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SAP Solution Brief

SAP BusinessObjects Governance,

Risk, and Compliance Solutions
SAP BusinessObjects Global
Trade Services

SAP® BusinessObjects™ Global The SAP® BusinessObjects™

Global Trade Services appli-
Trade Services cation helps you minimize
Enabling a Secure, International trade compliance violations
Supply Chain and accelerate the supply
chain to improve customer
experience. It facilitates
compliance, speedy trade
If your business is increasingly sourcing, the materials that flow across their bor-
manufacturing, and distributing goods ders, governments are scrutinizing
and customs clearance,
on a worldwide basis, you’re not alone export and import processes more reduced duties and landed
in trying to balance the incredible oppor- closely than ever before. Another factor
tunities this affords with the many chal- complicating global trade is trade liberal-
cost, and higher efficiency
lenges that come with global trade. New ization around the world, which is accel- through automation.
regulations and enforcement tactics, erating as bilateral and regional free
fluctuating transportation costs, com- trade agreements continue to prolifer-
plex cross-border regulations, and ex- ate. For many companies, participating
tensive filing and documentation re- in preferential trade programs, such as
quirements combine to make global the North American Free Trade Agree-
trade inherently risky and volatile. At the ment (NAFTA) and European Union (EU)
same time, the growing body of new trade agreements, is essential to gain-
regulations, e-filing mandates, free trade ing and maintaining a competitive edge.
agreements, and penalties and fines for But if your company relies on manual,
noncompliance steadily add to the com- paper-based processes to manage par-
plexity and risk of international trade. ticipation and demonstrate the eligibility
of products for reduced or zero tariffs,
Consider the scope and complexity of it can be an incredibly time-consuming
a typical cross-border shipment, which and expensive task.
involves multiple parties (such as suppli-
ers, shippers, government agencies, Looking ahead in 2011 and 2012, you
and brokers), numerous trade and can expect new regulations requiring
industry-specific documents, various compliance. These include the export
country-specific laws and regulations, control reform, which will create a sin-
and a vast number of trade agreements. gle, combined export regulation, and
If your business is still managing the the National Export Initiative, which will
countless communications and handoffs improve conditions that directly affect
involved in such shipments manually, it the private sector’s ability to export.
can lead to regulatory violations, fines,
and penalties; and ultimately, this will Given these changes and challenges,
slow down your supply chain, damage how can you accelerate trade within
your brand and customer relationships, new and existing markets around
and hurt your bottom line. the world while minimizing trade viola-
tions? SAP can help – with the SAP®
One of the biggest reasons for these BusinessObjects™ Global Trade Servic-
challenges is the rapid increase in global es application. This proven, comprehen-
trade regulations, which is in part a sive solution will help you automate and
response to the continuing threat of monitor complex export, import, and
global terrorism. In order to protect their other processes in real time.
own interests and maintain control over
Single, Complete Solution for • Import management – Expedite cus-
Global Trade Management toms clearance for import shipments,
automate compliance with all regula-
The SAP BusinessObjects Global tory requirements, and streamline
Trade Services application gives you electronic communication with cus-
a single, complete solution for global toms authorities; this allows you to
trade management that automates mitigate risk, reduce costly buffer
global trade processes so you can stock, and enable just-in-time invento-
accelerate your supply chain and mini- ry management. You can also effi-
mize trade violations. Now you can ciently manage letters of credit and
centrally manage, rapidly execute, and comply with the Importer Security Fil-
monitor the five major areas of trade: ing ISF 10+2 reporting requirements.
• Export management – Automate • Special customs procedures – costs – in terms of both day-to-day pro-
complex export and all compliance Reduce operational costs by auto- cess inefficiencies and fines. But with
processes to minimize violations, mating the execution of processes SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade
accelerate document preparation, such as customs warehousing, pro- Services, you can automate the full
and e-file documents in most coun- cessing under customs control, and range of international trade functions
tries that require them. This function- inward and outward processing relief. and vastly reduce their associated cost,
ality can be integrated with the SAP This automation increases productivi- time, and resource requirements. You’ll
ty as you import components and find that most shipments can be pro-
complete manufacturing in a free cessed with little or no human interven-
SAP BusinessObjects Glob- trade zone to avoid paying export tion, freeing your staff members to
duties – savings that go right to your focus on the exceptions routed to them
al Trade Services empowers bottom line. for special attention.
managers and employees • Trade preference management – Fully
leverage multiple international trade For example, you can electronically
to safely manage and moni- agreements by soliciting vendor decla- generate and send communications to
tor a vast number of ship- rations, determining the eligibility of trade authorities and cost-effectively
products for preferential treatment, stay current with ever-changing global
ments without compliance and issuing certificates of origin to trade regulations and agreements. Sup-
violations; this is possible customers. port for automated trade preference
• Excise Movement and Control management – including support for
because communications System (EMCS) – Automate the pro- trade agreements and preferential ori-
are handled electronically. cess for deferring excise taxes with gin determination – enables you to
functionality that supports the EMCS monitor your entire product catalog and
