavan on May 22. encouraged by the parents. He thanked God. rings in my mind ever after. academics and rasikas. teachers and many others for giving him confidence. by his merit of music.face was revealing his happy state of mind. . I appreciated the question and said it was indeed a thoughtful question and assured her that that her dream would be taken to the highest institution of the nation and we would work for it to achieve before 2020. I readily agreed. He sang melodiously the Saint Thyagraja's Pancha ratna kriti entharo mahanubavulu in Sriragam giving me a glimpse of his talent. he performed in the Rashtrapati Bhavan art theatre. in July 2007. I asked him. whom I have met so far and who represent the dream of the 540 million youth of the nation. it is essential to have a vision. He smilingly said that it was from by birth. training and help.

water and vector borne diseases and other stress diseases. 4. so far discussed all the four connectivities required for the societal transformation. within and between the village knowledge centres through the PURA grid. A nation where education is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination or because of constraints of rules. A nation which is the best destination for the most talented scholars. 7. and investors from all over the world. healthcare and good governance. tele-medicine and e-governance services apart from individual access by the people. 9. pharma R&D institutions. PURA knowledge grid: Connecting the PURA nodal centers with the village knowledge centres and domain service providers. For example. The societal grid consists of: Knowledge grid: Interconnecting universities with socio-economic institutions. A nation where the rural and urban divide has reduced to a thin line. industries and R&D organisations. healthy. secure. A nation where there is an equitable distribution and access to energy and quality water. A nation where the governance uses the best of the technologies to be responsive. We have. e-governance grid and the PURA knowledge grid. Integrated village knowledge centers will act as an inter-connected delivery mechanism for teleeducation. 2. Knowledge sharing. corporate and superspeciality hospitals. cancer and diabetes are brought down. A nation that is prosperous. These connectivities can form the basis for providing platform for societal transformation .1. peaceful and happy and continues with a sustainable growth path. illiteracy removed and crimes against women are absent and none in the society feels unalienated. A nation where agriculture. A nation where the best of healthcare is available to all and the communicable diseases like AIDS/TB. These connectivities will certainly bring seamless access and information flow among the various domains leading to maximisation of GDP and productivity. scientists. knowledge utilisation and knowledge re-use is very vital by all constituents of the society for promoting non-linear growth. E-governance grid: Interconnecting the central government and state governments and district and block level offices for G2G and G2C connectivity. fully connected in a high bandwidth e-governance grid. 8. educational institutions and ultimately. rural development we need to establish connectivities among them. 6. Research institutions. transparent. Healthcare grid: Interconnecting the healthcare institutions of the government. namely knowledge grid. egovernance. all other grids will infuse the knowledge into this grid for sustainable development. industry and service sector work together in symphony. This interconnecting grid will be known as societal grid. 5. Societal grid To maximise the synergy between the various components of education. healthcare grid. thereby corruption free. A nation where poverty has been totally eradicated. easily accessible and also simple in rules. 10. healthcare. A nation that is one of the best places to live in on the earth and brings smiles on the one billion-plus faces. there is need for establishing the grids. hence. absorbing technology thereby resulting in sustained wealth-generation leading to greater high value employment opportunities. Since this is the backbone for rural development. cardiac diseases. five of the Periyar PURA villages have now connected using Wi-Max connectivity. 3.

the capability of a normal PC would be around 1000 times that of the human brain. wearable and will have wireless communication with each other. It is predicted that by 2019.Synthesizing mind: What is needed is the ability to integrate ideas from different disciplines or spheres into an integrated system and communicate the synthesized thoughts. particularly in the today’s world environment of social conflicts. leads to understand other persons on their own terms with mutual trust. 5. mathematics. 2.Respectful mind: It is a uniquely developed mind. In the world where we are. a mature mind that has awareness and appreciation for differences among human beings. history and religion. this book is being published. Five minds for the future I happened to see in the book stall. 25 centuries after Lord Buddha’s enlightenment. The creating mind seeks to remain at least one step ahead of even the most sophisticated computers and robots. Disciplinary mind: Disciplinary minds require the mastery of major schools of thought that may include science. in general we look for leaders. I understand that most of the computers of the future and accessories will be micro sized. questions and phenomena. the future definitely needs these capacities to be built in the minds of the youth. rather than managers. 4. all interlinked and need to maintain working relationship. I studied the five minds of the future. “Five Minds for the Future” written by Howard Gardner. It puts forth new ideas. Creating mind: It is essential to build capacity to uncover and create solutions to new problems. This will blossom with the enabling environment of trust and confidence in the overall system. By 2029. For examples on creativity. I am convinced with the multi-religious background of our nation. Apart from this the disciplinary mind has to be enriched with expertise in at least one professional field. poses. My curiosity and desire increased to go into the details of this book. Moderately priced PCs capable of performing about a billion calculations per second today will be able to perform about a trillion calculations per second within next 10 years. intolerance is no longer a viable option.leading to empowerment. This mind also knows how to work steadily overtime to improve skill and understand. political violence and impact of globalization and above all the youth of the world have a question where their lives’ are heading. capacity to synthesize assumes great importance. Let us remember. Ethical mind: It is indeed a built-in-capacity for fulfilling once responsibility as a . With the increasing volume of information in the present day world. The capacity built in the respectful mind. the computational ability of an ordinary PC would exceed the capability of human brain. My view is that definitely the creating mind of the human being will always be superior to the most powerful computers in the horizon. 3. familiar questions and arrives at unprecedented answers. let me describe based on my understanding: 1. Research confirms that it takes up to 10 years to master a discipline.

