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Since the creation of homo-sapiens (human species) the nature of relatio

nship between man and woman has been a subject of attention and discussion. All
the religious and world thinkers have expressed their views on the subject and h
ave earmarked their fields of activity. The latest trend in the human history is
projecting woman against man and thereby free the womenfolk from the bondage of
men. The feminine activist are projecting man as the greatest enemy of woman an
d no more. They feel that the women are not given proper education and made to c
ook food, kept in purdah and are confined to the four walls of the house.
If we examine the matter dispassionately and judiciously we may easily reach to
the following conclusion:

1. Men are bodily stronger and therefore are suppose to take up arduous work and
heavy duties that is why fighters, soldiers and other difficult task involving
physical effort are generally allotted and performed by men. All the countries o
f the world have large armies to guard their frontiers. Why women do not grudge
it and say that let men sit at home and they will do the job alright.

2. Education (School education) - Various reasons can be attributed for the poor
education of the girl child. The most important - The economic conditions of pa
rents. Less educational facilities are available in the rural area. It may be se
en that urban girls are more school going than their rural counterparts, as per
capita income in the cities is better than the villages, and school, colleges ar
e available in plenty in cities. This does not mean that village girls should st
and against the urban women and hate each other. Instead they should be provided
better opportunity like city girls. Similarly so many country boys fail to go t
o colleges as their parents are not in a position to bear the expenses on educat
ion and therefore deprived higher education. The scenario is bound to change in
view of many schemes sponsored by government and private entrepreneurs in the fi
eld of education.

3. Women give birth to a child as a matter of reality, by virtue of divine bless

ings and not men. Should therefore, women, stand against men and ask them to bea
r the child and feed them (when they are born) with their breasts. During the pe
riod of nine months (gestation period) the women have to undergo physical change
s, by virtue of biological activities. Let those be transferred to men or for th
at matter the man and woman should give birth in rotation if equality is sought
for as a necessary part of human society.

4. Man and woman have natural attraction towards each other. if a woman comes ou
tside, especially in alluring posture, no horse, ass or bull will feel attracted
to her, but it will catch the evil eye of those males who are around and may so
metime result in difficulties for that woman. Cases of sexual assaults, harassme
nt, eve teasing and public rape are reported almost every day. Even in those adv
ance countries whose man and woman are supposedly equal cases of sexual excesses
are everyday affair. Number of unwed mothers is rising alarmingly upward, and i
n such circumstances it is for the man to save the honor and the dignity of his
wife, daughter, sisters etc. Ultimately the experience has made us to allot sepa
rate seats, hostels and college for women, so that contacts can be restricted to
the reasonable extent, purdah being one of such measure so as to protect the wo
man and its dignity, which certainly is not a sign of slavery. It helps them to
save themselves from the evil eyes when they go out. The men have also been orda
ined, not to cast their evil eye upon a woman, as per references available in Is
The above discussion if viewed with a healthy outlook will culminate in the fact
that man and woman is interdependent, none can survive without the other. Econo
mic independence of modern women is quoted as the greatest achievement of woman
to free her from the yoke of male counterpart. Let us imagine a world where ther
e is not a single man, all women, living, earning by themselves. Can they be rea
lly a happy lot? Or is the life cycle possible? Similarly if there is no woman,
can a man exist? The man and woman are made for each other. They have their own
responsibilities towards each other. All inventions, discoveries made by man and
woman are shared by them. Both enjoy the benefits of each other and inciting on
e against another is a surely a sign of modern criminality in the name of social
If we really are the friend of humanity, then we should fight against th
ese evils which tear us apart. We should go deeply and see if any of us suffers
at the hands of other due to social or other prevalent malpractices, such a sati
pratha, dowry and other cruelty to women. We should try to bring harmony to thi
s ever lasting relationship which is responsible for the continuation of life on

Woman is like a flower, the petals of whom fall if allowed to unprotected enviro
nment and in view of the fact that every strong partner is a natural protectors
of the weak, man has therefore a duty to provide the security and consortium to
her to his best capacity. In every campaign against injustice to women prevailin
g in the society, man and woman should jointly stand against it and oppose it to
oth and nail and try to weed out as quickly as possible.

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