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Five Ways to Reel

Him In

Is he Really Worth the Chase?

Tips on how to reel in a great catch
with help from a man’s perspective.
1. Make Sure He’s Interested Austin, 19-
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3. Dress to Impress
Nothing’s worse than going after a guy who doesn’t feel the metimes yo lks to
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same way about you. Take things slow at first and test the water nce he sees k e the Now, the first thing most girls do to get
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in common go ready for their first date, is hit the mall! It’s the
before you jump in to liking him. It’s soooo important that when interest in y , he will tak t a
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you’re trying to pursue a guy, that they are feeling the same way. is be yourse n all you h
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Otherwise, it can create so many new problems and ultimately
make you look like the fool. And if he’s not interested, move on rives. When looking for the perfect outfit, you
and maybe the tables will turn and you’ll be the chase! If he is, must keep a few things in mind; where you’re
take things slow, you’re young and have your whole life ahead of going, who you’re with, and the weather. Loca-
you. You can’t just walk in to a room and automatically pick out tion is the most important topic
a husband, can you? Guys hate it when girls look desperate, and when going on the first date
showing up in random places where he is all the time can seem because you don’t want to
kind of weird. So stay calm and flirt with a passive aggressive face look out of place wherever
on. you go. And if he tells you
where he wants to take you,
you’re most likely to dress ac-
cordingly by referring to the
place before hand. It’s also
very important to dress the way
according to your date’s person-
ality. If he’s fun and outgoing,
then dress in a fun outfit like
option number one with the
short mini and bright top with
fun wedges. If he’s more re-
laxed and mysterious, I would
go with option number two
with a sexy red dress and some
high platform heels. A relaxed
laid back guy that is going
to take you out to lunch or a
casual dinner and a movie,
expects to see a cute top with a nice
pair of jeans and maybe add a stylish flat that
will attract some attention. And honestly, the
weather’s a given. If you’re going to be outside
2. Be Fluent in Body Language for a concert or a night on the town, definitely
don’t wear heels that are unbearable to walk in
and a dress that you’ll freeze in out that night.
You may not think that your outfit means much
The first step is getting him to notice you. Start with a brief conversation and then let your body language
to him, but from a guy’s perspective that’s one of
do the talking. Be subtle, like you know something he doesn’t. Drop hints once in a while, but don’t be obvious.
the first things he notices.
Most guys don’t like it when girls are blatantly into them — there has to be some sort of a challenge. At this point,
the tables should have turned, and now he is trying to win over you. Once you have him, it’s pretty much up to
you what happens from here. There’s nothing wrong with flirting, but don’t overpower the conversation with it.
Be playful and show him your attracted, and don’t close your body off by crossing your arms or giving him the
cold shoulder. A smile and laugh can go a long way in the game of flirting.
4. What’s the Sign?
First you need to spot some signs that he is actually interested, like how much he talks to you, if he com-
pliments you, if he greets you whenever he sees you, etc. Look for small signs — they can mean a lot. If you don’t
see any signs at all, don’t waste your time — it is probably not worth it and he doesn’t know what he’s missing out
on. Once you have confirmed the signs are there, ACT LIKE YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES, and gradually become
closer. When you finally get what you want, set your ground rules and go from there.
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Now that you’ve reeled in your , 20
crush, it’s time to relax. The hard part is Corey
over, and he now is going to like you for
you. Not to say that you can’t still spice
things up again, but if you keep putting
constant pressure on yourself about your
wardrobe, makeup, and every little move
he makes, you’ll drive yourself crazy and
drive him away.

Never rush anything when you’re

starting things out. Men like to do things
on their own time and don’t like when
women get too pushy and needy. They may
be moving at a slow pace and might need a
little hint every once in a while, but don’t
bombard them with annoying comments
that cause them to take three steps back.
It’s not the chase they’re after, it’s you!