at Vigyan Bhavan. When I visualize these five minds of the future. managerial and spiritual system should nurture these five kinds of minds for cultivating positive human potentials. Raja Ram. if you build the following five capacities among the youth. a wheat specialist. R. If we develop in all our students these five capacities. Borlaug. Hence. syntheses and creativity can be put to all kinds of ends if we do not cultivate the sense of respect and ethical orientation. In the present scenario. a maize specialist. entrepreneurial and moral leadership are the five capacities required to be built through the education process. He identified Dr. pioneer in agricultural science were the prime architects of First Green Revolution in India. he did not make a point on this. Borlaug introduced them to the audience by asking them to stand and ensured that the audience cheered and greeted the scientists with great enthusiasm. He recalled with pride. When his turn came. Barwale. Our educational. The mind conceptualizes how workers can serve purpose beyond self interest and how citizens can work unselfishly to improve the lot of all. Dr. He said. the five kinds of minds should be made to work synergistically. the need for respecting mind and ethical mind is very important. The ethical mind then acts on the basis of these analyses. M S Swaminathan. we need Scientific Magnanimity to focus the young achievers. because many of the societal problems today are arising out of lack of consideration for others and overwhelming selfishness of the individual. so that they learn to respect others. New Delhi on the 15th of March 2005. Without these minds.worker and as a citizen simultaneously. use of high technology. This Scientific Magnanimity will motivate the scientific community and nurture team spirit. in an appropriate manner. creativity and innovation. a well known agricultural scientist and a partner in India’s first Green revolution. lifelong learner who will have the capacity to both. are tolerant and perseverant for realizing their goals in life. Verghese Kurien who ushered White Revolution in India. a person will be well equipped to deal with what is expected as well as what cannot be anticipated. Subramaniam and Dr. at the age of 91. all these scientists had contributed for India’s and Asia’s agricultural science. we will produce “Autonomous Learner” a self-directed. Prof. It will essentially lead to “work with integrity and succeed with integrity”. Norman Borlaug. Even though Prof Norman Borlaug was himself a partner in the first green revolution. political. The education system has to cultivate these minds among the youth. Then the surprise came. Dr. This action of Dr. The most important part of the education is to imbibe the confidence among the student is the spirit of “we can do it”. Nurturing all the five minds is possible. B. a person will be at the mercy of forces that he or she can’t understand. Scientific Magnanimity I would like to narrate an incident which took place during a function conferring Nobel Laureate Prof. Disciplines. Norman E Borlaug. It is my experience that great mind and great heart go together. M S Swaminathan Award. Friends. What are those five capacities? The five capacities are: research and inquiry. Dr S K Vasal. was in the midst of all the praise showered on him from everybody gathered there. respect authority and at the same time is capable of questioning authority. self controlled. Dr. fifth row and eighth row of the audience. He turned to scientists sitting in the third row. he got up and highlighted India’s advancement in the agricultural science and production and said that the political visionary Shri C. I have a message for all of you. I call it as “Scientific Magnanimity”. These are the leaders who would work together as a “Self-organizing Network” and transform any nation into a prosperous nation. With these five types of minds. with Dr. a seed specialist. . if we aspire to achieve great things in life.