regulatory requirement and keeps receive automatic alerts when opportu-
Transportation Management applica- you in compliance. nities arise to reduce duties and lower
tion so you can create one set of landed cost. And automation of cus-
papers for an entire container of Automate Global Trade Operations to toms processes enables you to track
orders, minimize delays at national Boost Your Bottom Line inward and outward processing relief
borders, and accelerate your supply Manual, paper-intensive processes can and manage customs bonded ware-
chain. bog down your supply chain, increase housing with less effort – and therefore
the risk of human error, and drive up less cost.
Minimize Compliance Violations Accelerate Your Supply Chain By automating and
Avoiding compliance failures is essen- By automating and streamlining
tial to business profitability and sustain- complex export processes, SAP
streamlining complex
ability. Governments worldwide are BusinessObjects Global Trade Servic- export processes,
stepping up enforcement activities – es minimizes delays at national borders
complete with high fines and other pen- so you can deliver goods to customers
SAP BusinessObjects
alties. These consequences can cut more quickly. For example, using the Global Trade Services
deeply into your bottom line, delay software’s comprehensive, automated
shipments to customers, lead to confis- compliance check functionality, you can
minimizes delays at
cated goods, and damage your compa- speed up the compliance process. The national borders so you
ny’s brand. software includes an extensive array of
certified electronic customs communi-
can deliver goods to
With SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade cation interfaces and compliant, global customers more quickly.
Services, you can essentially automate trade forms that accelerate the cre-
compliance – even as regulations ation, delivery, and tracking of commu-
change. Its comprehensive, automated nications. Through its exception-based
compliance check functionality speeds management functionality, the software • Automate global trade compliance
the compliance process. And exception- increases productivity by alerting users with high-integrity compliance checks,
based management functionality alerts of any transaction that fails to meet support for e-filing, and a centralized
employees about any transaction that global trade compliance regulations and view of activities. This enables you to
fails to meet global trade compliance requires action. SAP BusinessObjects increase efficiency, reduce costs and
regulations. SAP BusinessObjects Glob- Global Trade Services helps reduce risk, and scale global trade without
al Trade Services also supports e-filing lead time and expedite customs clear- having to hire more people.
mandates worldwide; the application is ance by integrating your logistics pro- • Accelerate your supply chain by lever-
certified for numerous import and export cess from start to finish and enabling aging timely insights into filing status
customs systems worldwide. the integration of logistics with other and integrated processes that reduce
business functions, including sales, lead times and minimize delays at
At the same time, SAP BusinessObjects purchasing, HR, and transportation. national borders.
Global Trade Services empowers man- • Minimize violations and boost your
agers and employees to safely manage Bottom-Line Benefits bottom line by staying compliant with
and monitor a vast number of shipments global regulations and agreements,
without compliance violations. This is A large number of customers in a wide reducing duties and landed cost, and
possible because communications are variety of industries – including some lowering inventory carrying costs.
handled electronically, appropriate regu- of the world’s best-known brands – are
lations are automatically enforced, and already reaping the benefits of SAP Learn More
every shipment is monitored in real time. BusinessObjects Global Trade Servic-
Executives have dashboards that provide es. Powered by the SAP NetWeaver® To find out more about how the
a centralized view of trade operations technology platform, this state-of-the SAP BusinessObjects Global Trade
so they always know the state of trade art application enables enterprises of Services application can help your
and can intervene in any transaction, if all sizes to gain a wealth of advantages organization minimize violations and
required. You’ll find that your business and capitalize on the growth opportuni- accelerate your supply chain, call
can scale up the volume of its global ties of global trade. At the same time, your SAP representative or visit
trade without having to hire additional you can:
staff to manually handle compliance. /global_trade_services.
Quick facts /contactsap

The SAP® BusinessObjects™ Global Trade Services application provides a single, complete
solution for global trade management that automates processes so you can accelerate your
supply chain and minimize trade violations.

Business Challenges
• Increasing volume of cross-border trade
• Greater compliance complexity
• Growing body of international trade regulations
• New requirements for electronic communication
• Limited internal resources
• Pressure to lower costs and accelerate shipping

Key Features
• Export and import management – Classify products, comply with regulations, manage
embargo checks and export and import licenses, calculate duties, generate
documentation, handle customs warehousing procedures, track inventory, streamline
electronic communications, and manage letters of credit
• Support for specialized customs procedures – Carry out complex tasks, such as
managing customs warehouses and inward and outward processing relief
• Trade preference management – Manage and request vendor declarations, determine
product eligibility for preferential treatment, and issue certificates of origin while taking
advantage of free trade agreements to maximize profitability
• Restitution management – Automate processes associated with the European rules
regarding the import and export of agricultural goods, manage securities and restitution
procedures, calculate restitution amounts, and gain insight into restitution activities

Business Benefits
• Automate global trade compliance with high-integrity compliance checks, support for
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