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1. To my surprise/amazement Nevsehir is not as bad as many students make it out to be.
To my surprise/amazement I passed the KPDS exam. I originally thought I was going to
flunk the exam.
2. It takes serious guts (courage) to stand up to Mr. Said and tell him that he’s wrong.
3. I’m attracted to my wife not because of her beauty, but because she is the most considerate
and kindness person that I know.
My friend attracts a lot of attention on the bus, because she is always loud.
Wow, Tarkan is so/very attractive. When I was little, I always dreamt of being married to
4. We have to pull through (struggle) these next two months, then afterwards we can relax on
the beach in Muğla.
5. Are you the receptionist? Okay, can you please put me through to (pass me along to) your
manager? No problem, I’ll put you in touch with my manager.
6. Spring is the time of the year when many relationships begin to blossom (to grow like a
7. Under no circumstance will I let Yusuf Can borrow my car. The last time he borrowed my
car, he crashed it into a tree.
8. Little did anyone know that the protest in Tunisia would spread throughout the Arab
9. Never would I have guessed (imagined) that it would still be snowy in Nevşehir in April.
10. We can’t wait until the day we graduate (to graduate) from Nevşehir University.
I miss my family. I can’t wait (I’m impatient) to see them.
11. His girlfriend slapped him. He had it coming. He deserved it. That is what he gets
(deserves) for spreading rumors about his girlfriend.
Nobody: Nobody makes me as happy as you do.
Nobody makes me happier than you.
Nobody: Nobody is as attractive as your sister. Dude, I can’t believe you said that to her
face. Dude, you seriously asking for it (asking for a punishment).
No one: No one in the world loves me as much as my mother.
No one loves me more than my mother.
No place: No place in Turkey is hotter than Gaziantep.
No place is as hot as Gaziantep.
Nowhere: Nowhere is as beautiful as Antalya during the summer.
Nowhere is more beautiful than Antalya during the summer.
Nowhere: Nowhere will you meet such hospitable people as in Turkey.
Nowhere will you meet more hospitable people than in Turkey.
Nowhere: Nowhere can you see so many cultures mixing as in Istanbul.
Nothing: Nothing is as important as my family.
Nothing is more important than my family.
Nothing: Nothing makes me as mad as when my friends forget to call me for a picnic.
Nothing makes me madder than when my friends forget to call me for a picnic.
Nothing: Nothing hurts me as much as when my parents refuse to talk with me.
Nothing hurts me more than when my parents refuse to talk to me.
Nothing: Nothing is as hard as the KPDS Exam.
Nothing is harder than the KPDS Exam