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Free Field Solar-Powerplant Hungen

Largest free-field solar power plant in Hessen of 2,9 MWp

Not far away from the small town of Gießen, plant alongside 4 central inverters by SMA.
abakus solar AG built the largest free-field Loss of power was reduced to a minimum
solar power plant in Hessen of 2,9 MWp. due to the central arrangement of the indi-
The application of a highly-efficient moun- vidual inverter-stations with medium volta-
ting system, which consists of only four ge connection and an optimized arrange-
components, was decisive for the short con- ment of DC connection boxes.
struction time of only ten weeks. The quality assessment is another novelty.

The system was realized with approximately In cooperation with abakus solar AG, TÜV
60 % less material for the substructure than Rheinland as the accredited testing insti-
in conventional systems. tute, implemented a method of quality as-
Furthermore, the optimized statics save 50 % sessment in a complete project for the first
more CO2 emissions compared with estab- time, which greatly exceeds the conventio-
lished concepts. nal IEC-certification of the modules.
Many logistic challenges have been perfect- The technical master-concept, as well as a
ly mastered in bad weather conditions. representative sample of the modules used,
On December 22nd 2009, the power was will be inspected in this four part testing
switched on within the time limit. procedure based on the profit yield.
That was very important for the owner, the
municipal utility of the city Hungen, in or-
der to receive the 2009 EEG feed in tariff.
The innovative Skytron monitoring system
allows the detailed monitoring of each of
the 528 module strings individually.
An inverter station by AEG was assembled
for the first time in a megawatt solar power

energizing a clean future

P RO J E K TE P RO J E C T S 2009

S o l a r pa r k H u n g e n

The measured technical inspection and ap-

proval of the power plant on location repre-
sents the last step.
The certification will be closed by awarding
the power plant with the official TÜV seal of

Herewith, abakus solar AG confirms its com-

mitment to the security of PV-Investments:
Only consistency in selection of high quality
materials, engineering, and construction in
calculable construction times leads to susta-
inable economic success in complex photo-
voltaic system technology.

Grid connected photovoltaic installation

System size: 2856 KWp
Module type: 12.672 AUO/a2peak polycrystalline modules
area: approx. 80.000 m²
Inverter: 2 x 1250 MV compact stations consisting of 4x SMA Sunny Central 630 HE
1 x AEG Protect PV.250 compact station
Grid connection: 20 kV – distribution network
Operator: Stadtwerke Hungen
Grid Operator: ovag Netz AG energizing a clean future