mesosphere and thermosphere.Converting challenges into opportunities Prof. He is indeed an example of how a strong mind can defeat the problem and succeed. together with German Physicist won the Nobel Prize for medicine for research into basic cell function and . he also changed the research topic to stratospheric chemistry. and his atmospheric research interest was shining despite different types of work environment. 1995) got Nobel Price for chemistry for demonstrating that the chemical compounds of Nitrogen Oxide accelerate the destruction of Stratospheric Ozone. family conditions.D. Paul Crutzen was fond of Physics and Mathematics and also he was a good chess player. Also. From the young age. Bert Sakmann . With this background. his inherent passion enabled him to achieve at the highest level on the pure science related to atmospheric science. he took up Ph. he was given a task of helping a scientist from US to develop a numerical model of the oxygen allotrope distribution in the stratosphere. thesis on a meteorological topic using his experience in the development of numerical model of a tropical cyclone. Paul Crutzen (Chemistry. Here is a scientist who coverted all the challenges into opportunities in pursuit of his life time mission.a German medical doctor and a research scientist who in 1991. He got interested in this project leading to the study of photochemistry of atmospheric ocean and started an intensive study of the scientific literature which provided him the initial conditions for his scientific career. Mathematical Statistics and Meteorology. For many years. Science is Borderless Prof. Simultaneously. which protects the Earth from the Sun’s ultraviolet radiation. Time constraints did not permit him to pursue Physics or Chemistry which needed large amount laboratory work. It is extraordinary that even though his earlier circumstances did not permit him to take up the pure science studies. With this experience. There he programmed a model of tropical cyclone. he attended some of the lecture courses and fulfilled the requirement of Master of Science degree taking the combination of Mathematics. Paul Crutzen was challenged by war. In his younger days itself. Crutzen longed for an academic career and accidentally joined Meteorology Department of Stockholm University as a programmer.

for their development of the patch-clamp technique. he did his doctoral thesis in electro physiology. he enjoyed working with fellow scientists on scientific adventures. Value to Science . Wisconsin. he would regularly drive the one hundred miles to Chicago to guide and teach Lee and Yang and others many a times in difficult weather conditions. Two of Chandrasekhar's students in 1947 were the doctoral candidates Tsung-Dao Lee and Chen Ning Yang in Particle Physics research. In 1957. here we can find a doctor and a researcher with the capability of working in multiple laboratories simultaneously and becoming a team scientist. sharing the work and sharing the rewards too. For this. Chandrasekhar Subramanyan got the Nobel Price for this discovery. As a doctoral student. he closely worked with electrical and computer scientists. Now. In his own words. Later. This also brings out Chandrasekhar Subramanyan’s commitment to science and thereby to his students. England. The limit describes the maximum mass (~1. Even though Chandrasekhar Subramanyan maintained his office at the Yerkes Observatory in Lake Geneva. Thus. the minimum mass for which a star will ultimately collapse into a neutron star or black hole following a supernova. epilepsy and certain neuromuscular disorder. Berlin and Paris. Science indeed is a life time mission for Chandrasekhar. that in turn established the role it plays in diseases like diabetes. He enrolled himself for medical education. he worked on electro-physiological basis of pattern recognition. the seed of inter-disciplinary research was firmly rooted in him in a very young age. since he realized that living organisms could be understood in engineering terms. he ran his own laboratory in physiology in close collaboration with physiochemical and bio-chemical departments. The Chandrasekhar Limit led to the determination of how long a star of particular mass will shine. After foundation courses in bio-chemistry and physiology. He learnt the basic mechanism of vision. In 1983. Science as a Life time mission Chandrasekhar Subramanyan’s most famous discovery was the astrophysical Chandrasekhar limit. This technique conclusively established the existence of characteristic set of ion (+ve and –ve) channels in cell membranes. He attended medical schools in Freiburg. He got interested in Cybernetics in the final year school. these two of his students won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in particle physics research. cardiac. It is this characteristic which makes youth to become passionate towards science. Prof Bert Sakmann who did his elementary education in a rural background had a passion for Physics and Engineering in school days. He is the real example for “Science is borderless”. sharing the research. The limit was first calculated by Chandrasekhar while on a ship from India to Cambridge.44 solar masses) of a white dwarf star. or equivalently.

