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The 13th annual Comparative Literature and Hispanic Studies
March 17-19, 2011

Thursday March 17th:

6:oopm-9:00pm: Art Exposition “Emerging ARTiculations” and potluck in Visual Arts
Building Room 206
-MLL Department Chair Dr. Melitta Adamson opens conference
-Early registration


Friday March 18th:

8:30am: Registration begins in University College 224A

9:00am-10:30am: Two concurrent panels

Panel 1: Whispers Emerging from Silent Margins: Dislocating Dominant

Discourses (UC 224A)

Moderator: David Navarro

Hynek Zykmund, UWO, Comparative Literature: “Inaudible Difference: The Meaning of

Silence in J. M. Coetzee's Foe”

David Gamble, UWO, English: “Temporal, International, and Personal Emergences/ies: Dis-
locating and Queering in Gail Scott’s My Paris”

Anirban Halder, UWO, Comparative Literature: ''Recuperating Interventions: Appropriation

of the Encounter and Problematics of Reading Resistance in Patricia Grace’s Potiki"

Panel 2: Emergent Artistic Visions (UC 225)

Moderator: Manuel Sanchez

Élika Ortega Guzman, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Art and the promise of postmortem destiny
in Miguel de Unamuno’s El Cristo de Velázquez”

Edgar Yánez Zapata, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Haciendo Memoria”, El arte urbano
venezolano y la búsqueda de la consolidación de arraigo y conservación del patrimonio”

James Restrepo, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “The Strategies of Memory in the Murals of
Alejandro Gonzalez”

10:30am-10:45am: Coffee Break

11:00am- 12:30pm:

Keynote Address: Dr. Smaro Kamboureli

(Professor, Canada Research Chair Tier 1 in Critical Studies in Canadian Literature, School of
English and Theatre Studies, University of Guelph)

“Narrating Humanitarianism: Its Tropes, Affective Instrumentality, and

Politics” (UC 224A)

12:30pm-1:30pm: Lunch

1:30pm-3:00pm: 2 concurrent panels

Panel 3: Old and New Gendered/Ungendered Resistances:

Representation and Counter-representation (UC 224A)

Moderator: Claudie Massicotte

Juan Carlos Rocha Osornio, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “La emergencia del joto en la literatura
mexicana: 41, o el muchacho que soñaba en fantasmas (1964) de Paolo Po”

Tyler Totten, UWO, English: “Coming Out of the Homeland: The Queer Diaspora and My
Beautiful Laundrette”

Stephanie Butler, Wilfrid Laurier, English and Film Studies: “'I Want to be Free!'
Complicating Gendered Cartesian Dualism in Ramon Salazar's 20 Centimeters”

Panel 4: Innovations in Myth and Religion, or What Virgins, Milton and

Digital Evangelists Have in Common (UC 225)
Moderator: Kevin Godbout

Jen Kozak, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “The emergence of the Virgin of Charity of El Cobre: She
materialized out of the sea, merged with an African Orisha and emerged as the patron saint
to a country as well as its exiles.”

David Navarro, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Adam and Eve’s Dual Transgression in John
Milton’s Paradise Lost”

Corrina Laughlin, New York University, English: “The Digital Evangelical”

3:00pm-3:15pm: Coffee Break

3:15pm-4:45pm: 2 concurrent panels

Panel 5: Migrants, Mimics and Markets (UC 224A)

Moderator: Felipe Quetzalcoatl Quintanilla

Tania Aguila-Way, University of Ottawa, English: “Narco-Trafficking, Border Crossing, and

Neoliberal Mimicry in Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s La Reina Del Sur.”

Juan Guillermo Sánchez, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Amenaza y fascinación en la narrativa


Lilliana María Montoya, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Analisis comparativo de la obra De Cuerpo
Entero/ and a body to remember with de Carmen Rodriguez”

Panel 6: Digital Humanities (UC 225)

Moderator: María Eugenia De Luna Villalón

Diego Muñoz Escalante, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Sylva” (Javier de la Rosa and Karthick
Ramachandran presenting on his behalf)

Miriam Peña, UWO, Hispanic Studies, “A Proposal to study Calderon´s theatre: Topic Maps”

Wisam Khalid Abdul Jabbar, Lakehead, English: “Baghdad’s Riverbend: the Subaltern Can

4:45pm-5:00pm: Coffee break



Keynote Address: Dr. César Hidalgo

(Assistant Professor, The Media Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),
Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy, Harvard Kennedy School)

“Complexity: Understanding the World's Non Obvious Patterns, and why it

Matters” (UC 224A)

7:00pm-9:00pm: Dinner at “The Spoke”, $10 at registration


Saturday March 19th:

9:00am-9:30am: Registration opens

9:30am-11:00am: 2 concurrent panels

Panel 7: Me, Myself and I: Reading, Re-presenting and Performing New

Selves into Place (UC 224A)

