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(Myth buster cum cliché counter)

Bunty ponders

Ever since the dawn of civilization and the advent of the so-called organized society,
there has been the issue of dealing with crime. More specifically crime of taking lives.
More than to deal with murder it was also a means of dealing with dissent. If you did not
like what the king said, off with your head. If one can recall reading high school history,
the French and Russian Revolutions, the guillotine and the firing squads, man has
employed capital punishment to keep the other men in check.

In today’s world, the atrocities of humanity against itself have far surpassed previous
instances ever witnessed. Terrorism has reared its ugly head and it does not seem that it
can be easily vanquished. We have lost the value of human life and each day the world is
tumbling into chaos. The number of murders, political, religious, and even criminal is
more than ever. Is there a way to tackle this?

The simplest answer is to set an example. That is where capital punishment comes into
the picture. We are not Jesus to turn the other cheek. We are not gods, but are humans
with emotions.

Every time that we apprehend a so-called human who has violated the intrinsic value of
human life, we need to send out a clear message to other; a message that says in no small
words that we will not accept such actions and we will hold the person/persons
responsible for the same to account.

In addition to the message, one has to spare a thought for the kith and kin of the human
life taken. Would one be able to live in peace knowing that the person who was
responsible for the death of their father/mother/brother/sister/wife/husband/child is still
alive and well? What is more, to know that the person is kept safe and sound, is being
provided for and is well taken care of actually rubs salt in the wounds?

The only question that needs to be answered is this, does taking the life of a person who
took another life serve justice.

I will agree that taking the life of the person responsible will not bring the victim back to
life. However, I will say that taking the life of the person responsible will not only bring a
level of peace to the victim’s kin and will send out a strong message that could go a long
way in dissuading future perpetuators.

Bubbly muses:
History is long dead. Unless it has something positive to teach, I will never see any point
in invoking it. Further nothing was really achieved with all the punishments given, men
still rape, kill and rob.

The problem that I see is people relating mercy directly to religion. I call it a problem
because a human being does not intend to be humane unless he is a ‘Jesus.’ Forget the
complexities of religion, I wonder if man (pun intended) has even evolved from his
animal ancestors.

Let me give you an example given by people, something that they resort to in order to
defend their side of the argument. A gal of 13, raped, brutally murdered at her own house
in front of her father by a drunken man. Now the father goes to the Courts of Law,
demands (!) justice, and how? He wants the murderer to be hanged, he wants revenge,
and he wants to taste his blood.

Read the above paragraph again, and please let me know if the killer’s murder and the
Court’s death sentence have any difference in their motive? If the murder of the girl was
out of lust, the hanging of the killer is plain revenge. Retributive justice and justice are
poles apart, folks.

As they say, an eye for an eye and will only make the whole world blind. The dead are
not going to rise up and say ‘Thank you for killing my murderer!’ (Now, that would be
disastrous, if ever happened) if we punish the concerned criminal. The offenders need
rehabilitation. There is nothing like a criminal mind, they just need our love and care as
much as others do. We can never provide life at will; therefore, no need arises to take it
away from men. Who are we, but mere mortals, prone to flaws in thoughts and emotions,
to punish another man and deprive him off his Life? It is better to leave that job to
Nature; Trust me, She knows Her job.