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Springboro Sun, Thursday, April 14, 2011 3

Merge Wright
Aviation… don’t
knock it. We
invented it here
lanes, pilots,
control towers Don
have all been Wright
making the news the
last few years.
Airline pilots show-
ing up for work under
the influence of alco- Springboro
hol. Pilots that pass Sun
their destination by 150
miles because they’re
fast asleep in the cock-
Boeing 737’s becoming convertibles at 36,000
feet when part of the roof comes off and air traffic
controllers fast asleep in the tower when incom-
ing flight crews are asking for landing instruc-
I know the last flight I was on they had a DJ
working the cockpit compartment. I heard several
flight attendants and a couple of guys doing the
Cupid Shuffle when we were over New Jersey.
I also noticed the plane rocking from side to Photos by Jennifer Osterday
side a little later when I heard the DJ mention, Kathy Anderson, Market Manager for National Bank in Springboro, talks with another National
“Chickens on the dance floor…NOW.”
Bank employee before the breakfast begins.
Then there was an intense four minutes of
“YMCA,” when I thought the plane was going to
do a slow barrel roll.
About an hour later all went quiet with soft
background music…that’s when I thought I heard
someone snoring. Guess the auto pilot had been
engaged for the final three hours to the west Continued from page 1
coast. I felt safe again.
Well, what can we do to stop these wild parties about it, the bad news
in the mile high club and above? I’m thinking is, by the time we got
cockpit cameras so all passengers can enjoy the ODOT to pay attention
party or stop the foolishness when they’ve had too and do something for
much. us about it, it could be
When the roof comes off we need to tell the DJ another two or three
to cut the bass that’s probably causing those roof years,” she said.
pop offs. Maybe an acoustical set with bongos and There is currently a
guitar would be a lot safer. plan with ODOT and
And if you’re dancing in first class or coach, they hope to fix the
maybe being tethered to the aircraft would pre-
problem within the
vent injuries when encountering strong winds or
next two years.
storms. Seat belts when sitting, tethered on the
dance floor. I like that. Thompson also men-
And with the cockpit cameras, we can keep an tioned that local busi-
eye on the pilot and copilot to make sure they nesses have been ask-
don’t doze off when our flight destination is ap- ing for digital signs and
proaching. Maybe a cow bell button on our screen an ordinance was
remotes would be cool for the wake up gesture. passed by city council
Aviation, it just keeps getting better and better. to allow it.
I got a flight next week with a live performance of City of Springboro
Lady Gaga doing Poker Face…can’t wait. Chamber of Commerce
Director Carol Hughes
Great news to report from the Minds In Motion also spoke at the break-
school here in Springboro. Their gala fundraiser fast.
held at Heatherwoode on Mar. 19 raised more The chamber, which City Manager Chris Thompson spoke with local businesses on the devel-
than $50,000 toward building a community gymna- opments happening in the city and what they can expect within the
offers local businesses
sium and arts center on North Main Street, con- coming years.
an additional resource
tiguous to the school. They’ll have timing, dates
to network and such a small place of Assistant City Manager “It’s one way we can
and more once plans are finalized.
enhance growth, is cur- Springboro, which of commented at the city thank all our business-
It was a terrific evening with about 250 people
rently at approximate- course is growing,” council meeting that es for locating and
present. Silent auctions, an auction and fun op-
portunities in abundance kept everyone enter- ly 460 members, “which Hughes said. evening how pleased operating in
tained all evening. The magnificent event was or- is amazing to me in Chris Pozzuto, he is with the event. Springboro,” he said.
chestrated by Tricia Fote, School Director and
Gina Pangalangan, Minds In Motion, CEO.

A few events coming up that you’ll want to mark

Minds in Motion gala deemed a success
your calendars to attend:
More than 200 were wants to take a closer Fote said. watch. It is valued at
■ Wednesday, Apr. 20, (11 a.m. to 10 p.m.) —
in attendance for look at our plan, they Minds in motion still $2500. It will be placed
fundraiser for Tamarack Swim Club at Campioni’s
Minds in Motion’s can go to our website has the Oprah’s dia- on Ebay Sunday, Apr.
Pizza at 92 Edgebrook Drive. Come enjoy great
pizza, subs and so much more. Ten percent of the fourth annual Get,” mond anniversary 10.
daily take will be donated to the Tamarack Swim Lucky Gala which was
Club for their 2011 season. We joined in 1978 and held on Saturday, Mar.
still belong…best swim club in the area. Love It. 13.
■ Tuesday, Apr. 26, (6 to 10 p.m.) — Rooster’s an- “It was a fantastic
nual Customer Appreciation Party supporting night and a huge suc-
SCAC the Springboro Community Assistance Cen- cess” Tricia Fote said,
ter. Bring four can goods and get $2 off your bill. Director of
Other items needed include non-perishables, ce- Development at Minds
reals, cleaning supplies, paper goods and gas in Motion.
cards. Wendy Ford, Director of the SCAC will be The gala included
with us to tell us about the need in our communi- fantastic auction items,
ty and what SCAC is doing right now. Great give games and delicious
aways, dancing, karaoke and I’ll be the master of appetizers and desserts
ceremonies and music maker with all the hits at Heatherwoode.
from yester year and today. The school auctioned
■ Thursday, May 12 — Medals in the Making, over 90 silent auction
Embracing Grace. Igniting Hope. At the Prodigy baskets, Oprah’s
Training Center, 235 S. Pioneer Boulevard, Ultimate Favorite
Springboro. Hear Gerry Faust, former head foot- Things, Ohio State
ball coach at Notre Dame and Moeller High University tickets,
School. A passionate speaker on issues of faith, mini-trips to
family and sports and the impact roles they can I n d i a n a p o l i s ,
play on the lives of young people. Emcee is Mar- Cleveland and the
sha Bonhart from WDTN in Dayton. Call Rhonda Henry Ford Museum in
Croucher at 550-0051 for tickets. Take a tour of the Detroit, Mi., as well as
facility and enjoy a wonderful dinner provided by big vacations to Las
Heather’s Coffee and Café before hearing Bon- Vegas, Orlando,
hart and Faust. Tickets are limited. Call now to Panama City Beach,
not be disappointed. Williamsburg and St
I leave you with the words of Mehmet Oz, MD:
All proceeds went
How we treat the weakest among us is how we
will be judged. toward funding Impact
Point, a new facility to
Merge Wright’s email address is: mergewright@ya- extend the campus and benefit students in the
community in art and
Easter Eggstravaganza Fundraising for
Impact Point started in
September of 2010 and
at YMCA April 16 they are at 67 percent
of their goal.
“Since this will be a
The annual Easter Eggstravaganza will take
facility that will be uti-
place Saturday, Apr. 16, at the Coffman YMCA,
lized by all students in
located at 88 Remick Boulevard in Springboro.
the Dayton community
The event, sponsored by the YMCA and the
for arts and fitness, we
Southwest Church, will begin at 11 a.m. with crafts
are now looking for busi-
and activities inside the facility.
nesses to help support
Promptly at noon, youngsters will have the this endeavor. If anyone
opportunity to hunt for more than 11,000 Easter
eggs outside the facility.
There will be four egg hunts broken down by
children’s ages. The age brackets are: THE
■ under two
■ age 2-3 SPRINGBORO

■ age 4-kindergarten SUN

■ grades 1-4
Bags for egg hunting will be provided.