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Auctioneers & Valuers

Auction to be held at

The Bristol Classic Car Show

Royal Bath & West Showground Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN

Sunday 17th April 2011 at 11.30 am

Entry by catalogue only


Saturday 16th April 2011 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

And morning of sale from 10.00 am

Automobilia can be viewed until 11.15 am

View and Sale Day Telephone Numbers 07756312649, 07989 418801

and 07977 913615

Please contact the Head Office at all other times

A buyers premium of 10% (plus VAT) is payable on motor vehicles, a buyers premium of 15% (plus VAT) is payable on

Special Notices

Please note Cheque payments are no longer accepted at our car sales

Please see our terms and conditions about registration prior to sale and payment

Vehicles not collected by 3.30pm on Monday following the sale will be removed to a compound at Evercreech at a cost of £50 + VAT per
vehicle. Storage charges will then be levied at £40 per vehicle per week or part thereof. You are reminded of our terms and conditions of
sale especially regarding insurance.

Motorcycles not collected by 3.30pm on Monday following the sale will be removed to our head office in Sherborne at a cost of £30 + VAT
per motorcycle.

Automobilia will also be removed to our head office for collection at no charge.


The Long Street Salerooms Sherborne Dorset DT9 3BS Telephone 01935 812277

18 Assorted Ford literature, including a Ford Rally

Automobilia Sport (RS) sales brochure, another similar, a Ford
13 A BP Super shield shaped glass petrol pump Sierra Cosworth 4x4, Dagenham November 1959,
Starting at 11.30am globe, 40 cm wide See illustration £100 - 150 an Escort RS Turbo and other similar items (qty)
£30 - 50
1 A Bibendum Michelin figure, for commercial
vehicle use, 38 cm high £20 - 40 19 A Sirram four person picnic hamper, the
contents comprising two aluminium canisters, two
2 An American bonnet embellisher, in the form of aluminium sandwich tins, kettle and burner,
a jet aeroplane, chrome plated, 40 cm long £20 - ceramic plates, and other accessories (incomplete),
30 in a metal case, 48 cm wide £30 - 50

3 A quantity of Tony Henton motor racing related 20 A Lines Brother Triangtois wooden model of a
colour photographs, including Le Mans Bentley vintage delivery van, sign written I. Jones
driven by A Wallace, B Leitzinger, E van de Butchers, and having blue and black livery with
Poele, Paul Stewart, Porsche 917 and others (box) red wheels, 50 cm long See illustration £100 - 120
£30 - 50

4 Ferrari 1947-1997, The Official Book, covering

the first 50 years of Ferrari car production and
Henry (Alan) Ferrari prototype era (1962-1973 in
photographs), both with dust jackets (2) £30 - 50

5 A Sirram picnic set, cased £20 - 30

6 A Ford RS200 dealers sales pack, comprising

two RS200 brochures, dealer new release 14 A Shellmex glass petrol pump globe, on an
correspondence, seven black and white press illuminated wooden base, 42 cm wide See
photographs, and two posters £30 - 50 illustration £100 - 150
21 The G Piel Company.L.I.City.N.Y long horn
brass klaxon horn, patent no. 14912, 22.5 cm long
7 A pair of leather motoring gauntlets, and £30 - 50
assorted brass grease guns (box)

22 A Clarion Rotax brass double bend trumpet

8 Assorted Formula One and Motorsport volumes, horn, with fixing bracket, lacks bulb, 29 cm long,
including Schlegelmilch (Rainer W) Grand Prix and a Classic Accessories single bend brass horn
Fascination Formula One, Nichols (Richard) (2) £40 - 60
Fantastic Cars, King (Brad) Racing Cars, and
other similar volumes (box) £20 - 40
23 A Lucas King of the Road No. 60 trumpet horn,
with fly screen, 32 cm long, and another similar
9 Assorted Ford and other sales literature, (2) £20 - 40
including Anatomy of the Cortina, The Escort
Heritage, Ford Motor Sport F1, and other similar
items (box) £20 - 30 24 A klaxon horn, with black painted body, and
two other similar horns (3) £20 - 30
10 A Heritage Classics limited edition Williams 15 An AC-Delco authorised service light box, 23 x
Renault FW16 Damon Hill Grand Prix car, 62 cm See illustration £70 - 100 25 Assorted motorcycle related volumes, including
33/7500, and three others, a Lotus Mugen 107C Brown (Roland) The Ultimate History of Fast
Johnny Herbert, a McLaren-Peugeot MP 4/9 Bikes, Forsdyke (Graham) The Love of
Martin Brundle, and a Sauber C13Tissot Heinz- Motorcycling, Hough (Richard) & Setright (LJK)
Harald Frentzen, all boxed (4) £30 - 50 A History of The World's Motorcycles, and other
similar volumes (box) £20 - 30
11 Assorted motoring volumes, including
Macquarrie (Hector) Round The World in a Baby 26 - 29
Austin, cloth, published by Hodder & Stoughton
Ltd, 1st edition, Bentley (WO) The Cars in My
Life, Hillstead (AFC) Those Bentley Days, and
other similar volumes (box) £40 - 60 16 Assorted Isle of Man TT related volumes,
including Davison (GS) TT Tales, Holliday (Bob)
Racing Round the Island - A Manx Tale of Speed There will be an option offered
12 An MG Magnette original owner's advertising on Wheels, Davison (GS) The TT Races - Behind
pack (1958), comprising a Magnette operation the Scenes, and other related volumes (box) £30 - on the next ten lots
manual, a Magnette schedule of repair and 50
adjustment, The Dunlop Tubeless Tyre instruction
manual, an MG list of distributors (1958), a BMC
service in Europe leaflet, a Lucas car electrical 17 Assorted Tony Henton colour photographs, of 30 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4)
equipment maintenance instruction manual, and an various race meetings, including Le Mans, saloon £20 - 30
invitation letter with an application form to join car racing, Porsche 917 and others (box) £30 - 60
the MG Car Club, all contained within an original 31 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4)
MG Car Company Ltd envelope (qty) £30 - 40 £20 - 30
46 A vintage brass grease gun, other similar grease
guns, a road workers lamp, various Bartholomews
32 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4) maps and AA membership books (box) £20 - 30
£20 - 30

47 A ROP ZIP lube oil 5 gallon oil can, with an

33 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4) illustration of an aeroplane and another similar
£20 - 30 Glico motor oils 5 gallon can, with an image of a
car, lacks cap (2) £40 - 60
34 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4)
£20 - 30 48 A BP Ethyl cast aluminium sign, 27 x 27 cm, a
BP Energol quart oil can, and a reproduction
35 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4) summer Shell (Shell-Mex) price marker 1/8 per
£20 - 30 gallon (3) £20 - 40

57 An Itera bicycle (The Perpetual Motion

36 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4) 49 Machine), standard model, constructed from
£20 - 30 fibreglass reinforced thermo-plastic and three
speeds £40 - 60
37 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4)
£20 - 30

38 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4) 52

£20 - 30

39 Four Rolls Royce (Crewe) tool store boxes (4)
£20 - 30
54 EXTRA LOT: A vintage go-kart, for
restoration £300 - 500

55 A Golden Sunbeam bicycle (circa 1907),

41 Eleven 2 gallon petrol cans, for Shell, Pratts, incorporating a 24 inch frame (frame number 58
and others, all requiring restoration (11) £30 - 50 144799), two speed epicyclic gears and gear
assembly driving chain and sprockets enclosed in 59
42 A vintage car trunk, with rexine cover, 84 cm a sheet steel case £40 - 60
wide £40 - 50
60 A Pocher scale model of a Fiat 1907 Grand
Prix racing car, with detailed engine, dashboard
43 A good selection of oil cans and jugs, including and chain drive, in a display case, 52 cm wide See
a Shell Motor Oil (Shell-mex Ltd) half gallon can illustration £200 - 300
with outer packaging, a Wakefield Castrol motor
oil one quart jug, a similar pint jug, an Esso pint
jug, and other cans (box) See illustration £70 - 90

