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Volume 3, Issue 1 A message from the cio BY PRAVEEN PANCHAL

W elcome back! I hope you are enjoying new building by visiting http://
SPRING 2011 the winter. As usual, DoIT has been This newsletter also
busy working on many major and covers many other exciting topics such as DoIT
minor projects to further enhance technology at staff profile, ongoing projects, copyright
John Jay. One major project that we are focusing awareness, professional development
on right now is the completion of our new building opportunities, SharePoint collaboration platform,
and ensuring that a smooth transition takes place handy technical tips, etc. You can also suggest
for those who will be relocating. A state-of-the-art topics of interest to you for future issues and we
technology infrastructure is being built for will definitely consider covering them. Your
classrooms, computer labs, student lounges, comments and suggestions are very important to
datacenter, network, wireless and the phone us. Please submit them at
system. You can find a wealth of information on the
Thank you!



arie Dumas is things are helping friends and
How can we empower you?

DOIT’s directory family, spending time with her

specialist. Born in grandchildren, watching French
Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Marie movies, listening to all types of
dreamt of attending college in music, playing computer games,
the US and seeking a brighter and reading How-To and Self-

future for her three children. In Help books. She initially studied
1994, she settled in Brooklyn. A to be an actress and singer, but
graduate of John Jay, Marie gave up her dream to learn a
majored in Public Administration trade when she moved to the
and Computer Information Sys- US. She describes herself as a
tems. Marie is well known for very caring person with a sense
her cooking and her love of of humor, who is also independ-
plants. Some of her favorite ent and loves to travel. 

nthony (Tony) Cham- ented actor, having worked with
bers has worked at a theater company for four
John Jay for DOIT for years. Tony is well known for
seven years. Tony is responsi- his quick wit and describes
ble for the network infrastruc- himself as an eternal optimist.
ture, as well as desktop support. He considers himself blessed
Raised in Harlem, Tony at- because he has achieved two
tended parochial school and of his dreams – working with
became interested in technology computers and the chance to
when he built an analog com- perform at Lincoln Center. Tony
puter for a science project. is a dad to a daughter and son
Tony is a diehard New York and says that the birth of his
sports fan and has an eclectic first born was one of the happi-
taste in music. He is also a tal- est moments of his life.  TONY CHAMBERS —Technician

Inside this issue:

Did You Know?
STUDENT SERVICES 3 Forgot your password? No problem! You can now
AUDIO VISUAL SERVICES 3 reset your password online at
CAPITAL PROJECTS 4 It’s very quick and easy to do. Simply answer four
NEW BUILDING TECHNOLOGY 4 simple questions and your password will be reset
AUTOMATED CALL SYSTEM 5 on the spot! 

Awareness Is The Key

Peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing law, you could be fined between $750 file-sharing programs can introduce
programs have become a popular and $150,000 for each work you serious security risks to your
way to exchange music, movies, infringe. In addition, an infringer of a computer and other computers
games and software over the work may also be liable for the connected to the same network
Internet. Academic applications of attorney's fees incurred by the (e.g., CUNY) since the downloaded
these programs are also expanding. copyright owner to enforce his or her files may be infected with computer
P2P software, if installed and rights. For details, see Title 17, United viruses and spy-ware.
enabled on your computer, allows States Code, Sections 504, 505. Willful Violation of the Computer Use
digital media to be downloaded or copyright infringement can also result Policy may result in suspension or
uploaded between your computer in criminal penalties, including termination of your right of access to
and any other computer that also imprisonment of up to five years and CUNY computer resources,
has these programs installed and fines of up to $250,000 per offense. disciplinary action by appropriate
enabled and is connected to the For more information, see the U.S. CUNY authorities, referral to law
Internet. Copyright Office website, especially enforcement authorities for criminal
If you use P2P programs, we their FAQs. prosecution, or other legal action,
want you to be aware of certain CUNY’s Acceptable Use of including action to recover civil
personal risks, including the Computer Resources policy requires damages and penalties. Violations
potential for both criminal and civil users of CUNY computer resources to will normally be handled through the
liability if you copy and distribute comply with copyright law. If you use a university disciplinary procedures
materials without permission of the P2P program on a CUNY computer, applicable to the relevant user. For
copyright owner. network or other resource to upload or example, the Office of Student
P2P file-sharing programs are download copyrighted material without Affairs will customarily investigate
not illegal. If you own the copyright permission, you may be in breach of any alleged violations by students
in the music, movie, software or the policy. According to the policy, and impose appropriate penalties or
other file you want to share, if you “Users of CUNY computer resources other disciplinary actions as
have the permission of the copyright should generally assume that material required.
holder, or if the material is not is copyrighted unless they know Detailed advisory regarding File
covered by copyright, you can share otherwise, and not copy, download or Sharing and Copyright Infringement
the file. However, P2P programs are distribute copyrighted material without issued by the university can be
often used to distribute files without permission unless the use does not found on
permission of the copyright holder exceed fair use as defined by the under CUNY Issued Security
and this is a violation of U.S. federal Copyright Act of 1976.” Advisories. Please read and comply
copyright law. This policy also requires users of with this advisory. Also, you can find
As stated in the advisory issued CUNY computer resources to engage more security related material on
by the university under the copyright in safe computing practices. P2P and 

