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Darwin University Role Players Society

The Constitution of the Darwin University Role Players Society
Darwin University Role Players Society 2


Section 1. The name of this Society is the Darwin University Role Players Society. Through
the rest of this document it will be referred to as “The Society”. The Society may also be referred
to as DURP.

Section 2. Its purpose is to enrich campus life by providing an on-campus association for those students
interested in or establishing various table top role playing games.

Section 3. This society shall be a non-profit organization devoted to the enjoyment of table top and role
playing games.


Section 1. Student members shall be comprised of Charles Darwin University students who meet the criteria
detailed in Section 2 below.

Section 2. This chapter shall satisfy the following requirements for acceptance of students to membership:

a. Members must apply to a member of the Empirical Council for a grant of membership.
Granting membership is at the sole discretion of the Empirical Council, which has the
power to reject an individual for any reason.

b. Members must participate to a reasonable standard during all role playing game sessions
and must abide by all of Charles Darwin University’s by-laws and codes of conduct.
Members who fail to do or behave inappropriately can be removed from the Society at
the discretion of the Empirical Council.

c. Members who are inactive within The Society for a period of four months without an
appropriate reason will have their membership withdrawn.

d. Members may be required to pay membership fees, but this must be decided at a General
Meeting in which 75% of members are in attendance, with a Special Resolution
possessing a majority of 75%.

Section 3. The Society may invite individuals of the general public to membership, provided that the
individual is recommended by a member of the Society. The discretion to accept the member of
the general public rests with the Empirical Council. Members of the general public do not hold
voting rights, nor can they be elected to or nominated for a position within the Empirical Council.


Section 1. The society is required to have an Annual General Meeting, in which 50% of all members must be
in attendance.

Section 2. These meetings must be made aware to all members at least seven (7) days in advance.

Section 3. These meetings will also be held to appoint the Empirical Council in the manner prescribed in
Article IV, Section 2.

Section 4. General Meetings may also be held at the discretion of the Empirical Council, with at least seven
Darwin University Role Players Society 3

(7) days notice. Constitutional Amendments may be passed at these meetings. These meetings
will be official with the attendance of at least one (1) society member.

Section 5. All resolutions passed at any meetings, aside from those discussed in Article II, Section 2,
subsection d and those discussed in Article VI of this document will be accepted with a 50%


Section 1. The Society’s members shall elect:

(for a renewable term of one year)

a. A Emperor
b. A Mandalore
c. A Grand Master

Section 2. Each Empirical Council member will require 50% + 1 votes of the majority in order to assume the
position. The candidates will be nominated and voted upon at the Annual General Meeting.

Section 3. The Emperor shall serve as the presiding officer of the chapter and as a member ex-officio any
Role Playing games established.

Section 4. In the absence of the Emperor, the Mandalore will assume the duties of this office. In the event of
a vacancy in the office of the Emperor, the Mandalore shall serve the remainder of the Emperor’s

Section 5. The Mandalore shall record minutes of the meetings of the chapter.

Section 6. The Grand Master shall be responsible for all fiscal matters and official paperwork.

Section 7. There shall be a Nominating Committee appointed by the Emperor to solicit nominations from the
membership and to present the slate of candidates for positions in Section 1.

Section 8. The Emperor shall establish as many role playing game sessions that is necessary to further the
aims of The Society.


Section 1. The Society’s fiscal year shall begin on the day of the election of the new Empirical Council.

Section 2. As per Article II, Section 2, Subsection II, The Society can only charge membership fees with the
authorization of 75% of its members.

Section 3. An annual review of The Society’s financial records shall be submitted to Charles Darwin
University Student Association at the end of each fiscal year.


Section 1. Constitutional amendments will be drafted by the Empirical Council and submitted in draft form
to all active Society members present at any stated meeting of The Society. These proposed
amendments will then be discussed at the next General Meeting and may be incorporated into the
Darwin University Role Players Society 4

constitution with a Special Resolution possessing a majority of 75%.

Section 2. Following ratification of the amendment, one copy must be placed in the Society’s records, one
copy sent to Charles Darwin University Student Association and one copy sent to Charles Darwin
University administration.

As the De Facto Empirical Council of the Darwin University Role Players Society we hereunto
surrender our names proclaiming this to be for all official purposes the Constitution of the
Darwin University Role Players Society.

De Facto Incumbent Emperor Timothy Schmidt

De Facto Incumbent Mandalore Warwick Reid-Smith

De Facto Incumbent Grand Master Dominic Gomez