61 A tin plate stylised clockwork racing car, with

printed lithograph decoration, 30 cm long See
illustration £60 - 80
56 A Peugeot PX-10 racing bicycle, with a white
23 inch frame constructed from Reynolds 531
tubes, rear dropouts - simplex forged steel, wheels
with Mavic alloy rims, hubs - Maillard alloy quick
release, gears - simplex front and rear changers,
block Maillard, pedals - Lyotard steel rat trap with
Christophe toe clips, chain sets - Stronglight alloy
42 D cottless with 52 tooth and 42 tooth sprockets,
brakes - Mavic racer centre pulls front and rear,
saddle - leather ideal record and aluminium
handlebars and stem See illustration Note: The
Peugeot PX10 is a copy of the Tommy Simpson
which he used to great effect during the 1960s to
win numerous races including the Tour de France
£100 - 150
62 A Schuco 1:43 limited edition Krupp-Titan
lorry and trailer, finished in green and red livery,
boxed, and another, Tucher-Brau, boxed (2) £70 -
44 An Essolube wire cage, with eight divisions,
and five glass Essolube bottles (6) £20 - 30
63 A Schuco Montage Brabham BT 33 Formula 1
constructor kit, boxed £40 - 60
45 A K.L.G. spark plugs tin, other tins and oil cans
(box) £30 - 50
64 A Schuco 1:10 Zundapp KS 601 motorcycle 84 Seven badge bar badges, including Festival of
combination, and a Solido Peugeot tricycle (1952), Britain (1951), British Field Sports Society,
both boxed (2) £30 - 50 Tiverton Motor Club and others (7) £40 - 60

65 A GMP Parnelli Jones Racing 1:18 2 4-cam 85 A J.C.C. (Junior Car Club) badge bar badge,
Ford dirt champ die-cast model, boxed £30 - 40 vitreous enamelled in red, white and black
enamels, impressed J3083, the reverse impressed
Elkington & Co, 13 cm high including fixing lug
66 A Schuco Old Timer Ford Coupe, with original See illustration £80 - 120
receipt and instructions, boxed, and another
similar (2) £40 - 50

67 A Revell Alfa Romeo 159 (1951) 1:20 die-cast

model, with detailed dashboard and engine, on a
plinth, boxed £30 - 50 77 A Desmo style car mascot, Jockey Up, chrome
plated, 9 cm high, on a wooden plinth See
68 A Hackney carriage licence, issued by Dorset illustration £50 - 70
County Council, January 1 1912, licence number
139ST £20 - 30

69 A John Pinches Limited The 100 Greatest Cars

silver miniature ingot collection, cased, with
reference literature and original correspondence
£100 - 150

70 A 1912 French Grand Prix programme, with a

map of the route, a list of the competitors and their
machines, with pencilled annotated notes of their
lap times £40 - 60

71 A 1920s photograph album, containing 78 A John Pinches Limited The 100 Greatest Cars
numerous images of motorcycles and cars, silver miniature ingot collection, cased, with
including Northern Centre RCV Speed Trials, reference literature and original correspondence 86 Two 1920s photograph albums, containing
Newton Sands near Alnwick 1922, Hest Bank £100 - 150 various black and white photographs of
Race Meeting August 1924, (LR) Grant (Norton), motorcycles, motorcycle riders, motorcycle races
CP Wood (Scott), H Langman (Scott), JHI and a golf tournament, including C P Wood and
(Zenith), West of England Motor Club Trial his 3.5 hp Scott, Hug Mason with his 2.75 hp
(March 1926), Barton Motors Team starting, Matchless, G W Walker with his 4 hp Norton,
behind M Brown, behind again H Messom (Ford) George Dance with his Sunbeam, A H Alexander
See illustrations £400 - 500 with his Norton and a golf tournament at St
Andrews Old Course (2) See illustration £100 -

79 Seven badge bar badges, comprising Bentley

87 A CMC Mercedes Benz Targa Florio (1924)
Drivers Club, Racing Drivers Club, AA, British
The Red Mercedes 1:18 die-cast model, with
Field Sports Association, Daimler and Lanchester
certificate, boxed £70 - 90
Owners Club, DKW Owners Club and Vauxhall
Motors (7) £40 - 60

72 80 A Royal Automobile Club associate badge bar

badge, and four similar badges (5) £30 - 50
88 A CMC Mercedes Benz 300 SL (1952) Carrera
81 An Automobile Association commercial badge Panamericana 1:18 die-cast model, with
74 bar badge, and seven other AA badge bar badges certificate, boxed See illustration £60 - 80
(8) £40 - 50

75 A Desmo car mascot, in the form of a kestrel,

sitting on top of an orb, cast brass with traces of 82 Four badge bar badges, Selangor Motorcycle
chrome finish 17 cm wide Note: A similar mascot Club C.A.M.D.A, and Yeo-vale M.C.C. (4) £40 -
was used by the Riley Motor Company on their 50
Kestrel models £30 - 50 89 A CMC Auto Union Type C (1936) limited
83 Three badge bar badges, Royal Signals (certa edition 1:18 die-cast model, with certificate, boxed
See illustration £100 - 120
76 A Desmo style car mascot, Jockey Up, chrome cito), Automobile Club D-italia, F.I.A. and
plated, 15 cm high, on a wooden plinth See Brennerpass 1372m (3) £30 - 50
illustration £70 - 100
Sheffield 1906, 16.5 cm high (approx. 17.33 ozt
all in) See illustration £200 - 300

90 A CMC Ferrari 500 F2 (1953) 1:18 die-cast

model, with certificate, boxed See illustration £80
- 120

91 A CMC Maserati Tipo 61 (1960) Birdcage- 100 A silver two handled trophy cup, awarded to
Claude F Temple, inscribed C F Temple 1921 104 A 1924 Brooklands Automobile Racing Car
Chassis-Version limited edition 1:18 die-cast
Champion Class E, London 1921, 16 cm high Club (BARC) full members badge and guest
model, with certificate and presentation stand,
(approx. 9.77 ozt all in) See illustration £100 - badge, vitreous enamelled in blue and red, both
boxed See illustration £120 - 140
150 numbered 482 (2) See illustration £100 - 150

92 A CMC Mercedes Benz Targa Florio (1924)

The Red Mercedes 1:18 die-cast model, with
certificate, boxed See illustration £70 - 90

101 A Victorian silver plate, awarded to Claude F 105 A 1925 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club
Temple, with pierced and embossed decoration, (BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous
93 A CMC Maserati 250 F (1957) 1:18 die-cast
inscribed BMCRC Season 1924 Best Aggregate enamelled in blue and white, both numbered 566
model, with certificate and packaging See
Class E C F Temple, import marks for London (2) See illustration £100 - 150
illustration £80 - 100
1893, (some damages), 23 cm diameter (approx.
10.55 ozt all in) See illustration £100 - 150



