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1.What is maximum fena for loop diuretics?

a)15 b) 30 c) 25 d)5

2.what is expected fall in serum sodium with 100mg rise in blood glucose

a)1.2 b)1.4 c)0.8 d)1.6

3.which of the fallowing drugs will not decrease water clearance?

a)vincristine b)clofibrate c)chlorpropamide d)demeclocyclin

4.normal level of oxalate in healthy male adult in 24 hr urine?

a)50 b)100 c)150 d)25

5.mutation in Barters syndrome?

6.potters syndrome components all except

a)bilateral renal agenesis b)thickened bladder wall c)death due to renal failure

7. lewy syndrome all except

a)fanconis syndrome b)mental retardation c)hypertonia d)joint involvement

8.single nephron gfr

9.capiilary hydrostatic pressure in glomerula capillary

a)36 b)42 c)16 d)

10.henderson hesselbachs equation:

a)24×hco3÷co2 b)24×co2÷hco3 c)1/24(hco3÷co2) d)1/24(co2÷hco3) presented to emergency with serum sodium 110meq/dl, all of the fallowing
seen except

a)altered sensorium b)exaggerated reflexes c)hypothermia d)seizures

12.histological fiding seen in wegeners granulomatosis

a)immune complex deposition b)splitting of basement membrane c)messangial

proliferation d)crescents

13.hematoxylin bodies are seen in

a)alports syndrome b)amyloidosis c)lupus nephritis d)mpgn

14)emphysematous pyelonephritis all are true except:

a)Seen commonly in diabetics b)nephrectomy is treatment of choice

c)clostridium is causative organism d)candida also causes

15)xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis false statement:

a)coomonly seen inelderly women b)usually associated with recurrent

obstruction c) mycobacterium tuberculosis causative d)nephrectomy is the

16.all of the fallowing causes radioluscent stones except

a)xanthine b)allopurinol c)uric acid d)cystiene

17.hyperkalemia treatment in pt with acute renal failure all are true except:

a)glucose infusion b)nahco3 c)salbutamol inhalation c)furosemide

18.pyelonephritis differentiated from un complicated cystitis all of the fallowing


a)fever with chills and flank pain b)raised ldh 5 subtype level c)colony counts
>108 d)?

19.carbuncle kidney all are true except

a)staph aureus causative b)hematogenous spread c) urine culture always yield

organism d)?

20.medullary cystic disease:

21.tuberous sclerosis all are true except:

a)autosomal dominant inheritance b)ckd seen after 20 years almost all cases c)
angimyolipomas more common than cysts d)rcc infrequent

22.medullary sponge disease:

23.Ig A nephropathy true statement:

a)persistent proteinuria b)40 to 60% progress to esrd c)elevated serum IgA

d)dermal deposition of Ig A and complement seen in 50% cases

24.Henochs schonlein purpura all true except:

a)hematuria b)intusussception c)thrombocytopenia d)renal impairement

25.Hemolytic uremic syndrome :

26.Pregnant women with normal blood pressure most common cause of nephritic
range proteinuria is

a)preeclampsia b)fsgs c)membranous gn d)mpgn

27.Acute fatty liver in pregnancy false statement is

a)minimal elevation of ast/alt b)minimal renal impairment c)recurrence in

subsequent pregnancies d)not seen in post partum period

28.All of the fallowing drugs causes hus except

a)mmf b)cyclosporine c)mitomycin d)ocp

29.cystic diseases of kidney all are true except:

a)made of tubular epithelial cells b)atypical cells are seen in almost all cases
c)secretions are present inside cysts d)genetic basis of the cystic disease

30. Ace inhibitor do not need any dose modification:

a)enalapril b)ramipril c)lisinopril d)fusinopril

31.which of the fallowing drug need dose modification in in stage 4 to 5 ckd

a)amlodepine b)metoprolol c)atenolol d)diltiazem

32.ckd pt post transplant bp:160/100mmhg hb:16.5 which of the fallowing

treatment will not help:

a)ace i b)phlebotomy c)theophylline d)?

33.emroyology of kidney:

a)metanephros dual origin b)pronephros not functional in humansc)? D)?

34.bead of string appearance in angiography seen in which variant of

fibromuscular dysplasia

a)medial b)sub intimal c)adventitial d)submedial

35.74 yr old male pt presented with anasrca with bleeding per rectum, normal bp
with nephritic range protienuria nota known diabetic biopsy shows

a)fsgs b)fibrinoid necrosis c)membranous d)mpgn isopropyl alcohol intoxication what is the best indicator of level of poison:

a)serum osmolality b)anion gap c)osmolal gap d)urine anion gap

37.28 yr old female had acute gastroenteritis had 2 kg wt loss fallowing .pt bp
normal na+ 138 meq/dl, urea:60mg/dl,k+:4.5 meq/dl. Which of the fallowing
statement is true.

a)loss of intracellular volume b)loss of ecf volume c)↑serum osmolality d)↑no of

plasma osmole

38.blood co2 is a measure of urine ammonia production in which of the fallowing


A)acidic urine b)alkaline urine c)normal urine ph d)?

39.horseshoe kidney:

40.which of the fallowing virus donot belong to polyoma group

a)papova b)bk virus c)jc virus d)parvo virus

41.most common extrarenal manifestation of adpkd:

a)hepatic cysts b)mvp c)colonic diverticulosis d)aneurysms

42.which of the fallowing not involves active transport:

a)h+ b)na+ c)glucose d)k+

43.which of the fallowing regarding serum k+ are tue except

a)major intracellular ion b)serum k+ sensitive marker of total k+ in the body

c)fallowing vomiting pt loses potassium through urine d)?

44.blood flow to kidney all true except:

a)20% cardiac output b)500ml/kg c)? D)?

45.percetage of glomerulonephritis fallowing infection with nephregenic strains

of streptococci infection:

46. SLE pregnancy