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14-04-2011 How to lubricate the drive chain


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Home • Blog ALWAY S clean & lubricat e the drive chain before each ride.
ATV Tips • Pictures • Videos If you do so, you'll avoid cost s and garant ee a longer lifespan!
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Don't just grease it in. Always clean first, then grease in your drive chain!

Also, IF your drive chain is worn out, replace t he 2 sprockets too. Why? Well, because riding a new
Directory drive chain with old sprocket s will just wear out t he new drive chain to t he condition the old drive
chain was in, in a matt er of days.
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ATV Bumpers There are 2 t ypes of drive chains; Regular drive chains & O-ring drive chains.
Xtreme Videos Most ATV's have O-ring drive chains. If you are not sure wet her your ATV has a regular or o-ring t ype of
Miscelanious drive chain, check out "What 's an O-ring drive chain?".

Subject s discussed in t his article:

Regular drive chain

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assured. Cleaning regular drive chain
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Cleaning O-ring chain
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Drive Chain with lock

Drive Chain maintenance
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Regular drive chain
* **

Cleaning regular drive chain:

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Before greasing in, clean your drive chain. I cannot enphasize this enough! By cleaning your drive chain
before greasing it in you'll avoid wearing it out rapidly. Y ou can use gasoline, petrol or filt er oil t oget her with Motorcycle Supersore MotoSport
a regular brush. (steelbrush is also ok to use ont o regular chain) Rub off the dirt and worn out grease and
wipe it dry wit h a cloth. Or you can use an airgun t o blow your drive chain dry.

IMPORTANT: This doesn NOT apply for O-ring drive chains!

Lubricat e regular drive chain:

Aft erwards, grease in t he drive chain. Grease in the side of the drive chain t hat comes in cont act with t he

2 methods t o grease in drive chain:

1. unpractical: push ATV ahead whilest greasing in the drive chain.
2. pract ical: turn you wheels in air whilest greasing in the drive chain: you can either use a lift or you can t ilt
your ATV onto a box, or anyt hing st rong you have laying around t o rest the swingarm ont o.
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O-ring drive chain

What 's an O-ring drive chain?

An O-ring drive chain is more durable drive chain and is therefor a bit more expensive. Most ATV come with
an O-ring drive chain. Look for the O-rings on you ATV's drive chain. (*) Inside an O-ring drive chain t here
are small rubber O-rings filled with grease. The grease inside t he O-rings avoids dust and water from
ent ering. This is what set s the chain apart from a regular chain and is why t his chain needs another met hod
of cleaning as well as another type of grease, compared t o a regular chain.

(*) (t op view of O-ring drive chain)

Cleaning O-ring drive chain:

Before greasing it in, clean it with a regular brush.

a. Wipe the drive chain wit h a clean clot h.

b. Put t he drive chain in kerosene and remove any remaining dirt wit h a not-coarse brush. (*)
c. Remove t he drive chain from the kerosene and completely dry it .…/lubricate-drive-c… 1/2
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14-04-2011 How to lubricate the drive chain

(*)(remove dirt with not -coarse brush & kerosine)

Never use high-pressure water or air, steam, gasoline, certain solvents (e.g., benzine), or a coarse brush to
clean the drive chain. High-pressure met hods could force dirt or water into t he drive chain’s internal part s,
and solvent s will det eriorat e the O-rings. A coarse brush can also damage the O-rings. Therefore, use only
kerosene to clean the drive chain.
Don’t soak t he drive chain in kerosene for more t han ten minutes to prevent damaging t he O-rings.

Aft er cleaning it, spray on some WD40 t o protect t he chain from rust.

Lubricat e O-ring drive chain:

The most important components t hat need lubricat ion are t he O-rings t hemself. Greasing t hose is more
important then greasing in the joint s.


DO NOT use regular drive chain grease! It will wear out the o-ring drive chain and cause it to break. To
avoid damage you need to get a lubricat e that is specialy designed for O-ring drive chains. I will recommend
and list wich product s suit best lat eron.

2 methods t o grease in chain:

1. unpractical: push ATV ahead whilest greasing in the drive chain.
2. pract ical: turn you wheels in air whilest greasing in the drive chain: you can either use a lift or you can t ilt
your ATV onto a box, or anyt hing st rong you have laying around, you can rest t he swingarm ont o.


Drive chain wit h lock:

If you have a drive chain wit h a lock on it , make sure you lock it towards the turn direct ion. I.e. the side
where to lock is open has to point towards the back. This way you're avoiding the lock to come of while
riding. Also, if you unlock your drive chain for maint enance, use the lock only one more time. Next time get
a new lock.

Drive chain maintenance:

- When? Aft er each ride!
- Clean, before greasing in!
- Lubricate: Not too much. Not too litt le. Use a special lubricant for O-ring drive chain.

Drive chain replacement:

- If your chain is worn out, replace all component s all together at once!
(front sprocket , rearsprocket & drive chain)
If you notice your drive chain needs replacing, or you notice a sprocket needs replacing, you are wise to
replace bot h drive chain and sprockets all t ogether at once! (frontsprocket, rearsprocket & drive chain)
Otherwise, if you replace just one component , the new component will wear out as quickly as t he worn
out components. There is no point in buying a new drive chain if you plan t o use it t ogether with t he old
worn out sprocket s!
Hence t he importance of cleaning & lubricating your drive chain before or after each ride!

Drive chain t ention:

- Not too hard. Not t oo loose. Make sure you allow your drive chain t o have a slack of 25-33 mm.
To check the drive chain slack, all tires must be t ouching the ground and t here should be no weight on it.
Check t he drive chain slack at t he position shown in the illustrat ion. (a) Normal slack is approximately 25-35

That's one lubricat ed drive chain ready t o roll again!

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