96 106 A 1926 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club

102 A 1922 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club (BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous
(BARC) members badge and two guest badges, enamelled in white and red, both numbered 715
97 vitreous enamelled in blue and white, all (2) See illustration £100 - 150
impressed with matching number 622 (3) See
illustration £140 - 180
98 A silver two handled trophy cup and cover,
awarded to Claude F Temple, inscribed 11th 90
MPH Long Handicap second prize 6th August
1923 and a BARC Brooklands laurel wreath
insignia, London 1923, 26 cm high (approx. 32.18
ozt all in), on a display plinth See inside back
cover and other illustration £400 - 500
103 A 1923 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club
(BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous
enamelled in red and gold, both number 420 (2)
107 A 1927 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club
See illustration £100 - 150
(BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous
enamelled in light and dark blue, both numbered
569 (2) See illustration £120 - 160

99 A silver three handled trophy cup, awarded to

C F Temple, inscribed Motorcycling Club
Brooklands 1923 Starley Cup won by C F Temple,
enamelled in grey and dark blue, both numbered high including fixing lug See illustration Note:
402 (2) See illustration £140 - 180 This full members badge is the former property of
Claude F Temple, the Brooklands racer,
motorcycle manufacturer and motorcycle record
speed holder £300 - 500

113 A 1933 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club

108 A 1928 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club (BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous
(BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous enamelled in green and white, both numbered 577
enamelled in black and white, both numbered 407 (2) See illustration £100 - 150
(2) See illustration £120 - 180 118 A collection of period black and white
photographs and ephemera belonging to the late
Claude F Temple, including a Shell achievements
booklet (One hundred miles covered on a
motorcycle in less than one hour the first time in
history), various photographs of Claude and his
motorcycles at Montlhery, Brooklands and other
locations, the Vintage Motorcycle Club Journal
dated October 1967, a Brooklands Society
Magazine, and other similar items (box) See
inside front cover and other illustration £300 - 500

114 A 1934 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club

(BARC) members badge and two guest badges,
109 A 1929 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club vitreous enamelled in orange and black, all
(BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous numbered 1180 (3) See illustration £150 - 250
enamelled in blue and white, both numbered 723
(2) See illustration £100 - 150

120 An Autolite Successes advertising poster, with

a pictorial image of a spark plug and three racing
115 A 1935 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club cars See illustration £40 - 60
(BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous
enamelled in light and dark blue, both numbered
501 (2) See illustration £100 - 150

110 A 1930 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club

(BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous
enamelled in green and white, both numbered 653
(2) See illustration £140 - 180

116 A British Motorcycle Racing Club label

badge, vitreous enamelled in black, white, red and
blue, with nine year bars, vitreous enamelled in
various colours (10) See illustration £100 - 150

111 A 1931 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club

(BARC) members badge and two guest badges, 121 An Autolite Successes advertising poster, with
vitreous enamelled in orange and black, both a pictorial image of a Lotus Formula One racing
numbered 414 (3) See illustration £150 - 250 car in the rain £30 - 50

117 A Brooklands Automobile Racing Club 122 An Autolite Successes advertising poster, with
(BARC) full members badge, depicting two a pictorial image of a Ford GT40 racing at night
stylised racing cars on the Brooklands banking £40 - 60
going underneath the members bridge, vitreous
enamelled in blue, green, cream, light and dark
112 A 1932 Brooklands Automobile Racing Club blue, the reverse impressed Spencer London 880, 123 Assorted Ford advertising posters, including
(BARC) members badge and guest badge, vitreous this badge is the property of the Brooklands Mondeo Homologation Special, Ford Motor
Automobile Racing Club, approximately 13 cm
Company 75th Year Anniversary, and others 133
similar (qty) £40 - 60
124 Five Ford Motorsport advertising posters,
including Ford Escort Cosworth, First Time Out
Talevara Rally, 1996 Monte Carlo Rally, and 135 A British Leyland (Morris) forecourt dealer
others (5) £40 - 60 sign, 30 x 108 cm See illustration £60 - 80

125 Assorted Ford Motorsport advertising posters,

including Ford Capri at Le Mans 1977, Ford
Cortina and Red Arrows, and others similar (qty)
£30 - 50

126 Assorted Ford advertising posters, including 136 An enamel advertising sign, Lyons Coffee and
1987 Benetton Ford F1, DFV 150 Victories 1967- Chicory Extract, red script on a yellow ground,
1982, Grand Prix Williams 1968-1977 and others bright colours, but some enamel losses, 45 x 150
similar (qty) £30 - 50 cm See illustration £80 - 120

127 A cherished registration number, 4192 UN,

with retention certificate £450 - 550

128 A Bryan de Grineau limited edition print, a

Sunbeam losing a wheel at the Brooklands circuit, 143 An enamel sign, Vehicle Testing Station,
86/250, signed to the margin by Anthony S Heal approved by the Ministry of Transport, with white
£50 - 70 137 An enamel advertising sign, Lodge Plugs, script and Ministry of Transport symbol, on a blue
black script on a yellow ground, minor enamel ground, some fading, 64 x 61 cm £20 - 30
129 A Bryan de Grineau limited edition print, Jack losses to edges and some discolouration, 45 x 122
Dunfee on the winning Bentley passing Zehender cm See illustration £70 - 100 144 A rare Hillman double sided enamel
(Mercedes) in the Brooklands 500 mile race in advertising sign, with yellow script on a blue
1931, and another similar, both 86/250 and signed ground, with Hillman logo, some enamel losses,
by Walter Hassan OBE (2) See illustration £100 - 38 x 71 cm See illustration £80 - 120

138 A large sign written sign, Joseph Moore

Aviation Parts and Maintenance (some paint
losses) 41 x 183 cm £20 - 40

139 A double sided enamel advertising sign,

White Rose Oil Purest & Best, with white and red
script on a blue ground, some corrosion damage
and minor enamel losses, 46 x 56 cm £40 - 60
145 An enamel double sided sign, N.T.C. Public
130 A Phil May limited edition print, Full Telephone, with white script on a blue ground in
Throttle, 240/500, signed £50 - 70 140 A double sided enamel advertising sign, the form of a bell, some discolouration and enamel
Cleveland Premium Paraffin, with yellow and losses to the edges, 48 x 48 cm
white script on a black ground, minor enamel
131 A Dion Pears limited edition print, Racing losses, and some corrosion damage, 32 x 48 cm
Green, 220/500, signed in pencil to the margin £30 - 40 146 An RAC enamel sign, Get-You-Home
See illustration £60 - 80 Service, with white script on a blue and white
ground, 26 x 26 cm, and an AA Breakdown
141 A double sided tin advertising sign, We Sell Service shield shaped enamel sign, 23 x 17 cm (2)
Only Esso Blue, 50 x 35 cm £50 - 70

142 An enamel advertising sign, Filtrate, The Oil 147 An enamel advertising sign, Sunlight Soap,
For Motor Lubrication, white script on a red faded, enamel losses and some retouching, 38 x 51
ground, some minor enamel losses, 53 x 35 cm cm £20 - 30
See illustration £40 - 60

148 An enamel double sided sign, You may

telephone from here, white script on a dark blue
ground, with hanging bracket, 30 x 48 cm See
illustration £60 - 80

132 A limited edition colour photograph, of

Ayrton Senna aboard a F1 Williams Renault,
signed by the photographer numbered 302/500,
framed £30 - 50

160 A cast iron water pump, 130 cm high £30 - 50

161 A Gilbert & Barker T8 petrol pump, with

internal fittings, hose, nozzle and plastic Shell
globe, 255 cm high See illustration £300 - 500

