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Project Proposed:
Effect of Visual Merchandising and Promotion Activities on Customer Buying Behavior/Perception

Description of the Project in brief:
The retail sector is one of the fastest growing industries in India over the last couple of years. Traditionally the Indian retail market in India was largely unorganized; However with changing customer organized retailing is gradually becoming more popular. More than 90% of retailing in India fall in the unorganized sector, the organized sector concentrated primarily in the urban areas. With a large no of corporate in the retail business, the competition has become very tough in the retail segment. Thus the retail giants give high prominence to visual merchandising and promotion activities to cater customers and retain their customer base. The aim of my project is to understand the impact of these visual merchandising and promotional activities on customer buying behavior and how it impacts the level of customer satisfaction.

Objective of the Project:
1. To examine the effectiveness of visual merchandising and promotional activities on customer buying behavior/perception. 2. To examine the level of customer satisfaction.

Primary and secondary data will be used for the purpose of study

unbiased. journals and annual reports Sampling Design Population. a structured. undisguised questionnaire will be administered which will be administered by respondents Data collection method Survey through questionnaire and Personal Interview method Secondary Data Collection It is collected through company website.Customers visiting the Reliance Fresh Store Sampling Unit-Reliance Fresh Store Sampling Technique Convenience Sampling. Factor Analysis Sample Size-150 Schedule Topic selection 03-03-11 Preparation of questionnaire 20 -03 -11 End of Collection of data 23-04-11 Analysis of data Chapter Writing 25-04-11 30-04-11 . Non-probability sampling.Primary Data Collection For primary data collection.

2007.Business Research Method ± William G. Population is limited because the research is carried out in reliance fresh stores References: y Kotler Philip. 12th Edition. Jha of the study: While carrying out the Statistical study. Lack of public awareness 2. New Delhi: Dorling Kindersley (India) Pvt. Marketing Management: A South Asian Faculty Guide Name: Sadhana Deshmukh Company Guide Name: Chantelle Joseph .indianground. y . Koshy Abraham. Zikmund y www. the following limitations can be faced 1. y www. Keller Kevin Lane. Socio economic factors 3.

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