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masterzemog (2:00 PM): I'm here

masterzemog (2:01 PM): Had to take out the trash

Amanda (2:01 PM): o
Amanda (2:01 PM): im here
masterzemog (2:01 PM): Are u serious. That's what ur old bf said to u
Amanda (2:02 PM): yep
Amanda (2:02 PM): sorry bout the randomness of the txts im a bit scattered brai
ned today
masterzemog (2:03 PM): Don't worry
Amanda (2:03 PM): ok
masterzemog (2:03 PM): Ur old bf is an idiot
masterzemog (2:03 PM): Ur sexy
Amanda (2:04 PM): thank u
masterzemog (2:04 PM): U look so hot babe
Amanda (2:04 PM): thanks
masterzemog (2:05 PM): What are u wearing baby
Amanda (2:05 PM): its nice to hear usually call me fat, ugly, what every they c
an think of
Amanda (2:06 PM): a pair of jeans and a t- shirt from my old High School
masterzemog (2:06 PM): I bet u look hot
Amanda (2:07 PM): idk u can only look so hot with a wrist brace on
Amanda (2:09 PM): what r u wearing?
masterzemog (2:09 PM): I'm just in shorts
masterzemog (2:09 PM): Red shorts
Amanda (2:09 PM): cool
masterzemog (2:09 PM): And u would look hot in ur arm brace baby. I'd write I l
ove you on it
Amanda (2:11 PM): u d the first to write on it
masterzemog (2:12 PM): U only need me baby
masterzemog (2:12 PM): I'll draw on it
Amanda (2:13 PM): i do only need u
Amanda (2:13 PM): i would like that
Amanda (2:14 PM): why does my family have to be involved with the mafia?
masterzemog (2:15 PM): I don't know. If it wasn't for that you'd be here now
Amanda (2:15 PM): exactly
Amanda (2:15 PM): but i probably wouldnt need my arm brace though
masterzemog (2:16 PM): No u wouldn't
Amanda (2:17 PM): i wouldnt be watching Annabelle's wish either
masterzemog (2:17 PM): What do u mean
Amanda (2:18 PM): i wouldnt have to be watching kiddie movies at the moment
masterzemog (2:18 PM): Haha. You'd be watching
Amanda (2:19 PM): i dont know about that
masterzemog (2:19 PM): I know baby. Why watch when we can fuck
Amanda (2:19 PM): yeah
masterzemog (2:19 PM): I'm nasty baby
masterzemog (2:19 PM): Eat ur asshole
Amanda (2:20 PM): hm
Amanda (2:20 PM): never had that done before
masterzemog (2:21 PM): I've seen ur asshole and I will eat it. It's so yummy. A
nd I'll fuck it
Amanda (2:21 PM): i never had either done
masterzemog (2:22 PM): I'll do it
masterzemog (2:22 PM): A lot
Amanda (2:22 PM): ok
Amanda (2:22 PM): id probably enjoy that
masterzemog (2:23 PM): I'll stick my tongue deep in ur pussy and asshole
Amanda (2:23 PM): ok
Amanda (2:23 PM): never had that done either
Amanda (2:25 PM): almost every bf ive had has thought i was ugly
masterzemog (2:25 PM): But why
Amanda (2:25 PM): why what
masterzemog (2:25 PM): If ur were bf and gf why would they think that
Amanda (2:26 PM): because they all were using me to get to my family
Amanda (2:27 PM): and once they found out that they werent getting to my family
they tried to get rid of me as fast as possible
masterzemog (2:27 PM): That's so dumb. I want u
masterzemog (2:27 PM): Just u
masterzemog (2:27 PM): No one else
Amanda (2:29 PM): im glad ive found u
masterzemog (2:29 PM): Really
Amanda (2:30 PM): yes really
masterzemog (2:30 PM): Why babe
Amanda (2:30 PM): because u dont care about getting to my family
Amanda (2:31 PM): ur not usinf me
Amanda (2:31 PM): using me
masterzemog (2:31 PM): I'm not
masterzemog (2:31 PM): I want only u
Amanda (2:31 PM): everyone else i know has used me in one way or another
Amanda (2:31 PM): i know
masterzemog (2:32 PM):
Amanda (2:33 PM):
masterzemog (2:33 PM): Those for me babe
Amanda (2:34 PM): of course
masterzemog (2:35 PM): Ur the best
masterzemog (2:36 PM): How could anyone not love you
Amanda (2:41 PM): lots of people haven loved me
Amanda (2:41 PM): havent
masterzemog (2:42 PM): Well u have one here
Amanda (2:50 PM): yes i do
masterzemog (2:50 PM): How is it sounding
masterzemog (2:50 PM): The meeting
Amanda (2:51 PM): pretty bad
Amanda (2:51 PM): thats y there r large gaps in my talking
masterzemog (2:52 PM): Oh. Concentrate on something happy
Amanda (2:52 PM): im trying
Amanda (2:53 PM): not exactly working
masterzemog (2:53 PM): Anything baby
masterzemog (2:53 PM): Being here, going to Disneyland
masterzemog (2:53 PM): To the beach
Amanda (2:54 PM): the beach sounds good
Amanda (2:55 PM): but i cant concentrate because of everything
Amanda (2:55 PM): im just happy i have the key to the gun vault