149 A Wills's Capstan Cigarettes pictorial enamel 153 A RAC double sided enamel sign, with
advertising sign, with blue and white script on a hanging bracket, 55 x 55 cm See illustration £80 -
light blue ground, with an illustration of a lit 120
cigarette, minor enamel losses to edges, 153 x 92
cm See illustration £100 - 150

154 A double sided enamel advertising sign, We

recommend Esso Blue, good bright colours, 46 x
55 cm See illustration £100 - 150 162 An Avery Hardoll petrol pump, with dial for
gallons and half gallons, site glass, pipe and
nozzle, complete with a plastic Shell globe, in
white and green livery, 204 cm high complete with
globe See illustration £200 - 300

150 A Brooke Bond Tea enamel advertising sign,

with black script on an orange ground, minor
enamel losses to edges, mounted in a frame for
wall hanging, 80 x 53 cm £30 - 50 155 A large tin service bay sign, Esso Lubrication
Service, 90 x 180 cm £20 - 30

151 An RAC enamel sign, Get-You-Home

Service, blue script on a white ground, minor 156 An enamel sign, Esso, oval, red script on a
enamel losses, 26 x 26 cm £20 - 40 white ground, good bright colours with minor
enamel losses to edge, 99 cm wide See illustration
£70 - 100
152 An enamel advertising sign, Gargoyle
Mobiloil Vacuum Oil Company Ltd, with red
Gargoyle trademark, and black script on a white
ground, minor enamel losses, 76 x 114 cm See
illustration £150 - 200


Barry Sheene inspired colour scheme. This
The Motor Vehicles awesome GSX-R Harris show stopper was
conceived to showcase all their performance
goodies. Y553 BFX was supplied by Crescent
Starting at 1.30pm Suzuki of Bournemouth to Harris where the
200 A 1991 Moto Guzzi Nevada 750 motorcycle, comprehensive transformation to a fire breathing
registration number H220 NEL, frame number street racer took place. A brief description of the
LF11330, engine number LF10900, blue. This performance parts included a pair of Ohlins front
Nevada was acquired by the current vendor in fork legs to road track specification, race
1995. It was taken off the road in 2003 to specification Ohlins rear shock, front and rear
investigate a gearbox problem which due to other Marchesini wheels, AP front brake conversion kit,
commitments and the purchase of other comprising 2 x 6 piston calipers, 2 x 320 mm
motorcycles was never rectified. H220 NEL is floating discs, stainless steel braided brake hoses
equipped with a fly screen and leather panniers. and stainless steel fittings and the Born To Be
The history file contains a run of MOTs back to Wild paint work. This is only a fraction of the
1995 and an owners manual. V5C, no current work carried out and a list of all the modifications 207 A 1957 Morris Minor Saloon, registration
MOT, on SORN See illustration £300 - 400 is available. The current owner has maintained the number 4 AYA, chassis number FBA/551402,
GSX in showroom condition and a full service engine number 9M-U-H116483, black. This
history confirms the very low mileage of 2045 Morris Minor has black coachwork with a red
miles. The history file contains all the service and leather interior and a fascinating history. It has
maintenance receipts, old MOTs, the original had one family ownership and has been kept in the
owners pack from Crescent Suzuki, same garage every night except on two occasions
correspondence from Harris with the original when it went on holiday to Brighton for a week
receipt for £11,300 (the original purchase price of and for the opening of Coventry Cathedral in
the bike was a similar figure), magazine articles by 1962. Purchased by Mr AW Hayne, the proprietor
Superbike, March 2002, Superbike calendar, MCN of Townsend Garage, Tintinhull, Somerset used it
January 2nd 2002, and MCN Supplement where as his every day car until his death in 1970. It then
the bike was featured. There is also a photograph passed onto his wife who used it until 1974 and
of Barry Sheene signed a spare tail section and the finally their daughter who continued to use it until
aforementioned tail section which accompanies 1977 when it went into its garage. This original
the file. The vendor informs us that the Morris has covered over 100,000 miles and hasn't
performance is phenomenal with a top speed of been restored, only receiving maintenance as
201 A 1982 Yamaha XJ750D motorcycle, approaching 200 mph and 0-60 mph in the blink necessary. In 2010 the car was recommissioned
registration number JRV 449X, frame number on an eye. Having kept the bike in supreme for its current MOT by the family. The history file
15R-018852, engine number 15R-018852, black. showroom condition the bike would grace any contains the original warranty, eight old MOTs
JRV 449X was imported in 1998 and it has had collection and be admired at any show and is now and sundry invoices. The Morris Minor enthusiast
two registered keepers since. The second and ready for a new owner to experience the now has an opportunity to purchase an original
current owner acquired the motorcycle in 1999. phenomenal performance. V5, V5C, MOT to June unmolested car with the valuable Somerset
The XJ750 is equipped with a DOAC inline four 2011, currently on SORN See inside front cover registration, 4 AYA. RF60, V5, V5C, MOT to
cylinder engine and has shaft drive. During the and other illustrations £7500 - 8500 May 2011, tax exempt See illustrations £2000 -
current ownership the motorcycle has been MOT'd 2500
by Just Bikes of Shaftesbury. The history file
contains the old MOTs from 1999 and a Haynes
workshop manual. With it's current MOT, the
motorcycle is now ready for the next owner to
enjoy. V5C, MOT to April 2011, no current tax
See illustration £1100 - 1300


206 A 1984 Ford Capri 2.8i, registration number

B693 VOU, chassis number
WF0CXXGAECEL33435, engine number
EL33435, black. The Ford Capri, the British
208 A 1987 Volvo 240 GL four door saloon,
interpretation of the American Ford Mustang
registration number D498 FCR, chassis number
muscle car, has always been a firm favourite with
YV1244833H1246060, engine number 14614,
the British public. Not only appealing to the
blue. The vendor informs us that this totally
family man with a young family but also young
original and superb example has covered an
lads with racing aspirations. This 2.8 injection is
approximate genuine 80,000 miles, supported by a
finished in black with a recently re-trimmed grey
202 A Francis Barnett Cruiser motorcycle, green, total service history from new. The first owner
leather and cloth Recaro interior and has an
fitted a Villiers 2 stroke engine, no documents and was the custodian of the car from 1987 to 1990,
electric sunroof, five speed gearbox, a rebuilt
will require an application to DVLA to acquire a the second owner from 1990 to December 2010, at
engine and rolls on correct pepper pot alloy
registration number See illustration £600 - 700 which time for probate purposes the registration
wheels. The vendor informs us that B693 VOU is
passed to his son. Accompanying the car is a full
in rude health and with its twin stainless steel
service history, service books and original fitted
exhaust sounds every bit the street racer. V5C,
tools. V5C, MOT to July 2011, no current tax
MOT to July 2011, currently on SORN See
See illustration £1250 - 1450
illustrations £1500 - 1800