community or language and continuously upgrade the capacities in teaching so that they can impart quality education to the students. It is this unique trait of giving value to science that builds science. The then President Dr. the teacher transforms himself or herself as a great teacher only when he or she is capable of elevating the average student to high performance. They should realize by being a teacher. The teacher must realize that they are responsible for shaping not just students but ignited youth who are the most powerful resource under the earth. soon after the Republic Day celebrations of 1954.D. regretting his inability to go. when Raman came to Delhi for the award ceremony. he had to be by the side of the research student. Rajendra Prasad wrote to Raman inviting him to be the personal guest in the Rashtrapati Bhavan. This led to the birth of the Raman Effect. They should treat all the students equally and should not support any differentiation on account of religion. The student was valiantly trying to wrap it all up and Raman felt. and in great measures also its color. With their full commitment to the great mission of teaching. on the earth and above the earth. Here was a scientist who gave up the pomp of a glittering ceremony associated with the highest honour. The teachers must constantly endeavour to fill their mind. sign the thesis as the guide and then have it submitted. . because he felt that his duty required him to be by the side of the student. they are making an important contribution to the efforts of national development. Teaching is a life time mission To enable development of youth first and foremost. with teaching as the soul of the teacher. see that the thesis was finished. student and that thesis was positively due by the last day of January. Sir CV Raman wrote a polite letter. The award ceremony was to take place in the last week of January. Raman was in the first batch of Bharat Ratna Award winners. Raman gives the view that the color of sky is blue due to molecular diffraction. The teacher conducting himself or herself in a noble way itself is a lifetime message for students. with great thoughts and spread the nobility in thinking and action among the students. the teacher’s love for teaching is essential. Raman had a noble reason for his inability to attend the investiture ceremony.I thought of sharing with you an incident about Sir CV Raman –a Nobel Laureate in Physics for discovering Raman Effect. Teacher should celebrate the success of the students. which determines the observed luminosity. He explained to the President that he was guiding a Ph. They should encourage the students and children to ask questions and develop the spirit of enquiry. so that they blossom into creative enlightened citizens.

When the information is networked the power and utility of the information grows as square as stated by Metcalfe's law. Entrepreneurship: The aptitude for entrepreneurship should be cultivated right from the beginning and in the University environment. Respectful mind. Moral leadership: Moral leadership involves two aspects. I would suggest. technology. This is required for sustained economic development Creativity and innovation: The management of knowledge in the 21st century is beyond the capacity of a single individual. marketing. laboratory equipment. Today. entrepreneurship and ethical values. inquiry. In this period the students should be equipped with knowledge on subjects like leadership. First it requires the ability to have compelling and powerful dreams or visions of human betterment. finance. We must give our students the skills with which they find a way through the sea of knowledge that we have created and continue with life long learning. Information that is static does not grow. The management of knowledge therefore must move out of the realm of the individual and shift into the realm of the networked groups. Ethical mind). but within the ethos of good business. 3. In fact the teacher will become even more important and the whole world of education will become teacher assisted and would help in “tele-porting” the best teacher to every nook and corner of the country and propagate the knowledge. creativity. creativity and innovation. Creative mind. if you build the following five capacities among the youth. Synthesizing mind. Nurturing all the five minds is possible. negotiation. This capacity will enable them to take up challenging tasks later. and Internet facilities and provide an environment for the students to enhance their learning ability. all the educational institutions to consider carving out a six months programme from the overall time available for the graduate and post-graduate programme. The amount of information that we have around is overwhelming. 2.Capacity Building When I visualize the five minds of the future(1. to really and truly teach ourselves to become the life-long learners. I have a message for the all the teachers and students. In sum. use of high technology. In the new digital economy information that is circulated creates innovation and contributes to national wealth. What are those five capacities? The five capacities are: research and inquiry. Moral leadership requires a disposition to do the right thing and influence others also to do right things. Disciplinary mind. entrepreneurial and moral leadership are the five capacities required to be built through the education process. Capacity to use high technology: Every student in our colleges should learn to know how to use the latest technologies for aiding their learning process. There is a great opportunity and need for content generation in many fields of education which can be used all over the country. In the midst of all of the technological innovations and revolutions we cannot think that the role of the teachers will be diminished. we have the ability. inter-personal relationship. Research and enquiry: The 21st century is about the management of all the knowledge and information we have generated and the value addition we bring to it. 4. This type of education will equip the youth with employable skills needed by the industry and also give the confidence to the youth to take up . entrepreneurial and moral leadership are the five capacities required to be built through the education process. The students should be provided a certificate or a diploma along with the professional degree. through technology. The students must learn how to manage knowledge collectively. Colleges should equip themselves with adequate computing equipment. We must teach our students to take calculated risks for the sake of larger gain. 5. They should also cultivate a disposition to do things right.

respect authority and at the same time is capable of questioning authority. The most important part of the education is to imbibe the confidence among the student is the spirit of “we can do it”. If we develop in all our students these five capacities. lifelong learner who will have the capacity to both. in an appropriate manner. self controlled. we will produce “Autonomous Learner” a self-directed. These are the leaders who would work together as a “Self-organizing Network” and transform any nation into a prosperous nation. .entrepreneurship as an independent venture.