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Product descriptor Product descriptor - language 2 Product descriptor - language 3 Product descriptor - language 4

General layout
The leaflet should show the S&N logo top right, with the This panel will be a faithful This panel will be a faithful
brandname ranged left. The proportions are flexible but should translation of the primary market translation of the primary market
be balanced to look similar to this example.
language. language.
Bold typeface headline
The text within each section uses the regular weight typeface. It must use the same layout It must use the same layout
And the headline is in the bold typeface.
styleused on the market styleused on the market
Upper and lower case language language
Upper and lower case is the standard styling.
Italics can be used for highlighting.

Indents using bullet points

• Indented text prefixed by a bullet point can be used where it
feels necessary to sub-divide the section for clarity,
• eg. in sequenced application instructions. If diagrams are
also used these should be ranged right at a suitable size as
shown. Radius corners are used on the box outline.

Indents using numbering 1.

1. Numbers can be used as the
prefix when a specific sequence of
instructions are given, or perhaps
to refer to similarly numbered
diagrams that appear elsewhere
on the leaflet.
2. The numbers must always follow this
styling, ie numeral followed
by a full point “X.” 2.
Amount of indent
The amount of indent needs to be
fixed for the whole leaflet, but
should be based on the longest
prefix used, so that the prefix
stands outside the left hand edge
of the text block, like this:-
Part 1. This shows a deeper 3.
indent so that the prefix
stands clear of this body
Part 2. And again.
Part 10. And likewise.

Any trademarked (TM)
Smith & Nephew brandnames that 4.
are mentioned in the text must
always appear in uppercase type.

eg, this sentence mentions two

S&N brandnames:-
OPSITE™ Flexifix and INTRASITE™ Gel.

Note: it is only the TM part of each

brandname that is in uppercase. The product brandname
“option”, ie Flexifix and Gel are not registered trademarks and
are therefore shown in the regular typeface.

In addition, each TM must be qualified by the S&N standard

TM icon ‘ ’ (as per standard brand guidelines).

If any brandname appears more than once in the language

section, only the first mention requires the TM icon.

The type of information included in this leaflet

The text will normally be supplied by the medical team or
regulatory body.

Colour palette
This type of leaflet should only be printed in one colour black
(with any images used also in black or tints of black).

Text size
This is variable, depending on the size of leaflet and page or
sheet size. There may be a local market legal minimum which
will dictate what size can be used. Generally speaking the
minimum easily readable point size is around 6pt.

Line feed should be matched to the point size, but can be

adjusted slightly to either improve readability or to fit into a
restricted space.

Extra line feed can be used between paragraphs for extra


Product Availability
This is the style to use when a list of sizes are available
5cm x 10cm
10cm x 10cm
15cm x 20cm

Manufacturer or Distributor address details, country of origin,
any TM qualifiers, any patent details, copyright (©) date.
Any other legal requirements or clinical paper references.