209 A 1981 Mercedes Benz 280SL roadster,

203 A 2001 Harris Performance (Racing) Suzuki registration number DDZ 5147, chassis number
GSX-R1000 K1 motorcycle, registration number WDB1070422011671, engine number
Y553 BFX, frame number JS1BL111100100973, 11099022000137, white. The 107 Series roadsters
engine number T708-105297, Born To Be Wild and coupés were manufactured between 1971 and
1989 and approximately 227,000 rolled off the number WDB1240522C259055, engine number
production line. This automatic 280 SL finished 1049922092338, Tourmaline green. This E320
in white with a blue leather interior and mohair coupe is fitted a five speed automatic gearbox and
soft top has the rare rear seat conversion, and air conditioning. Finished in Tourmaline green
works hard top. The history file contains a with a mushroom leather and walnut capped
stamped Mercedes Benz service book, other interior, N830 XTT has been with its current
maintenance receipts and old MOTs. The SL owner for over ten years. The vendor informs use
range of roadsters and coupés now offer stylish, that the car comes with full service history and has
practical and reliable transport if properly covered approximately 137,000 miles, with 85,000
maintained and represent good value for money. of those miles being within his ownership. V5C,
V5, V5C, MOT to November 2011, currently on MOT to June 2011, currently on SORN See
SORN See illustration £4200 - 4500 illustrations £1000 - 1500

210 A 1994 Mini Cooper 1.3i, registration number 214 A 1980 Reliant Scimitar GTC, registration
M160 OCF, British Racing Green with a white number LCL 330V, chassis number 216 A 1974 Volkswagen Jeans Beetle, registration
roof and racing stripes, with black half leather SCD200399AA000060, engine number SC16381, number PFU 415M, chassis number 11-2214122,
interior. The iconic Alec Issigonis designed Mini blue. Reliant are probably best known for their engine number 01160378, orange. The Jeans
was launched in 1959 and revolutionised small car three wheeled cars, the Regal, and Robin, which Beetle is a limited edition of the original Doctor
design. Available under both Austin (Seven) and were made from 1953 until the firm's closure. The Ferdinand Porsche design. Launched in 1974 with
Morris (Mini Minor) designations, the Mini Scimitar was launched in 1968, as the GT, which a flat four 1200 cc engine, distinctive denim
featured a transversely mounted BMC A series was a sports estate with a glass rear hatchback upholstery with contrasting orange stitching, black
engine of 848 cc, sitting on top of the gear window. The convertible version, known as the bumpers and exterior trim, black decals,
box/differential unit, and driving the front wheels. GTC, was to follow in 1980 and was a direct Ludwigshagen (MW-HF) radio and Lemmentz GT
Underneath the box like body the suspension was competitor to the Triumph Stag. This automatic 4.5 inch x 15 inch sports wheels. This Jeans Beetle
by rubber cones and the distinctive wheel at each GTC is finished in blue with a black velour has been maintained to a good standard and has
corner design afforded excellent road holding. interior and has had a new double duck black hood received regular maintenance. It retains its
This three owner Mini Cooper was purchased fitted recently. LCL 330V has driven on a daily original denim interior and sports wheels. There is
from a previous Charterhouse auction and has had basis and the vendor informs us that the power an accompanying history file with previous
little use in the last two years. V5C, no current assisted steering and lazy Ford V6 engine make it MOTs, service and restoration receipts. With a
MOT, no current tax See illustration £2500 - 3000 a reliable and enjoyable experience. V5C, MOT current MOT and tax it is now ready for the new
to May 2011, taxed to April 2011 See illustrations owner to join the surfing set. V5C, MOT to July
£2400 - 2800 2011, taxed to September 2011 See illustrations
211 WITHDRAWN: A 1958 Morris Minor two
door saloon, registration number 266 XUC, £2400 - 2600
turquoise. The evergreen Morris Minor has a
large enthusiastic following, with a very active
owners club and they make the ideal first classic
or every day run about, with its simple and easy to
maintain mechanicals. This example is no
exception, finished in striking turquoise with
contrasting grey interior and 948 cc engine. V5C,
MOT to November 2011, tax exempt See
illustrations £1900 - 2100