Moderator: Roxana Baiceanu

Erin Rozanski, University of Toronto, English: “Emergent Knowledge: Relational

Psychoanalysis and the Reader in Alice Munro’s ‘The Jack Randa Hotel’”

Audrey C. Farley, Virginia Commonwealth University, English: “Emergence from ruins: the
Possibility and Impossibility of the Self”

Janice Zehentbauer, UWO, Comparative Literature: “‘This Brat of My Brain’: Laughter and
the Vagabond in Eighteenth-Century European Autobiography”

Panel 8: Rising/Fading Stars and Worlds, Renovated/Renewable Genres

and Narrations (UC 225)
Moderator: Anushree Majumdar

Ganga Rudraiah, UWO, Film: “Star Emerging as Genre: Actors and their Externalities in
Shaping Genre in Popular Tamil Cinema”

Felipe Quetzalcoatl Quintanilla, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “The Emergence of the Hispanic
American Soldier in USAmerican War Film”

Luke Arnott, UWO, Media Studies: “Myth, Epic, and The Bat: The Emergence of Comic Book
Characters Across Media.”

11:00am-11:15am: Coffee break

11:15am-12:45pm: 2 concurrent panels

Panel 9: Emerging Political Subjectivities: Resistance, Reconstruction,

Recuperation (UC 224A)

Moderator: Randol Peresalas

David Janzen, UWO, Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism: “The Emerging Subject of
Resistance: Political Subjectivity in Mayan Activism”

Rahel Nega, UWO, Comparative Literature: “Looking Back in Anger: John A Williams and
the Recuperation of Black Internationalism”

Slawomira Hastedt, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Lenguas en contacto: abriendo paso a las
modificaciones lingüísticas del judeo-español en Turquía en el siglo XX.”

Panel 10: Restricted Entry for Language: Writing/Savouring Identity,

Testifying Trauma (UC 225)

Moderator: Alia Somani

Tingfang Du, UWO, Comparative Literature: “Translation: A “Middle Voice” in Testimony


Roxana Baiceanu, UWO, Comparative Literature: “Tex-Mex or more: Latina identity passing
beyond the threshold of the unnamed.”

Lee Yee Gamble, UWO, English: “Eating Across the “Bridge”: Food Consumption as
Interstitial Performance and Transformation in Hiromi Goto’s Chorus of Mushrooms”

12:45pm-1:45pm: Lunch

1:45pm-3:15pm: 2 concurrent panels

Panel 11: Emergent Topics in Hispanic Studies (UC 224A)

Moderator: Miriam Peña

Randol Ricardo Pérez Salas, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Emergencias Fáusticas en el cine de
Darren Aronofsky”

Manuel Sanchez, UWO, Hispanic Studies: “Antihéroes reflejados: la pseudo-emergencia de

los narco héroes en México.”

Héctor Eduardo Ríos González, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitan, Hispanic Studies: “La
literatura basura: Entre la marginalidad y la sedición de la escritura. Un acercamiento a la
narrativa de Guillermo Fadanelli”

Panel 12: Apocalypse, Emergency and Dystopia – Constantly “Emerging”,

or Same Old, Same Old? (UC 225)

Moderator: Adriana Diez

Natalya Domina, UWO, Comparative Literature: “A Constant Russian Catastrophe: Tat’yana

Tolstaya’s Кысь (The Slynx) and Vladimir Sorokin’s День опричника (Oprichnik's Day)”

Adrian Mioc, UWO, Comparative Literature: “The Emergence of the State of Emergency in
Walter Benjamin”

Nadia El Sherbini, UWO, French: “Emergence of a new world, post-apocalyptic vision in

literature and cinema”

3:15pm-3:30pm: Coffee Break


Keynote Address: Dr. John W. Schwieter
(Assistant Professor, Spanish and Linguistics, Wilfrid Laurier University)

“The dynamics of lexical processing and cognitive control in multilinguals”

(UC 224A)

4:30pm-4:45pm: Coffee Break

4:45pm- 5:45pm: 2 concurrent panels

Panel 13: New Sights, Non-sights, Insights: Canon Formations and

Reformations in Process (UC 224A)

Moderator: Chris Richardson

Bruna Reis, UWO, Comparative Literature: “Blindness: why can't we see Saramago?”

Meng Wu, UWO, Comparative Literature: “From ‘My Country and My People’ to Universal
Humanity: A Comparative Reading of Lin Yutang and Mu Xin”

Panel 14: Romantic Irony, Romantic Allegory (UC 225)

Moderator: Josh Lambier

Kevin Godbout, UWO, Comparative Literature: “The Emergence of Blake's Allegory:

Convergences the Hebraic and Hellenic in 'The Four Zoas'”

Toshiaki Komura, University of Michigan, English: “Dream as an Emergence of Conflicted

Desires: Romantic Irony in William Wordsworth’s Dream of the Arab Sage”

9:00pm: Closing Party at The London Tap House