sharepoint BY JUAN BAEZ

A major focus of the DoIT web members of the campus community to create Congress, Nestle, Kraft Foods and Best Buy.
development team is the exploration of new and edit web sites, share documents, In the future we plan to launch
technologies that have the potential to create collaborate on projects, and manage SharePoint campus wide and expect to
greater value for faculty, staff and students. meetings. This makes SharePoint’s feature merge the existing Inside John Portal into
Along these lines over the past year DoIT has SharePoint. Features we plan to provide
set very versatile and greatly simplifies the
been piloting new solutions on Microsoft include: customized personal home pages
SharePoint server with the goal of leveraging work involved in meeting various enterprise
(My Site), dynamic forms with workflow, RSS
this technology at John Jay. and web application needs. As a result feeds, Photo Galleries, WiKi, and others. In
SharePoint server is a web-based SharePoint is quickly becoming an industry the short term DoIT will be performing a pilot
system that can be used to allow the end user standard for content management, SharePoint site for use by the Division of
to build web portals, collaboration websites, collaboration and document management Finance and Administration for meeting
and content management websites. Without solutions. Example of companies or management and web collaboration.
having to spend hours writing programming organizations currently running SharePoint Following this successful pilot the solution will
are Fujitsu, CDW, The US Library of be made available to the rest of John Jay.
code this technology allows non-technical
VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 Page 2

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities Student Services

Professional development sessions for
Demonstrations and Hands-on Workshops Room 1304N March cover such topics as iTunes U, Excel
2010, YouTube, GarageBand, Flash, insert-
Intro to Photoshop CS3 04/27/11 11—12 PM ing multimedia into PowerPoint, remotely
Embedding Media into MS PowerPoint 05/02/11 11—12 PM wiping your iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, and
Audio Editing Using Garageband ‘09 05/05/11 11—12 PM Windows Movie Maker. The sessions are
Creating a Digital Resume 05/09/11 11—12 PM free, open to all, and change monthly.
Please visit the ITSS website for the latest
Please visit the ITSS website for the latest schedule:
academics/3783.php 


THE Student Help CENTER
Lab Hours Beginning this fall, the Student Help Center will
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday have a new home. Located next to the new
7:30am- 7:30am- 7:30am- 7:30am- 7:30am- 9:00am- Student Computing Lab Center in the new
10:00pm 10:00pm 10:00pm 10:00pm 6:00pm 6:00pm building, the Student Help Center will offer walk
The EZ Print Center is open during lab hours. -in, email, and telephone assistance for tech-
nology-related problems that students are ex-
periencing. Be it a problem with a software pro-
gram, network connectivity issues, or how to
Go To:
use Blackboard, the Student Help Center will
for updated information. be waiting to assist you.


Audio Visual Services Center

Audio Visual Services (AVS) has always been the hot spot for arranging
video and computer presentations, audio amplification for conferences,
and preparing multimedia content materials for the college. But lately,
multimedia needs have taken off. Keeping pace, AVS has increased its
wide array of services.
 Recorded events are now prepared as DVDs and video files for
viewing on You Tube and ITunes University.
 Promotional videos for academic and administrative departments
have been introduced. Recently, President Travis and Provost
Bowers praised a promotional video prepared for the Art Department
created to introduce the community the richness of the department.
 AVS’ first on location documentary, "Being August," was a
collaborative venture between the Office of Community Outreach, the
Midtown Community Court, and Times Square Ink.
 The informational talk show, Criminal Justice Matters, has just
concluded its 25th season and will continue to bring penetrating in-
depth topics about criminal justice to cable viewers on CUNY TV.
Audio Visual Services Staff Check out the AVS website and give us a call or send us an email. Audio
(from left) Richard Van Patten, Amala Lane, Luis Negron, Anoah
Levine, Paul Brenner and Daniel Gallagher Visual Services looks forward to hearing from you! 

VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 Page 3

Capital projects: past and future by joseph laub

Over the past four years the combined areas of phone, and wireless systems. Essentially this ongoing
DoIT have realized over 500 projects that have support ensures that the John Jay Community has access
changed the technology landscape of John Jay forever. to technology services 99.999% of the time, resulting in
As a whole, these initiatives vary in scope and size the removal of former technological impediments to teach-
from the straight forward software upgrade of a com- ing, learning, and research on campus.
puter lab to the launch of a far reaching web services In addition to providing for these critical services,
portal that to date has serviced members of the John John Jay has also recently been awarded capital monies
Jay Community over 1.6 million times. However, when to enhance the college’s distance learning and instruc-
we look back at the most costly projects with the big- tional design capabilities. At present DoIT, in coordination
gest impact we find capital projects sponsored by the
with Academic Affairs, is procuring capital eligible equip-
New York City Council and the Borough of Manhattan
Presidents Office to be at the top of the list. ment in support of these college initiatives. This equip-
This ongoing outside capital sponsorship has re- ment, which is expected to be in place in the near future,
sulted in the maintenance and upgrade of John Jay’s includes smart boards, studio grade video cameras, data
much needed and costly portfolio of core technology storage, video conferencing equipment and high end
services, including network, email, internet, web, tele- workstations. 

What tech to expect in the new john jay building

by bill Pangburn and joseph laub

We find ourselves on the eve of a great transition at John Jay. In videoconferencing, two technologies that are sorely lacking at pre-
the next few months the John Jay community will be taking owner- sent.
ship of our new campus building. This new facility is arguably one of A walk-in support service center for students is being imple-
the most exciting transformative milestones for John Jay in recent mented, as well. The Student Help Center will provide a subset of
years. When the new building opens, members of our community the present services provided by the DoIT helpdesk and provide an
will find a place that provides new dining choices, contemporary additional location for students to have the most common IT service
indoor spaces and an outside urban park unlike any other on the requests resolved. Needed assistance for wireless laptop setups,
upper west side. However, as astounding as the visual features and password resets and student blackboard support are some exam-
amenities of this new building are, we expect that many will find the ples of what will be handled by this location. Based on present met-
technological improvements in this new location to be an even more rics and the need for faster walk up service, we expect this center
compelling. will be met with great enthusiasm by the student community.
Past CUNY student satisfaction surveys have indicated in- While not publically visible, the new building is also equipped
creased demand for computing access by students. In the past, due with a state of the art data center that is greener and more reliable
primarily to space constraints, DoIT was not able to add additional than the present college data center. As a result of the newer tech-
computer labs. As a result, the only option available was to add cy- nologies provided by this new facility and DoIT’s present server con-
ber lounge computers in common areas and expand the student solidation efforts, the college will be able to continue reducing our
technology fee funded laptop loan program to provide additional power utilization while also increasing the reliability of telecom, net-
student computing access. We anticipate the student community will work, classroom and security systems. Initial estimates have the
be pleased to find the new building provides more flexible lab new college data center hosted systems (i.e. email, wireless, web,
spaces, access to 318 more student computers than are presently etc…) available 99.999% of the time while using approximately
available, and more laptops for student loan use. The new building 80,000 KwH less power per year than present facilities.
will also have a comprehensive wireless network based upon the Finally, the new building will provide the campus with a new
802.11N standard, the most advanced to date. VoIP unified communication system. Inhabitants of the new building
In addition to computers, the recently completed and highly suc- will enjoy the convenience of voicemail that is automatically deliv-
cessful smart classroom project that instituted touch screen panels
ered to their email inbox. In the future this system will be expanded
in each Haaren Hall classroom has become the standard for the new
campus building. As a result, all faculty and students will enjoy the to provide this service to all locations in the campus community and
same level of proactive and easy to use services that are presently to provide some of the more advanced features of unified communi-
provided in Haaren Hall classrooms. At a minimum, each classroom cation (i.e. Video conferencing, Web Conferencing chat, presence).
will have the same set up as currently exists in Haaren Hall. Se- We expect this new telecommunication system to be well received
lected classrooms will also be capable of capturing lectures and/or by the faculty and staff relocating to our new location.

VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 Page 4

Improved helpdesk automated call
distribution system BY LOU PERILLO
In July of 2009 the Department of Information launched a call queuing system with the purpose of processing
incoming calls on a first come/first serve basis.

When first implemented, four separate queues were established for students, faculty/staff, CUNYfirst and classroom
technology emergencies. This structure of the four queues created false wait time estimates, however, which mislead

Through feedback from the college community, the issue was recognized and pinpointed. All queues were rolled into
one single queue, which resolved the problem.

In addition to the modification of the queues, an in-depth analysis was performed that supplied further information
about our system. The knowledge gained is the basis for the following enhancements implemented for the Spring
2011 semester:

 More accurate wait time estimates are given.