215 A 1978 Triumph Dolomite Sprint, registration

number VJT 986S, chassis number 217 A 1999 Quantum H4 Sports, registration
VA25576DLO, engine number VA019862HE, number M226 MYD, chassis number H4-081,
Tahiti blue. Introduced in 1976, the Dolomite blue. Quantum Sports Cars Ltd was founded by
Sprint appealed to the young enthusiast with its 2 the Woodridge family in Stourbridge in 1985
litre 16V engine and four speed with overdrive manufacturing the Quantum 2+2, H4i and Xtreme
gearbox and in time would become known as the models. The firm gained a universal reputation for
original 'boy racers' car of choice. This local quality, service and engineering excellence. The
Somerset Dolly was originally supplied by Creech company was subsequently sold in 2001 to the
Motors and has resided in the Somerset area ever present owners John and Rosmary Sampson of
since. Finished in Tahiti blue with a fawn cloth Loddiswell in Devon, who have continued the 2+2
212 A 1991 Range Rover Vogue 3.9 Efi four door, interior, it has the original 16V engine and rolls on
registration number J593 RTA, chassis number and Xtreme models and providing parts and
original alloy wheels. Supplied with a huge service for these hand built British sports cars.
SALLHAMM3HA477894, engine number quantity of spares including a full engine, a
36D09007A, metallic bronze. The classic Range This particular model was built in 1999 using the
manual overdrive gearbox, a set of original alloy rare Ford RS1800 Fiesta (130PS), of which only
Rover was launched in 1970 and evolved into the wheels, interior trim and a myriad of other useful
four door version in 1981. The specifications have 483 were built between 1992 and 1995, as a donor
spares. VJT 986S is now ready for a new vehicle. Based on a chassis of powder coated steel
got more luxurious as the years have progressed enthusiast to enjoy and with a spares package it
and this four door is no exception. This example enclosed in a glass fibre shell, this open top sports
should make a viable long term project. V5C, car has a removable roof panel and drop down rear
has a cloth interior, wood door cappings, electric MOT to March 2012, currently on SORN See
windows and door mirrors, power assisted steering screen. The engine remains unmodified and the
illustrations £2000 - 2500 vehicle passed SVA in June 1999. Professionally
and original three spoke alloy wheels. The current
owner informs us that the car drives very well and built with full history and records including build
a covered limited miles in the last nine years. manual, Haynes manual and some spares.
V5C, MOT to February 2012, no current tax See Finished in Oxford blue, the high specification
illustrations £2000 - 3000 includes roll bar, ABS brakes, heated front/rear
screens, radio/CD audio auto changer, power
assisted steering, electric mirrors and windows,
213 EXTRA LOT: A Mercedes Benz E320 central locking, front fog/spot lights, rear seat belts
coupe, registration number N830 XTT, chassis and TWS 15 inch alloy wheels fitted with
Yokohama tyres. V5C, MOT to April 2012, taxed executive express. This P5B coupe is finished in rebuilt and the engine bay has been detailed. CYA
to end of April 2011 See illustrations £2800 - the very attractive colour combination of 664J is said to run very well since the restoration
3200 Bordeaux red with a contrasting silver birch roof. and has been used on a regular daily basis, as well
The interior is trimmed in parchment leather and as attending local classic car shows, where it has
beige wool carpets. The V8 engine is mounted to been well admired. V5C, MOT to September
an automatic gearbox and power assisted steering 2011, taxed to August 2011 See illustrations
is fitted. MVU 512G has been the subject of £2800 - 3200
extensive recommissioning and restoration in the
current ownership, which included a body rebuild
and re-spray by TT Workshops. The history file
contains numerous maintenance and service
receipts, old MOTs and the receipt from TT
Workshops for the recommission and restoration
work for £11,000 completed in May 2010. MVU
512G is now ready for a new owner to enjoy and
with its aggressive coupe styling it should appeal
to both the enthusiast and trendy new thing. V5C,
MOT to March 2012, tax exempt See illustrations
218 EXTRA LOT: A 1981 Mercedes Benz 500 £5000 - 6000
SL, registration number YLX 119X, chassis
number 10704622000843, engine number
11796022003564, silver. This 500 SL has covered
approximately 135,000 miles and has been off the 224 A 1949 Bentley Mk VI Special, registration
road since November 2005. It has been with its number KLP 607, chassis number B499CD,
current owner for last 10 years and due to lack of engine number B500C, British Racing Green.
time has not been restored to its former glory. The Bentley Motors, founded by Walter Owen
car comes with its factory hard top, which the Bentley, had an illustrious racing history, winning
purchaser will need to collect from the vendor. numerous races including Le Mans five times.
V5C, no MOT, currently on SORN See Bentley went into receivership in 1931 and was
illustrations £700 - 1000 subsequently purchased by Rolls Royce. Then
production moved from Cricklewood to Derby and
the first new model, a 3½ litre, appeared in 1933,
219 which became known as the Silent Sports Car.
The majority of Mk VI and similar Rolls Royce
220 A 1969 MG B GT, registration number POK 222 A 2003 MG TF, registration number KF53 models introduced after WWII were delivered
220G, chassis number GHD4167885G, engine TXX, chassis number SARRDWBKC4D622196, with standard steel saloon bodies, made by Pressed
number 18V847-H12529, old English white. The engine number 18K4FP27107511, silver. This Steel. However customers still had the option to
MG B made its debut at the 1962 British Motor MG TF has covered 30,000 miles with its lady have a rolling chassis delivered to a coach builder
Show and has been part of the British motoring owner. Finished in metallic silver with a black of their choice, where a bespoke body would be
scene ever since. The stylish GT version, with its cloth interior and blue hood. It has the usual fitted and trimmed. B499 CD was such a car - she
practical rear hatchback, joined the Roadster in refinements associated with the end of the line was delivered to Gurney Nutting on the 6th June
October 1965 and was instantly christened the model, including electric windows, power assisted 1948, where a four door sports saloon body was
poor man's Aston Martin by the motoring press. steering, stereo CD player, central locking, wind fitted. From there, B499 CD travelled to Jack
POK 220G was exquisitely restored for the current deflector, tonneau and alarm with immobiliser. Barclay Ltd where the new lucky owner would
lady owner by her late husband. He rebuilt the car The car has full service history and owners take delivery on the 8th April 1949. B499 CD was
with the intention of it being used as a daily driver. handbooks. MG TF's make good every day usable purchased by the current owner with the intention
Finished in old English white with a retrimmed red sports cars with an enthusiastic following. V5C, of restoring the original Gurney Nutting body to
leather interior, POK 220G further benefits from MOT to December 2011, taxed to November 2011 its former glory. Unfortunately, after careful
some modifications including a Kenlow fan, oil See illustrations £2800 - 3200 inspection, it was felt that the body was beyond
cooler, K&N air filters, CD stereo with auto- repair and the decision was taken to create a
changer and Minilite style alloy wheels, as well as Special in the best sporting tradition. A thorough
having a standard four speed overdrive gearbox. programme of restoration and creation has taken
POK 220G is for sale due to a lack of use by the place, with a new four seat tourer body having
current owner and she feels it would now benefit been made in ash, with hand formed aluminium
from going to a new enthusiastic home where the panels. The engine has been rebuilt with 20 thou
MG will receive the use it deserves. V5C, MOT big end & 30 thou main bearings, valve guides,
to June 2011, taxed to May 2011 See illustrations cylinder head studs and the block has been sleeved
£7000 - 8000 back to standard. The four speed gearbox was
found to be in good condition but a new clutch and
thrust bearing were fitted. The chassis was re-
sprayed and the lower trunnions were rebuilt. The
brakes were rebuilt with new seals and servo and
the refurbished chassis now rolls on stoved enamel
17 inch wheels with new tyres. When all the work
223 A 1970 Ford Cortina Mk II 1300 Super four was completed the engine and gearbox were
door saloon, registration number CYA 644J, moved 14 inches back on the chassis and the
chassis number BA93KP21414, metallic blue. radiator was lowered. The interior has been re-
The second series Cortina came on the scene in trimmed with green leather seats and door cards,
1966 and was available in various engine which complement the green carpets. The
capacities and body styles, including estate, two bespoke mahogany dashboard has refurbished
221 A 1969 Rover P5B Coupe, registration and four door saloons. This local Somerset Mk II dials and an electronic rev counter. There is also a
number MVU 512G, chassis number 84502895C, 1300 Super was first registered in Taunton and it wood rim steering wheel fitted for that finishing
engine number 84007566, Bordeaux red with has resided in the local area ever since. The touch. To complement the British Racing Green
silver birch roof. The rakish P5B coupe was current owner has restored the car to a high body, new weather gear has been made in black
launched in 1967 with the new Buick derived light standard and the bodywork has been re-sprayed in double duck, consisting of a hood, side screens,
alloy V8 engine and with the new engine, the P5B metallic blue, which complements the original two full tonneau and hood cover. B499 CD further
