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Assessment Diagnosis Inference Planning Intervention Rationale Evaluation

*closed *a smooth metal *after 2-3 *identify the *to know the *goal met the
“ hndi sya complete sphere attached to a months of condition/diagno condition of the patient can
makakilos ng displaced stem that is wedged medication the ses that client and how move and
mabuti at hndi femoral neck into the medullary patient can contribute to to assist the freely walk
sya mkapag left secondary canal of the femur walk little by difficulty walking patient. step by step
Drawbacks include
lakad ng maayos to impaired little and There due to slowly without
a tendency to wear
verbalized by walking. away the acetabular will be some operation. any pain and
the son of the articular surface and loss of motion, can walk on
client. pain from a loose fit it usually comes * Safety of the its own.
of the stem in the back pretty well *look after the patient.
Objectives: femoral medullary on its own with patient in bed
canal. A loose fit home exercise for the safety of
*patient has can be remedied by program. the patient in
Steinman pin a prosthesis Strength bed. *for the right
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insertion at left stabilized inside the
deficits will also program and
distal femur. femur with either occur. These *consult with PT the activities
acrylic cement or a are natural team for patient will do.
* Malaise and special coating of parts of healing. individualized
weak in hydroxyapatite or Depending on mobility/develop
appearance. porous metal that age and level of appropriate *for the patient
facilitates direct activity, will devices. to be
bone fixation. A probably comfortable
bipolar prosthesis
require 1-3 *demonstrate while walking.
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bearing can reduce therapy client become
acetabular wear. afterwards. comfortable with