Amanda (2:56 PM): or i would be hearing shots
Amanda (2:57 PM): i miss u
masterzemog (2:57 PM): I miss u
Amanda (2:58 PM): 2 years can b over fast enough
masterzemog (2:58 PM): Yeah. If u still want me
Amanda (2:59 PM): i will
Amanda (3:00 PM): will u still want me?
masterzemog (3:00 PM): I will
Amanda (3:00 PM): ok then
Amanda (3:00 PM): its settled
Amanda (3:01 PM): how many children do u want?
masterzemog (3:01 PM): 6
masterzemog (3:01 PM): Lol
masterzemog (3:01 PM): Maybe 2
Amanda (3:02 PM): o. ok
Amanda (3:02 PM): 2 sounds go to me
Amanda (3:03 PM): good
masterzemog (3:03 PM): Boys?
Amanda (3:03 PM): either is fine with me
Amanda (3:04 PM): what r u doing
Amanda (3:05 PM): what do u want girls or boys?
Amanda (3:07 PM): honey?
masterzemog (3:06 PM): I'm watching tv
Amanda (3:07 PM): o
masterzemog (3:06 PM): I'd like boys
Amanda (3:07 PM): what r u watching?
masterzemog (3:07 PM): The sandlot
masterzemog (3:07 PM): It's a cool movie
Amanda (3:07 PM): thats what im watching
Amanda (3:09 PM): boys r fine with me
Amanda (3:09 PM): i love that movie
Amanda (3:10 PM): what would u do if i was there
masterzemog (3:10 PM): Id be fucking u while we watch
Amanda (3:11 PM): nice
Amanda (3:11 PM): where would we fuck
masterzemog (3:12 PM): Our bed, the carpet
masterzemog (3:12 PM): The living room
Amanda (3:13 PM): do u want me to stop txting u so u can watch The Sandlot?
masterzemog (3:13 PM): No. I never want to stop talking to u
Amanda (3:14 PM): i dont want to stop talking either
Amanda (3:15 PM): but if the sitdown ends i might have to stop talking
Amanda (3:17 PM): i miss u everyday
Amanda (3:17 PM): im pretty much counting the months till im free
masterzemog (3:18 PM): Really baby
Amanda (3:18 PM): yes really
Amanda (3:18 PM): honey
masterzemog (3:19 PM): Yes baby
Amanda (3:19 PM): i was just adding honey to my comment
Amanda (3:20 PM): do u care that i have a bad relationship with my parents?
masterzemog (3:20 PM): No I don't
Amanda (3:21 PM): ok. because my realtionship with my father especially is bad
Amanda (3:21 PM): he used to abuse me alot
masterzemog (3:21 PM): Abuse u how
Amanda (3:22 PM): one time he took me by the hair and repeatedly threw my aroun
Amanda (3:23 PM): till i could barely move, the next day i had marks all over
Amanda (3:24 PM): he would also punch me
masterzemog (3:24 PM): Awe baby. I'd never do that to u
Amanda (3:24 PM): i went to school maytimes with black eyes
Amanda (3:24 PM): and my mother just stood by and watched him do this
Amanda (3:25 PM): i know u wont
masterzemog (3:25 PM): Ur dad sounds horrible
Amanda (3:26 PM): he is
Amanda (3:26 PM): i cant stand him
masterzemog (3:26 PM): He doesn't deserve you
Amanda (3:27 PM): im kind of hoping he isnt really my father
Amanda (3:27 PM): since im a wedlock child
masterzemog (3:28 PM): That would be great
Amanda (3:28 PM): yes it would be
masterzemog (3:29 PM): But when ur here you'll never see him again anyway
Amanda (3:29 PM): true. another thing for me to look forward to
masterzemog (3:30 PM): I'll try to make u happy
Amanda (3:31 PM): im sure ull make me very happy
masterzemog (3:31 PM): You'll live a nice life
Amanda (3:32 PM): i believe u
masterzemog (3:33 PM): U won't even think of ur previous life
Amanda (3:34 PM): goood
Amanda (3:34 PM): just u me and our babies
masterzemog (3:36 PM): Yeah. What a great life
Amanda (3:37 PM): whats ur family like?
Amanda (3:39 PM): since my family is super crazy
Amanda (3:40 PM): honey
masterzemog (3:40 PM): They're the best
masterzemog (3:40 PM): So supportive
masterzemog (3:40 PM): Loving
Amanda (3:41 PM): exactly what i need
Amanda (3:42 PM): a family who care bout me
masterzemog (3:42 PM): That's what you'll get here
Amanda (3:43 PM): perfect. makes me mad at my family for doing this to me
masterzemog (3:44 PM): I'm mad too
Amanda (3:45 PM): well the sitdowns over
Amanda (3:47 PM): honey?
Amanda (3:48 PM): i can still talk
masterzemog (3:48 PM): What happened
Amanda (3:48 PM): nothing
Amanda (3:48 PM): except yelling, screaming, and cursing
masterzemog (3:48 PM): What ended up happening
Amanda (3:49 PM): just my uncles and aunt being scolded
masterzemog (3:50 PM): Well are u ok
Amanda (3:52 PM): yes im fine
Amanda (3:52 PM): bit lonely but fine
masterzemog (3:52 PM): I love you. I want u here
Amanda (3:53 PM): i love u. i want to be there

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