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What to Know About Internet Marketing

By John W. Sharpe have only a basic knowledge of
For The NEWS how it all works. And chances are,
unless you have some major time
o, how much do you available, that's probably the best

S really know about In- you can ever hope for, too.
ternet marketing? Do
the terms SEO (Search
The people who know all
aspects of SEO and SEM are an
Engine Optimization) and SEM extremely small group of people.
(Search Engine Marketing) mean They have spent years of their
anything to you, other than lives learning and refining their
something you need to be doing methods. Each person has their
to grow your business? Do you own area of expertise, and per-
have any knowledge of how these forms their part as almost no one
processes actually work? else on earth can.
I really don't know very much If you think about it, our busi-
about any of this either. Ironically, ness is probably similar to your
I have been employed for over a own to some degree. As a busi*
year by an SEO/SEM company. ness owner or manager, your goal
So, you might wonder how I can is to create a team consisting of
tell you what you need to know. several experts working toward
Please read on, and I promise you a common goal. In general, the
will have a clear understanding better the team members are at
of what you need to know. their specific craft, the more suc-
I have spent most of my career cessful the company.
in account management. I've also In most cases, you have a cer-
internet marketing ¡s a complicated, multifaceted puzzle that ¡s constantly changing. If this uuas a simple process,
been involved in a few start up tain amount of knowledge about
SEO/SEM firms would not exist. There are numerous avenues for growing husinesses online, and nt's not all about
companies, both as an employee what each person does, but not buying clicks or ads.
and owner. necessarily all of the details. You
probably have some level of trust SEM team, it would be next to
When I took a leap from a
huge marketing corporation to an with each of them, and a sense of
Every business is unique. So, it impossible to run the operation
upstart Internet solutions company, their performance.
I was determined to learn every-
only makes sense that the same cost effectively.
• Don't delay. The Internet
thing about SEO and SEM. I was TO THE STARTING BLOCK solution that works for another community is looking for infor-
sure that 1 would be up to speed To manage an SEO/SEM func- mation relevant to what poten-
quickly on how everything worked, tion in your business, here is what
and the processes in detail. you need to know:
business will not work for yours. tial customers are looking for,
well-established companies that
I thought by now I would be able
to write an article that would fully
• First of all, accept the high
probability that you can't do this
The company you choose to work will provide the products and
services that meet their custom-
explain every aspect of this busi- yourself. Even if you have the
ness. After all, it is only one aspect financial and human resources
with should be spending some ers' requirements. Search engines
are looking for several qualities
of marketing. But the truth is I still available to assemble an SEO/ time with you and your team ... within each company's Website
and beyond, and one major factor
is the length of time a company is
recognized on the Internet. With
each passing day, it will become
increasingly more difficult and
competitors who are already
established. Waiting will just
make the whole process more
IN THE PAST complicated and expensive.
• Make ¿.ure that your agree-
ment includes a clear description
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assure you that your company's



program will achieve the best The firm you choose will need to cal location you can, and Search Engine
results for the long term. know a lot about your business; if it's feasible, should visit. Optimization (SEO)
• Every business is unique. So, not only what you're doing today, is buzzing through
In some way, there should be at
all industries. HVAC
it only makes sense that the same but also what your plans and least one face-to-face meeting. thing progresses as contractors have
solution that works for another goals are for the future. Because They should also be able to pro- it should, you will adopted the Internet as
business will not work for yours. of the information you will share, vide solid examples of Websites, be doing business yet another marketing
Ihe company you choose to work you need to have complete confi- results, and some explanation with these people for toot, but how to be
with should be spending some dence and trust in it. of their business strategies and most effective is still
years to come. •
another challenge.
time with you and your team to • Know the company. The practices. In short, do your best
understand your business and convenience of the Internet can to find out as much about them
what you're all trying to accom- also be a big problem, especially as it takes for you to feel com- Ví5ií www.
plish. Both parties should have a if you don't know who you're fortable and confident in their 4wordsystenis.
realistic vision of the campaign's dealing with. A reputable SEO/ ability to deliver what they are com or call
short- and long-term goals. SEM firm should have a physi- offering. Remember, if every- 810-229-8515.
• There are no magic formu-
las. Internet marketing is a com-
plicated, multifaceted puzzle that
is constantly changing. 1 have
spoken to countless marketers
who have spent thousands of dol-
lars buying clicks and Internet ads,
and received little or no return.
Let's face it; if this were a simple
process, SF.O/SEM firms would not
exist. There are numerous avenues
for growing businesses online, and
regardless of the hype, it's not all
about buying clicks or ads.
• Try something new. The
Internet provides some of the
most effective ways to try out dif-
ferent marketing strategies and
new ideas at a very reasonable
cost, compared to other methods.
For example, if you've just added
a line of green or energy-efficient
products, you can pick out a few
of these products and test the
market. "Ilie measured responses
will tell you most of what you
need to know. Whatever doesn't
work can be adjusted or replaced
quickly. If you're considering
a new type of service, you can
create a small pilot program with
a set budget to find out what level
of interest exists. In terms of
versatility, no other advertising
media comes close. Vehicle Mounted Chargers Availahle Whether you're crawlirifl into 3flSIVair duct, repairing a I
• A sense of performance. As gas connection, or tracking down an elusive coolant leak, Streamlight
with any type of marketing, you
makes the most durable and reliable lighting tools to help make your job
need to have an idea of what your
program is doing for you. A good easier and safer. No matter where your work takes you. travel with
SKO/ SEM company can provide
Streamlight to get the job done right.
yoy With, any type of data you
would imagine. And Ifië infor-
mation should be easily acces-
sible and readily available to you.
• ROI is the key (you've heard
that before?) In the I nternet
world you can and should have
a very detailed account of your
return on investment. An idea is
perceived, developed, and pro-
moted. When the program is
finished (usually at a substantial
cost) the results are measured
and the ROl is computed. The
ability to change your focus in an
SEO/SEM marketing campaign
is second to none. If something
isn't working, or you want to try
a new approach, these ideas can
often be implemented in days, or
sometimes even hours.
- Make sure you are comfort-
able with who you decide to build
your SEO/SEM program with. ^Product #55 at
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