became a true 100 mile per hour motorway tone blue vinyl interior. The engine has been benefits from a fold-flat windscreen, aero screens,
a heavy duty alternator and has been fully re- genuine 107,000 miles from new and has a full
wired. The history file contains a copy of the supporting service history from Jaguar main
build card, specification sheets from the Rolls dealers and Jaguar specialists. Finished in glacier
Royce Enthusiast's Club, a photograph of the white (a rare Jaguar colour) with full magnolia
Gurney Nutting bodied car, general leather interior contrasted with burgundy piping
correspondence and restoration receipts. B499 and burgundy Wilton wool carpets. During the
CD's transformation into a striking sports special present ownership a comprehensive condition
was completed last year and only a handful of assessment was carried out by Chris Knowles of
shake-down miles have been covered since. KWE and the following service and preventative
Unfortunately the current owner feels it won't get measures were undertaken. A full 15,000 mile
sufficient use due to his other projects and he is service was carried out, chemical flush of oil and
reluctantly now having to sell her. This waterways, all coolant and fuel hoses replaced,
beautifully constructed Special is now ready for a ignition leads, plugs, distributor cap and rota
new owner to enjoy the coming summer months in replaced, the electrical system was renovated with
open top splendour. V5C, MOT to March 2012, all connections cleaned, inspected and replaced as
taxed to March 2012 See cover and other 228 A 1982 Range Rover Classic two door, necessary, all cavities and box sections were
illustrations £48000 - 52000 registration number UMY 456X, Lincoln Green. injected with waxoil rust protection, the
The classic two door Range Rover, introduced in underbody was fully undersealed, a KWE full AJ6
1970, started a revolution in four wheel drive engineering Twin-Tube (TT) stainless steel hand
vehicles, offering the first lucky owners saloon car made exhaust was fitted, a super-enhanced ECU,
comfort in a utility vehicle. The Charles Spencer K&N air filters, new oil cooler, radiator, air
King and David Bache's design classic conditioning condenser and re-gas with modern
incorporated the Buick derived V8 in the coolant, refurbished alloy wheels, new front brake
independently sprung chassis, with disc brakes all calipers, discs, pads and hoses were fitted, new
225 round, and had a hi-low four speed transfer shock absorbers and springs front and rear, new
gearbox with diff locks in a body constructed of radius arm and anti rollbar bushes were fitted, both
226 EXTRA LOT: A 1968 Jaguar Mk II 2.4 litre mainly aluminium panels, hung on a steel frame doors were repaired to remove any trace of rust
saloon, registration number RYD 707F, chassis with a split tailgate. This Range Rover is from the and were resprayed and numerous other service
number 1J2893DN, engine number 1J3382-8, last year of two door production, and is fitted with items were replaced. The vast history file
grey. RYD 707F is finished in red leather with a the desirable (teddy bear) cloth interior, and is accompanying the car includes the original leather
walnut dash and sits on wire wheels. It is fitted a finished in the arguably best colour, Lincoln bound sales folder from the supplying dealer
stainless steel exhaust and has covered Green. The vendor informs us that the car drives Julian's Jaguar of Reading, original sales brochure,
approximately 54,000 miles. This four owner very well, both on and off road, and has admiring original owner's handbook, a Jaguar workshop
Jaguar has been in its current ownership for over looks wherever it goes. V5C, MOT and tax TBC manual, the original DAC5574 radio-cassette
25 years and has done very limited miles in the See illustrations £11000 - 12000 owner's manual (as still fitted to the car), KWE
last few. It has its original bill of sale and comes sales brochure, all maintenance receipts and a fully
with an extensive history. This Mk II is now stamped service book. This must surely be one of
229 WITHDRAWN: A 1960 Morris Minor
looking for a new home where it will receive the the best maintained XJS's to come onto the open
convertible, registration number 224 YUC, clipper
use it deserves. V5C, MOT to August 2011, taxed market. The vendor informs us that the car has
blue. This charming Morris Minor convertible,
to July 2011 See illustration £8500 - 9500 been one hundred percent reliable and a joy to
finished in clipper blue (a rare Morris colour) has
own. Personal circumstances mean that the car
its original Duotone interior and has recently been
isn't being used as much as he would like so
227 A 1974 MG B GT V8, registration number fitted with a new blue Everflex hood and hood reluctantly he feels that it is time to pass her on to
PWH 174M, chassis number GD201522G, engine bag. The engine bay has been detailed, the wheels a new appreciative owner. V5C, MOT to April
number 421, teal blue. The evergreen MG B have been powder coated and fitted new tyres 2012, taxed to September 2011 See illustrations
received the Rover V8 3.5 litre engine in 1973. It fitted, and all of the chrome has been replaced. £4000 - 5000
was only ever available in GT form from MG, but After all of the recent work, 224 YUC is now
engine tuners such as Ken Costello and numerous ready to enjoy in the coming summer months.
other enthusiasts have subsequently transplanted V5C, MOT to March 2012, tax exempt See
the Rover V8 into both the roadster and GT. With illustrations £6700 - 7000
the de-tuned 137 bhp Range Rover spec engine,
the MG B GT V8 had very respectable
performance figures of 0-60 mph in 8.5 seconds
and a top speed of 125 mph when new. This MG
B GT V8, offered for auction, has been the subject
of a Category D insurance claim. However the
current owner has restored the vehicle and carried
out any necessary repair to conform to
roadworthiness. The car was then inspected and a 231 A 1947 Allard M1 drop head coupe,
new MOT was obtained. The re-sprayed teal blue registration number JAO 308, chassis number 872,
body is fitted with a Webasto style sunroof (ready engine number B18F7206520, green. Sydney
for the coming summer) which complements the Allard was one of a rare breed; not only was he a
re-trimmed brown cloth interior. The engine has successful racing driver, he was also a respected
received some recent work, including a top engine manufacturer as well. In fact, he won numerous
rebuild and there is a four speed gearbox with races in cars of his own design, including the 1952
overdrive. It also benefits from having a long life 230 A 1989 Jaguar XJS HE, registration number Monte Carlo Rally, in an Allard P1, the 1949
stainless steel exhaust fitted, for many years of G994 VJH, chassis number British Hill Climb Championship, driving an
trouble free motoring. A good history file SAJJNAEW3BB159852, engine number Steyr-Allard Special, and a plethora of other
accompanies the car, with past MOTs, restoration 85066592SA, glacier white. Introduced in 1975, events, both pre and post WWII. The M1,
bills and maintenance receipts. The vendor the Jaguar XJS was the last Jaguar model that had produced between 1947 and 1950, employed
informs us that the car now drives very well and direct design input by the founder of the company, Ford's robust flat head 3622 cc V8 engine in
with the readily available spare parts from the MG Sir William Lyons. It shared the same alloy V12 Allard's trademark chassis incorporating
Owner's Club and numerous other specialists, engine first used in the series III E-Type, clothed independently suspended split front axle and
should offer the next owner years of in a striking new grand tourer coupé body and was transverse-leaf rear end, in a chassis 6 inches
entertainment. V5C, MOT to January 2012, available with both automatic and manual longer that the K-type. The extra length allowed
currently on SORN See illustrations £4500 - 5500 transmissions. This fastidiously maintained two the insertion of two rear seats. JAO 308 was
owner automatic XJS has travelled an approximate purchased from a previous Charterhouse auction in
2003, by a well known West Country collector, 236 A 1975 Ford Granada Ghia Coupé, crashed and written off by a well known motoring
where it resided in his collection awaiting final registration number HTT 710N, chassis number journalist. The current owner has undertaken a full
restoration and assembly. Unfortunately, due to GAGCPM01310, engine number PM1310, flame rebuilt with a new Morgan chassis (receipt for
the collector's demise, the car received no further orange. The Granada range was launched in 1972 £10,722 on file), and numerous other components
work. Purchased by the current owner in 2009, with a four door saloon and swooping two door totalling approximately £26,000. J0438 was
the intention was to finish the car and compete in coupé, which was only available initially on the subsequently submitted for a SVA test, which it
trials events. However, due to other commitments, Continent. UK car buyers had to wait until 1974 passed with flying colours. Finished in the original
this hasn't been possible. JAO 308 has benefited to experience the range topping Ghia coupé. colour of Monteray blue with a full saffron leather
from extensive restoration work, including a Powered by the 3 litre Essex V6 engine mated to interior with blue carpets piped in saffron and a
rebuilt engine, chassis, running gear, wiring loom, the C3 three speed auto gearbox, gave effortless blue mohair hood. The mechanical specification is
inner panel work and ash frame. The outer panels performance with a top speed of 110 mph and a 0- very high with a 4-cam 32 valve V8 engine, a
have been hung on the frame and have received a 60 mph of eleven seconds when new. The Ghia Getrag six speed gearbox, variable assisted power
coat of protective green paint. The history file coupé is a very rare sight on the roads today with steering, front independent suspension with Eibach
contains an Allard instruction manual, copies of perhaps only a couple of hundred survivors coil springs with Koni shock absorbers, rear
Allard engineer's reports, assorted photographs of remaining from the production run of independent suspension with fully floating discs,
the restoration in progress, invoices and various approximately 9600. This Ghia coupé has been the rose jointed linkages, AP racing brakes with
road test reports. With such a lot of the hard work subject of a full bare metal restoration, carried out ventilated cast iron discs, 4 pot alloy calipers and 2
already completed, JAO 308 offers the next owner by the leading Granada restoration company pot rears, and five spoke 18 inch OZ magnesium
an exciting opportunity to complete a rare car and CARR (Classic Auto Restoration & Repair) and alloy wheels fitted with Dunlop SP Sport 9000
join an exclusive club. RF60, no current MOT or has been features in Classic Ford on two occasions 225/40ZR18 tyres. There is a vast history file
tax See illustrations £13000 - 14000 (July 2009 & May 2010). HTT 710N rolled off accompanying the car outlining all of the rebuild
the production line in 1974 and was registered to work, various receipts and photographs of the
its first Devon owner in 1975, a director of a local rebuild in progress. It is hoped by the time of the
232 property company. The supplying dealer being auction, J0438 will have been issued an age
Hughes Ford of Exeter. Finished in the 'oh so related registration number and V5C. MOT to
233 seventies' colour combination of flame orange March 2012, no current tax See illustrations
with a tobacco brown vinyl roof, which £45000 - 50000
complements the 'shagtastic' velour and wood trim
234 to a tee. Further luxury refinements found on the
flagship Ford are a steel sunroof, original Ford
235 A 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa Sport, over mats, leather trimmed steering wheel and the
registration number B8 TGA, chassis number retro digital clock. During the restoration the
WP0ZZZ91ZJS141182, engine number 63J04421, decision was taken to install a four speed manual
graphite green. The legendary 911 was first gearbox. This was a period factory option but
unveiled to the general public at the 1963 very few customers 'ticked' that option box,
Frankfurt Motor Show and the first production preferring the lazy automatic. HTT 710N has a
cars were delivered in 1964. The 911 production good history file with receipts, old MOTs and the
has evolved over the years with several cosmetic two magazine articles featuring the restoration.
and mechanical changes, increased engine size and The vendor says that the Ghia coupé captures that
more luxurious trim finishes. B8 TGA, a desirable retro cool vibe and epitomises the paisley pattern,
3.2 litre engine Targa Sport, has been owned by kipper tie and flares era better than any other car
the current lady owner for the past six years. from that period. This professional restored Ghia
During that time she has maintained the car with coupé must surely be one of the very best 238
no expense spared. The body work is finished in survivors and offers the next owner a rare
graphite green (recently re-sprayed) a rare colour opportunity to indulge their seventies dream.
option, which complements the parchment leather V5C, MOT to August 2011, taxed to July 2011
interior. B8 TGA further benefits from other See illustrations £6000 - 7000
luxury refinements such as electric drivers seat, 240 A 1960 Jaguar Mk II 2.4 Litre saloon,
CD multi-changer, electric windows, mirrors, registration nuumber 863 FDV, chassis number
heavy duty battery, G50 gearbox, immobiliser, 103556D/N, engine number 8G4993-8, Indigo
central locking and removable Targa roof. The blue. Jaguar launched the compact 2.4 sports
full Porsche service history confirms the mileage saloon in 1955 with unitary construction, which
of 105,000 miles, with service and maintenance was a huge leap forward in design from the
receipts, hand books and old MOTs. The lady separate chassis employed in previous models.
owner informs us that B8 TGA has been her pride The 2.4 was powered by a version of the XK
and joy and it has never been out in the rain during engine, first seen in the XK 120, which in C and D
her ownership. This 911 has been maintained in Type form went onto win Le Mans four times.
excellent condition and should make the next The Mk II version appeared in October 1959,
owner very proud. V5C, MOT to September available with 2.4, 3.4 & 3.8 litre engines, and
2011, taxed to October 2011 See illustrations offered the sporting enthusiast grace, pace and
£16000 - 18000 value for money. 863 FDV, a desirable manual
overdrive example, has resided in the Bideford
237 A 2007 Morgan Aero 8 Mk III, registration area of Devon with it's three owners since rolling
number TBC, chassis number J0438, Monteray off the Brown Lane production line. Finished in
blue. The Aero 8 was Morgan first new model Indigo blue (which was re-sprayed 20 years ago)
since the 4/4 was seen the late 1930s. Breaking with a contrasting grey leather interior, walnut
away from the traditional ash framed body to a all- dashboard and door cappings. The three owners
new aluminium chassis. Powered by BMWs V8 have driven 863 FDV approximately 89,000 miles
engine driven through a Getrag six speed gearbox, and have maintained her to a high standard. She
it was endowed with true super car performance benefits from recently having a stainless steel
with a maximum speed of 160 mph and a 0-62 exhaust, a new radiator and subframe mounts and
mph achieved in under 5 seconds. The Aero 8 brake overhaul (receipt of file for £1062.34) The
continues to be built at the Malvern Link factory history file contains service bills, old MOTs and
aside its Aeromax sibling to exacting standards. owner's manual. 863 FDV started readily on our
J0438 has lived a very interesting life. It started recent visit and sounded very throaty with it's
out as Morgan's 2007 show and press car. stainless steel exhaust. With its continuous history
Unfortunately during one of the press days it was and regular maintenance it should offer the next
custodian many more years of service. V5C, elliptic leaf springs. The resulting new car was a
MOT and taxed to February 2012 See illustrations real wolf in sheep's clothing with a top speed of
£10000 - 12000 120 mph and a 0-60 time of eight seconds. This
beautifully restored Tiger Mk I has been the
subject of a bare metal, nut and bolt restoration,
which was started by the previous lady owner,
who acquired the car in 1989. She used the car as
a daily driver before embarking on a full bare
metal rebuild. Unfortunately she was unable to
finish the task and the current owner, who
acquired the car in 2002, completed the task by
2003. Finished in bright tartan red with black
vinyl seats, carpets, walnut dashboard and steering
wheel. BFO 424D further benefits from having a
factory steel hardtop, black soft top, stainless steel
twin exhaust and sits on the correct Minilite alloy
wheels. The engine was found to be in excellent
condition when the heads were removed so
241 A 1953 MG TD 1250, registration number machine work was kept to a minimum. The only
WSU 830, chassis number TD27558, engine change from standard specification was the fitting
number XPAGTD27916, Old English White. The of a Holley two barrel carburettor. The engine
TD was the fourth model in the T series of MG was duly installed into a detailed engine bay. The
sport cars, which started with the TA in 1936 and history file contains photographs of the car
finished with the TF in 1955. WSU 830, an stripped to bare metal, MOTs back to 2003, but
original right hand drive car was exported to unfortunately no earlier history. With AC Cobras
Canada and returned to these shores in 1988. The now well into six figures the Sunbeam Tiger offers
subject of a full and comprehensive restoration the enthusiast possibly a last chance to experience
which was completed in 2006 and the vendor has similar performance at a fraction of the cost. V5,
travelled approximately 300 miles in it since the V5C, MOT to June 2011, taxed to September 2011
completed restoration. The beautiful Old English See illustrations £20000 - 25000
White coachwork is complemented by the re-
trimmed apple green leather seats, door cards,
dashboard and green carpets with bound edges.
The hood and side screens are re-trimmed in black
double duck. All of the chrome work has been re-
chromed, the engine and gearbox have been re-
built and the car sits on stove enamelled wheels
with new tyres. During the restoration the
decision was taken to install discreet modern
indicators front and rear and a battery cut out
switch to aid battery life. The vendor informs us
that the car drives beautifully since the completed
restoration and having covered only 300 miles
since will still require running in. The decision
has now been made to sell the car as the TD is
receiving little use and also so the vendor can
concentrate on his two MG A's. V5C, MOT to
January 2012, taxed to January 2012 See
illustrations £15000 - 18000

242 A 1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk I, registration

number BF0 424D, chassis number B9473691
HR0FE, engine number 4549F21KA, tartan red.
The Sunbeam Tiger was inspired by the AC
Cobra, the result of mating Ford's small block V8
with an AC Ace. Routes American Motor Inc.
saw the potential to do the same with the Alpine
and intrusted Carroll Shelby with the task. Carroll
duly produced a prototype incorporating the 4.2
litre (260 cu in) Windsor engine into the Alpine.
Most of the Alpine's basic layout was retained
with independent front suspension incorporating
coil springs and live rear axle supported by semi-