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MARCH 14, 2011 Prof. Dublin

FILIPINO VALUES AND TRAITS: THE PROS AND THE CONS From the Spanish conquest to the present,The Filipinos ´Pinoysµ are assimilation of many different races and cultures, though Malays is still predominant. They further received blood enrichments through marriage with people of the West, such as the Spaniards, the Americans, the British, the French, the Germans, the Italians, and many others. Thus, one can say that the Filipino people of today are a beautiful blend of East and West. The Filipinos are truly unique and diverse people. Their quality traits made them recognizable and distinct compared to other races. They are the people of over 170 dialects, with 35 identified religious groups, and variety of artistic culture. To sum it all up, the greatest attributes of the Filipino people are their talents and positive yet easy going attitude in dealing with every situation and their artistic social and cultural strengths. Filipinos have a variety of likable characteristics and with that said, I·ve decided to describe a number trait that makes Filipinos outstanding and unique.It may be said that the Filipinos are intelligent, with retentivememory, quick perception, and talents for art and science. They alsoare gentle, friendly, and cheerful people, noted for their courtesyand hospitality.Filipinos are famous not only for their warm hospitality. They welcome their visitors with open arms and a warm heart. They give the best of what they have to their guests. They give them their best food, the best place in their homes to sleep in, and the best things and facilities just to make them enjoy their stay. They are also known fortheir close family ties. The parents work hard and sacrifice much fortheir children; in return, the children love and respect them and takegood care of them in their old age.Filipinos owing to their beautiful country are passionately romantic.They are ardent in love as they are fierce in battle. They are bornpoets, musicians and artists.Gratitude is another sterling trait of the Filipinos. They aregrateful to those who have granted them favors or who are good tothem. Their high sense of gratitude is expressed in the phrase ´Utangnaloobµ (debt of honor).Filipinos are cooperative. They value the virtue of helping each otherand other people. They cherish the ancestral trait of µbayanihanµ, whichmeans cooperation. In rural areas, when a man is building, repairingor transferring a house to another place, the neighbors come to help him.Filipinos are a libertyloving and brave people. They valiantlyresisted and fought three world powerssuch as the Spain, America and Japan invaders of their nativeland. They rank among the bravest people of the world.It survived too many unprecedented calamities, disasters and even political upheavals. They are in fact victorious people. Finally, the Filipinos are noted for their durability and resiliency.Through the ages they have met all kinds of calamities-- revolts,revolutions, wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, typhoons andepidemics. They can assimilate any civilization and thrive in anyclimate. Against the adversities of life or nature, they merely bend,but never break. They possess the formidable durability of the narratree and the resiliency of the bamboo. Though the culture of the Philippines were greatly influenced by Spanish, Chinese and American cultures, still they have their own uniqueness which could not be found in other races.

However. the Filipinos are a homogeneous people. linguistic. It is advised that you always check with the host or hostess the time of you are expected to arrive. meaningpride. In fact. There are few people who are punctual for social meetings.Lastly. However. drinking bouts or even killings in the country. and religious variations. This attitude can also result in overconfidence that everything will work out in his interest without doing anything. They represent unity in diversity. Fourth is some male Filipinos are proud and arrogant that they will not accept losing face.Second is the Filipino·s ´mañanaµ habit cause the delays in many public transactions and even corporations. Filipinos find it difficult to confront someone so as not to humiliate the person or cause person to lose his amorpropio. some social characteristics of Filipinos have both pluses and minuses and here are some of them: First. The Filipino attitude of ´bahalanaµ or come what may enables a person to meet difficulties and shortcomings with resignation by leaving it up to the Almighty to sort things out. laugh at anything and have a communal sense of fun. . it is not expected of them to arrive exactly on time especially at a party. Filipinos have their unlikable characteristics and as much as the likable ones. In some cases. This attitude can affect the engagement to wait until tomorrow or the next day especially when the person involve is not interested or not in the mood. losing face or being humiliated is the cause of street brawls.Third is some Filipinos do not mostly practice being late or not showing up. particularly in the crowd. Despite certain regional. friendly and hospitable. They sing and dance even when it·s storming. I·ve decided to state a number of them.The Filipino hiya or shame trait stems from losing amorpropio which is a Spanish word. Filipinos are gregarious. one must remember that many Filipinos take their time in doing things or in making decisions.On the other hand. They don·t like the idea of being defeated or embarrassed.

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