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K-A7-00218-1 Goria Souteen Univesity EAGLE ATHLETICS P.O. BOX 8086 STATESBORO, OEORGIA 30460 esober 26,2017 Hunter Yuracak Vice Presiden foe Athletes University of Howton 3208 Callen Bve Houston, 1% 77206-6002 Dear Hants, “Thankyou very much forall your help in rescheduling the 2020 and 2021 fotball games By signing below bth partis agree to move the plying date of the gues contracted on September 26,2020 to September 26,2026 nod Sepember 4 2021 to September 18,2027. Al ther sections of the contac rea a fee “Thank you apa for yor asitanc, Please ern one copy fr out eed Sisurely, Tom Klsinlein Diecwr ar athens Tomlin — ke —— Diet of atte Me reser for Attica Geoegie Souther University Univesity of Houston APPROVED AST FORM BY: fc (1) 7507x812) 49.008 eee K-17-00215 GEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETIC AGREEMENT ‘The parties to this Intercollegiate Contest Agreement hereby agree as follows: Parties: Georgia Southern University Athletics Department, Hereinafter referred to as “Georgia Southern.” 2. University of Houston Hereinafter referred to as Competitor Spor: Footbal Contest 1 Contest 2 Date of Contest: _ September 25, 2020 Date of Contest: September 4, 2021 Location of Contest: _ Statesboro, GA Location of Contest: _Houston, TX Time: TBA Time: _TBA officals: ‘The officials for Contest 1 shall be selected by Sun Belt Conference: the officials for Contest 2 shall be selected by American Athletic Conference; expenses of sald officials shal be pald by the home ‘management, NCAA Regulations: The contest, and all aspects ofthis contract, shall be in accordance with the rules, regulations, legislation, and accepted interpretations thereof, of the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA), Any portion ofthis contract found to be in conflict with such NCAA rules, regulations, legislation, and accepted interaretations thereof shall be deemed void and of no effect, and the rest of the contract shall continue to be of force and effect Force Majeure: ‘The contest shall be subject te postponement or cancellation without liability on the part of either party i proceeding with the contest would be dangerous or impossible to any event of severe ‘weather, public emergency, evacuation, terrorism, war, of act of God. Broadcast Rights: ‘Television broadcast rights shall belong to the host institution. If the contest is to be held on the premises of neither Institution, television broadcast rights shail belong to __N/A : Each Institution shall be allowed radio broadcast rights under its customary radio network agreement, If any. K-17-00215 NCAA Reclassification: Melther pany is reclassified into different NCAA dhision afte the contract has been executed, this Cantract may be cancelled by ether party by written notice to the ather. For Purposes of this Agreement, Dison FA and Division HAA are considered the same DWslon, Complimentary Tickets: To-Georgla Southern: __ 300 ToCompetitor: _300 Fea ioe As arora Uauidated Damagesforsrtroeaersontn ror inowledge de agree tht inthe event one ofthe partes were to fall 0 rr form Its dutles ynigestre Terms of this contrat, the other party would be economically Harmed)in ‘substantial way. Wowever, the extent ofthis economic harm Is dffiul to ascertaln. According the partes hereby agree that In the event of such t breach the breaching party shall pay tothe nen- breaching party the sum of $1 milion dollars as iquldated damages, and not as a penalty, within 30 dys after the date upon which the game was to have taken place, ‘Additonal Terms: Each home school willbe allowed up to 1,000 tickets on consignment. Any unused tekets “Fast be Teturnod to ome school by Augat Mo attending years Inwatness whereof, the parties have caused this Agreement tobe executed on the dates shown teow, CEORGIA SOUTHERN UNIVERSITY ZL = Date Ms 3 2006 ‘Tori Kinin, Setar of Atletes CcomPerrToR J AP te | Nev 2 — 2018 i wetes lease sign both copies and return one to: Georgia Southern University Athletics Department 2.0. Box 8086 Statesboro, GA 30460 rounwy: ERRORS TRY

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