 Callers can avoid waiting to speak to an agent by pressing “1” at any time while they are waiting. This
transfers them to our voice mailbox where they can leave a message and a work order will be automatically
 A new hot topic module has been added. This allows for important information, on such issues as system
service outages, college closures, and communications of new DoIT services (e.g., password reset).
 New and updated messages have been added to our listening queue that will give you information to some of
our most frequently asked questions.
 HelpDesk “Hours of Operation” have been added to our main menu and is option “5”.
 Updated menu options and messages are included to better facilitate calls and help resolve common issues.
Please visit:

Helpdesk matters BY LOU PERILLO

Some of the service issues we can assist you issues, find helpful links, access policies
with are: and procedures, and find support for
Email commercial software applications, such as
CUNY Portal Microsoft Office. We post important
Blackboard announcements, useful Quick Links,
Accessing the Library FAQ’s, and provide you with a method for
Accessing the Jay Stop saving your favorite links.
Wireless connectivity Spring 2011 Semester Schedule
Audio/Visual Services Open 7 days a week
Mainframe Application
(Except Holidays)
Site Licensing
Classroom Technology Services * Monday-Friday 8:00am-10:00pm
The DoIT Helpdesk is here to assist you * Saturday & Sunday 8am-6:00pm
whenever you have questions or issues * Email us:
regarding access to the computing Visit our self-service website * Call us: 212-237-8200
services you are entitled to as a student, RightAnswers@JohnJay at
faculty or staff. We can help troubleshoot Extended until midnight during
your technology issues or point you in the
RightAnswers is a Help Desk portal that
midterms and finals.
right direction if the question you have is COME VISIT US in Suite 609A
for another area at the college. provides information about technology for John
Jay College. You can search for solutions to in the BMW Building!

VOLUME 3, ISSUE 1 Page 5

HR.052—New Amendments to New York Laws on Protecting Employee Private Information
Praveen Panchal, Including Social Security Numbers

Chief Information Officer CUNY IT Security Procedures on Protecting Private Information

The University's Revised Information Technology Security Procedures ("IT Security Procedures") protect
private personal information as mandated by State and federal laws. The IT Security Procedures, last revised
DOIT.NEWS and issued on March 26, 2009, include the requirements of these new laws (see under Info
Security Policies)
Editor Under the IT Security Procedures, access to Non-Public University Information must be restricted to
Bill Pangburn individuals on a need to know basis who are full-time and regular part-time employees (with certain limited
exceptions). (Section II)
Photography Employees who are permitted access must protect the Non-Public University Information by using approved
Yvette Fibleuil passwords and encryption. (Section III, 10-13). Social security numbers must not be stored, transported,
or taken home on portable devices (e.g. laptops, flash drives) of any type without specific approval of
Sherry Taylor Gibson both the Vice President of Administration or the equivalent at the College or in the Central Office de-
Layout Designer partment and the University Information Security Officer. Where approval is granted, the information
Although the transfer of encrypted social security numbers on portable devices is permitted, we strongly
Production Team urge you not to do so because of the security risks that may be involved. Likewise, paper records containing
Patrick Alvarez social security numbers should remain at the office in a secure location not accessible to the public.
Employees who violate the law and/or the IT Security Procedures may be subject to disciplinary action. 
Juan Baez
Paul Brenner
Frank Giummo
Oneil Hinds
Raymond Jiggetts
Joseph Laub
Lou Perillo Tech Bytes and Tech Shots: Room 1307N
Douglas Toppin
MS Outlook: Scheduling Assistant 04/26/11 1—2 PM
555 West 57th Street - Suite 609 Outlook Exchange: Creating Meeting Requests 04/28/11 1—2 PM
New York, NY 10019 Converting Your Mobile Device to an eReader 05/04/11 1—2 PM
Please visit the ITSS website for the latest schedule:


IT’S HERE! Password Reset 1. Backup, backup, backup, did I say

Forgot your password? No problem! All students, faculty BACKUP? Backup any data you cannot
and staff can now reset your password online. It’s very afford to lose to at least two separate
quick and easy to do. Simply answer four simple questions
and your password will be reset on the spot! physical drives (flash drive, external hard
For more information, drive, or CD/DVD discs).
Go To: 2. Avoid multitasking with large
programs. Working on 20 programs at
PASSWORDS EXPIRE EVERY 90 DAYS the same time is not a good idea if you
want your computer to be fast!
OPEN YOUR OWN 3. Empty the Recycle Bin. When you
click “delete” on a file or a program, it
WORK ORDERS doesn’t go away for good – not
Inside John Jay immediately, anyway. Right click on the
This is your gateway to news, information and “Recycle Bin” and empty it.
services available to you as a member of the 4. Concerned about the safety of web
John Jay Community. For more information, pages you or others are visiting on
Go To: your computer? Consider installing the
free browser add-on WOT (Web of
Trust: When installed,
this program will tell you how safe or
unsafe the website is.

How are we doing? Send your feedback or suggestions for future issues to: