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Michael Feinstein brings The GOP field of 2012 Actress Alison Arngrim
his retro crooning to presidential candidates on her years as Nellie
the Kennedy Center in is shaping up to be a on ‘Little House’ and
a Sunday night show. homophobic bunch. subsequent AIDS activism.
PAGE 23 PAGE 12 PAGE 34 • vol. 42, issue 15 • april 15, 2011 • Still sharp after 40 years

Maryland Senate kills trans rights bill

More disappointment for activists;
Miller blamed for failures

A gay member of the Maryland State Senate issued a strongly

worded statement criticizing his colleagues for voting 27-20 on Mon-
day to send a transgender non-discrimination bill back to committee,
an action that killed the bill for the year.
Sen. Richard Madaleno (D-Montgomery County), one of the lead
sponsors and longtime supporters of the Gender Identity Non-Dis-
crimination Act, known as HB 235, joined LGBT activists in expressing
outrage over the Senate’s action.
“Every homeless transgender person that dies on the street will do
so because of the Senate’s failure to pass HB 235,” Madaleno said in
a statement released late Monday.
“Every transgender individual who cannot provide for themselves
or their family because they are denied employment based on their
gender identity will do so because of the Senate’s failure to pass HB
235,” he said.
The bill, which calls for banning discrimination against transgen-
der people in the areas of employment, housing and credit, including
bank loans, had been approved last month in the state’s House of
Delegates by a vote of 86 to 52. Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key

Initial head counts of senators led supporters to believe they had Sen. Brian Frosh (D-Montgomery County), a supporter of the trans rights bill, disagreed with those who accuse
Senate President Mike Miller of orchestrating the measure’s defeat.
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GLAA celebrates 40 years

Activists move from the street to the suite after 4 decades of work
It’s Biddle vs. Mara as our columnists duke it out. Frank Kameny remembers seeing Paul Kuntzler, his campaign manager on a 1971 bid for Congress,
PAGES 20 & 21 walk into Temple Sinai on Military Road in Washington with large reams of paper rolled under each arm
and an elated look on his face.
Kameny, who founded the gay liberation movement in D.C. after being fired from the federal govern-
ment in 1957, needed 5,000 signatures to get on the ballot. With the late February deadline looming,
the group only had about 1,300. Realizing outside help was needed, Kameny and Kuntzler thought
a gay group in New York whom they found to be one of the few “getting much of anything done,” as
Kameny puts it, might be able to help. The group — Gay Activists Alliance of New York — sent two
busloads of people to blanket the District one Sunday afternoon to secure signatures.
A dance was held that night at the Temple and when Kuntzler arrived, the group knew it was home
free. They had about 7,700 signatures — plenty to get Kameny on the ballot. The “Kameny for Congress”
campaign ended with the candidate coming in fourth in a six-way race. Though he lost, the 1,900 votes
internationalnews he secured while running as a then-unheard-of openly gay candidate, galvanized local activists.
Sec’y of State Clinton cites Iran, Uganda for anti-gay abuses. Kameny’s own Mattachine Society was fading as members began to find its formality anachronistic in
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2 • april 15, 2011

passed by the Senate but that it got passed by a two-to-one
margin,” said Lisa Goodman, president of Equality Delaware,
a state LGBT group coordinating lobbying efforts for the bill.
“We think that says a lot about what the citizens of Dela-
ware want to see, that the citizens of Delaware are two-to-one
in favor of civil unions,” she said.
Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign,
called on the Delaware House to quickly pass the bill and
send it to the governor for signing.
“Today we applaud the Delaware Senate for valuing all
Delaware families,” Solmonese said.
A public opinion poll commissioned by Equality Delaware
and conducted in March by the survey research firm Lake
Research Partners found that 62 percent of voters favor al-
lowing same-sex couples to form legalized civil unions, with
31 percent opposing such a law. Seven percent of the voters
polled were undecided. The poll had a margin of error of plus
or minus 3.8 percent.
Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key “We feel very optimistic about getting the bill through the Photo courtesy of Larry Rosen

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray was arrested this week while protesting the House,” Goodman said. “We have all three of the Democratic
budget deal that prevented a shutdown of the federal government. leaders in the House on the bill as sponsors and we’ve been
working very hard with House members.”
Democrats hold a 26 to 15 majority in the 41-member Dela- Thom Gibb, 60
Mayor, Council members ware House of Representatives. Thom Gibb, a former member of the
arrested in protest Goodman said a debate and vote on the bill in the full Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, died
House was expected to take place April 14. of AIDS-related illnesses Feb. 2 at his
D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray and several City Council mem- Similar to civil unions laws in other states, the Delaware home in Columbia Heights. He was 60.
bers were arrested Monday at a demonstration called by DC measure, Senate Bill 30, would provide same-sex couples He died at home in his sleep, according
Vote on Capitol Hill to protest a federal budget deal that in- with all of the rights, benefits and obligations of marriage un- to his friend and housemate of almost 30
cluded city funding cuts. der state law but would not provide any federal rights or ben- years, Larry Rosen, who said Gibb was in
What began at 5 p.m. Monday as a noisy demonstration efits related to marriage. relatively good health until his last month
of a few hundred people quickly escalated into a sit-down The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which Congress and “was still making jokes and laughing.”
street protest that closed Constitution Avenue between First passed in 1996 and President Bill Clinton signed, bars same- Gibb spent his entire career with the
and Second streets led by Gray, the Council Chair and five sex couples from receiving federal marriage-related rights or American Red Cross as did his parents.
members of the Council. benefits. He began as a volunteer in his native
The demonstration was called to protest last week’s budget If the Delaware civil unions measure is approved by the Pittsburgh. He earned his bachelor’s de-
deal to keep the federal government open. President Obama legislature and signed by the governor, Delaware would be- gree from Westminster College in Penn-
and Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) accepted House Speaker John come the eighth state to provide marriage-related rights and sylvania and went on to serve the Red
Boehner’s demand for riders on the D.C. budget, angering benefits to same-sex couples – either through either civil Cross in several eastern states and Ger-
many city residents. The budget deal would prohibit city funds unions or comprehensive domestic partnership laws. many before transferring to the D.C. area
to be used to pay for abortions for low-income women and city Two of the other states – Illinois and Hawaii – approved in the late 1970s. He retired in 2008 and
money could not be used to fund needle exchange programs, such laws earlier this year. The Illinois law is scheduled to take immediately became a volunteer again.
a critical component in the fight against HIV. The budget deal effect in June and the Hawaii law goes into effect in January Gibb was a lifelong music lover, espe-
also includes a school voucher program long opposed by 2012. cially of opera and musical theater. He
many city officials, including Gray. LOU CHIBBARO JR. was an ardent devotee of Maria Callas,
The mayor spoke and called for continued demonstrations. Stephen Sondheim and drag shows, and
“I am fed up and we won’t take it anymore,” he told the crowd.
The crowd’s chants included “Who owns the streets? We
Stein Club elects often bragged about having seen Katha-
rine Hepburn in “Coco.” He joined the
do!” and “Free D.C. Now!” As the crowd grew the mayor took new president Gay Men’s Chorus in 1990 where he sang
to the street and many demonstrators and Council members baritone. He was on the Chorus board
joined him along with the leaders of D.C. Vote. Then a few pro- The Gertrude Stein Democratic Club, the city’s largest and served one year as vice chair. He
testers sat down in the street and the mayor and Council Chair LGBT political group, Monday night elected local attorney was a member of the Circle of Excellence
Kwame Brown joined them and others soon followed. Capitol and lesbian activist Lateefah Williams as its new president. (1999) and a recipient of the “You Are the
police threatened to arrest those that didn’t leave voluntarily Williams replaces Jeffrey Richardson, who resigned as Light” Crystal Award. His last concert with
and when no one moved the paddy wagons were called. president after being appointed by Mayor Vincent Gray as di- the Chorus was in June 2005.
Among those arrested with the mayor were Brown and rector of the Mayor’s Office of GLBT Affairs. Rosen called Gibb a “kind, generous
Council members Michael Brown, Yvette Alexander, Tommy She becomes the first African-American woman to hold the and caring man.” He was an early volun-
Wells and Muriel Bowser. Sekou Biddle, a candidate for the post of Stein Club president since the club’s founding nearly teer with Whitman-Walker’s AIDS servic-
At-Large seat vacated by Kwame Brown, was arrested, while 35 years ago. es group and managed other volunteer
his opponent in that race, Vincent Orange, remained on the Williams also serves as national committeewoman for the caseworkers. He enjoyed food, cooking
sidewalk. D.C. Young Democrats and is a member of the D.C. Demo- and dinner parties.
Also arrested was Jeffrey Richardson, director of the May- cratic State Committee and the Metropolitan Women’s Demo- “He was best known for his ready
or’s Office of GLBT Affairs. cratic Club. sense of humor and distinctive laugh,”
PETER ROSENSTEIN Career wise, Williams is political and legislative director for Gibb said. “He was always easy to find
Local 689 of the Amalgamated Transit Union. She previously in a crowd just by listening for the sound
worked as a policy analyst for the think tank and government of his laughter.”
Del. Senate passes watchdog group OMB Watch and as an attorney in private
practice for local D.C. area law firms. She holds a law degree
Gibb is survived by David Buntin,
Marc Fallow and Larry Rosen of Wash-
civil unions bill from Georgetown University Law School and is a member of ington and J.R. Yeager of Oakland, Calif.
The Delaware Senate voted 13-6 late last week to approve the bar in D.C. and Maryland. He was cremated. A memorial service is
a civil unions bill that would provide same-sex couples with all “It is truly an honor to preside over an organization with scheduled for April 23 at 11:30 a.m., in
of the rights and benefits of marriage under state law. such a storied history and to follow in the footsteps of the the Hall of Service at the headquarters
LGBT activists were optimistic that the Delaware House of many great club presidents who have preceded me,” she of the American Red Cross, 1730 E St.,
Representatives would approve the bill; a vote was expected said. “I am truly committed to service and l look forward to N.W. Donations in memory of Gibb may
Thursday or Friday, after the Blade’s print deadline. Visit wash- working with our members and the community at large to con- be made to the Gay Men’s Chorus of for updates. The state’s governor, Democrat tinue to advance LGBT equality and Democratic ideals in the Washington, 2000 P St., N.W., Suite 730,
Jack A. Markell, has said he plans to sign the bill. District of Columbia.” Washington, D.C. 20036, or to the charity
“We are delighted that not only did the civil unions bill get LOU CHIBBARO JR. of your choice.
april 15, 2011 • 3
4 • april 15, 2011

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant calls referee ‘faggot’
LOS ANGELES — After re-
ceiving a technical foul during a
basketball game this week, Los
Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant
stormed back to the bench and
appeared to call referee Bennie Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key

Adams a “fucking faggot,” ESPN House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) directed the House general counsel to take up defense
reported. Bryant’s reaction was of DOMA. A hearing on marriage is scheduled for April 15.
caught on camera on TNT’s na-
tional telecast of the key Western
Conference battle with the San
House to hear testimony on ‘defending marriage’
Antonio Spurs. He hit his seat be- A subcommittee in the Republican-controlled U.S. House is set on April 15 to hear
fore sitting down, threw a towel testimony in a hearing titled “Defending Marriage.”
and then yelled, “Bennie,” toward The hearing, which is set to take place before the House Judiciary subcommittee on
the court. Bryant then leaned back the Constitution, is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. in Room 2141 of the Rayburn House
and muttered what appeared to be Office Building.
an anti-gay slur. TNT announcer A witness list wasn’t immediately available, nor was the intent of the hearing im-
Steve Kerr picked up on Bryant’s mediately clear.
outburst and said: “You might Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), chair of the committee, has said President Obama could
wanna take the cameras off of him be impeached for his decision to drop his administration’s defense of the Defense of
right now, for the children watch- Marriage Act in court, and the upcoming hearing would likely represent his views.
ing from home.” “The video from In a March interview with Think Progress, Franks said he supports defunding the
Tuesday’s game is under review Justice Department if it doesn’t defend DOMA and added he would “absolutely” favor
by the NBA,” league spokesman impeaching Obama and U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder if doing so “could gain
Tim Frank said to ESPNLosAnge- collective support.” via e-mail. Bryant was On Feb. 23, Obama announced that DOMA is unconstitutional and notified Con-
not initially available for comment. gress that his administration would no longer defend the statute in court.
“We haven’t seen the video, so it Following the Bipartisan Legal Advisory Committee’s party-line vote of 3-2 in March,
would be inappropriate for us to House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) directed the House general counsel to take up
comment on it,” a Lakers spokes- defense of DOMA. He told the Washington Blade during a news conference he doesn’t
Photo courtesy of
person told ESPNLosAngeles. have an estimate for how much House defense of DOMA would cost the U.S. government.
com on Wednesday. Kobe Bryant on the court. Criticism for holding the hearing came Friday from the Human Rights Campaign
and the office of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)
HRC President Joe Solmonese counted the upcoming testimony as the third anti-
Anti-gay UNC hate crime was faked: officials gay hearing that Republicans have held since they took control of the House — recall-
CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — A gay student who claimed he was attacked and brand- ing the two hearings that have already taken place on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal
ed in a hate crime wasn’t telling the truth, officials with the University of North Caro- implementation.
lina at Chapel Hill said Tuesday according to a report from WRAL, a regional news “The Republican Party, and House Republicans in particular, seem to be fixated on
affiliate in the state. Chancellor Holden Thorp said freshman Quinn Matney, who beating up on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans,” Solmonese said.
told authorities he was branded with a searing hot object because of his sexual Drew Hammill, a Pelosi spokesperson, similarly criticized the Republican majority
orientation, filed a false police report, according to CBS affiliate WRAL. “The al- for holding the hearing.
leged aggravated assault reported to campus last night (Monday) did not occur,” “From attacks on women’s health care to this ideological ‘hearing,’ Republicans are
Thorp said in a statement. Matney, who is gay, told authorities that on April 5, a man showing that the only thing they are interested in doing is promoting the divisive social
walked up to him near a foot bridge on campus, called him a derogatory name, policy of their extreme right wing,” Hammill said. “Republicans should abandon these
told him “here is a taste of hell,” and held a heated object to his skin for several foolish ideological quests and work on the American people’s top priority: creating jobs.”
seconds, leaving third- and fourth-degree burns. Randy Young, a spokesman for Whether Boehner supports the hearing wasn’t immediately known. A Boehner
UNC’s public safety department, said charges of filing a false police report are spokesperson didn’t respond on short notice to the Blade’s request to comment on
likely against Matney. University officials initially called the assault a hate crime and the hearing.
pledged to “bring the strongest possible charges against the attacker.” CHRIS JOHNSON

Demographer: U.S. has 4 million gay adults RNC removes anti-gay page from website
SAN FRANCISCO — How many gay men and lesbians are there in the United States? The Republican National Committee has removed from its website a page criticiz-
Gary Gates has an idea but acknowledges pinpointing a solid figure remains an elusive ing President Obama for the pro-LGBT advances he’s made over the course of his
task, the Associated Press reported this week. Gates is demographer-in-residence at the administration.
Williams Institute on Sexual Orientation Law and Public Policy, a think tank based at the The link to the page, which was titled “Hope Isn’t Hiring,” now redirects to the main
University of California, Los Angeles. For the institute’s 10th anniversary this week, he took page for the RNC’s website. According to the Human Rights Campaign, a link to the
a scholarly stab at answering the question that has been debated, avoided, parsed and anti-gay page that was on the RNC main page now goes nowhere.
proven both insoluble and political since pioneering sex researcher Alfred Kinsey said Acts in support of the LGBT community were listed among the 10 things the RNC
in the 1940s that 10 percent of the men he surveyed were “predominantly homosexual.” cited on the page as “The Case Against Obama: Social Issues.” The page went online
Gates’ best estimate, derived from five studies that have asked subjects about their sexual the day Obama officially declared his intent to seek re-election in 2012.
orientation, is that the nation has about 4 million adults who identify as being gay or lesbian, The LGBT-related items were “Despite It Being the Law of the Land, Obama Refused
representing 1.7 percent of the 18-and-over population. That’s a much lower figure than the to Continue Defending the Defense of Marriage Act in Court,” “Obama Repealed ‘Don’t
3 to 5 percent that has been the conventional wisdom in the past two decades, based on Ask, Don’t Tell’ While U.S. Troops Are Still on the Battlefield” and “Obama Opposed
other isolated studies and attempts to discredit Kinsey. One reason, according to Gates, is California’s Prop 8 and Has Expanded Government Recognition of Same-Sex Couples.”
that until recently, few surveys tried to differentiate respondents who identified as gay or les- A RNC spokesperson didn’t respond to the Washington Blade’s request for com-
bian from those who sometimes engaged in homosexual acts or were attracted to people ment on why the “Hope Isn’t Hiring” page is no longer active.
of the same sex. All were lumped into the gay category, the AP reported. Gates found, Last week, HRC sent a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus condemning the
for example, that another 1.8 percent of the adult population, or a little more than 4 million anti-gay page. Log Cabin Republican officials said they communicated with the RNC
Americans, identifies as bisexual, according to his research brief published Thursday by that the anti-gay page would hurt Republicans in 2012.
the Williams Institute. He also estimated that 19 million people, or 8.2 percent of the popula- On Tuesday, Joe Solmonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign, expressed
tion, have engaged in sex with a partner of the same sex. That includes all groups, such as approval over the RNC’s decision to remove the anti-gay page from its website.
gays, bisexuals and heterosexuals who have experimented with same-sex behavior. An- “Hopefully the Republican Party leadership has come to their senses and realized that
other two studies, conducted by state agencies in California and Massachusetts, yielded attacking LGBT families offends the great majority of Americans,” Solmonese said. “Polling
what Gates thinks is the first credible estimate of the nation’s transgender population. He overwhelmingly shows that Americans support LGBT equality and the Republican Party
puts it at about 700,000 adults, or 0.3 percent of the population. would be foolish to campaign on a platform based on discrimination and ignorance.”
april 15, 2011 • 5
6 • april 15, 2011
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Images by LIRONE Photographer

Name: Jim Friesen

Occupation: ConQuest Pest Control

Georgetown • 1517 Wisconsin Avenue NW • Washington, DC 20007 • 202.625.2677

Tysons Galleria • 1828G International Drive • McLean, VA 22102 • 703.848.2197

april 15, 2011 • 7


Iran, Uganda cited for anti-gay persecution

State Dept. report reveals from around the world and is intended
to become a depository of global human
LGBT abuses abroad rights information.
Mark Bromley, chair of the Council for
By CHRIS JOHNSON Global Equality, commended the State De- partment for publishing the findings and said
the LGBT reporting “continues to be robust.”
The U.S. State Department published “The introduction to the report cites an
its annual report last week evaluating escalation of violence, persecution and
the state of human rights overseas and discrimination against LGBT persons
revealing that LGBT abuses persist in as one of three alarming human rights
many places abroad. trends in the world last year,” Bromley
Introducing the findings in a media ap- said. “They note that this also translates
pearance Friday, Secretary of State Hillary into a denial of economic opportunity for
Clinton said the report “usually generates many LGBT individuals.”
a great deal of interest” among those fol- Bromley added the report demon-
lowing human rights and said she hopes strates Clinton has made LGBT rights
the new report will do so again this year. one of the State Department’s top pri-
“Societies flourish when they address orities and said he looks forward to this
human rights problems instead of sup- continued U.S. engagement.
pressing them,” Clinton said. “And we “That is due to the secretary’s lead- Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
hope that this report will give comfort to ership, but also to the many committed ‘Societies flourish when they address human rights problems instead of suppressing them,’ said
the activists, will shine a spotlight on the human rights officers in the State Depart- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton last week.
abuses, and convince those in govern- ment and in U.S. embassies around the
ment that there are other and better ways.” world who are now actually meeting and
The report details the status of human interacting with LGBT human rights ac- “LGBT persons were subject to soci- tiary standards were not always met.”
rights in 194 countries over the course of tivists on a regular basis,” Bromley said. etal harassment, discrimination, intimida- According to the State Department,
2010 and marks the 35th year in which The State Department details the con- tion, and threats to their well-being during gays in Iran are sometimes “pressured”
the State Department has produced the dition of LGBT people in the countries the year,” the report states. “Individuals to participate in reassignment surgery
findings, which are required by congres- examined in the report under the head- openly threatened members of the LGBT “to avoid legal and social persecutions in
sional mandate. ing “Societal Abuses, Discrimination, community and their constitutional rights the country.” Conditions for transgender
Clinton drew particular attention to the and Acts of Violence Based on Sexual during several public events.” people in Iran are seen as more favor-
report’s identification of abuses against Orientation and Gender Identity.” The State Department also finds con- able than they are to gays — although
LGBT people overseas and said monitor- Among the abuses against LGBT peo- tinued abuses against LGBT people in transgender people still face hostility.
ing this activity is a part of the mission for ple that the State Department identifies Iran, where the punishment for homosex- According to the State Department,
the State Department. take place in countries where hostility ual acts is death. police in April found a 24-year-old trans-
“Because I believe, and our govern- based on sexual orientation and gender The report states the country censored gender woman known as Mahsa stran-
ment believes, that gay rights are human identity is well known or has been previ- all materials related to LGBT issues and gled in her apartment. Her two brothers
rights, we remain extremely concerned ously reported by media outlets. the Special Protection Division, a volun- confessed to killing her.
about state-sanctioned homophobia,” In Uganda, where homosexual acts are teer unit of the judiciary, monitored and “Although the brothers were sentenced
Clinton said. already illegal, legislation was pending reported “moral crimes.” to prison time of eight years and three
In addition to unveiling the report, that would have instituted the death pen- “In some cases security forces raided years, respectively, the sentences included
Clinton also announced the launch of a alty for gays, although the bill reportedly houses and monitored Internet sites for suspended jail time, which reduced their
new State Department website: human- has been shelved. Still, the State Depart- information on LGBT individuals,” the re- actual sentence in prison to three years and The site is set to assemble ment finds continued discrimination and a port states. “Those accused of sodomy one year, respectively,” the report states.
reports, statements and other updates lack of legal protections for LGBT people. often faced summary trials, and eviden- Continues at

HUD calls attention to housing discrimination

‘Our programs and John Trasviña, HUD’s assistant secre-
tary for fair housing and equal opportuni-
tion against someone who is LGBT may,
in some cases, violate the law’s exist-
HUD housing and programs are open to
all, irrespective of marital status, gender
our housing are open ty, said the campaign is intended to high- ing provisions, including its prohibition identity and sexual orientation. The pro-
to all families’ light the protections HUD offers against
housing discrimination.
against gender discrimination. Addition-
ally, 20 states and more than 200 local
posed rule doesn’t apply to private hous-
ing, but HUD housing and programs.
“We recognize that we can have all governments have made LGBT-related The 60-day comment period for the
By CHRIS JOHNSON the rules we want, but unless people housing discrimination illegal. proposed rule, which was announced in know about them, they’re not going to “While the person thinks it’s because late January, ended on March 25. Trasvi-
mean anything,” Trasviña said. “So, in of the LGBT status, maybe it’s because of ña said HUD has been examining the
The Department of Housing & Urban addition to some of the actions that their LGBT status and race, or they have more than 300 comments it received dur-
Development is launching a new cam- we’ve taken, what we’re trying to do a disability,” Trasviña said. “Rather than ing this period and said they were “over-
paign that aims to inform LGBT people through this public service campaign just saying, ‘We don’t cover LGBT cases,’ whelming positive.”
about services related to housing dis- is to elevate our presence in the LGBT we’re now saying, ‘We will look into it and “The rule itself is a recognition by HUD
crimination as the department works to community … so people who have see whether we do have jurisdiction.’” that our programs and our housing …
make final a rule that, in some circum- been discriminated against, or people Trasviña said he couldn’t estimate the are open to all families,” Trasviña said.
stances, could provide recourse to LGBT who feel they have been barred from breadth of the campaign because he “We want to make sure that that concept
people who encounter bias in housing. housing, will be able to know that they said the campaign is just underway and translates into the 21st century. So we
The campaign, titled “Live Free,” may have rights under federal law, the budget for the remainder of the fiscal want to make sure that 21st century fami-
kicked off last week and will run through- and, if not, they have it under state year is still in question. He also said he lies, which includes LGBT members, are
out 2011. The initiative includes Facebook and local law.” didn’t immediately have a cost estimate able to have access to HUD programs
ads, targeted print ads, digital videos The Fair Housing Act doesn’t explic- for the campaign. and HUD housing.”
and podcasts. For example, one print ad itly prohibit housing discrimination based As the “Live Free” campaign launch- Trasviña said the rule would be made
reads “Should Gender Stereotypes Influ- on of sexual orientation and gender es, HUD is in the process of imple- final by the end of the year, but said he
ence Where You live? Learn More.” identity. However, housing discrimina- menting a proposed rule to ensure that couldn’t give a more definite date.
8687US10AB06421_AdSpd_9.75x11.5__ • april4/11/11
15, 2011
11:16 AM Page 1

INDICATION: REYATAZ® (atazanavir sulfate) is a prescription medicine used in combination with
other medicines to treat people 6 years of age and older who are infected with the human
immunodeficiency virus (HIV). REYATAZ has been studied in a 48-week trial in patients who have taken
anti-HIV medicines and a 96-week trial in patients who have never taken anti-HIV medicines. Wedn
REYATAZ does not cure HIV or lower your chance of passing HIV to others. People taking REYATAZ esda y
may still get opportunistic infections or other conditions that happen with HIV infection.
Do not take REYATAZ if you are allergic to REYATAZ or to any of its ingredients. ’s
Do not take REYATAZ if you are taking the following medicines due to potential for birthd
serious, life-threatening side effects or death:
Versed® (midazolam) when taken by mouth,Halcion® (triazolam),ergot medicines (dihydroergotamine, ay
ergonovine, ergotamine, and methylergonovine such as Cafergot®, Migranal®, D.H.E. 45®, ergotrate
maleate, Methergine®, and others), Propulsid® (cisapride), or Orap® (pimozide). pa rty
Do not take REYATAZ with the following medicines due to potential for serious side
effects: Camptosar® (irinotecan), Crixivan® (indinavir), Mevacor® (lovastatin),
Zocor® (simvastatin), Uroxatral® (alfuzosin), or Revatio® (sildenafil).
Do not take REYATAZ with the following medicines as they may lower the amount of
REYATAZ in your blood, which may lead to increased HIV viral load and resistance to REYATAZ or

Thursda y
other anti-HIV medicines: rifampin (also known as Rimactane®, Rifadin®, Rifater®, or Rifamate®),
St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum)-containing products, or Viramune® (nevirapine).
Serevent Diskus® (salmeterol) and Advair® (salmeterol with fluticasone) are not recommended

Do not take Vfend® (voriconazole) if you are taking REYATAZ and Norvir® (ritonavir).
The above lists of medicines are not complete. Taking REYATAZ with some other medicines
may require your therapy to be monitored more closely or may require a change in dose
or dose schedule of REYATAZ or the other medicine. Discuss with your healthcare provider C h oi r e
all prescription and non-prescription medicines, vitamin and herbal supplements, or other health
preparations you are taking or plan to take.
Tell your healthcare provider if you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. REYATAZ
use during pregnancy has not been associated with an increase in birth defects. Pregnant
women have experienced serious side effects when taking REYATAZ with other HIV medicines
called nucleoside analogues. After your baby is born, tell your healthcare provider if your
baby’s skin or the white part of his/her eyes turns yellow. You should not breast-feed if you
are HIV-positive. Bu y new
Also tell your healthcare provider if you have end-stage kidney disease managed with
hemodialysis or severe liver dysfunction.
Tell your healthcare provider right away if you have any side effects, symptoms, or conditions, shoes
including the following:
• Mild rash (redness and itching) without other symptoms sometimes occurs in patients taking for Latish
REYATAZ, most often in the first few weeks after the medicine is started, and usually goes away
within 2 weeks with no change in treatment. a
• Severe rash may develop with other symptoms that could be serious and potentially cause
death. If you develop a rash with any of the following symptoms, stop using REYATAZ
and call your healthcare provider right away:
– Shortness of breath – Conjunctivitis (red or inflamed eyes,
– General ill-feeling or “flu-like” like “pink-eye”)
symptoms – Blisters
– Fever – Mouth sores
– Muscle or joint aches – Swelling of your face
• Yellowing of the skin and/or eyes may occur due to increases in bilirubin levels
in the blood (bilirubin is made by the liver).
• A change in the way your heart beats may occur. You may feel dizzy or
lightheaded. These could be symptoms of a heart problem.
• Diabetes and high blood sugar may occur in patients taking protease
inhibitor medicines like REYATAZ. Some patients may need changes
in their diabetes medicine.
• If you have liver disease, including hepatitis B or C, it may
get worse when you take anti- HIV medicines like REYATAZ.
• Kidney stones have been reported in patients taking REYATAZ.
Signs or symptoms of kidney stones include pain in your side,
blood in your urine, and pain when you urinate.
• Some patients with hemophilia have increased bleeding problems
with protease inhibitor medicines like REYATAZ.
Fight HIV your way.
• Changes in body fat have been seen in some patients taking anti-HIV
medicines. The cause and long-term effects are not known at this time.
• Immune reconstitution syndrome has been seen in some patients with advanced
HIV infection (AIDS) and a history of opportunistic infection. Signs and symptoms of
inflammation from previous infections may occur soon after starting anti-HIV treatment,
including REYATAZ.
• Gallbladder disorders (including gallstones and gallbladder inflammation) have been
reported in patients taking REYATAZ.
Other common side effects of REYATAZ taken with other anti-HIV medicines include: nausea;
headache; stomach pain; vomiting; diarrhea; depression; fever; dizziness; trouble sleeping;
numbness, tingling, or burning of hands or feet; and muscle pain.
You should take REYATAZ once daily with food (a meal or snack). Swallow the capsules
whole; do not open the capsules. You should take REYATAZ and your other anti-HIV Please see Important Patient Information
medicines exactly as instructed by your healthcare provider.
about REYATAZ on the adjacent pages.

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april 15, 2011 • 9

Z, how you spend your time is up to you.


Individual results may vary.

Once-daily REYATAZ can help fight your HIV.

REYATAZ, a protease inhibitor (PI), in HIV combination therapy:
◆ Can help lower your viral load and raise your T-cell (CD4+ cell) count
◆ Has a low chance of diarrhea (shown in clinical trials) Find out if you can save on REYATAZ.
- REYATAZ in combination therapy had a 1%-3% rate of
moderate-to-severe diarrhea in adults Call 1-888-281-8981 or visit
◆ Is taken once a day with a snack or meal for details.
REYATAZ is one of several treatment options your doctor may consider. Subject to terms and conditions. Restrictions apply.
Do not take REYATAZ if you are allergic to REYATAZ or to any of its ingredients.
Ask your healthcare team about REYATAZ
REYATAZ does not cure HIV and has not been shown to reduce the risk of passing HIV to others.
People taking REYATAZ may still get opportunistic infections or other conditions that happen with HIV infection.

REYATAZ is a registered trademark of Bristol-Myers Squibb.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective
owners and not of Bristol-Myers Squibb.
© 2011 Bristol-Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ 08543 U.S.A.
687US10AB06421 02/11
10 • april
687US10AB06421_AdSpd_9.75x11.5__ 15, 2011
4/11/11 11:16 AM Page 3

FDA-Approved Patient Labeling REYATAZ® (atazanavir sulfate)

Patient Information • About all the medicines you take including prescription and nonprescription
REYATAZ® (RAY-ah-taz) medicines, vitamins, and herbal supplements. Keep a list of your medicines
(generic name = atazanavir sulfate) with you to show your healthcare provider. For more information, see “What
important information should I know about taking REYATAZ with other
Capsules medicines?” and “Who should not take REYATAZ?” Some medicines can
ALERT: Find out about medicines that should NOT be taken with cause serious side effects if taken with REYATAZ.
REYATAZ (atazanavir sulfate). Read the section “What important information How should I take REYATAZ?
should I know about taking REYATAZ with other medicines?” • Take REYATAZ once every day exactly as instructed by your healthcare
Read the Patient Information that comes with REYATAZ before you start using it provider. Your healthcare provider will prescribe the amount of REYATAZ that
and each time you get a refill. There may be new information. This leaflet provides is right for you.
a summary about REYATAZ and does not include everything there is to know • Always take REYATAZ with food (a meal or snack) to help it work better.
about your medicine. This information does not take the place of talking with your Swallow the capsules whole. Do not open the capsules. Take REYATAZ at
healthcare provider about your medical condition or treatment. the same time each day.
What is REYATAZ? • If you are taking antacids or didanosine (VIDEX® or VIDEX® EC), take
REYATAZ is a prescription medicine used with other anti-HIV medicines to treat REYATAZ 2 hours before or 1 hour after these medicines.
people 6 years of age and older who are infected with the human immunodeficiency • If you are taking medicines for indigestion, heartburn, or ulcers
virus (HIV). HIV is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome such as AXID® (nizatidine), PEPCID AC® (famotidine), TAGAMET®
(AIDS). REYATAZ is a type of anti-HIV medicine called a protease inhibitor. HIV (cimetidine), ZANTAC® (ranitidine), AcipHex® (rabeprazole), NEXIUM®
infection destroys CD4+ (T) cells, which are important to the immune system. (esomeprazole), PREVACID® (lansoprazole), PRILOSEC® (omeprazole),
The immune system helps fight infection. After a large number of (T) cells are or PROTONIX® (pantoprazole), talk to your healthcare provider.
destroyed, AIDS develops. REYATAZ helps to block HIV protease, an enzyme that • Do not change your dose or stop taking REYATAZ without first talking
is needed for the HIV virus to multiply. REYATAZ may lower the amount of HIV in with your healthcare provider. It is important to stay under a healthcare
your blood, help your body keep its supply of CD4+ (T) cells, and reduce the risk provider’s care while taking REYATAZ.
of death and illness associated with HIV. • When your supply of REYATAZ starts to run low, get more from your healthcare
Does REYATAZ cure HIV or AIDS? provider or pharmacy. It is important not to run out of REYATAZ. The amount of
REYATAZ does not cure HIV infection or AIDS. At present there is no cure for HIV in your blood may increase if the medicine is stopped for even a short time.
HIV infection. People taking REYATAZ may still get opportunistic infections or other • If you miss a dose of REYATAZ, take it as soon as possible and then take
conditions that happen with HIV infection. Opportunistic infections are infections your next scheduled dose at its regular time. If, however, it is within 6 hours
that develop because the immune system is weak. Some of these conditions are of your next dose, do not take the missed dose. Wait and take the next dose
pneumonia, herpes virus infections, and Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) at the regular time. Do not double the next dose. It is important that you do
infections. It is very important that you see your healthcare provider regularly not miss any doses of REYATAZ or your other anti-HIV medicines.
while taking REYATAZ. • If you take more than the prescribed dose of REYATAZ, call your
REYATAZ does not lower your chance of passing HIV to other people through healthcare provider or poison control center right away.
sexual contact, sharing needles, or being exposed to your blood. For your What are the possible side effects of REYATAZ?
health and the health of others, it is important to always practice safer sex by The following list of side effects is not complete. Report any new or continuing
using a latex or polyurethane condom or other barrier to lower the chance of sexual symptoms to your healthcare provider. If you have questions about side effects,
contact with semen, vaginal secretions, or blood. Never use or share dirty needles. ask your healthcare provider. Your healthcare provider may be able to help you
Who should not take REYATAZ? manage these side effects.
Do not take REYATAZ if you: The following side effects have been reported with REYATAZ:
• are taking certain medicines. (See “What important information should I • mild rash (redness and itching) without other symptoms sometimes occurs
know about taking REYATAZ with other medicines?”) Serious life-threatening in patients taking REYATAZ, most often in the first few weeks after the
side effects or death may happen. Before you take REYATAZ, tell your medicine is started. Rashes usually go away within 2 weeks with no change
healthcare provider about all medicines you are taking or planning to take. in treatment. Tell your healthcare provider if rash occurs.
These include other prescription and nonprescription medicines, vitamins, • severe rash: Rash may develop in association with other symptoms which
and herbal supplements. could be serious and potentially cause death.
• are allergic to REYATAZ or to any of its ingredients. The active ingredient If you develop a rash with any of the following symptoms stop using
is atazanavir sulfate. See the end of this leaflet for a complete list of REYATAZ and call your healthcare provider right away:
ingredients in REYATAZ. Tell your healthcare provider if you think you have • shortness of breath
had an allergic reaction to any of these ingredients.
• general ill feeling or “flu-like” symptoms
What should I tell my healthcare provider before I take REYATAZ? • fever
Tell your healthcare provider: • muscle or joint aches
• If you are pregnant or plan to become pregnant. REYATAZ use during • conjunctivitis (red or inflamed eyes, like “pink eye”)
pregnancy has not been associated with an increase in birth defects. • blisters
Pregnant women have experienced serious side effects when taking • mouth sores
REYATAZ with other HIV medicines called nucleoside analogues. You and • swelling of your face
your healthcare provider will need to decide if REYATAZ is right for you. If you • yellowing of the skin or eyes. These effects may be due to increases in
use REYATAZ while you are pregnant, talk to your healthcare provider about bilirubin levels in the blood (bilirubin is made by the liver). Although these
the Antiretroviral Pregnancy Registry. effects may not be damaging to your liver, skin, or eyes, call your healthcare
• After your baby is born, tell your healthcare provider if your baby’s skin provider promptly if your skin or the white part of your eyes turn yellow.
or the white part of his/her eyes turns yellow. • a change in the way your heart beats (heart rhythm change). Call your
• If you are breast-feeding. You should not breast-feed if you are HIV-positive healthcare provider right away if you get dizzy or lightheaded. These could
because of the chance of passing HIV to your baby. Also, it is not known if be symptoms of a heart problem.
REYATAZ can pass into your breast milk and if it can harm your baby. If you • diabetes and high blood sugar (hyperglycemia) sometimes happen in
are a woman who has or will have a baby, talk with your healthcare provider patients taking protease inhibitor medicines like REYATAZ. Some patients had
about the best way to feed your baby. diabetes before taking protease inhibitors while others did not. Some patients
• If you have liver problems or are infected with the hepatitis B or C virus. may need changes in their diabetes medicine.
See “What are the possible side effects of REYATAZ?” • if you have liver disease including hepatitis B or C, your liver disease may
• If you have end stage kidney disease managed with hemodialysis. get worse when you take anti-HIV medicines like REYATAZ.
• If you have diabetes. See “What are the possible side effects of REYATAZ?” • kidney stones have been reported in patients taking REYATAZ. If you develop
• If you have hemophilia. See “What are the possible side effects of signs or symptoms of kidney stones (pain in your side, blood in your urine,
REYATAZ?” pain when you urinate) tell your healthcare provider promptly.

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april 15, 2011 • 11

REYATAZ® (atazanavir sulfate) REYATAZ® (atazanavir sulfate)

• some patients with hemophilia have increased bleeding problems with • BUPRENEX®, SUBUTEX®, SUBOXONE®, (buprenorphine or buprenorphine/
protease inhibitors like REYATAZ. naloxone, used to treat pain and addiction to narcotic painkillers).
• changes in body fat. These changes may include an increased amount of fat • VASCOR® (bepridil, used for chest pain).
in the upper back and neck (“buffalo hump”), breast, and around the trunk. • COUMADIN® (warfarin).
Loss of fat from the legs, arms, and face may also happen. The cause and • Tricyclic antidepressants such as ELAVIL® (amitriptyline), NORPRAMIN®
long-term health effects of these conditions are not known at this time. (desipramine), SINEQUAN® (doxepin), SURMONTIL® (trimipramine),
• immune reconstitution syndrome. In some patients with advanced HIV TOFRANIL® (imipramine), or VIVACTIL® (protriptyline).
infection (AIDS) and a history of opportunistic infection, signs and symptoms • Medicines to prevent organ transplant rejection: SANDIMMUNE® or NEORAL®
of inflammation from previous infections may occur soon after anti-HIV (cyclosporin), RAPAMUNE® (sirolimus), or PROGRAF® (tacrolimus).
treatment, including REYATAZ, is started. • The antidepressant trazodone (DESYREL® and others).
Other common side effects of REYATAZ taken with other anti-HIV medicines • Fluticasone propionate (FLONASE®, FLOVENT®), given by nose or inhaled to
include nausea; headache; stomach pain; vomiting; diarrhea; depression; fever; treat allergic symptoms or asthma. Your doctor may choose not to keep you
dizziness; trouble sleeping; numbness, tingling, or burning of hands or feet; and on fluticasone, especially if you are also taking NORVIR®.
muscle pain. • Colchicine (COLCRYS®), used to prevent or treat gout or treat familial
Gallbladder disorders (which may include gallstones and gallbladder Mediterranean fever.
inflammation) have been reported in patients taking REYATAZ.
The following medicines may require a change in the dose or dose schedule
What important information should I know about taking REYATAZ with other of either REYATAZ or the other medicine:
• INVIRASE® (saquinavir).
Do not take REYATAZ if you take the following medicines (not all brands may • NORVIR® (ritonavir).
be listed; tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take). • SUSTIVA® (efavirenz).
REYATAZ may cause serious, life-threatening side effects or death when • Antacids or buffered medicines.
used with these medicines.
• VIDEX® (didanosine).
• Ergot medicines: dihydroergotamine, ergonovine, ergotamine, and • VIREAD® (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate).
methylergonovine such as CAFERGOT®, MIGRANAL®, D.H.E. 45®, ergotrate
maleate, METHERGINE®, and others (used for migraine headaches). • MYCOBUTIN® (rifabutin).
• ORAP® (pimozide, used for Tourette’s disorder). • Calcium channel blockers such as CARDIZEM® or TIAZAC® (diltiazem),
COVERA-HS® or ISOPTIN SR® (verapamil) and others.
• PROPULSID® (cisapride, used for certain stomach problems).
• BIAXIN® (clarithromycin).
• Triazolam, also known as HALCION® (used for insomnia).
• Medicines for indigestion, heartburn, or ulcers such as AXID® (nizatidine),
• Midazolam, also known as VERSED® (used for sedation), when taken by mouth. PEPCID AC® (famotidine), TAGAMET® (cimetidine), or ZANTAC® (ranitidine).
Do not take the following medicines with REYATAZ because of possible Talk to your healthcare provider about choosing an effective method of
serious side effects: contraception. REYATAZ may affect the safety and effectiveness of hormonal
• CAMPTOSAR® (irinotecan, used for cancer). contraceptives such as birth control pills or the contraceptive patch. Hormonal
• CRIXIVAN® (indinavir, used for HIV infection). Both REYATAZ and CRIXIVAN contraceptives do not prevent the spread of HIV to others.
sometimes cause increased levels of bilirubin in the blood. Remember:
• Cholesterol-lowering medicines MEVACOR® (lovastatin) or ZOCOR® 1. Know all the medicines you take.
2. Tell your healthcare provider about all the medicines you take.
• UROXATRAL® (alfuzosin, used to treat benign enlargement of the prostate).
3. Do not start a new medicine without talking to your healthcare provider.
• REVATIO® (sildenafil, used to treat pulmonary arterial hypertension).
How should I store REYATAZ?
Do not take the following medicines with REYATAZ because they may lower
the amount of REYATAZ in your blood. This may lead to an increased HIV viral • Store REYATAZ Capsules at room temperature, 59° to 86° F (15° to 30° C).
load. Resistance to REYATAZ or cross-resistance to other HIV medicines may Do not store this medicine in a damp place such as a bathroom medicine
develop: cabinet or near the kitchen sink.
• Rifampin (also known as RIMACTANE®, RIFADIN®, RIFATER®, or RIFAMATE®, • Keep your medicine in a tightly closed container.
used for tuberculosis). • Keep all medicines out of the reach of children and pets at all times. Do not
• St. John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum), an herbal product sold as a dietary keep medicine that is out of date or that you no longer need. Dispose of
supplement, or products containing St. John’s wort. unused medicines through community take-back disposal programs when
• VIRAMUNE® (nevirapine, used for HIV infection). available or place REYATAZ in an unrecognizable, closed container in the
household trash.
The following medicines are not recommended with REYATAZ:
General information about REYATAZ
• SEREVENT DISKUS® (salmeterol) and ADVAIR® (salmeterol with fluticasone),
used to treat asthma, emphysema/chronic obstructive pulmonary disease This medicine was prescribed for your particular condition. Do not use REYATAZ
also known as COPD. for another condition. Do not give REYATAZ to other people, even if they have the
same symptoms you have. It may harm them. Keep REYATAZ and all medicines
Do not take the following medicine if you are taking REYATAZ and NORVIR® out of the reach of children and pets.
together: This summary does not include everything there is to know about REYATAZ.
• VFEND® (voriconazole). Medicines are sometimes prescribed for conditions that are not mentioned in
The following medicines may require your healthcare provider to monitor patient information leaflets. Remember no written summary can replace careful
your therapy more closely (for some medicines a change in the dose or dose discussion with your healthcare provider. If you would like more information, talk
schedule may be needed): with your healthcare provider or you can call 1-800-321-1335.
• CIALIS® (tadalafil), LEVITRA® (vardenafil), or VIAGRA® (sildenafil), used to What are the ingredients in REYATAZ?
treat erectile dysfunction. REYATAZ may increase the chances of serious side Active Ingredient: atazanavir sulfate
effects that can happen with CIALIS, LEVITRA, or VIAGRA. Do not use CIALIS, Inactive Ingredients: Crospovidone, lactose monohydrate (milk sugar),
LEVITRA, or VIAGRA while you are taking REYATAZ unless your healthcare magnesium stearate, gelatin, FD&C Blue #2, and titanium dioxide.
provider tells you it is okay. VIDEX® and REYATAZ® are registered trademarks of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.
• ADCIRCA® (tadalafil) or TRACLEER® (bosentan), used to treat pulmonary COUMADIN® and SUSTIVA® are registered trademarks of Bristol-Myers Squibb
arterial hypertension. Pharma Company. DESYREL® is a registered trademark of Mead Johnson and
• LIPITOR® (atorvastatin) or CRESTOR® (rosuvastatin). There is an increased Company. Other brands listed are the trademarks of their respective owners and
chance of serious side effects if you take REYATAZ with this cholesterol- are not trademarks of Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.
lowering medicine.
• Medicines for abnormal heart rhythm: CORDARONE® (amiodarone), lidocaine, Princeton, NJ 08543 USA
quinidine (also known as CARDIOQUIN®, QUINIDEX®, and others).
• MYCOBUTIN® (rifabutin, an antibiotic used to treat tuberculosis). 1246226A9 F1-B0001B-02-11 Rev February 2011
12 • april 15, 2011


Will GOP candidates attack marriage in Iowa, N.H.?

Gay nuptials legal in both the marriage issue are urging Republican
candidates to take strong positions either
early voting states for or against same-sex marriage -- de-
pending on where the advocates stand
By CHRIS JOHNSON -- as the primary season approaches. Maggie Gallagher, chair of the Nation-
al Organization for Marriage, said via e-
The kick-off of the 2012 election sea- mail she thinks a Republican candidate
son — marked by potential Republican who has a position other than opposition
presidential candidates’ travels to the to same-sex marriage would not do well
early primary and caucus states of Iowa in the presidential campaign.
and New Hampshire — is raising ques- “I think it’s highly unlikely that any candi-
tions about the degree to which the GOP date who does not support marriage as the
candidates pursuing the White House union of husband and wife will be a major
will attack same-sex marriage in these player for the GOP nomination,” Gallagher
states where gay nuptials are legal. said. “If NOM has done nothing else in our
The issue of marriage could come to first three years (stop: and I think we’ve
the fore during the early stages of the 2012 done more), we’ve clearly demonstrated
race because it will be the first presidential electorally that it is a really bad idea to be
election in which same-sex marriage is le- for gay marriage if you are a Republican.”
gal in the first two states to hold primaries. Washington Blade file photo by Michael Key But Evan Wolfson, executive director
In Iowa, where same-sex marriage was Former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich reportedly arranged for the donation of $200,000 of Freedom to Marry, said Republican
enacted by court order, the Republican to a campaign that successfully ousted three justices who in ruled in favor of same-sex mar- presidential candidates should look to
caucuses are scheduled for Feb. 6, and in riage in Iowa. other high-profile Republicans who have
New Hampshire, where marriage equality endorsed same-sex marriage -- such as
was enacted through legislation, the Re- “Newt provided strategic advice and ing it an issue. I’m doing my best to stop gay former Republican National Com-
publican primary is expected Feb. 14. arranged the initial seed money, about that and talk about the advantage of gay mittee chair Ken Mehlman, former Vice
Many of the potential Republican pres- $200,000, which is what got everything marriage and just working in both states President Dick Cheney, former U.S. so-
idential contenders are already on the re- started,” Lane was quoted as saying. to move on to more important issues.” licitor general Ted Olson and former first
cord in their opposition to same-sex mar- During the 2011 Conservative Political Karger, who gained notoriety after lady Laura Bush -- to determine how they
riage or have histories working against Action Conference in February., former he shed light on the Mormon Church’s should stand on the issue.
the advancement of marriage rights for U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum told the Wash- involvement in Proposition 8, said he’ll “With poll after poll showing majority
gay couples. For example, former Mas- ington Blade that one law should govern “absolutely” advocate for preserving the support nationwide and increasing mo-
sachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former marriage throughout the country as he right to same-sex marriage in Iowa and mentum in favor of the freedom to marry
Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty have come reiterated support for a U.S. constitutional New Hampshire over the course of his in virtually every part of the population,
out in favor of state and federal constitu- amendment banning same-sex marriage. presidential campaign. it’s in the best interests of Republicans to
tional bans on same-sex marriage. “I was one of the authors of the Fed- “I think every other Republican who look to the right side of history, not the
According to Politico, Rep. Michele eral Marriage Amendment,” Santorum is considering running is adamantly op- right-wing,” Wolfson said.
Bachmann (R-Minn.), who’s pushed for a said. “I don’t think you can have vary- posed to gay marriage, and then you’ve Still, Wolfson said he expects many
constitutional ban on same-sex marriage ing laws on marriage. You run into, as got the gay candidate who is, of course, Republican candidates would seek to
in her home state, railed against mar- we’re seeing, all sorts of problems about the only full equality candidate running in appease social conservatives and “pan-
riage equality on Monday in a speech at reciprocity between the states. This is both parties,” Karger said. der to hard-core anti-gay opposition” on
the latest installment of the Iowa Family an issue that there should be a law, the Larry Sabato, a political scientist at the issue of marriage as they pursue their
Leader’s presidential lecture series. people should be able to decide it and the University of Virginia, said he thinks presidential ambitions.
“In 5,000 years of recorded human his- hopefully that’s what will happen.” the marriage issue will figure prominently “Such candidates will soon discover
tory... neither in the East or in the West... Still, as he reiterated his support for the during the Iowa caucuses and the New that bashing gay families and marriage
has any society ever defined marriage Federal Marriage Amendment, Santorum Hampshire primary because of the na- does not play -- and not just in the general
as anything other than between men and also said the economy and national secu- ture of the voters in these elections. electorate, but in states such as Iowa and
women,” Bachmann was quoted as saying. rity should precede marriage as issues of “We’re talking about GOP primary vot- New Hampshire where non-gay as well as
“Not one in 5,000 years of recorded human importance in the 2012 election. ers and caucus-goers, and these are gay family members have seen firsthand
history. That’s an astounding fact and it isn’t Other lower-tier candidates have posi- much more conservative than the gener- how neighbors, kin, and communities are
until the last 12 years or so that we have tions different from full-throated opposi- al population -- especially those attend- strengthened by the freedom to marry --
seen for the first time in recorded human tion to same-sex marriage. Former U.S. ing a caucus,” Sabato said. and the love, commitment and connected-
history marriage defined as anything other ambassador to China and former Utah Sabato said he expects the can- ness at its core,” Wolfson said.
than between men and women.” governor Jon Huntsman has endorsed didates to express strong opposition The potential renewed attention to
Bachmann also reportedly called Iowa civil unions, which is the same position same-sex marriage in Iowa because of same-sex marriage as part of the up-
judges “black-robed masters” for legaliz- on relationship recognition for same-sex the fundamentalist Christian influence coming presidential campaign also
ing same-sex marriage, echoing a line she couples that President Obama has. Indi- on the Republican Party in the state and raises questions about whether marriage
used during a previous trip to the state. ana Gov. Mitch Daniels has called for a because it has become what he called a equality in Iowa and New Hampshire
“That’s what you had here in Iowa: truce on social issues, which has earned “big statewide issue.” would be in jeopardy as a result of high-
black-robed masters,” Bachmann said. him criticism from social conservatives But in New Hampshire, where the state profile leaders coming to the states and
“They are not our masters. They are not within the Republican Party, although slogan is “Live Free or Die,” Sabato said speaking out against gay nuptials.
our morality. They are not put there to he has wavered on his position on a social issues “may play less well.” Still, he Rescinding same-sex marriage in Iowa
make the decisions.” state constitutional amendment banning observed candidates are stuck with pub- couldn’t happen easily because marriage
Last month, the Los Angeles Times same-sex marriage in his own state. licly articulated positions wherever they go. was put into place in 2009 as a result of a
reported that former U.S. House Speaker Fred Karger, a Republican political strat- “Romney probably isn’t playing in ruling by the state Supreme Court. Over-
Newt Gingrich arranged for the donation egist and the first openly gay presidential Iowa so he’s under less pressure [to turning the decision would require ratifica-
of $200,000 to the Iowa campaign in the candidate, told the Washington Blade he speak out against same-sex marriage],” tion of a state constitutional amendment. In
2010 election that successfully ousted plans to speak out for same-sex marriage Sabato said. “The candidates who are Iowa, passage of such a measure requires
three justices who in ruled in favor of same- during his campaign as he predicted that going to contest Iowa will have to tow the approval in both chambers of the legisla-
sex marriage from the bench. David Lane, other GOP presidential contenders will line on same-sex marriage. A handful will ture in two concurrent sessions followed by
executive director of Iowa for Freedom, speak out against marriage as they seek trumpet their position and make it a cen- a majority vote of approval from the elec-
the organization that led the campaign, support in Iowa and New Hampshire. terpiece of their campaigns. Examples: torate, so the earliest same-sex marriage
reportedly said the ouster of the justices “It will be an issue,” Karger said. “Some Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann.” could be undone is 2013.
“wouldn’t have happened without Newt.” of the Republicans running plan on mak- Advocates who work on both sides of Continues at
april 15, 2011 • 13

I am a Citizen Forester.
I volunteer with Casey Trees Casey Trees thanks its Citizen Forester
to create a living and Volunteer Corps as part of National
enduring legacy. Volunteer Appreciation Week.
Bob Summersgill Together, we have greened D.C. with
Citizen Forester since 2009
more than 10,000 trees and educated
thousands of adults and youth alike
on the benefits of trees in urban
Thank you.

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Modern fAshion? check out thi e
fAb roberto cApucci exhibit on
at the philAdelphiA MuseuM of
art through June 5, 2011.

P.S. Get your history StrAight

And your Nightlife Gay.
14 • april 15, 2011


Congress set to consider ENDA and UAFA

Immigration, job bias threatens to tear apart 36,000 bi-national
same-sex couples in the United States.
bills not likely to advance It wasn’t immediately clear if the House
under GOP House introduction of UAFA would be concur-
rent with the Senate introduction. In the
111th Congress, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-
By CHRIS JOHNSON Vt.) was the sponsor of UAFA. Erica Chabot, a Leahy spokesperson,
said her boss would again introduce the
Two key pieces of pro-LGBT legislation legislation in the 112th Congress, but
— the Uniting American Families Act and added she doesn’t have a date for when
the Employment Non-Discrimination Act — that would happen.
were set to be introduced in Congress on “Sen. Leahy is committed to reintro-
Thursday, after the Blade’s print deadline. ducing UAFA, but I don’t have a date
(Visit for updates.) certain at this time,” she said.
An LGBT rights advocate, who spoke On the same day Nadler is expected to
on condition of anonymity, said Rep. Jer- introduce UAFA in the House, Merkley is
rold Nadler (D-N.Y.) would introduce UAFA expected to introduce ENDA in the Senate.
in the House and Sen. Jeff Merkley (D- Julie Edwards, a Merkley spokesper-
Ore.) would introduce ENDA in the Senate. son, said in response to a request to con-
“It’s actually kind of a big gay week,” firm whether the bill would be introduced
the advocate said. “We also have the Thursday that the legislation would be de-
civil unions bill in Delaware expected on but “soon” and she could say more later.
Thursday and then Friday is the DOMA The Senate version of ENDA, according
hearing. So it’s actually a pretty active to Capitol Hill sources, is set to have Repub-
week where our issues are concerned.” lican support immediately upon introduction
Nadler’s office didn’t immediately re- from Sens. Susan Collins (R-Maine), Olym-
spond to requests to confirm that UAFA pia Snowe (R-Maine) and Mirk Kirk (R-Ill.),
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key
would see introduction in the House this Kevin Kelley, a Collins spokesperson,
week. Last week, Ilan Kayatsky, a Nadler said his boss and Kirk would be original Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) was expected to introduce UAFA in the House late this week.
spokesperson, said the lawmaker would co-sponsors along with Sen. Tom Har-
introduce the bill “shortly.” kin (D-Iowa), chair of the Senate Health, nal co-sponsors in the 111th Congress. entation is legal in 29 states and legal in
As it was introduced in the 111th Con- Education, Labor & Pensions Committee. “I just got confirmation from Sen. 38 states on the basis of gender identity.
gress, UAFA would enable gay Ameri- But Kelley said he couldn’t confirm the Snowe’s office that she will be an original Last week, gay Rep. Barney Frank (D-
cans to sponsor their foreign partners date of introduction at this time. co-sponsor of ENDA,” Berle said. Mass.) introduced the House version of
for residency in the United States as Christian Berle, deputy executive direc- ENDA would bar job discrimination ENDA. As of Monday, the legislation had
straight Americans can do for their for- tor of Log Cabin Republicans, said Snowe against LGBT people in most situations 117 co-sponsors. Frank has said Republi-
eign spouses. Based on U.S. Census would also be an original co-sponsor for in the public and private workforce. Job can control of the House will prevent pas-
data from 2000, current immigration law ENDA. Snowe and Collins were both origi- discrimination on the basis of sexual ori- sage of ENDA during the 112th Congress.

Gay military group excluded from White House event

Officials reiterate that ‘Don’t ticipation and was given “excuse after
excuse” as a reason for why his group
with the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’
quickly and efficiently,” Schake said.
openly and without fear of discharge.”
An informed source said SLDN wasn’t
Ask’ still on the books couldn’t take part. “However, it still remains the law. The seeking involvement in the “Joining Forc-
According to Nicholson, White House White House, including the first lady and es” event. Nicholson said to his knowledge
By CHRIS JOHNSON officials said veterans’ groups wouldn’t Dr. Biden, look forward to working with Servicemembers United was the only gay be able to attend. However, these groups the families of gay and lesbian service organization asking to participate.
— such as Iraq/Afganistan Veterans of members after certification occurs and Nicholson speculated that the White
A gay military group is accusing the America – in fact participated in the event. repeal goes into effect.” House excluded his organization from
White House of excluding the organiza- Further, Nicholson said he was re- In December, President Obama the event because of “lingering political
tion from an event intended to highlight minded “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is still be- signed a bill allowing for repeal of “Don’t homophobia.”
U.S. service members and their families. ing enforced, so gay service members Ask, Don’t Tell.” However, repeal won’t go “I think they’re afraid to mix the
For the Tuesday event — in which first who were in attendance could be in dan- into effect until the president, the defense gays with the straight military and vet-
lady Michelle Obama and second lady ger of discharge. secretary and the chairman of the Joint eran crowd right now,” Nicholson said.
Jill Biden were set to launch the “Joining “When we pointed out that we — like Chiefs of Staff certify that the U.S. military “There’s just no logical excuse why they
Forces” campaign to focus attention on the the other straight organizations that are is ready for repeal and 60 days pass af- would have to exclude a civilian repre-
struggles of military families — the White going to be there — would be happy to ter that action. sentative of gay military families and ser-
House invited service members and repre- use an organizational staff member to Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of vice members from an event at which our
sentatives from other military groups. represent them — somebody who’s not the Servicemembers Legal Defense Net- counterparts are going to be represent-
Alex Nicholson, executive director of subject to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ — they it work, similarly said exclusion of gay mili- ed in full force in the straight community.”
Servicemembers United, told the Wash- changed to, ‘Well, this event’s not about tary groups from the White House event During a news conference on Tues-
ington Blade his group was denied ac- veterans, it’s about service members and was appropriate at this time. day, the Washington Times’ Kara Row-
cess to the event, even though his group families,” Nicholson said. “We believe that the first lady and the land asked White House Press Secretary
had been lobbying for participation. Kristina Schake, communications di- White House could have been putting Jay Carney whether the administration
“For two weeks now, they’ve refused rector for the first lady, confirmed that gay and lesbian service members at risk had “missed an opportunity” by exclud-
to give any representative of gay families gay military groups were unable to par- to include them in this week’s events be- ing gay military groups from the “Joining
and service members a slot at this event ticipate at the “Joining Forces” event, but fore ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal is com- Forces” event. Carney said he didn’t im-
that’s supposed to honor all service said the administration would work with plete,” Sarvis said. “Our primary concern mediately have an answer.
members and military families,” Nichol- them more after “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is remains protecting the lives and careers “If you want, I can take this question,
son said. off the books. of gays and lesbians serving our coun- but I think you’re conflating here a couple
Nicholson said he met last week with “The president has been crystal clear try honorably while we await certification of things,” Carney said. “But why don’t I
White House officials on possible par- that the administration is moving forward and repeal that will allow them to do it take that and get back to you.”
april 15, 2011 • 15


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16 • april 15, 2011


Disappointment in Md., as trans rights bill dies

Continued from page 1 was doing the vote count,” she said. “There seeking to choose a roommate in a pri- public accommodations provision from
was a coalition of people that had personal vate home. Muse also asked whether the the previous year’s version of the bill.
the votes to pass the measure in the Sen- relationships with various senators who got bill’s proposed ban on employment dis- Pena-Melnyk said doing so was the only
ate. But activists working with the state- commitments from those senators.” crimination would force the Boy Scouts way the measure could have cleared a
wide LGBT group Equality Maryland said Miller, for reasons not fully understood organization to hire a transgender per- House committee and have any chance
that, to their great disappointment and by the bill’s supporters, “twisted arms” to son or prevent any employer from estab- of passing either body.
surprise, as many as seven Democrats get Democratic senators supportive of the lishing a dress code. The anti-LGBT group Maryland Citi-
backed off from earlier commitments to bill to vote for the motion to recommit to Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-Montgomery zens for A Responsible Government led
vote for the bill. committee, Beyer said. She said she and County), one of the lead sponsors and efforts among conservative religious and
Of the 27 senators voting to send the others associated with Equality Maryland supporters of the bill served as floor political groups to oppose the bill on
bill back to committee, 16 were Democrats confirmed this from reliable sources close manager for what was expected to be a grounds that no transgender civil rights
and 11 were Republicans. Democrats hold to the Senate that she declined to identify lengthy Senate floor debate. Raskin told protections should be enacted. The
a 35 to 12 majority in the Senate. due to promises of confidentiality. Muse the bill would not cover people in group’s leader, physician Ruth Jacobs,
Of the 20 voting against the motion to Miller became the target of an aggres- private homes looking for roommates. organized telephone and e-mail cam-
send the bill to committee, 19 were Dem- sive campaign by Equality Maryland and “If you’re looking for a roommate, you paigns targeting lawmakers that vowed
ocrats. Just one Republican, LGBT rights a coalition of transgender activists and can discriminate on any basis you want,” to bring the issue up in the next election.
supporter Allan Kittleman of Howard and allies organized by Beyer after he divert- he said. The transgender bill’s defeat followed
Carroll Counties, voted against the mo- ed the bill to the Senate Rules Commit- Raskin said the bill would cover the by a little more than a month the defeat
tion to send the bill back to committee. tee following its approval by the House Boy Scouts organization for employment in the Maryland Legislature of a same-
“Of the ones that voted to recommit, of Delegates. purposes, but said a transgender per- sex marriage bill that drew national
there were at least seven that we felt had The Rules Committee has long been son seeking a job with the Boy Scouts media coverage. In what some in the
committed to us that they were going to viewed as a “graveyard” for bills out of would have to meet all other require- LGBT community have viewed as an
support this and then they backed out,” favor with the Senate leadership. Activ- ments for the job, including appropriate ironic twist, the marriage bill died after
said Dana Beyer, a Montgomery County ists backing the bill viewed Miller’s deci- dress codes. He said the Boy Scouts, the Senate approved it and the House
transgender activist and former House of sion to single out the transgender bill for like any other employer, could not refuse of Delegates sent it back to committee
Delegates candidate who worked closely diversion to the Rules Committee while to hire someone solely because of their rather than take a full up or down vote
with Equality Maryland to lobby for the bill. clearing dozens of other bills for the nor- status as a transgender person under on the measure.
“It’s always a guess,” said Beyer, when mal route to standing committees as an the bill’s provisions. In the case of the marriage bill, a co-
asked why supporters turned against the attempt to kill the bill. Immediately after Muse and Raskin alition of LGBT groups, including Equal-
bill. “It’s shocking because we didn’t ex- But in a development that Annapolis completed their exchange, Sen. James ity Maryland, favored sending it back to
pect this. There are a thousand ways to political observers viewed as rare, Miller DeGrange (D-Anne Arundel County) committee after determining they did not
kill a bill. This is one way to do it and I backed down amid a barrage of e-mails offered a motion to recommit the bill to have the votes in the House to pass it
have to lay it at the hands of the Senate and phone calls to his office and to the committee. and it would be better to avoid a losing
leadership.” offices of other senators demanding that “I respect the work the committee’s vote.
Beyer and others familiar with the the bill be released to the Judicial Pro- done on this bill,” he said. “I know there’s Some in the LGBT community dis-
bill said they believe Senate Presi- ceedings Committee for a vote. a huge concern in this body toward this. agreed with that decision. But in the
dent Thomas V. Mike Miller (D-Prince The Judicial Proceedings panel voted To that I’d like to move that the bill be re- case of the transgender bill, nearly all of
George’s and Calvert Counties), orches- April 8, following a 90-minute debate, to referred back to committee.” its supporters, including Equality Mary-
trated the bill’s demise. approve the bill and send it to the Senate Raskin and Sen. Catherine Pugh (D- land, wanted the Senate to vote on the
Miller was among the senators who vot- floor. The committee’s action led support- Baltimore City) rose to oppose the mo- measure.
ed for the motion to recommit the bill to the ers to believe they had a fighting chance tion, urging their colleagues to give sup- Beyer said her sources close to the
Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee, to see it through a full Senate vote. porters a chance to vote on the bill. Senate believe it would have passed had
which voted 7-4 one day earlier to approve Morgan Meneses-Sheets, Equality “It’s been way whittled down,” said Miller and the Senate leadership agreed
the bill and send it to the Senate floor. Maryland’s executive director, said she Raskin in describing how the bill’s public to allow it to come up for a full vote.
Miller did not return a call seeking com- was especially disappointed that several accommodations provision was removed “He twisted enough arms to send it
ment as of press time on Wednesday. senators that voted to recommit the bill to by House supporters to ease concerns back to committee but he couldn’t get
Sen. Brian Frosh (D-Montgomery committee on Monday had assured the by lawmakers hesitant to vote for the bill. enough people to vote no on the bill it-
County), chair of the Judicial Proceed- group of their support for the measure. “This is just about giving people the self,” she said. “That’s what we’re being
ings Committee and a supporter of the “I wish I had a why,” she said. “This right to live someplace and the right to told by people in the know.”
bill who voted against sending it back means that we really need to examine our earn a living,” he said. Madeleno could not be immediately
to committee, disagreed with those who steps moving forward. But I must empha- Miller, presiding over the Senate, then reached to determine if he agrees with
blame Miller for killing the bill. size that we got so far this year,” she add- called for a recorded roll-call vote on Beyer’s assessment of Miller’s role in the
“I’m sorry that it lost,” Frosh told the ed, noting that the bill was killed in com- the motion. When the Senate chamber’s bill’s defeat.
Blade in an interview Tuesday. “But I mittee for the past four years without ever electronic board showed the motion had But Annapolis observers believe Ma-
think the president said a week ago pub- reaching the floor of the Senate or House. passed by a 27-20 vote, expressions of daleno made it clear in the strongly word-
licly, and he had been saying all session, “We are thankful to every legislator shock could be heard in the chamber, ed statement he released on Monday
that there aren’t the votes on the Senate who did do the right thing,” she said. “We especially by supporters seated in the that he was angry at Miller, even though
floor to pass it. And he was right.” are so thankful to every constituent who visitors gallery. he did not mention the Senate president
Added Frosh: “There were 20 votes for wrote a letter and made a phone call, The bill’s defeat represented a victory by name.
the bill. You need 24. And it’s a shame, and especially to the transgender people for an odd coalition of opponents. “I am extremely disappointed by the
but it’s a fact of life.” of Maryland who came out and told their A faction of transgender activists, led Senate’s action today to send HB 235
According to Frosh, Equality Maryland stories, who shared their very personal by the group Trans Maryland, called on back to the Judicial Proceedings Com-
has repeatedly miscalculated the vote need for job and housing protections.” the Senate to kill the bill because it did mittee,” Madaleno said in the statement.
count on the Gender Identity Non-Dis- “We will continue to fight every day. not go far enough. The group said a de- “The twisted and unfair process HB
crimination Act this year and in previous We will continue to analyze how we can cision to take out a provision protecting 235 had to go through to even make it to
years, when the bill died in committee. get these important protections in place. transgender persons from public ac- the Senate floor mars the Senate’s other-
Frosh said he is doubtful that sup- But we are shocked and frankly appalled commodations discrimination – which wise outstanding work this year,” he said.
porters would be able to line up the four by this action today,” she added. includes stores, hotels and public bath- “The Senate’s treatment of this legislation
votes they need to pass the bill next year. The vote by the Senate came on the rooms, among other places – made the will be remembered for a long time by the
Beyer disputes Frosh’s assessment, last day of the Maryland Legislature’s bill unacceptable. LGBT community and Marylanders who
saying that Equality Maryland and others 2011 session and followed less than 15 The bill’s supporters said they reluc- believe in equal rights for all.”
obtained clear commitments from sena- minutes of debate. tantly agreed to a decision by the bill’s Madaleno said he plans to intro-
tors who voted to send the transgender Sen. C. Anthony Muse (D-Prince chief sponsor in the House, Del. Joseline duce a new version of the bill next year
bill back to committee on Monday. George’s County) asked whether the bill Pena-Melnyk (D-Prince George’s and that will include a public accommoda-
“It wasn’t just Equality Maryland that would have an impact on private citizens Anne Arundel Counties), to remove a tions provision.
april 15, 2011 • 17

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Steve Weinberg

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18 • april 15, 2011


D.C. group celebrates 40 years of activism

Continued from page 1 cal gay community and for years he was
seen as a supportive public official.
the Vietnam era. And the D.C. Gay Libera- Rosendall said the group’s decades
tion Front was too radical for some others. of groundwork pays off even in unlikely
The Kameny campaign activists were so places. He cites the two Council mem-
impressed with the GAA New York group, bers — Barry and Yvette Alexander —
they used about $400 left in their coffers who voted against marriage, and also
after the election to visit the Big Apple and Council member Harry Thomas Jr., who
find out how the group operated. opposed the infamous club relocation
By about the third week in April, a D.C. bill for gay bars in 2007.
chapter was formed in the apartment of Jim “They’ve all at various times empha-
McClard, the local group’s first president. sized their pro-gay credentials,” Rosen-
While the New York group folded about a dall said. “Even though Barry did speak
decade later, Washington’s Gay Activist at one of Bishop [Harry] Jackson’s rallies
Alliance is celebrating its 40th anniversary in Freedom Plaza, it was a far cry from
this month (in 1986 then-president Lorri the hateful rhetoric you hear from state
Jean — now head of Los Angeles’ mam- legislators. … And GLAA can take some
moth LGBT Community Center — insisted of the credit for that, but the community
on changing the name to Gay and Lesbian has played a key role in this as well. …
Activists Alliance, or GLAA as it is com- It’s not just a handful of policy wonks, it’s
monly known). It’s the oldest continuously our community who has been active in
active gay organization in the country. this city since before home rule.”
The group celebrates Wednesday at Gay D.C. Council member Jim Gra-
the Washington Plaza Hotel in Thomas Cir- ham, who’s received many perfect
cle. Kameny, now 85, will give his founder’s scores from the group, said he respects
Champagne toast, as has become GLAA Washington Blade file photo GLAA even when he occasionally dis-
tradition. And the group will bestow its an- Frank Kameny gives his customary Champagne toast at GLAA’s awards ceremony in 2007. agrees with members.
nual Distinguished Service Awards to six “They put an enormous amount of sin-
local activists. Minimum donations are $50. ture of the group’s work limits its appeal, • Marriage for same-sex couples in cere effort into it,” Graham said. “I mean
Visit for more information. but said its track record over 40 years 2009 they really do. It’s not anything they do
Kameny says the group — which lists speaks for itself. Current president Mitch Wood says the in a casual way. And most recently I’ve
pages of political gains on its website — “There’s always been a small number group is “really a labor of love” and that been getting pretty much 10s, so you’re
has thrived under strong leadership. doing most of the work,” Howell said. “Many its non-partisan nature “allows us to build always happy with a perfect score.”
“Some of it has been sheer good times we’d just be sitting there in the living bridges across the political spectrum.” Rosendall says one big change over
luck,” he said. “Throughout the ‘70s, ‘80s room on [former president] Bob Carpenter’s It’s all volunteer and operates on a the years has been what he calls “street
and beyond, the group had a string of couch. If we had four or five at a meeting, small budget of about $10,000 per year, versus suite” activism. The group has
presidents who were absolutely superb. that was considered good. It’s always been most of which goes to maintain its web- moved away from demonstrations large-
I said that frequently back then and I still very wonky, so that makes for limited peo- site and blog and stage its annual awards ly because it’s usually given a seat at the
say it. One after another, there were just a ple, but the devil is in the details and you reception. Money comes from nominal discussion table.
lot of great people. There may have been have to go through that trivia to get what you member dues — $25 per year — and “As you get more power and influence,
one or two duds, but they really had want. But it’s worth paying the price.” ticket sales and donations. The group there’s less need to be standing outside,” he
good people, good officers who kept the The group counts among its victories: meets twice monthly for about 90 minutes, said. “That doesn’t mean there isn’t a place
organization going. They kept it effective • Council’s 1973 passage of Title 34, mostly at the Charles Sumner School but for groups like GetEqual. Different groups
and were very dedicated.” which made Washington the first major sometimes at the Wilson building. Meet- are good at different things. I like to say we’re
The group’s first effort was also its only U.S. city to outlaw discrimination against ings are usually followed by dinner and working different parts of the vineyard.”
formal collaboration with Mattachine and gays in housing, employment and public drinks, often at Dupont Italian Kitchen. The group has, at times, faced criti-
the local Gay Liberation Front — a pro- accommodations. New members are always welcome. cism. Within the last four years or so,
test of the 1971 American Psychiatric As- • Kameny’s 1975 appointment to the Among GLAA’s signature work is its some activists, including Michael Craw-
sociation’s convention held that year in city’s Human Rights Commission, a first candidate ratings. Members always point ford, said the group wasn’t moving fast
Washington. Though GLAA disavowed • A 1978 gay rights rally, the largest out the ratings should not be seen as en- enough on the marriage issue.
the use of force and worked to “act within of its kind to that time, to protest anti-gay dorsements, but they rank those running Rosendall said GLAA prides itself on
the existing order,” that first effort involved singer Anita Bryant for local office based on questionnaire re- avoiding excessive intramural fighting
storming the conference and seizing the • A 1979 public service campaign that sponses and members’ knowledge of the among other local activist groups.
microphone in an effort to convince APA required a court fight to allow “Someone candidates’ records on gay issues, to rank “We really try not to let things deterio-
brass that gays were not mentally ill. you know is gay” posters to be placed at them on a scale that runs from -10 to +10. rate too much into personality and battles
“We couldn’t possibly be trusted with Metro stations “Usually in every election cycle some- we don’t need,” he said. “We’ve tried to
government secrets and security clear- • Former president Mel Boozer’s 1980 body working with one of the candidates keep our collective eyes on the prize and
ances if we were mentally disturbed,” speech at the Democratic National Con- or another gets unhappy that so-and-so the marriage victory demonstrated that.
Kameny said. vention didn’t get a high enough rating,” Rick There’s no way we would have been do-
He chuckles at the tactics now and says • Repeal of D.C.’s sodomy law in 1981 Rosendall, the group’s vice president for ing all this policy work and building coali-
the groups soon went in their own direc- • A 1982 commitment from D.C. po- political affairs and a former president, tions if we weren’t wanting it to happen.
tion — GLAA with Robert’s Rules of Order lice for fair treatment of gays says. “So they’ll make some snarky com- We just wanted to make sure it stuck.”
for its meetings, a gay-specific focus and • A 1986 Council bill that prohibited ments, but because we back up so thor- Graham said the group deserves
a strong commitment to non-partisanship. insurance companies from denying cov- oughly how we arrive at our ratings, we praise for its tenacity, especially consid-
“I used to attend the GLF meetings,” erage to HIV-positive residents can show the point breakdowns and their ering the era in which it launched.
Kameny said. “They seemed to just drone • 1990 hate crimes legislation responses to the questions, so they know “It’s difficult to imagine how very im-
on endlessly and you had the impression • A 1992 domestic partnership bill what went into the ratings. It’s a very portant and pioneering they were back in
there was a small group meeting in the at- • A 1999 settlement in the Tyra Hunter open process, not some beauty contest 1971,” Graham said. “In this day and age
tic who really ran things. And they tried to case, a trans resident who was shunned score with us up in some ivory tower.” when we’ve made such progress, it’s im-
tie in all the issues of the day. My feeling and ridiculed by EMS workers following a Over the years, the group’s ratings portant that we pause and acknowledge
has always been if you try to do every- car accident. She died in 1995. gained heft. Though he notoriously voted those who were there 40 years ago at a
thing you end up doing nothing very well.” • Part of a broad coalition that opposed against the marriage bill, Council mem- time when things were so very different.
Former president Craig Howell, who an exception from the D.C. Department of ber Marion Barry initially scored a -10 … The young men and women in our
joined in 1973 and has been active ever Corrections from requirements in the D.C. during his run for mayor in the early ‘80s. community really need to stop and realize
since, admits the heavily political na- Human Rights Act in 2008 The low score led him to work with the lo- this. We’re here because of these folks.”
april 15, 2011 • 19

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20 • april 15, 2011

Volume 42 • Issue 15

Sekou Biddle for at-large Council seat

PO Box 73647
Washington dC 20056

An independent voice
but Sekou Biddle is the only one him the candidate of the estab- D.C. business friendly while re-
with a record of keeping his com- lishment. I always remind them specting the right of communi-
for education reform, mitments to the people of the Dis- that Sekou Biddle actually en- ties to have a voice in their own

budget solutions
trict who have supported him in dorsed Adrian Fenty for mayor. development. Sekou Biddle will
the past. He is not the candidate But lo and behold when Sekou be that kind of Council mem-
PuBlished By
elected to office who, 17 days af- decided to run, Fenty was out. ber. Sekou is running for office Brown naff Pitts Omnimedia, inc.
By PETER ROSENSTEIN ter being sworn in, announced he So he put himself forward as an not because someone else put
is running for another. He is not independent candidate sup- him up to it, but because it is PuBlisher
It is easy to be impressed the candidate serially running for porting education reform with the logical extension of the work lynne J. BrOWn ext. 8075
with Sekou Biddle and to recog- office and desperately trying to the ability to use his business that he has already done for the
nize and applaud his indepen- make a comeback. knowledge and non-profit back- people of the District. editOriAl
dence and dedication to edu- Sekou is the candidate who ground to find solutions to the Sekou has the maturity and editOr
cation reform. He earned his will work to turn around the city’s many issues facing our city. independence to lead us for- Kevin nAff ext. 8088
bachelor’s degree in business budget crisis in a way that en- Despite his vote for Fenty, ward. He is a proud Democrat
feAtures & multimediA editOr
from Morehouse College and ables us to aggressively move Sekou is now supported by and someone who will fight with- JOey diGuGlielmO
master’s in early childhood ed- forward with education reform, many of the incumbent Council out any potential divided loyal- ext. 8081
ucation, with a focus on urban provide needed affordable members. They support him not ties against what this Congress sr. neWs rePOrter
education, from Georgia State housing and ensure a safety because they owe him a favor is trying to foist on the District. lOu ChiBBArO Jr.
University. He began his career net for those in need, including or expect one from him, but be- Sekou will be a welcome inde- ext. 8079
as a teacher, worked with Teach our seniors and people with dis- cause they recognize that a new, pendent new voice on the Coun- neWs rePOrter
for America and was elected in abilities. He understands it is our smart, independent voice on the cil able to speak out for all of us. Chris JOhnsOn ext. 8083
2007 to the D.C. State Board of diversity that makes us great. Council is good for the District. I urge the voters of the District
editOriAl intern
Education on a reform platform. Whether it is his support for full It is telling when politicians you — Democrats, independents Juliette eBner
But there is more to Sekou than human and civil rights for the once actively opposed turn and Republicans — to cast their
PhOtO editOr
education. He is comfortable in LGBT community including mar- around and endorse you. It says ballot for Sekou Biddle for Coun- miChAel Key
every ward of our city and has a riage equality, his willingness to a lot about how Sekou will be cil at-Large on April 26.
natural understanding of people speak out on hate crimes, his able to navigate on the Council
and what they need to succeed. support of programs to fight HIV/ to get things done for us. CreAtive
CreAtive direCtOr
He supports the arts and is com- AIDS or his support of statehood We need continued progress JAmes m neAl
mitted to continuing to highlight and total self-determination for in the District. We need mem- ext. 8074
the cultural diversity of our resi- the people of the District, he is a bers of the Council who aren’t in seniOr GrAPhiC desiGner
dents. He was born in Columbia leader. Sekou Biddle will lead in the pocket of big business but riChArd W.C. sKiPPOn
Heights and now lives with his a way that respects both our city at the same time understand
wife, Cara, a pediatrician at the employees and residents. that robust economic develop- sAles & AdministrAtiOn
Children’s Medical Center, and Sekou’s candidacy is sup- ment is crucial to our growth sr. ACCt. exeCutive
their two boys in Shepherd Park. ported by a broad coalition of and job development. We need Peter Rosenstein is a d.C.-based lGBt BriAn Pitts
rights and democratic Party activist. he ext. 8089
There are many candidates groups including the Stein Club. Council members who under- writes regularly for the Blade. ACCt. exeCutive
running in this at-large election Some observers mistakenly call stand the balance of making Jeryl PArAde ext. 8072

ACCt. exeCutive
Curtis dOrGAn ext. 8076
ACCt. exeCutive
dAn hAZArd

Did Gandhi have relationship with bodybuilder? ext. 8077
ClAssified AdvertisinG
PhilliP G. rOCKstrOh

New book causes published there. It’s been banned

in Gujarat, the state of India where
sinated in 1948, had a wife and
children, he took a vow of celi-
queer eyes, it sure seems like
some same-sex love (or maybe ext. 8092
for distribution, contact lynne Brown
controversy in India Gandhi was born. (Banned books bacy in 1906. Although known even sex) was going on here.
at 202-747-2077, ext. 8075
distributed by mediaPoint, llC
are good for sales. “Great Soul” is for his asceticism, vegetarian- One Gandhi scholar de-
By KATHI WOLFE selling like hot cakes on Amazon ism, commitment to living sim- scribed Gandhi and Kallen- All material in the Washington Blade is protected by federal

in India.) ply and, general, saintliness, bach’s relationship as “homo- copyright law and may not be reproduced without the written
consent of the Washington Blade. the sexual orientation of
I don’t know about you, but If you turn to “Great Soul” ex- Gandhi was no plaster saint. He erotic ... intending ... to describe advertisers, photographers, writers and cartoonists published
herein is neither inferred nor implied. the appearance of names
when I think of Mahatma Gandhi, pecting hot sex, you’re out of luck. could be as political as the next a strong mutual attraction, noth- or pictorial representation does not necessarily indicate the
sexual orientation of that person or persons. Although the Wash-
sex, bodybuilding and censor- Lelyveld, a former executive edi- politico. At age 69, he spoke of ing more,” Lelyveld writes, “the ington Blade is supported by many fine advertisers, we cannot

ship don’t come to mind. Yet a tor of The New York Times and a having “wet dreams” and his conclusions passed on by word accept responsibility for claims made by advertisers.
unsolicited editorial material is accepted by the Wash-
new biography “Great Soul: Ma- Pulitzer Prize-winning former followers gossiped about his of mouth in South Africa’s small ington Blade, but the paper cannot take responsibility for its
return. the editors reserve the right to accept, reject or edit
hatma Gandhi and His Struggle South Africa and India correspon- love of massage (only women Indian community were some- any submission.
A single copy of the Washington Blade is available from
with India” by Joseph Lelyveld dent, focuses not on Gandhi’s sex massaged him, the scuttle- times less nuanced. It was no authorized distribution points, to any individual within a 50-

butt went). “I am of the earth, secret then, or later, that Gan-

mile radius of Washington, d.C. multiple copies are available
has ignited a firestorm because life, but on his “evolving sense from the Washington Blade office only. Call for rates. if you
it addresses Gandhi’s close rela- of his constituency and social vi- earthy,” Gandhi famously said. dhi, leaving his wife behind, are unable to get to a convenient free distribution point, you
may receive a 52-week mailed subscription for $175 per year.
tionship with the German-Jewish sion.” If, like me, you’re interested Gandhi’s relationship with had gone to live with a man.” Checks or credit card orders can be sent to Phil rockstroh at
architect and body builder Her- in how the renowned philosopher Kallenbach “it can reasonably Continues at Postmaster: send address changes to the Washington
Blade, PO BOx 73647 Washington, dC 20056. the Wash-
mann Kallenbach, with whom pioneered non-violent protest and be said,” Lelyveld writes in ington Blade is published weekly, on friday, by Brown naff

Gandhi lived in Johannesburg, led India to independence from “Great Soul,” was “the most inti- Pitts Omnimedia, inc. individual subscriptions are $175
per year for 52 issues (only $3.37 per issue mailed to you
South Africa from 1908 to 1914. Great Britain, you’ll find “Great mate, also ambiguous, relation- usPs). rates for businesses/institutions are $350 per year.
Periodical postage paid at Washington, d.C., and additional
Because some book reviews Soul” to be highly engaging. ship of [Gandhi’s] lifetime.” mailing offices.
editorial positions of the Washington Blade are ex-
have said that “Great Soul” depicts But you can’t talk about the “[Gandhi and Kallenbach] pressed in editorials and in editors’ notes as determined by

Gandhi as having been bisexual political without bringing in the were a couple,” Gandhi scholar the paper’s editors. Other opinions are those of the writers
and do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Washing-
(a “Wall Street Journal” review re- personal, and Lelyveld, though Tridip Suhrud told Lelyveld. ton Blade or its staff.
to submit a letter or commentary: letters should be fewer
ferred to Gandhi as a “sexual weir- far from being lascivious, doesn’t Later in his life, “Kallenbach than 400 words; commentaries should be fewer than 750
words. submissions may be edited for content and length,
do”), an outcry against the book shy away from bringing Gandhi’s … remarked that they’d lived and must include a name, address and phone number for

has erupted in India. Many are private life into “Great Soul.” together ‘almost in the same Kathi Wolfe is a writer, poet and regu-
verification. send submissions by e-mail to knaff@wash-
calling for its ban nationwide — Though Gandhi, who lived bed,’” Lelyveld writes. lar contributor to the Blade. she can be
©2011 Brown naff Pitts Omnimedia, inc.
though “Great Soul” hasn’t been from 1869 until he was assas- Looking through 21st century reached through this publication.
april 15, 2011 • 21


A vote for Mara is a vote for diversity

D.C. would be congressional representatives
not to intervene in this local leg-
impact on city services and the
social safety net when the day of
In a place where local of-
ficials transparently conduct
and elected party officeholders
suffer little fear of serious political
well-served by a islative determination. reckoning arrives. business and propose legis- challenge or diversified legisla-
fresh Council voice Who can forget the painful
public process that Democratic
Most days it seems only
Ward 2 Council member Jack
lation at the behest of narrow
special interest groups, Mara’s
tive perspectives.
However, in a low turnout
candidate and former Council Evans — representing the Du- reform-minded independence special election, a dynamic and
By MARK LEE member Vincent Orange, leading pont Circle, Logan Circle and is refreshing. popular independent candidate
this race in a recent citywide poll, Shaw areas where many of the Recently appointed “incum- like Mara can win.
A vote for Patrick Mara on underwent morphing from oppos- District’s gay and lesbian vot- bent” candidate Sekou Biddle — Patrick Mara has earned the
April 26, in the special election ing marriage equality to announc- ers reside — worries about the incredulously, selected under a vote of the LGBT community by
open to all registered voters to ing that he supported it when he return of a federal control board D.C. law allowing the Democratic his consistently rock-solid sup-
fill the D.C. Council At-Large was a candidate for Council chair to pick up the pieces after the State Committee to fill the seat in port without political hesitation.
seat formerly held by the now in last year’s Democratic primary? city’s leadership forces our city a series of closed-door late-night His election will inject political
Council chair, is a vote for di- Equally important, Patrick will back into bankruptcy. votes that struck observers as diversity, accountability and
versity in local government and bring a remedial perspective to Patrick also opposes exces- reminiscent of old-style Soviet a no-nonsense independent
a much-needed addition of a a Council responsible for lav- sive over-regulation of commu- apparatchik secret sessions — voice on the Council – as well
fresh and independent voice on ish spending habits and lack of nity small businesses, instead both trails in the polls and suffers as a fresh new look at the path
a dais filled with long-serving government agency oversight supporting a common-sense among voters due to his endorse- to the best future for our city.
entrenched members of a sin- leading to a budget deficit total- approach and a positive eco- ment by Mayor Gray and Council Patrick Mara deserves our
gle political hierarchy. ing nearly half-a-billion dollars. nomic environment to help them Chair Kwame Brown. support on April 26. He will get
Not only that, a vote for Pat- He recently referred to the cur- survive and thrive. He knows A newcomer to citywide poli- the vote of this life-long regis-
rick Mara is an affirmation of his rent Council at a community fo- that local businesses create tics, Biddle also has the support tered Democrat.
strong and unwavering support rum as treating local business- jobs for residents, improve the of — you guessed it! — a ma-
for the LGBT community. In fact, es “as piggybanks.” local economy, increase the tax jority of Council members. Why
Mara is the only candidate on Mara understands that in- base and enhance the quality of rock the sinking ship when you
the ballot who testified in fa- creasing individual and small life in our neighborhoods. can still fit one more of your own
vor of marriage equality during business taxes and fees above The Washington Post re- crewmembers aboard?
Council consideration of legisla- already excruciatingly high lev- cently quoted Mara as saying Patrick is a fiscally responsible
tion last year when Washington els — among the worst in the na- that he would not be beholden and socially progressive Repub-
joined five states in extending tion — is a prescription for noth- to special interests if elected lican who fully and without quali-
legal recognition to same-sex ing except allowing this fiscal to office. “What would they do, fication supports LGBT equality Mark Lee is a local small business
couples desiring to marry. He folly to continue and postponing threaten not to endorse me?” he and fairness running for a Coun- manager and long-time community
then went to Capitol Hill to suc- financial disaster. He knows that asked. “Because they aren’t en- cil seat in a city where Democrats business advocate. Reach him at Our-
cessfully lobby Republican will merely intensify the negative dorsing me now.” essentially enjoy one-party rule


We need a voice in the health care debate

30 years of advances ship and fight for those with
lists. ADAP has been abolished
in some states.
istrative review. Put simply, IPAB
will have a great deal of power
If IPAB decides that the big-
gest public insurance program,
at risk under new plan HIV/AIDS patients have Over the past 30 years, our with very little accountability. Medicare, will not pay for new,
much at stake when it comes to greatest strength has been ac- Put more direly, IPAB repre- advanced treatments, firms
By DAVID MIXNER changes to Medicare. Roughly countability. We always had a sents a step back in the fight won’t have the capital they need
100,000 depend on the pro- way of fighting cuts or laws that against HIV/AIDS. to develop new research lines.
The health care reform law gram for health coverage. And, discriminated against people with While there are limits on what New, life-saving HIV/AIDS treat-
just celebrated its first birthday. starting in 2006, Medicare will HIV/AIDS. If a door was blocked, IPAB can do, it will have the ments could be passed over.
Some are pushing to repeal it, be the single largest source of we created a new entrance and power to adjust reimbursement Even worse, HIV/AIDS pa-
others want to see it changed, federal financing for HIV/AIDS walked through it, proudly . rates for Medicare providers. tients have zero recourse in the
and others are happy with the treatment. There are portions of the In practice, that means cutting event IPAB’s decisions harm
way things are. Americans have taken tre- president’s legislation that actu- payments to people like doctors. them. By design, the board is
The HIV/AIDS community, for mendous strides in the fight ally threaten HIV/AIDS patients’ Such cuts will drive even insulated from public opinion.
the most part, has been sup- against HIV/AIDS. Just last well being. At the top of that list more doctors from Medicare. HIV/AIDS patients and ad-
portive of the president’s health- month, scientists discov- is the establishment of the new Physicians faced with the pros- vocates have earned a place
care efforts. Over the last three ered antibodies that appear to Independent Payment Advisory pect of losing money on every at the table. It’s our right to pull
decades, we’ve paid the price neutralize more than 90 percent Board, or IPAB. additional enrollee are already back that chair and do what’s
that comes with a government of HIV strains. The cutting-edge Comprised of 15 presidential declining to take on new Medi- necessary to protect three de-
that does not embrace our sick. anti-retrovirals developed over appointees, IPAB’s purpose is care patients. Others have opt- cades of advances.
More than most, we felt a moral the past few decades have dra- to de-politicize Medicare cost- ed out of Medicare entirely.
urgency to pass this legislation. matically improved the length cutting. Starting in 2014, if Medi- HIV/AIDS patients depend
That doesn’t mean, how- and quality of life for the aver- care is expected to exceed that on specialized physicians. Each
ever, we blindly fight all efforts age American HIV patient. Plus, year’s preset spending target, the patient has a unique combina-
to change the law. As changes the FDA approval process has board will have the authority to tion of anti-retrovirals they rely on
to the health care law are de- been streamlined so that new recommend cuts to the program. to stay alive. If HIV/AIDS patients
bated, we must take part. Not treatments get into the hands of These recommendations will on Medicare lose access to the
only must our voices be heard, patients more quickly. automatically become law un- few doctors available to them
but we must be at the decision- But this battle is far from over. less Congress stops them by with this expertise, we’re literally
making table. Over the years, There still isn’t a cure. And too making equivalent cuts — and endangering their lives. David Mixner has been involved in
many patients lack access to then passes them with a three- IPAB is also empowered to public life creating policy and as an ac-
we have learned to take initia- tivist and writer for more than 40 years.
tive for our interests; we have treatment. Tens of thousands fifths supermajority. If not, there restrict Medicare coverage of Reach him via
learned to rise above partisan- languish on medication wait- is no appeal process or admin- certain drugs and treatments.
22 • april 15, 2011
arts & entertainment • vol. 42, issue 15 • april 15, 2011 • Page 23

Curating the canon

Photo courtesy of WPAS

Michael Feinstein brings his retro crooning to the Kennedy Center Sunday night.

Feinstein keeps standards alive with dith Sheindlin).

And he’s back keeping the Sinatra legend alive. It
— a tribute to his long-time base as a headliner in Las
Vegas clubs until his death in 1998.
passion for mid-century gems started on his 2009 album “Sinatra Project.” It will con- Feinstein has famously taken a classic song, “We Kiss
tinue during his Sunday night concert at the Kennedy in a Shadow,” the weepy old chestnut from Rogers and
By DAVID HOFFMAN Center Concert Hall. Hammerstein’s “The King and I,” where two clandestine
“I’m doing Sinatra for sure on Sunday,” Feinstein lovers yearn “for one smiling day to be free,” and ren-
Ol’ blue eyes is back. And Feinstein’s got him. says. “But it’s reminiscence, not a copy, because its folly dered the ballad of exquisite sexual longing as an ap-
Michael Feinstein, that is, the multi-platinum selling, to copy him.” peal for same-sex marriage rights. He sings it in a duet
five-time Grammy nominee. The cabaret-style inter- The show will be “very high-energy,” says Fein- sung, gazing into each other’s eyes — with Cheyenne
preter not only of Sinatra but also Cole Porter and Irving stein, “with new big band arrangements, a tribute to Jackson, also gay, the 35-year-old heart-throb from the
Berlin and Richard Rogers, the composer famous for his Nelson Riddle,” the longtime American arranger and 2007 Broadway musical “Xanadu” and the Elvis Presley
work with two separate lyricists, Lorenz Hart and Oscar bandleader who worked with Sinatra as well as Judy sound-alike on stage in 2005 in “All Shook Up.”
Hammerstein III. Garland, Peggy Lee, Rosemary Clooney and so many Feinstein and Jackson, also a series regular in both
And a raft of others — especially the Gershwins — other vocal stars of the mid-20th century. And it will be Fox’s “Glee” and NBC’s “30 Rock,” performed together
in the canon of Americana’s classic popular music, a fllled, he says, “with anecdotes about Sinatra’s life and in the show “The Power of Two,” in 2009 at the Feinstein
genre that Feinstein himself, at a youthful 54 (still slen- career, which lasted from his beginnings as a swing-era cabaret in the pricey Loews Regency Hotel, at Park Av-
der and boyish and with a legendary million-dollar smile) idol of “bobby-soxers” in the 1940s, through his Capitol enue at 61st Street on New York City’s swanky East Side.
has done so much to keep alive. Records albums like the legendary “In The Wee Small Though they each have their own partners, Feinstein
He’s been called “the ambassador of the great Amer- Hours” and “Only the Lonely,” and then the master of top and Jackson elicit sparks when duetting.
ican songbook” and married his partner Terrence Flan- 40 hits, and later his Rat Pack years with Dean Martin
nery in a 2008 ceremony officiated by Judge Judy (Ju- and other Hollywood B-listers in the “Ocean’s 11” film Continues on page 36
24 • april 15, 2011

QUEERY: 20 questions for Linh Hoang


Linh Hoang is a 28-year-old consultant who splits his time between Tokyo and
his native Washington. He’s also lived in Vietnam, Italy and Australia. He attended
Georgetown University. He enjoys running, biking and exercising in his free time

Washington Blade photo by Michael Key

How long have you been out and who What was your last Facebook post or
was the hardest person to tell? Tweet?
I’ve always been out so to speak, it Japan Earthquake Relief Fund, please
was a matter of confirmation. I think it is donate $5 today.
very important to be whole and authen-
tic to the best of my ability and that we If your life were a book, what would
continue to practice coming out every- the title be?
day. I believe in the journey and that my “Impossible!”
personal journey with my own family has
been a thrill; I think the most intense con- If science discovered a way to change
versations will be with my parents. sexual orientation, what would you do?
This would be so unnatural, a disorder
Who’s your LGBT hero? and an abomination, why would I change
Frank Kameny for his leadership and who I was called to be?
courage to envision a more just society for
all LGBT people. All the women and men in What do you believe in beyond the
uniform overcoming “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.” physical world?
And Asian-Pacific Islander queer leaders, I believe that we are all invited to
especially my friends in AQUA (Asian/pa- live in hope that at the end of all time,
cific islander Queers United for Action), for creation will be healed and that the
their gift of stories and memories. divisions that caused us so much suf-
fering in the current moment will be
What’s Washington’s best nightspot, resolved.
past or present?
Washington Blade photo by Michael Key Velvet Nation! I know Town is trying What’s your advice for LGBT move-
to recreate/improve the old atmosphere, ment leaders?
but there was just a certain ‘it’ factor that Be not afraid, of what must we be
Velvet Nation (despite the shady venue afraid? Be courageous and have a good
and activities) had that these new places fight.
17th & Rhode Island Avenue, NW have not been able to replicate. Cobalt
202-872-1126 and Nellie’s are good options to recon- What would you walk across hot
nect with friends when back in town. coals for?
Describe your dream wedding.
Along the California coast, above the What LGBT stereotype annoys you
Pacific Ocean and fog saying my vow to most?
the person I love in the presence of the Somehow we are all great at interior
universe, ancestors, families and friends decorating; we might be good but not
and have that be affirmed. great.

What non-LGBT issue are you most What’s your favorite LGBT movie?
passionate about? Watching rugby
Easter Champagne Brunch Buffet Immigration. Leadership development
in the API communities and definitely What’s the most overrated social
Sunday, April 24 earthquake relief effort in Japan. I had custom?
Featuring Classic Traditional Favorites firsthand experience of the earthquake That marriage should only be between
$34.95 Adults /$14.95 Children 12 years and under and its impact. a man and a woman. If custom does
Served 11AM-4PM change it will die.
What historical outcome would you
Re-Defining Happy Hour change? What trophy or prize do you most
$5 - $4 - $3 - $2 - $1 Welcome to the human race, we make covet?
Countdown Specials & 50% off All Appetizers mistakes and hopefully we’ll listen, learn Gold medals from dragon boating.
Every Day - 4:00 – 7:00PM - Mon-Sat Scan the and grow from it. Who killed off the elec- The out2paddle team is one of the most
QR Code tric car? beloved teams in the annual Washington,
Saturday Nights - Wine & Dine to See Our D.C. Dragon Boat Festival.
New: Surf And Turf $24.95 & 50% Off Wine Bottles Featured Specials
What’s been the most memorable pop
Or Visit Our culture moment of your lifetime? What do you wish you’d known at 18?
Welcome Spring Neighborhood Party! Website: Not sure if the presidency is immedi- To create Facebook.
Tuesday, April 26 ately associated with pop culture, but the
50% off Entire Menu and Happy Hour Prices 4PM Till Close election and the inauguration of Obama Why Washington?
was an extraordinary experience. I want Because of the people, we are
to create that same energy and enthusi- blessed with many gifted individuals who
asm again. feel they can bend reality and change
Opening the shape of the world. This is very in-
On what do you insist? spirational and at the same time pomp-
Early May An invitation to dialogue; we need ously intoxicating. At the end of the day,
each other and cannot write one another Washington is home for its charms and
off or walk away from the table. international features.
april 15, 2011 • 25

authentic brazilian cuisine SINCE 1992
LIVE brazilian music
Every Other Sunday 6-9:30 pm
& Every Thursday 8-11 pm

Happy Hour Mon.–Fri. 4:30–7 PM

ISO GWM, Over Half Price Bottled Beers,
30 Years, Over Chilean House Wine, Rail Drinks
$30K (at least). Caipirinhas
Must love my dog!
(Brazilian National Cocktail) $3.95
Appetizers start at $3.45

Brazilian Brunch
Sat. & Sun. 12-4 PM
3 Course Brunch
with Glass of Champagne
The Best Open 7 Days or Bloody Mary
Sandwiches “Owners are amazing.
The sandwiches are a Week $18.95

Made To Order amazing. The drink Until 10pm Top Ratings by

The Washington Post,
SERVING THE selection, alcoholic LARGE SELECTION Washingtonian Magazine
FOR amazing.” DOMESTIC BEER PERSONALS AD ONLINE m-th 4:30-10:30pm, fri 4:30-11:30pm
12 YEARS — yelp.comcc & WINES TODAY! sat 12-11:30pm, sun 12-10pm
private room available for weddings & private events
1858 columbia road nw • adams morgan 202.986.0757•
26 • april 15, 2011

CALENDAR the Birchmere Dec. 17. (Photo courtesy of the Roches)

Today day from 2 to 4 p.m. Everyone pop, indie rock, house, disco, the Kennedy Center (2700 F group’s 2011 Distinguished
who checks in on Foursquare new wave and anything else St., N.W.) featuring the Granite Service Award will also be pre-
D.C. Gurly Show presents will get a free corn dog. danceable. There is a $5 cover Bay High School Wind Ensem- sented. For more information
Gurlies Gone Wild with special The D.C. Center (1318 U St., for this 21-and-older event. ble, the Calle Mayor Middle and to purchase tickets, visit
guests Duncan Deeply of D.C. N.W.) is having its first Friendly School Wind Ensemble and the
Kings and Vixen Noir from San Visitor Training today from 11 Sunday, April 17 Virginia Tech Symphonic Wind The 26th annual Mayor’s
Francisco tonight at Phase 1 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friendly Visitor is Ensemble. Tickets are $20 and Arts Awards will be in the con-
(636 8th St., S.E.) at 10:30 p.m. a volunteer-based program to Pocket Gays is celebrating can be purchased online at cert hall at the Kennedy Center
There is a $10 cover. All attend- provide elder members of the the one-year anniversary of its (2700 F St., N.W.) tonight at 6
ees must be 21 or older. LGBT community with weekly monthly Sunday School event p.m. hosted by Mayor Vincent
Hope Operas founder Chris visits from trained volunteers. with Baby Baby Blowout today Tuesday, April 19 C. Gray. This is a free event.
Griffin and local “sideshow girl” Metro D.C. PFLAG is hold- from 3 to 9 p.m. on the roof
Mab, just Mab are hosting a ben- ing its 14th annual gala and deck of Local 16 (1602 U St., Nellie’s (900 U St., N.W.) Thursday, April 21
efit performance and auction at silent auction tonight at the N.W.) with DJ Madscience. hosts its weekly “Glee” watch
Red Palace (1210 H St., N.E.) Washington Plaza Hotel (10 “Shear Madness,” a come- party tonight at 8 p.m. on the Students, educators, com-
tonight at 9 p.m. They created Thomas Circle, N.W.). The auc- dy whodunit, will be performed deck in the pub room. munity members, leaders
Pastie-Aid, an emergency fund tion opens at 6 p.m. and the twice tonight at the Kennedy Irvine Contemporary (1412 and about 20 organizations
for burlesque, vaudeville and dinner is at 7. Alison Arngri Center Theater Lab (2700 F St., 14th St., N.W.) presents “Im- will be coming together at
variety communities that are un- (Nellie from TV’s “Little House”) N.W.) at 3 and 7 p.m. “Mad- age/Fame/Memory” an ex- the John A. Wilson Building
insured. For more information, and Scott Nevins are the guests ness” takes place in present- hibit featuring photographs of (1350 Pennsylvania Ave., N.W.)
visit of honor. day Georgetown, in the Shear well known muscians, artists, from noon to 2 p.m. for Bully
The Center Arts Working Bare is hosting a Japan tsu- Madness Hair Styling Salon. writers and actors by Curtis Free D.C. to support inclusive
Group will be meeting for the nami relief fundraiser tonight Tickets are $42. Visit kennedy- Knapp, Gerard Malanga, Billy safe schools in D.C.
first time at the D.C. Center from at Cobalt (1639 R St., N.W.) for more information Name, Kate Simon and Shepa- The D.C. Preservation
6:30 to 7:30 p.m. to discuss from 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. with DJs and to purchase tickets. rd Fairey’s collaborations with League is celebrating its 40th
ideas and plans for programs to Rosie and Keenan. Proceeds Michael Feinstein will be Name and Simon. The gal- anniversary of historic preser-
be implemented at D.C. Center from the event and a raffle will performing at the Kennedy lery is open from 11 a.m. to 6 vation at the historic Wonder
(1318 U St., N.W.). The group is go to American Red Cross. Center (2700 F St., N.W.) in the p.m. and the exhibit will be on Bread Factory (641 S St., N.W.)
dedicated to the enrichment of Prizes being raffled are two concert hall tonight at 7 p.m. display through Saturday. For at 6:30 p.m. Tickets range from
the LGBT community through tickets to Uh Huh Her at 9:30 Tickets range from $40 to $75 more information, visit irvine- $75 to $150 and can be pur-
art and all that it encompasses. Club on May 2, a $25 Star- and can be purchased online chased online at dcpreserva-
D.C. Women in Their Thirties bucks gift card and a $25 Best at
will meet tonight at 8 p.m. at the Buy gift card. Wednesday, April 20 Wish Come Happen pres-
D.C. Center (1318 U St., N.W.). Black Cat (1811 14th St., Monday, April 18 ents a Faggles to Faggles tour-
D.C. Cowboys will be hosting N.W.) presents Hellmouth Hap- The Tom Davaron Social nament at Green Lantern (1335
performing as part of Brodeo py Hour where every week an Bears do Yoga at Green Lan- Bridge Club will meet at 7:30 Green Court, N.W.) tonight from
at Remingtons (639 Pennsylva- episode of “Buffy the Vampire tern (1335 Green Court N.W.) p.m. at the Dignity Center (721 8 to 11 p.m. Faggles to Faggles
nia Ave., S.E.) tonight. Brodeo Slayer” will be screened and tonight at 6:30 p.m. Class lasts 8th St., S.E.) for social bridge. is a “queered-up” parody of the
starts at 10 p.m. and the Cow- drink specials will be offered. for an hour and serves as an No partner is needed. For more game Apples to Apples where
boys will go on at midnight. This week the episode is “I, Ro- introduction to yoga for people information, visit lambdab- players judge which cards
Siren returned to Green Lan- bot ... You, Jane.” of all different body types and and click “Social are the most grotesque. Wish
tern (1335 Green Court, N.W.) Apex (1415 22nd St., N.W.) physical abilities. It’s taught by Bridge in Washington, D.C.” Come Happen is a fundraising
with the Robyn Riot tonight at presents The Showdown: Michael Brazell. For more infor- D.C. Ice Breakers hosts its collective committed to rais-
10 with DJs Majr and Lemz and House vs. Hip Hop with DJs mation, visit monthly open skate tonight from ing money for serious caused
VJ Donna. Melissa and Gigi battling it out. BYT presents All City Hap- 8:15 to 9:15 p.m. at the Kettler through engaging, absurd and
Caliente Grande is tonight Kristina Kelly and Her Girls of py Hour at Artisphere (1101 Capitals Iceplex, on top of the interactive events and experi-
at Apex (1415 22nd St., N.W.) Glamour will perform at 11 p.m. Wilson Blvd.) in Arlington, to- Ballston Common Mall parking ences. For more information,
starting at 9 p.m. DJ Michael Doors open at 9. There is a $10 night at 6 p.m. with drink spe- garage (627 N Glebe Rd.) in Ar- visit
Brandon will be spinning the cover and all attendees must cials, music and prizes includ- lington. After skating the group
Latin dance party in the main be 18 or older. ing tickets to upcoming shows will hit a local bar for a social E-mail calendar items to cal-
hall. There is a $10 cover Mixtape D.C. is tonight the like Warped Tour and more. hour. Skating is $8 plus $3 for two
charge. Attendees must be 18 Rock & Roll Hotel (1353 H St., There is no cover for this event skate rental. For more informa- weeks prior to your event.
to enter, 21 to drink. N.E.) from 9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. and all attendees must be 21 or tion, visit Space is limited so prior-
Mixtape is a dance party for older. GLAA is celebrating its 40th ity is given to LGBT-specific
Saturday, April 16 queer music lovers and their World Projects Corporation anniversary with a reception events or those with LGBT
pals that features DJs Shea Van presents the 2011 Washing- tonight from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at participants. Recurring
Nellie’s (900 U St., N.W.) is Horn and Matt Bailer playing ton, D.C. International Music the Washington Plaza Hotel events must be re-submitted
hosting “4square Swarm” to- an eclectic mix of electro, alt- Festival in the concert hall at (10 Thomas Circle, N.W.). The each time.


april 15, 2011 • 27

eyewear style show

Feinstein Sunday, April 17 at 7pm
Kennedy Center Concert Hall
april 30, 2011 I 11:00AM - 3:00PM “Smooth, rippling, perfectly
CoLonIAL oPtICIAns BethesDA manicured vocal and pianistic lines.”
4942 st. elmo Ave. I Bethesda MD 20814 ~ New York Times
301.657.3332 I

Lines Displayed original file: Adobe InDesign CS4
x 2.6875”) Non-SAU PDF
heatres/CF [if circled]

Free Frame drawing at the close of the show.

Must attend style show to be eligible for drawing.

20% OFF a complete pair of eyeglasses for Blade readers.


“Give yourself over to absolute pleasure.”


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llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for

Fri & Sat, April 15 & 16 at Midnight!
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of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia
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the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third
parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent,
NS trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition,
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to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages, By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
28 • april 15, 2011

Sushi & Lounge

We don’t make waves.

We make sushi.

Lunch Specials
Only $14.95

Happy Hour Specials

5-8 pm • Lounge Area Only

Dine in
Carry out
Photo by Graeme B. Shaw, courtesy of Synetic
Private parties
Greg Anderson as the King of France and Chris Dinolfo as gay son Cordelio in Synetic The-
ater’s current production of ‘King Lear.’
MON-THUR 12-3, 5-12

Silently stunning
FRI 12-3, 5-1
SAT 12-1
SUN 12-12
New Synetic ‘Lear’ vet Philip Fletcher) proves equally ruth-
less in his pursuit of wealth and power.
production a feast Prolonged battle scenes give some of

1326 14th St. NW for the eyes the cast an opportunity to show off their
massive tumbling skills. Ben Cunis as
2nd Floor Edgar leads them in incredible daring
202.588.5889 By PATRICK FOLLIARD leaps and acrobatic feats. Dallas Tolen-
tino does a wonderful sprinting in place
202.588.5599 bit where he appears to be flying through
The kingdom is a sandy strip of beach
TSUSHI.US backed by bombed out buildings, and its the forest hurdling fallen trees and spring
Owned and Operated by Thai Tanic staff. boarding from rocks. His gravity-defying
aging monarch and his vicious court are
all clowns. For his latest installment in the vertical leaps are simply incredible.
company’s “Silent Shakespeare” series, Now and then, Synetic takes liber-
Synetic Theater’s artistic director Paata ties with its source materials. In this
© 2010 C.B. Fleet Company, Inc.

Tsikurishvili reframes the bard’s tragedy adaptation, Lear’s only honest daugh-
“King Lear” as a tragic farce whose char- ter Cordelia is replaced by a good gay
acters look as if they might be on loan son — Cordelio (perfectly played by
from an especially spooky circus. Instead Chris Dinolfo in a tiny dunce cap and
of wearing red rubber noses, they paint tight pants). After his sisters spy him in
on dark circles and a deathly white pallor. a hot clinch with his boyfriend, they out
Without a sound (other than a moody their brother (by painting his lips bright
musical score and a few grunts, groans red and making him wear women’s rhine-
and screeches), the terrifically talented stone earrings) in front of the king. Lear
ensemble anchored by Irakli Kavsadze reacts badly, disinheriting and banishing
as Lear relies on nonstop, dynamic move- his only son. Eventually Cordelio reunites
ment and mute but potent acting to retell with his father, but in typical old school
the story of the old king who loses his fashion the gay character bites the dust,
mind after dividing his kingdom between not by his own hand but swinging from a
two of his three daughters, foolishly bas- noose nonetheless.
ing the division on just how far they will go The show is beautiful. Synetic’s stel-
in flattering him. The words aren’t missed. lar design team have come together to
Staged by Tsikurishvili and choreo- create a haunting, splendidly conceived
graphed by his wife Irina (who does dou- production. In the director’s notes, Tsikur-
O O F most savage offspring ishvilli cites filmmaker Federico Fellini as
Regan) the cohesive, well-oiled produc- his inspiration for using clowns “to color
tion lucidly unfolds. Reading the synop- an absurd world,” but the set, costumes
REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of sis prior to show time is helpful, but truly and general feel indicate other influences
proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
NS the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts
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there isn’t a confusing or clunky moment including Tim Burton films and Picasso’s
GN responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users
can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
in the 95-minute, quickly paced show. As saltimbanque paintings. Scene after
any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any
copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair always, Synetic ingeniously replaces text scene, the audience is bombarded with
competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation,
or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE with action. For instance, rather than flatter enduring tableaus. Whether it’s the defeat-
washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all
Learbutwith flowery speech, Regan and her ed sad clown Lear chasing after a flutter-
By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred washington blade newspaper. This includes is not limited to placement,
by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations payment and insertion schedule.
and warranties. sister Goneril (the wonderfully deadpan Ira ing butterfly or the evening’s final moment
Koval) compete for their father’s favor by when cast members stand in half light with
battling it out in a manic dance off. colorful balloons tethered to their necks,
The sisterly duo is a truly evil but en- these images aren’t soon forgotten.
tertaining pair. Styled like a punk school-
Gentle enough for daily use, now you can feel clean Ann, Regan is a smirking, coke-snorting Through April 24
and fresh—without the drugs found in laxative enemas. little monster. Though smoother, Goneril Synetic Theater
with her outsized eyes and down-turned At Landsburgh Theatre, 450 7th St, NW
mouth is no less malignant. And the sis- $40-$55
Drug Free | Safe For Daily Use | Hygienic 202-547-1122
ters’ mutual love interest Edmund (played
with a devilish athleticism by gay Synetic
april 15, 2011 • 29

Meaghan E. Hearn, Esq.

Drug Offenses
© 2010 C.B. Fleet Company, Inc.

Juvenile Court Proceedings
Traffic Violations
Personal Injury
Bar Admissions
DC | New Jersey | New York
Advocate, Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Advocate, Avon Walk for Breast Cancer
Volunteer, SMYAL, a service organization dedicated
to supporting LGBT youth

1250 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Suite 200

Washington, DC 20036-2643 KEEP IT CLEAN. NATURALLY.
202 393 5428


Gentle enough for daily use, now you can feel clean
and fresh—without the drugs found in laxative enemas.

Drug Free | Safe For Daily Use | Hygienic
30 • april 15, 2011


Photos courtesy of the artists

It’ll be a full night of queer music tonight at the Birchmere. Susan Werner, top, headlines. Girly-
man, above, opens. Tickets were still available as of press time Wednesday.

Werner, Girlyman at the Birchmere tonight

Out singer Susan Werner and queer group Girlyman will be performing at Birch-
mere (3701 Mt. Vernon Ave.) in Alexandria tonight at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 and
can be purchased online at
Werner launched her recording career with the self-released Midwestern Satur-
day Night in 1992, which was followed by “Live At Tin Angel” in 1993. The second
album impressed executives at Private Music/BMG, which released her major label
debut “Last Of The Good Straight Girls” in 1995. She also received critical ac-
colades for her subsequent recordings “Time Between Trains” (VelVel, 1998) and

Revisions “New
Please Non-Fiction”
check your ad copy(Indie, 2001).
Redesign for accuracy. The ad will be
Text revisions
She has toured the nation with acts such as Richard Thompson, Keb Mo and
presumed correct if proof
Image/Logo revisions Joan Armatrading,
corrections are not submittedand was featured in a 1998 Peter, Paul and Mary PBS television
by special
24 hrs. ofas oneofofthis
receipt the best of the next generation of folk songwriters. She’s a clas-
the lgbtq community’s news source No revisions copy of your ad.
sically trained musicians who studied opera and still occasionally uses a selection
from “Madame Butterfly” as her encore.Atlanta-based Girlyman is a folk-rock outfit
R ISSUE DATE: 100430 SALES REP: DJ Signature famous for its tight harmonies.

Equality Virginia plans Saturday gala

Equality Virginia’s annual Commonwealth Dinner, a black-tie gala for the Com-
monwealth’s LGBT community and supporters, is Saturday at the Richmond Mar-
riot Hotel (500 East Broad St.)
The dinner starts at 5:30 p.m. with a VIP and table host registration. General
registration and evening reception starts a p.m. with live entertainment from Emme
St. James and Her Jazz Gentlemen and No BS Brass Band.
The OUTstanding Virginians program begins at 8:15 p.m. This part of the gala is
to honor LGBT Virginians who have made a mark. This year’s honorees are Gay Ad-
egbalola, Tom Field, Mark Lowham, Molly McClintock, Judd Proctor and Brian Burns,
Ellen Quails, Mitch Rosa and Krist VanAudenhove, Ruth Micklem and Jeanie Beiber.
The registration deadline for this event has passed. For more information, visit

GLAA celebrates 40th anniversary Wednesday

The Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance is celebrating its 40th anniversary at
Washington Plaza Hotel (10 Thomas Circle, N.W.) on Wednesday from 6:30 to 9 p.m.
The celebration will feature a presentation of the 2011 Distinguished Service
Awards. The honorees are Rev. John Bryson Chane, Sharon Farmer, David Fried-
man, Theodore “Teddy” Guerran, Ronald King and David C. Ward.
Tickets are $75 each at the sponsor level, $125 for two at the patron level, $250
for three at the benefactor level, $500 for five at the distinguished sponsor level and
$1000 for eight at the underwriters level.
For more information and to purchase tickets, visit
april 15, 2011 • 31

furniture Stop by and See uS on

accessories your way to the Shore!
lighting we are the FirSt exit aFter the
textiles bay bridge right oFF rte 50

Sample Sale
50 — 85% off
Friday, april 29th, 2011

Saturday, april 30th, 2011

For more inFormation
410.604.0360 or

216 log
canoe circle
md 21666
32 • april 15, 2011


Sat, Apr. 16 Wed, Apr. 20
Green: the Color and the Cause, Interior Visions,
The Textile Museum. Corcoran Gallery of Art.
Gabriel Metsu, 1629-1667, National Pastime, Keegan Theatre,
National Gallery of Art. Church Street Theater. 703-892-0202.
Mon, Apr. 18 Liberty Smith, Ford’s Theatre.
Burn to Shine Washington, DC, 202-397-7328.
ARTISPHERE. Stage Door, American Century Theater,
703-875-1100. Gunston Theatre Two. 703-998-4555.
The Weir, SCENA Theatre, H
LAST CHANCE Street Playhouse. 703-683-2824.
Sat, Apr. 16 King Lear, Synetic Theater, Lansburgh
NSO Pops: Pink Martini, Theatre. 202-547-1122.
Michael Feinstein, Washington Performing Arts Society Kennedy Center.
Sun, April 17 202-467-4600. China: The Whole Enchilada, Landless
Kennedy Center. 202-833-9800 . Theatre Company, DCAC.
Acclaimed vocalist, pianist, and all-around entertainer Michael Feinstein returns to Fighting Improv Smackdown 202-462-7833.
D.C. after last season’s sold-out WPAS engagement. “The Ambassador of the Great Tournament (FIST), Pagliacci and Maria La O - Winter Pocket
American Songbook” brings his signature style of American standards for a swingin’ Washington Improv Theater. Opera Double Bill, In Series, Source
evening of song. Theatre. 202-204-7763.

Food as Craft, Smithsonian Craft Show

Sun, Apr. 17 The New Electric Ballroom, The Studio
Ishihara by Yoav Brill, Theatre. 202-332-3300.
Sun, April 17 ARTISPHERE.
National Building Museum. 202-633-3030. 703-875-1100. Photograph 51, Theater J. 800-494-8497.
Tasting & Panel Discussion Food as Craft moderated by Sally Swift, Managing Pro-
ducer of American Public Media’s, The Splendid Table and featuring Joan Nathan, Peter Brook’s Fragments, Bootycandy, Woolly Mammoth.
cookbook author and regular contributor to the New York Times, Fabio Trabocchi, Kennedy Center. 202-393-3939.
Joe Yonan, and Najmieh Batmanglij. 202-467-4600. In Your Ear: Avant Garde Poetry, DC Arts Center; The Capital City Showcase,
The Walworth Farce DCAC, 202-462-7833.
The Studio Theatre. 202-332-3300. Apr. 15 - Apr. 16
A sinister twist on the classic farce, this chilling tale by Enda Walsh exposes a fam- Kreeger Museum. Tom Wesselmann
Embracing the AND, DRAWS. 202-338-3552.
ily’s Sisyphean games as a father forces his two sons to reenact a shocking story Round House Theatre Silver Spring.
from their troubled past. When a young woman from the outside unwittingly intrudes, National Gallery of Art. Venice: Canaletto
240-644-1100. and His Rivals, Gauguin: Maker of Myth,
things take a ghastly and irrevocable turn. In the Tower: Nam June Paik, Lewis
Sketchbook Project, Baltz: Prototypes/Ronde de Nuit, From
Lucinda Childs: Dance Transformer, Hillyer Art Space. Impressionism to Modernism: The Chester
Thu, April 21 & Fri, April 22 202-483-1102. Dale Collection. 202-737-4215.
Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. National Geographic. Beyond the Story:
301-405-ARTS. Apr. 16 - Apr. 17 National Geographic Unpublished, America I
Childs’s company performs her seminal 1979 work, reinvigorated for the twenty-first Deborah Riley Dance Projects, AM. 202-857-7700.
century stage. Live dancers are overlaid by -- and seemingly mingle with -- ghost- Dance Place. Museum of Women in the Arts. Eye
like, larger-than-life projected images of the original performers. Set to music by 202-269-1600. Wonder: Photography from the Bank of
Philip Glass, Dance evokes the power and pleasure of movement, then and now. America Collection. 202-783-5000.
The Textile Museum. Second Lives: The
The Guide to Arts & Culture is provided by Your Link to Arts in Metro DC, A program of
the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington. Photo courtesy of Washington Performing Arts Society. ONE NIGHT ONLY Age-Old Art of Recycling Textiles. 202-
Fri, Apr. 15
Discotheque: Evening Social Event,
Smithsonian Residents, Smithsonian
Hamtdaa: Together; C2YN (Countdown
National Postal Museum. to Yuri’s Night), An Artistic Discovery,
202-633-3030. ARTISPHERE. 703-875-1100.
Silents With the Snarks, Works by Greg Minah, Mars Tokyo, and
ARTISPHERE. Andrew Wapinski, Gallery plan b. 202-
703-875-1100. 234-2711. The Corsica Series, Montpelier Arts
Sat, Apr. 16 Center. 301-377-7800.
Hunger’ Movie Screening,
Studio Theatre. Cindy Packard Richmond’s Food,
202-332-3300. Glorious Food, The Art League. 703- 683-1780.
Knitting in Living Color, Impressions from the Press Room,
Smithsonian Resident, Smithsonian Washington Printmakers Gallery. 301-
Ripley Center. 273-3660.
202-633-3030. Zenith Gallery’s 33rd Anniversary Show, Zenith Gallery at Chevy Chase Pavilion.
WPAS: Feder Competition Winners, 202-783-2963.
april 15, 2011 • 33

Have the WINNING Body this Summer!

☑ Weight Loss ☑ Muscle Size ☑ Tone ☑ Core

Personal Training, I-Cycle & Abs Class, Diet-to-Go Meals

1150 18th Street, NW, Suite 130 I Washington, DC I 202.775.9400
“Like” us on Facebook.

Don’t miss ZooFari at the

Smithsonian’s National Zoo on May 19.
Enjoy gourmet fare from more than
100 of the area’s finest restaurants and
vintners all while supporting conservation
programs at the National Zoo.
REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of
Get tickets today at
proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts
omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is
responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users
and take a bite out of conservation.
can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
EVISIONS any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any
/LOGO REVISIONS copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair
competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation,
SIONS or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE
washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations payment and insertion schedule.
and warranties.


Say you saw it in the THE WASHINGTON BLADE.

ZooFari Ad.Blade.4.75x11.5.indd 1 4/8/11 2:55 PM

34 • april 15, 2011


Life on the ‘Prairie’

Actress Alison Arngrim everything with the Nellie’s logo,” Arn-
grim says. “I’m like, ‘Oh my god, this is
remembers her years as awesome!’ I wear nothing but Nellie’s
Nellie on ‘Little House’  Sports Bar clothes.”
Arngrim, now 49 and a nearly life-long
AIDS, LGBT rights and child abuse advo-
By JOEY DiGUGLIELMO cate, started working at age 6. When “Lit-
tle House” was casting, she read for both
There was a time, actress Alison Arn- the Mary and Laura parts, but landed
grim recalls, when her character Nellie Nellie instead. She credits “the Michael
Oleson — nemesis of the wholesome In- Landon academy” as her acting school
galls girls on the hit ’70s show “Little House and says “it came weirdly naturally.”
on the Prairie” — got a little too mean. The uppity Oleson clan — wealthier
Arngrim mostly relished the juicy part. and snobbier than the Ingalls — pro-
She found the screaming, howling and vided the show with its comic relief. Her
throwing things a great release. But there “Little House” parents, Katherine Mac-
was one time she thought the writers took Gregor (Harriet) and Richard Bull (Nels)
it a bit too far. — both 86 — are doing well. She keeps
“There was one episode that was al- in touch and remembers them fondly.
most too mean,” Arngrim says during a “They adored each other but they
lengthy phone interview from her house would have these hysterical arguments,” Photo by Gor Magaera
in Los Angeles’ Tujunga neighborhood. Arngrim says. “This was back in the ‘70s
“It’s the one where I’m tormenting this when Prop 13, which slashed property Actress Alison Arngrim, famous for playing Nellie Oleson on ‘Little House,’ will be in town this
poor girl who stuttered. I was kind of taxes and in a way kind of ruined the weekend for a PFLAG dinner. Her one-woman show, ‘Confessions of a Prairie Bitch’ has been
adapted into an autobiography.
cringing when we were filming it thinking, state, was big. It was this bizarre politi-
‘Oh man, I would never do this.’ I had to cal thing in California at the time and was there,” Arngrim says. “All these truck the characters who left. A new, equally
go to speech class as a child too, so it very controversial. Katherine and Rich- commercials that show how these big wholesome family moved in the Ingalls
hit a nerve with me and I know how trau- ard were sitting on the set debating this trucks can go through all this terrain. old house when Landon and Karen
matic it can be.” thing and you would have sworn it was They’re totally driving through Walnut Grassle left. And the Olesons adopted
Arngrim’s “Little House” memories are Mr. and Mrs. Oleson. It was so good, you Grove. It’s hilarious. You see it on shows holy terror Nancy.
mostly fond, though. She’s been touring could have filmed it. They were just like and commercials all the time.” Arngrim’s activism sprang from her
her one-woman show “Confessions of an old married couple.” One thing she doesn’t miss is the fa- “Little House” work. Actor Steve Tracy,
a Prairie Bitch” for years. Last year she Arngrim says Bull is still working, “which mous Nellie wig, which she says was who played her husband Percival, was
adapted it into an autobiography that’s is crazy.” MacGregor, she says, was “one “practically nailed to my head.” gay and died of AIDS in 1986.
drawn raves. of the funniest” people on the set. Several long-time cast members left “It was extremely traumatic for all of us,”
Her former co-star Melissa Gilbert “She was like Mrs. Oleson in some after the seventh season, including Arn- Arngrim says.
(Laura), whom Arngrim calls her best ways — not mean but just completely grim. Her contract was up and she says Even though PFLAG is a little dif-
friend, says she “devoured” “Confes- bananas.” she didn’t see her character, who’d grown ferent from the AIDS organizations for
sions” in two days and, “after reading it The adult actors were gracious to up, gotten married, had twins and be- which Arngrim has long volunteered and
I admire her more than ever.” the many child actors on the show, she come nice, going anywhere interesting. worked — she was a full-time employee
Arngrim is in Washington this week- says. They addressed them by their first “I thought, ‘OK, I’m done.’ It’s time to get of Tuesday’s Child from 1989-1993 —
end for “Stand United,” PFLAG D.C.’s names but included “sir” and “ma’am,” out the door and do something else. Even she says it’s an important group she’s
gala and silent auction slated for 6 p.m. as they did with the crew. Michael (Landon) hadn’t realized it would long admired.
Saturday at the Washington Plaza Hotel The show filmed at Paramount then go on this long and become this monster. “These families who treat their gay
in Thomas Circle. later at MGM on Stage 15 where “The … This was pre-’Friends’ so we didn’t have children like they’re from outer space,
She was scheduled to sign cop- Wizard of Oz” was also filmed. Arngrim the big salaries and they weren’t offering I’ve just never understood it. It’s like,
ies of her memoir at Nellie’s Sports Bar claims she and Gilbert found pieces any great incentive to re-sign. If I’d known it ‘Jesus, what’s wrong with you?’ So this
Thursday night. Even though the bar of the yellow brick road on the set. The was only going to go on another two years, group that had the audacity to actually
wasn’t named after her character, Arn- outdoor scenes where facades of the I might have stayed but my family was not reject their gay children — what a
grim thinks the connection is funny. She famous Oleson’s Mercantile and Nellie’s reminding me I didn’t want to end up like freaking thought — it’s a great thing. No-
met owner Doug Schantz last summer in Restaurant were built, were filmed at Miss Kitty on ‘Gunsmoke.’” body’s free till we’re all free.”
Provincetown. L.A.’s famous Big Sky Ranch. Arngrim laughs when she recalls how Visit for Arn-
“He sent me all the T-shirts, hats and “It’s so funny, they shoot everything producers simply “cloned” several of grim’s appearances and more.


Premenstrual Syndrome
Women ages 18 - 50 who struggle with irritability, anxiety, or sadness
prior to menstruaon are invited to parcipate in outpaent research studies.
There is no cost for parcipaon. Compensaon may be provided.

Please call us. Together we can make a difference.

c Artwork by Donna Butnik

TTY: 1-866-411-1010
W W W. C L I N I C A LT R I A L S . G O V Protocol No. 81-M-0126
april 15, 2011 • 35

Visit us at

Trisha Brown Dance

Saturday, April 30 at 8 p.m.
This astonishing nine-member company
has been challenging the boundaries of
contemporary dance since its legendary artistic
director, Trisha Brown, founded it four decades
ago, exploring alternative performance spaces
and staging performances on rooftops and
walls to investigate the relationship between
dance movement and gravity. Celebrating
those 40 years, the Company performs a new
Orpheus Chamber Orchestra work, Pygmalion, as well as other new works and
revived works from the company’s repertory.
Arabella Steinbacher, violin $22, $36, $44
Saturday, April 23 at 8 p.m. This tour engagement of Trisha Brown Dance Company is
Performing without a conductor and rotating the musical leadership roles for each piece, the funded through the American Masterpieces program of Mid
“Orpheus Chamber Orchestra elegantly refutes the notion that a collective mind is unlikely to Atlantic Arts Foundation with support from the National
produce the same caliber of performance produced by a single mind.” (Chicago Tribune) With Endowment for the Arts.
German violin virtuoso Arabella Steinbacher, the program will include Strauss’ Serenade for Winds
in E-flat Major, Op. 7; Hartmann’s Concerto Funèbre; Mozart’s Rondo for Violin and Orchestra in C
Major, K. 373 and Adagio in E Major, K. 261; and Haydn’s “London” Symphony (No. 104).
$28, $48, $56

Center for the Arts

On the Fairfax campus, six miles west of Beltway exit 54 at the intersection of Braddock Road and Rt. 123.

888-945-2468 or

I am a Citizen Forester.
I volunteer with Casey Trees Casey Trees thanks its Citizen Forester
because I am passionate Volunteer Corps as part of National
about the environmental Volunteer Appreciation Week.
benefits provided by urban
trees and because it’s a Together, we have greened D.C. with
great way to become better more than 10,000 trees and educated
acquainted with D.C.’s thousands of adults and youth alike
residents and neighborhoods.
on the benefits of trees in urban

Thank you.
Gary McNeil
Citizen Forester since 2005
36 • april 15, 2011


Playing piano by ear came

naturally to young Feinstein
Continued from page 23 bad lyric, maudlin at best, a good song
At one point, during “We Kiss in a After finishing high school, he worked
Shadow,” they turn to each other and in local piano bars for two years and
exult, singing together “behold and be- then moved to Los Angeles when he
lieve what you see.” And audiences did. was 20. There he soon met June Le-
Timed for the debate in New York State vant, widow of the legendary concert
over marriage equality, Feinstein and pianist-actor Oscar Levant, and through
Jackson were sending a powerful mes- her he was introduced to Ira Gershwin,
sage to the uber-powerful folk who saw who hired young Feinstein to catalogue
their show, but they did it with badinage his extensive collection of phonograph
and playful patter, realizing that if you records. This assignment led to a six-
want to “send a message, call Western year assignment working at Gershwin’s
Union,” don’t put on a show. Beverly Hill home, preserving the legacy
In that same show, light of heart and not only of Ira but also that of his com-
packed with so much pizzazz, the two poser brother George, who had died
of them, each with matinee-idol looks four decades earlier. From there he got
and dressed dapperly in matching black to Gershwin’s next-door neighbor, singer
suits, white shirts and black ties, the two Rosemary Clooney, with whom Feinstein
shared the spotlight with buddy songs formed a close relationship lasting until
like “I’m Nothing Without You,” from her death in 2002.
the show “City of Angels.” But in solos In 1986, Feinstein recorded his first
Feinstein brought his own low-melting- CD, “Pure Gershwin,” followed soon by
temperature vibrato to Cole Porter’s “So “Remember,” featuring the music of Ir-
In Love” from “Can Can,” and also threw ving Berlin” and later he embarked on
in some hilarious impersonations, mimic- his ambitious “songbook project,” where
ing Paul Lynde and Carol Channing. He he would perform the music of a featured
also sat at the piano and crooned an- composer — such as Jule Styne and
other anthem, this one written directly Jerry Herman — accompanied by the
to advocate for LGBT rights, Marshall composer. Later, he would record two
Barer’s and Mickey Leonard’s “The Time other albums of Gershwin’s music, “Nice
Has Come,” written as a response to the Work If You Can Get It” and “Michael and
Stonewall riot. George.”
Feinstein’s roots are, of course, in cab- “I’ve spent my life immersed in this
aret, that musical genre that mixes Tin music,” he says of all these composers
Pan Alley with Broadway show tunes and and lyricists and their songs standards,
also the ambience of Weimar Republic “out of love for it, not even thinking about
gay-friendly precincts of Berlin’s “kaba- a career.” These songs are, he says, “are
rett” in the 1920s. As Feinstein sees it, still pertinent to our times.” He wants “to
“American Idol’s” former viper-tongued keep the music alive for other genera-
wicked-witch-judge Simon Cowell, is to- tions,” a project that took major form in
tally wrong-headed when he habitually January when the Feinstein Foundation-
denounces anything he thinks sounds funded $150-million Center for the Per-
Palm Sunday old-fashioned as “cabaret.” forming Arts, where he is artistic direc-
Where did it all begin for Feinstein, tor, opened in Carmel, Ind. The complex
April 17, 2010 this passion for the greatest American includes a 1,600-seat concert hall plus
“Jesus Christ His Triumphal Entry” classic popular songs? In the American smaller venues and houses his Foun-
“middle-west” heartland of Columbus, dation for the Preservation of the Great
Services at 8:30 AM and 10:30 AM Ohio, where he was born in 1956, the son American Songbook, including also a li-
of an amateur tap dancer (his mother) brary and archives storing his and other
and a Sara Lee Corporation sales execu- collections of rare recordings, orchestra-
Maundy Thursday tive (his father). He credits his parents as
“for exposing me to this music,” in a way
tions, sheet music and other cultural arti-
facts about songs.
he compares to the Suzuki method of Today, he is the owner of the Manhat-
ISSUE DATE: 04.08.11 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: JERYL PARADE ( teaching the young to play the violin by tan nightclub, Feinstein’s at the Regen-
“Preparing for Crucifixion” ear, “before they even know it’s music,” cy, a showcase for cabaret performers,
the date of proof. Revisions will not be Service atwednesday,
7:30 PM
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proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
accepted after 12:01 pm the week of publication.Brown naff pitts he says. where he performs himself in sold-out
omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is
responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users At age 5, he studied piano (still his in- shows every Christmas. He also has an
strument today) for several months with interest in Feinstein’s at the Shaw, in Lon-
can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
EVISIONS any rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any
competition, defamation, invasion 11th
of privacy or rights Street, NW
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of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation,
or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE a teacher who sought in vain to get him don. Recently he completed a six-part
Washington, DClegal20001
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liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable fees and expenses that may be incurred toto your
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obligations with the
washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
and was angered Warner Home Video series for television
by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations
when he didn’t since he was simply more that depicts the history of the American
Rev. Dr. Louis Shockley, Senior Pastor
payment and insertion schedule.
and warranties.

comfortable playing by ear. His mother popular song through 1960.

backed him up and took him out of les- Continues at
Regular Sunday Morning Services sons allowing him to learn to love music
8:30 AM and 10:30 AM in his own way. By his teenage years, MiChael Feinstein ConCert
he says, “I had already diverged from 7 p.m. Sunday
my age group in taste.” When his sister Kennedy Center listened to Carole King’s album “Tapes- Concert Hall
try,” he says that he was collecting 78s. presented by the
As for the Beatles, he says he is not Washington Performing Arts Society
overly impressed. He calls “Yesterday,” Tickets $40-$75
202-785-9727 or
for instance, “a great melody, but it’s a
april 15, 2011 • 37

All Souls Memorial Episcopal Church

2300 Cathedral Avenue NW • Woodley Park Metro 2011 EASTER / RELIGION

Holy Week
April 17-24, 2011
Pal m Su n d a y , B lessing of the Palms & Low M ass 8:30 a.m.
B lessing of the Palms, Pro cession & High M ass 11 a.m.

M o n d a y t h r o u g h Th u r s d a y,
M atins at 7:15 a.m., Low M ass at 7:30 a.m.

M aun d y Th u r sd a y , High M ass at 7 p.m.

G oo d F r i d a y , Liturgy of the Day at No on

Stations of the Cross for G o o d Fr iday at 7 p.m.

H ol y Sa t u r d a y , The G reat V igil of Easter at 8 p.m.

in c lu d in g m u sic by G a llu s, La u r id s e n & H a s s l e r,
a c co m p a n ied by b ra ss q u a r te t

Ea st e r S u n d a y , Low M ass at 8:30 a.m.

Easter Egg Hunt on the church lawn at 10 a.m. CALL ME
High M ass at 11 a.m. LYNNE BROWN AT
including m u sic by Va u gh a n W illia m s, Th o mps o n & M oz a r t, THE WASHINGTON BLADE
202.747.2077 X8075
a cco m p a n ied by st r in g tr i o LBROWN@WASHBLADE.COM


St. John
301.589.6181 Sunday, April 17, 4 pm
Experience the beauty and power
of J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion in
the inspiring, sacred setting of

P R O O F music at washington national cathedral

REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of
proof. Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
the date of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts
Washington National Cathedral
Choir and Baroque Orchestra
omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is
GN An egalitarian
responsible forsynagogue serving
any legal liability arising the
out of or GLBT
relating community
to the advertisement, and/orand all who
any material to whichwish
users to participate
EVISIONS can link through the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
any rgihts of third parties, including, butin notan inclusive
limited environment.
to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any Michael McCarthy, conductor
/LOGO REVISIONS copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair
competition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation,
SIONS or any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER SIGNATURE Rufus Müller, Evangelist
Erev Shabbat Services, Fridays, 8:30 PM
washington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
liability, loss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred
by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations
washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
payment and insertion schedule. Craig Phillips, Jesus
and warranties.
Followed by Oneg Shabbat Social Elizabeth Cragg, soprano
Roger Isaacs, countertenor
Shabbat Morning Services, 2nd & 4th Saturdays, 10 AM Nicholas Phan, tenor
Followed by Kiddush Luncheon Nathan Berg, bass-baritone
DCJCC 16th & Q Streets, NW
Tickets start at $25—visit
or call (202) 537-2228 today!
Rabbi Toby Manewith
38 • april 15, 2011
april 15, 2011 • 39


Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael Now Offering Non-Invasive

Body Contouring Procedure With Zerona
Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael’s practice, located in Chevy Chase, Maryland has an expansive array of treatment options including Botox, Fillers, laser treat-
ments, and cosmetic dermatology. Hadi Rassael provides his patients with excellent care and evaluates every patient’s needs and desires in order to deter-
mine the best treatment plans that will help the patients meet their cosmetic goals.

Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael for a total of 40 minutes; 20

is excited to announce the minutes on each side.
addition of Zerona, the first
non-invasive body contouring “The Zerona laser treatment
procedure, to his practice, is an exciting addition to our
Millennium Medical, located practice”, notes Dr. Hadi
in Chevy Chase, Maryland. Rassael. I am thrilled to be able
Zerona effectively removes to offer my patients the latest in
excess fat without the negative laser technology to meet their
side effects associated with cosmetic needs.”
surgical methods.
For patients interested in fat
The Zerona laser treatments removal using the Zerona laser
will provide patients of Dr. treatment, contact Dr Hadi
Hadi Rassael a noninvasive, Michael Rassael. Dr. Rassael
alternative medical solution will evaluate your particular
to the traditional fat removal cosmetic desires and create a
procedures and surgeries treatment plan to achieve the
offering no down time or pain maximum results for your body
and no need for compression type, weight, and target loss.
garments or anesthesia. Dr. Dr. Hadi Rassael understands “The Zerona laser treatment is an exciting addition to our practice,” says Dr. Hadi
Michael Rassael of Millennium Medical.
Hadi Rassael has been at that every patient is different
the forefront of the latest and goes above and beyond to
surgical techniques for provide optimum results and and his MS and PhD, majoring Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.
Body Contouring and Facial the utmost in excellent care and in Physiology, at Georgetown Hadi Rassael is extensively
Cosmetic surgery and the compassion. University. Dr. Hadi Michael involved in attending
recent addition of Zerona is Rassael graduated at the top seminars, lectures and clinical
another example of Dr. Hadi Dr Hadi Michael Rassael of his class from The New workshops both nationally and
Rassael providing the utmost in offers a variety of treatments York College of Osteopathic internationally. Hadi Rassael
care and quality solutions for and cosmetic procedures at his Medicine and surgical training has always been in the forefront
their cosmetic needs. Chevy Chase, Maryland facility at St. Agnes Hospital, including of both surgical and non-
including: MediSpa, Body training at the world renowned surgical innovations to improve
Hundreds have tried this Contouring, facial treatments, Johns Hopkins Burn center in his patient’s physical image.
procedure, and have lost an and tattoo removal. Dr. Hadi Baltimore, Maryland. After his
average of 3.64 inches around Rassael’s goal is to help every surgical training, Hadi Rassael For additional information, contact:
the waist. Some patients patient look and feel their best continued his studies at AFIP/
have lost as much as eight and the addition of the Zerona Walter Reed Medical Center Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael
inches, which is equivalent laser will provide patients in Washington, DC where he 4407 Willard Avenue
to approximately 4 sizes. of Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael completed his Head & Neck Chevy Chase, MD 20815
The Zerona laser procedure with the results they desire Fellowship. 301-652-9005
is pain free and described by without the downtime and pain
many patients as easy and associated with traditional fat Dr. Hadi Rassael has trained
relaxing. According to Dr removal procedures. with world renowned surgeons,
Hadi Michael Rassael, the such as Dr. Lore, Dr. Gallagher
procedure takes less than an About Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael and Dr. Nuveen helping
hour and consists of the laser to make Hadi Rassael an
being applied to the targeted Hadi Rassael completed his exceptional cosmetic surgeon.
area, usually a combination undergraduate studies at Dr. Hadi Michael Rassael is
of the waist, hips, and thighs, George Washington University a member of The American
40 • april 15, 2011


Photo courtesy of Kevin Majoros

Kevin Majoros (left) with Matthew Micham, openly gay athlete who won a gold medal at the
Beijing Olympics on the 10 meter diving platform.

Ripples make the difference

We all need to do our part States, she became a national hero to both
black and white Americans. Her accom-
to alter straight world’s plishments still resonate.
perception of gays With the recent failure of the Maryland
same-sex marriage legislation, I cannot stop
thinking that this is all because of how the
By KEVIN MAJOROS general public perceives us. In September
2010, GLAAD counted 23 LGBT characters
In 2005 I had the great pleasure of on major network television. Most are ste-
meeting Julian Bond, a leader of the reotypical roles that portray us as cartoon
American Civil Rights Movement and for- characters. I cringe every time Mitch and
mer head of the NAACP. Cam on “Modern Family” end one of their
He was speaking at the Equality Mary- arguments with a slap fight or the gay head
land Jazz Brunch and his words made swing. Recently there was criticism from the
a lasting impression on me. He said, LGBT community because the characters
“Sexual disposition parallels race; it is of Mitch and Cam were not showing any af-
unchangeable.” fection on the show. The network chose to
It is his belief that the road to equality for air an episode indicating Mitch’s character
the LGBT community, as was the case for to be uncomfortable showing affection in
the black community, is subject to the way public. How convenient.
we are perceived by the general public. So where are the LGBT sports heroes
While the path to equality for blacks to come and save us? They are out there,
had its own twists and turns, Bond point- but just not having much impact on public
ed out that there are many similarities opinion. I’m a firm believer that every rip-
in the LGBT path. Bond himself had to ple in the water is important. Much can be
leave Virginia in 1961 to marry his white said of what impact groups like the sports
fiancé as miscegenation was not allowed teams under the Team D.C. umbrella have
in that state until 1967. at a grass roots level. Each year, more and
In the 1940s and ’50s, blacks were por- more straight athletes are joining our LGBT
trayed in movies and on television in roles that sports teams. These athletes are then im-
stereotyped them as lesser human beings. parting their experiences with us to family
During this period there were large and friends which hopefully affect some
pockets of the United States where white changes in the perception of us.
people had no interaction with black The Team D.C. sports teams are
people, leaving their opinions to be also competing nationally against both
formed by what was presented to them straight and gay athletes. Several times
in the media. Sound familiar? I have heard the snickers or negative
Around this same time professional comments while competing at a straight
sports organizations began to allow black swim meet. More often than not though,
athletes to compete in their leagues. the commonality of our sports experi-
Brooklyn Dodgers player Jackie Robin- ence brings the straight athletes to inter-
son is certainly the most recognizable act with us in a positive way before the
name to emerge during that transition. end of the swim meet.
These athletes who broke the color line One of the lessons to be learned
distinguished themselves on the field as from the black march to equality is that
well as in their personal lives. Their be- we need to be aware of public opin-
havior became a credit to their race. ion. There are still large pockets of the
Due to enforcement of Jim Crow laws, Unites States where people have never
black athletes had been competing in the met a gay person. I was recently told by
Olympics since 1904. While everyone is a Maryland legislator that many of her
aware of what Jesse Owens accomplished peers vote against their own beliefs and
at the 1936 Berlin Olympics, it may have instead vote on what they have heard
been a singular black woman who helped from their constituents.
to change a nation in transition. In 1960 at The next time you feel the need to
the Rome Olympics, Wilma Rudolph won point a finger at a religious group, a poli-
three gold medals, and her grace, charm tician or the media, you should ask your-
and athleticism captured the attention self a simple question.
of the world’s press. Back in the United Am I doing my part?
april 15, 2011 • 41
42 • april 15, 2011


Sidney W. Binks III, Ph.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Individual & Couples Therapy

for the LGBTQ Community
20 years experience!
3000 Connecticut Avenue NW
202.255.5187 •

Joel C. Ang, M.D. Becky Carroll, Ph.D.

HIV Diagnosis & Treatment, Family Medicine Licensed Psychologist
Sylvia R. Medley, M.D., M.P.H. Interactive Counseling,
Internal Medicine, HIV, Women’s Health & Weight Psychotherapy and
Management Somatic Experiencing
Matthew J. Fagan, D.O.
Family Medicine & Primary Care
1759 Q Street NW, Washington, DC
Red Line Metro • Dupont Circle
Parking Available • Free Wi-Fi Affordable
Health Insurance
Same Day Appointments

Adult Primary Care

Copies of records at each visit Plans for individuals, families,
Insurance Accepted small businesses and the self-employed
Instant HIV/Syphilis/Herpes Testing
CLIA Certified In-House Laboratory • Replace Expensive COBRA Insurance
• Choose your own doctors/hospitals
• Doctor Office Co-Pay Available
• Prescriptions,
A D Disability,
V E R T I Life
Call for
: 01-21-11 Therapy
SALES for Adults,
• Preventive
care benefits
• Fast, fair claims & great service
Adolescents & Couples
oof. Proof will be considered final and will be submittedComing Out
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e date of proof. Revisions will Concerns
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if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of
pm wednesday,Partner Choice,
the week of publication.Brown
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that itsDepression
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advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or
y rgihts of third parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any
pyright, patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, Chronic Illness
or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair Since 1993
Douglas L. Romberg, Ph.D.
mpetition, defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation,
any other right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the
shington blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all
offer 25+
signing this plans.
proof you Weto your
are agreeing will help
contract youwith the
bility, loss, damages, claims, or causes 296-0033
of action, (703)
including reasonable legal fees and790-0038
expenses that may be incurred blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations
d warranties. Dupont Circle Northern VA choose the plan that works best for you.
payment and insertion schedule.

Michael Deninger PhD
Dream Plan Track ®
Licensed Professional Counselor
A unique and collaborative approach to financial planning. Certified in Hypnotherapy and NLP
Marguerita Cheng, CFP®, CRPC®
ASL Used Here

Financial Advisor
6400 Goldsboro Rd Suite 550
• Coming Out • Depression
Bethesda, MD 20817 • Phobias • Spirituality
• Traumas • Family Issues
CA License #: 0G89743 • Anxiety • Intimacy
Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Member FINRA and SIPC. (703)212-8406 •

Results-Oriented q Affordable
Larry Cohen, LICSW
23 years serving the lgbt community
See website for NPR story on my work
april 15, 2011 • 43

When you improve your home, FR
STO 25030/11
$ .4 /

you improve your life. OR EXP

At Long Kitchens we have a

wide selection of cabinets,
countertops and hardware that
come in numerous styles, from
traditional to contemporary.
We offer a free custom design
service that is tailored to your DESIGN YOUR
taste and your budget. All OWN KITCHEN AT
our cabinetry is made with
premium woods, not particle
board. We are licensed,
bonded and insured to make
sure your kitchen is done to
the best standards.

We stand behind the work we do.

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We also offer Windows, Siding, Gutters, Doors, Attic Mirror, Insulation

*Whichever is less. Cannot be combined with any other offers/discounts. Must present coupon during original estimate.

Cedric Terrell Photography

Washington, DC

professionaldirectory Providing unique, authentic and inspiring portraits.

IndividualsCouplesSex Senior i HeaDSHoTS i CouPle/engagemenT i WeDDing

Helping People
Grow Stronger
in Rough Times mention this ad and receive $50 off your next session.
Michael Radkowsky, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist 15 years experience
Near Woodley & Cleveland Park metro
(202) 234-3278 i 202-570-4019 i


For All Your Computer Repairs Officiates Weddings
All Faiths
1636 R Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009


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Houses and gardens and teas – oh my!

Metro or just park there and stroll to the
REAL ESTATE tour homes. Purchase tickets for $15 in
advance from the Food Co-op and from
By Valerie M. Blake various shops in downtown Takoma Park.
Prudential Carruthers REALTORS® Capitol Hill’s House & Garden Tour is
always a treat. This year the tour will be
If you missed the White House Garden held on May 7th and 8th from 12 noon to
Tour this year, fear not! You can come 5 p.m. An annual event since 1958, the
to my house instead. Not impressed? Capitol Hill Restoration Society has spon-
Then read on… sored the 2-day tour on Mother’s Day
Each year a variety of DC neighbor- weekend each year. Plan on spending an
hoods and their residents open their afternoon with Mom viewing Victorian &
doors and their yards to the public. Federal-style homes on the southeast side
Sponsored by local garden clubs and of the Hill. Tickets may be purchased for
historical groups, house and garden $25 online thru May 1st at
tours are even better than open houses. and will also be sold at Eastern Market
You get to see the best of the best and during the preceding weekends.
don’t have to worry about making the My own community, Brookland, is a
monthly payments. relative newcomer to the house and gar-
First up for the spring season is the den scene. This year it will be the place
Georgetown House Tour, which will be to be on June 5th from 12 noon to 5 p.m.
held on April 30th from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. when as many as a dozen homes featur-
This tour will feature up to a dozen beau- ing the eclectic, distinctive and varied
tiful homes (and yes, you can take a peek architecture of the neighborhood will be
at their gardens too). In addition, there on display. Petals, Ribbons & Beyond,
will be a Parish Tea from 2 p.m. through located at 3906 12th Street, NE, will be
5 p.m. in Blake Hall (no relation) at St. selling tickets in advance for $10. What
John’s Church. Go to www.georgetown- a bargain for an enjoyable afternoon! before April 22nd to buy Now, when I invited you all to my Photo courtesy of
your tickets online for $50. house in the beginning of this article, I re-
If you can’t make their House Tour ally wasn’t kidding. In a proud but weak worker and a mason (and I may need that that the house will look the way I want
then head back to Georgetown for their moment, I volunteered my home for the partridge in a pear tree before I’m done). it to by Tour Day and I hope to see you
Garden Tour on May 7th from 10 a.m. to Brookland House and Garden Tour this I have even had to buy a garden to go there. The Miniature Schnauzers, how-
4 p.m. Be prepared for bursts of color year. In anticipation of June 5th, I re- with my new and improved house. It’s ever, will have to go on a play-date for the
amid manicured hedges and statuary in cently revised my Honey-Do List, which being delivered at the end of the month. afternoon. They might have made good
nine of Georgetown’s most exquisite gar- had been sitting on the kitchen counter My Miniature Schnauzers are also get- docents but I just couldn’t train them to
dens. Tickets are available for $30 if pur- relatively untouched since January 2010. ting into the groove. Stanley, the baby, is read the history of the house from the
chased before May 2nd online at www. Nearly everyone who owns a home taking care of “watering the lawn.” Ol- cue cards. Maybe next year. has a Honey-Do list, but not everyone ivia, the eldest and several times a Mom,
Think Takoma Park is already green? has a Honey to do the items on it. Such is keeps the work crews in line by frequent-
Then wait until you see their House & my dilemma, so I have had to hire a few ly “barking orders.” Even Fulbright, my Valerie M. Blake can be reached at (202)
Garden Tour on May 1st from 1 p.m. to Honeys to get the job done. middle child, is getting excited, although (246-8602) or at
5 p.m. This year’s theme is Takoma The impending tour has fueled a bevy he’s not sure why. A loving dog with a Prudential Carruthers REALTORS® is an inde-
Origins, so look for some of the oldest of activity at my place. My Honeys so far sweet disposition, sometimes he’s more pendently owned and operated member of Pru-
dential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc., a Prudential
Victorian and Arts and Crafts homes in have included a roofer, an electrician, a Half Bright than Fulbright. Financial company. Equal Housing Opportunity.
the area to be open to the public. Take carpenter, a painter, a tile setter, an iron Despite my frenzied schedule, I know

Real Valerie M. Blake Unique & Gorgeous–



Come Meet Your Match
Associate Broker, GRI
1412 11th St. NW #2
Harold’s High-rise pants may be BEST BUY & Trendy
the source of a few giggles in the Logan Location
Condo community room, but all the • 2 BR/ 2BA with SUPER low
condo fee!
men go ga-ga for his penthouse
• Tumbled marble in baths
view of the city. • Awesome private balcony
• 10 ft ceilings inspire decor
Disclaimer: Homes pictured here are representative of DC architecture and are not offered for sale. Contact Valerie to obtain information on her current listings.
• Open kitchen for entertaining
202.246.8602 (p) 202.423.7700 (e)
Uptown DC Office 202.362.3400
april 15, 2011 • 45

The Market is Moving!

Mother Nature’s Finest
Collection, Direct!
Open Sunday 1-4pm Open Sunday 1-4pm

Distribution Center For:

Onyx 1725 17th Street NW #404
Washington, DC 20009
Limestone Dupont Circle — Spectacular 1600 sq ft
totally remodeled apartment featuring 2
Soapstone 707 Villa Ridge Road
Falls Church City, VA 22046
huge BRs and 2BAs AND very spacious 3rd
BR/office/dining room.Large LR ,hw floors

Granite Broadmont ~ Elegant, classic colonial on almost 1/2

acre featuring 5 BR/5 BA, a few blocks to EFC Metro.
and rarely available windows on 3 sides.
Offered at $699,000

Travertine Spacious rooms, custom finishes and designer accents.

Offered at $1,379,000

Marble Open Sunday 1-4pm
Slabs 2524 Winchester St,
N Arlington 22213
Fabulous 5 BR/4.5BA brick 1102 Jackson Ct,
townhome on 4 finished Falls Church City, VA 22046
levels just mins to EFC Gorgeous 5 BR/3.5 BA Arts and Crafts
Metro,Bike Trail and Rt 66. home and a stunning private backyard.
Offered at $674,950 Offered at $1,100,000
Thinking of Buying or Selling?....
Call Me Today!
Louise Molton
NVAR Top Producer
15700 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD Falls Church City Resident
301.212.4095 Phone: 703 244-1992 Email:
“Turning Houses into Homes!”


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by brown naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations payment and insertion schedule.
and warranties.

Photo courtesy of

Operating a franchise business may not be a good choice for someone with a bold entrepre-
neurial spirit.

Pros and cons of franchising

Be your own boss, play by feel of your shop. You might compete for
customers with other franchisees and
someone else’s rules lose the ability to differentiate your busi-
ness from your competitors.
SHARE ADS ARE FREE! By CHRIS BROWN That is not to suggest that there is no
room for an entrepreneurial spirit. One
Place your housing to share ad on Most people believe that owning a way that you can show your flair for busi-
and the ads print free in the paper and online! franchise is an opportunity to be your own ness is by exceeding expectations when
boss and take control of your future. it comes to customer service or your abil-
(25 words or less prints free - anything more it is $1.00 per word) In many ways franchising does allow ity to motivate and retain quality employ-
you to control your destiny and invest in ees. Your role as a franchisee is to exe-
yourself but it also requires you to play by cute the predetermined plan with aplomb
someone else’s rules. If you are an entre- and provide your customers with a posi-
preneur at heart, you might feel restricted tive experience that keeps them coming
by a franchise system. In reality, franchis- back for more — again and again.
ing is a hybrid of business ownership and Finally, realize that the franchise rela-
employment. You own the business but tionship is governed by a detailed and
you must operate it according to a pre- often inflexible contract between the fran-
determined plan that offers little flexibility. chisor and the franchisee. There are man-
What makes a franchised brand at- dated disclosures that a franchisor must
tractive to consumers is consistency, make to all potential franchisees that help
knowing that the product and the level you understand the contract and all of
of service will be the same in every out- your obligations. It is always a good idea
post of the business. This consistency to work with a qualified lawyer and ac-
requires that each franchisee tow the line countant when evaluating any franchise
when it comes to the customer experi- opportunity because once you sign on the
ence. And failing to follow procedures dotted line, your ability to succeed will, in
established by the franchisor can have part, depend on your ability to play by the
harsh legal consequences that can lead rules outlined in that agreement.
to losing your business and your invest- If you are not afraid of hard work, like
ment. Before you consider buying a fran- empowering others and reaping the fruits
chise, determine if you have a personali- of your labor, franchising could be the right
ty that allows you to give up control of the fit for you. In fact, many franchisors are
process and focus on providing a great looking for owners just like you. For a list of
customer experience. franchised concepts that value diversity in
Buying a franchise gives you a head their franchisee ranks go to gayfranchise.
start. You receive a proven and branded com and explore the opportunities that
concept, valuable training, a step-by- might just define success for your future.
step operations manual and help design-
ing and constructing your location. After (This informational article does not constitute legal advice nor does it
create an attorney-client relationship.)
you open you may have access to pro-
Gay Owned & Operated fessional marketing tools, advertising
Size does matter. materials, reduced costs for raw materi-
Reduce your carbon footprint! als through cooperative buying and most
importantly, an experienced business
TAKE ADVANTAGE OF: partner that can help you through the ups
and downs of establishing a new busi-
Argent’s Exclusive $1,000 Capitol Energy Credit on High- ness. However, in return for this, you give
Efficiency Equipment Replacements. Act now! Offer ends 4/30/11. up a lot. Financially you will most likely
pay a hefty initial fee and pledge to give Chris Brown is senior counsel with Ackerman-
$500 Federal Tax Credit for High-Efficiency HVAC Systems. the franchisor a percentage of your in-
Program expires 12/31/11. Legal in D.C. specializing in complex
come each week. You will lose the ability commercial litigation, small business issues,
Call 703-281-6300 or contact us through our Website at to introduce new products, drive market- franchise law and real estate disputes. Reach
ing decisions or even alter the look and him via
april 15, 2011 • 47


2 new listings in north Arlington
OPEN SUNDAY, 1-3PM Open Sunday, April 17th • 1-4pm

Architectural Digest and Open Concept sun-Filled Open spAces

Home. 4BR, 3.5BA, 2 Fpls. Entry level 3603 military Road $969,900
home in prestigious neighborhood (Eagon This Contemporary inspired Colonial is nestled
Hill, adj to country club) boasting a one of on a 10,000+ sqft. lot in the woodland setting of
a kind floor plan. Bellevue Forest. Enjoy 4 finished levels, 4 upper
level bedrooms, 3 upper level baths & 2 convenient
half baths, gleaming hardwoods, formal dining room
CHUCK RILEY Allegiance overlooking the 2 story living room, a high-end
granite/stainless kitchen with breakfast room and
1.877.398.899 x8085 adjoining family room with fireplace, master retreat with fireplace and spa bath, and a fully finished lower level with recreation room and access to 2 car
garage. Conveniently located just steps parks and trails, and just minutes from Chain Bridge and the
GW Parkway for easy commuting.

exceptiOnAlly chARming!
1413 n. wakefield street $759,900
Updated storybook Tudor on a quiet non-through
street in the Popular “Walk to Metro” Willet Heights
neighborhood. Enjoy the circa 1935 stone and
brick construction, a sweeping living room, separate
dining room, a newly remodeled granite and stainless
kitchen addition with breakfast room, a main level
laundry room addition, 3 upper level bedrooms plus
den/sunroom, loads of lower level storage, a detached
brick garage and a fantastic level lot with a lifetime’s worth of green-thumb garden tending just perfect
for the summer garden party. Just half a block from bike trail and easy few block stroll to Metro!


703-593-3204 • WWW.DAVELLOYD.NET

Photo courtesy of Tesla

Tesla’s pricey power

Getting a charge out Oh, and there’s no power steering.
But strap yourself in, punch the accel-
of electric vehicles erator and, bam, you’re changing lanes
and cornering like gay NASCAR pro
By Joe PhilliPs Evan Darling. Blasting from 0 to 60 mph
takes, yikes, only 3.7 seconds. The bol-
During the 1890s — aka those rollick- stered seats are so taut there’s no need
ing Gay Nineties — most cars were elec- for lumbar support. And there’s no rea-
tric vehicles (EVs). There were no gas son to ride the brakes — take your foot
stations and Henry Ford hadn’t started off the, er, gas and the car slows dramati-
mass-producing cars with internal com- cally for maximum pedal control.
bustion engines. So it wasn’t until the And that lack of power steering? It
1920s that the popularity of clean, reli- helps keep the car steady and straight
able but oh-so-slow EVs began to dim. on quick bursts through traffic.
But now electric vehicles are new all Because EVs have no exhaust rum-
over again. High fuel costs, faster elec- ble, it’s hard to know when they’re actu-
tric motors and safer batteries are the ally running. But turn the Tesla’s ignition
main reasons. and there’s a chime that sounds.
Price, though, is another matter: a Chevy As if the space-age styling and light-
Volt starts at $41,000, while a decked-out ening-fast acceleration weren’t enough
Tesla tops $165,000. Tax credits help, as to turn heads, there are a slew of bold
will increasing competition as automakers color options — including “Fusion Red”
add more EVs to their lineups. and the aptly named “Very Orange.”
For drivers looking to ratchet up their But as with other high-end exotics
green cred, here’s a look at today’s uber — Maserati and Lamborghini spring
EV: the Tesla Roadster Sport. (Next to mind — there are a few fit-and-finish
month we compare the more mainstream flaws: turn-signal and wiper arms are
Volt and Nissan Leaf.) made of cheap plastic, the driver’s side
door handle sometimes stuck so the
door wouldn’t open and the interior door
Tesla Roadster sport sills got muddy after a romp in the rain.
$129,000 As for cargo room, it’s nil in the cabin
Just Say: I Need A Plumber!© Range: 245 miles before recharging
Charging time: 4 hours
(well, OK, there is a glove box). The trunk
isn’t much bigger, holding just three gro-
Dial A Plumber, LLC ® (Tesla home Charger);
40 hours (common household outlet)
cery bags and only then if the bags are
half full—otherwise they get crushed.
Full Service 0-to-60 mph: 3.7 seconds But, hey, a Tesla two-seater isn’t about
• Bathroom Sinks, Tubs, Vanities practicality, it’s about excitement — a
• Kitchen Sinks, Disposals Despite being called EVs, the Volt and thrilling ride that’s high-tech and green.
• Boilers & Furnaces
• Hot Water Heaters Leaf still have a gas engine. Not so the That’s why the shifter has been replaced
Kim • Drain Service Tesla, a pure EV with 6,831 tiny lithium- by nifty backlit buttons for Park, Reverse,
ion batteries stored in a battery pack be- Neutral and Drive. And it’s why the real-
Licensed hind the seats.
A What’s
D V Esurprising
R T I S isI N
time data monitor — along with keeping
G P R O O F track of your range and any regenerated
Bonded how much this su-
ISSUE DATE: 04.15.11 SALES REPRESENTATIVE: Insured BRIAN PITTS ( percar is like a kiddie go-kart — but in a power — shows the number of barrels of
Kenny good way. Sure, contorting yourself into oil saved as you toodle down the road.
REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof.
Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date
and out of the low-slung seats can
challenge. The small Momo steering wheel
be a All in all, if you revel in the raw power
and geeky gadgetry of a car of the fu-
DC Plumbers
of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown License
naff # 707
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your ad. Advertiser is Express accepted
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the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third
no power side mirrors; you have to reach serious coin — it doesn’t get any better
parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent, out and, gasp, adjust each one by hand. than this.
ONS trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition,
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omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties. payment and insertion schedule.
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Where you always get your way. Celebrating 90 Years in Business!
Stacey will find for you whatever preowned vehicle you desire:

2009 Honda Accord EX-L w/Navi 2008 Honda CR-V 2009 Nissan Altima 3.5
Dark Gray Auto, 37,459 mi. Stock #261510A Light Blue Auto, 40,809 mi. Stock # 224266A Black Auto, 20,113 mi. Stock #161259C
$18,894 $18,984 $23,991

2010 Jeep Wrangler Sahara 2010 Honda Ridgeline RTL 2007 Lexus LS 460
Red Auto, 4,358 mi. Stock #370560A Silver Auto, 18,495 mi. Stock #177182A Gray Auto, 76,8788 mi. Stock #126967B
$26,452 $32,771 $32,893
Contact Stacey Williams, Preowned Sales Manager • 301-262-7600 •

16610 Governor Bridge Rd., Bowie •

*Picture may not represent actual vehicle. Price varies based on Trim Levels and Options. See Dealer for in-stock inventory & actual selling price.
All prices plus tax, title & license with approved credit. MSRP does not include delivery, processing, or handling fees.


623 19th Street S • Arlington, VA 22202


REVIEW AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of proof.
Proof will be considered final and will be submitted for publication if revision is not submitted within 24 hours of the date
of proof. Revisions will not be accepted after 12:01 pm wednesday, the week of publication.Brown naff pitts omnimedia

llc (dba the washington blade) is not responsible for the content and/or design of your ad. Advertiser is responsible
for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users can link through
the advertisement. Advertiser represents that its advertisement will not violate any criminal laws or any rgihts of third E
parties, including, but not limited to, such violations as infringement or misapporpriation of any copyright, patent,
IMAGE/LOGO REVISIONS trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair competition,
defamation, invasion of privacy or rights of celebrity, violation of anti-discrimination law or regulation, or any other right
NO REVISIONS of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) and ADVERTISER SIGNATURE
New Custom Home Near Metro Designed/Built by Architect • Highly Desirable Neighborhood
to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all liability, loss, damages,
claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred by brown naff pitts
omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations and warranties.
By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
payment and insertion schedule.
4,000 SF, 5BR, 5-1/2BA, Gourmet Kitchen w/SS Appliances, Built-In Cabinetry, Granite Tops,
Brazilian Cherry Floors & Doors, High-End Finishes • In-Law Suite • Offered at $1,175,000
Owner/Architect: Mark Hutto 703.622.2402 • MLS #Web ID AR7391663


my unique touch. I offer you a 1-hour FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM Representing
massage that will help you deal with the GLBT community for over 30 years.
stress & revive your spirit! Handsome,
licensed massage therapist will indulge CATERING Family adoptions, estate planning,
immigration, employment. (301) 891-
you. Call now to schedule your appt. 2200. Silber, Perlman, Sigman & Tilev,
(202)213-0401. www.renacer-fitness. P.A. www.SP-Law. com
TOUCH Bartenders and wait staff
ready to assist you with your next
private affair. Contact us at 202- ADOPTION & REPRODUCTIVE LAW
4 HANDED MASSAGE - Doubles your Jennifer Fairfax handles adoption,
healing and relaxation. Indulge, find 390-4018 for more information.
Our 20th year! donor, carrier & parenting matters
harmony, lose track of where you are &
for LGBT families. Experienced.
your stress disappears & your body &
Affordable. Maryland & D.C. 301-221-
mind are set free. 202-316-7478 http://
AFFORDABLE FORT LAUDERDALE service law firm serving the GLBT
Perfect Vacation Apartments. From community. Protecting You. Protecting
$89/NIGHT & $550/Week, Full Kitchens, Your Family. Since 1972. (301) 656-
mins. to Gay attractions, Nude-Gay 6905 or
Beaches, shopping. Clothing optional
heated pool, Internet. 877-927-0090.

PAMPER YOURSELF with a 60 or
90 min. massage. With 11 years
SPRING SPECIAL professional experience let me tailor a session
massage therapist offering $10 OFF right for you. Ben 202.277.7097 DC Fitness Matters
(mention this ad), the best deep offers Personal Training,
tissue massage available. Stretching, Boot Camps, & Wellness Coaching.
Swedish & Sports massage. Dupont. Pvt studio in Logan Circle.
Marcio (202) 271-9440. www. Sean Robinson, TIME TO RELAX, TAME YOUR ACE Certified Trainer.
TENSION & improve your health with a
professional massage! Swedish, Deep (202) 544 7771.
MAGIC FINGERS $55/hour, $85/90 Tissue, Athletic and Pain Management
mins at your service. Experience a massages really can improve your
great Swedish Deep Tissue Massage outlook. J. David Starn, Nationally
to reduce your stress & tight muscles
Certified, LMT. Call 202-257-9726 or
by a well trained & experienced
masseur. You deserve the best for
Ask about weekday specials!
less. Call now 202-641-1078 Adams
Morgan / Hagerstown
LGBTQ Affirming Therapy at Dupont
RELAXING, SOOTHING MASSAGE Metro. Individuals, couples,
STRONG HANDS & GREAT BY EXPERIENCED MASSAGE families, adolescents. Over 15
INSTINCTS with a combination of THERAPIST. Convenient Arlington years serving the community. Mike
SHIATSU BY DAVID David Giordano, LICSW. 202/460-6384,
deep tissue, sports and Swedish location. Evenings and weekends. Kupferschmid Licensed Shiatsu &
designed to provide a great all $60/hr, $85/90 min. Visa/MC Errol,
Massage Therapist www.davidshiatsu.
round massage. open 7 days 10am (703) 525-4616. 240-491-7829 david.
to 9pm, hr massage only $85 major Same day
c/c. call 202 293 8484. appointments, 7:00 am - 9:00 pm Silver COUNSELING FOR GAY MEN.
Spring, MD & Northwest, DC Individual/couple counseling with
ASIAN MALE MASSAGE Swedish, volunteer peer counselor. Gay Men’s
N. ARLINGTON MASSAGE - Sports / Deep Tissue, Sports, Shiatsu, Counseling Community. 202-265-6495.
Deep Tissue / Swedish / Reiki, in private, Stretching Techniques. Intuitive, No fees,
home studio. Clean, quiet, discreet. By Therapeutic. Glebe Rd/395. $80/hr; PHOTOGRAPHY donation requested.
appointment @ mymassagebygary. $100/1.5 hrs.
Fine Art Photographer for portraits, HEALTH PRACTICE specializing
AFFORDABLE MASSAGE by weddings & dating photos for the in a holistic approach to anxiety,
friendly and intuitive Latin male, in THE MAGIC TOUCH: Swedish, Massage internet. Call (703) 532-3031. www. Nationwide Insurance Gay
depression, careers, and relationships.
relaxing, priv. studio just 15 min from or Deep Tissue. Appts 202-486-6183, owned insurance Agency, We are
20 years experience helping people
DC in Arlington. Plenty of Parking Low Rates, 24/7. identify and overcome impediments on your side for Auto, Home, and life
same day appts, (703)401-9093 or to a fulfilling life, satisfying careers, insurance. David Cropper Agency. and healthy relationships. Jonathan Call today 877-822-9495 or email
REJUVENATE The 3 Rs to Health.
ITALIAN JOCK Give full body massage. Experienced Certified Massage
Masculine, muscular, VGL masseur, KASPER’S LIVERY SERVICE Gay
Therapist helps you with the 3
offers, full-body, Swedish, sports, deep and Veteran Owned since 1987
tissue massage on a table, including Rs: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reiki,
Energetics. Call Bruce Hourly, Point to Point and Airport AUTOS
stretching, shower available. See my
photos on (202) 491-8306. MT 0697. Transfer Service. Call Today (202)-
554-2471 (800)-455-2471 http://www.
jockguy. Located downtown, parking FAST CASH!!! Wanted Cars & Trucks. click on rates! Don t throw your money away, call
available. Brian 312-961-7724.
EMPLOYMENT LAW ATTORNEY - me! I will buy your vehicle. Call Marty
Wrongful Discharge, Sexual Harrassment, Salins, at Auto Plaza, in Rockville,
Contract Review, Whitleblowers. The Law (301) 340-1390.
PLACE YOUR CLASSIFIED Office of Carl Roller (202) 531-2777,


Wood & Whitacre Contracting: We

PETS & SUPPLIES replace all roof systems: Slate, tile,
and shingle roofs. We specialize in
flat roofs: Modified Bitumen, EPDM,
ADOPT AN ADORABLE PUPPY OR Copper and Standing seam metal
DOG All-breed, non-profit rescue. 100% roofs. 25 years of experience in the
volunteer run. Donations welcome & Metro area. Historic renovation a
needed. specialty. Visa, Mastercard, Amex,
and Discover card. Please call Jeffrey
Wood (301) 674-1991. Licensed- ADVERTISE
MOVING Bonded-Insured
GULLIVER’S MOVERS- Swift & gentle
relocation’s. Packing, pianos, antiques. TREE CARE BEST RESULTS
Local & long distance 202-483-9579
certified experienced arborists. Expert
Tree Care Service Since 1988. 301-589-
TOO NEAT GUYS INC. Residential & Place your housing to share ad on
commercial cleaning in DC & Northern and the ads print free in the paper and online!
VA. Over 12 years experience, gay REHOBOTH SHARE (25 words or less prints free - anything more it is $1.00 per word)
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2/BA, In Maplewood RT. 24 & Highway FURN. HOUSING / DC SALE / MD
POWER CLEANERS, LLC. Experienced, 1 Rent $600 plus utilities, Deposit and
dependable service seven days a First Month rent. 302-827-2789 (Bill)
week. Gay owned and operated. Call
Matt for free estimates at 202-352-0739
or visit DAILY / WEEKLY Reasonable Rates & PARKLAND ! *$199,995 -
f or room rental. House in quiet Remodeled 3 Bedroom Brick
FERNANDO S CLEANING: Residential setting approximately equal distance Rambler, Ready-to-Finish
& Commercial Cleaning, Reasonable between Rehoboth & Lewes with easy Basement! Driveway!
Rates, Free Estimates, Routine, 1-Time, access to both & outlet shopping. WASHINGTON DC FURNISHED Freshly Painted! Newly Carpeted!
Move-In/Move-Out. (202) 234-7050, HOUSING APARTMENTS & LODGING. *$218,000 - Large Family Room
202-486-6183. 1 to 3 blocks to US Capitol grounds, Addition + Party Room Basement!
Supreme Court, LOC. (202) 544-4419. LARRY PERRIN, Realtor
Veteran owned small business www. (301) 983-0601
MAID TO CLEAN. Rated #1 in Metro
DC. Gay owned. Serving DC/VA/
MD. DC 202-270-2967, VA (703)
299-0101. MD (301) 656-7171. Visit SHARE / DC
*$299,995 4 Lovely Levels! PHIL ROCKSTROH
Sparkling Wood Floors! Formal
Dining! Fireplace! Incredible!
Bloomingdale $725 All Inclusive. Room LARRY PERRIN,Realtor
for rent in row-house. Looking for easy (301) 983-0601 202-747-2077 X8092
HOME IMPROVEMENT going roommate to add to our house. ENHANCE YOUR AD WITH
Currently occupied by 3 gay guys (31- OUR UPGRADES LIKE
45 years old). One of which is off at
school during the week. We are looking
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Kitchens, Basements, Porches, $725/mo includes utilities, television Hyattsville 1 Bedroom $1050
Garages, Countertops. Licensed, and internet. House comes with huge utilities included COLOR
Bonded & Insured. Cost sweeping view AND MORE!
kitchen, great back yard and 2 cats.
Conscious, Reliable Project Convenient to Metro, UMD
The Bloomingdale neighborhood is
Management. 25 Years Exp. www. New kitchen
patrickmcnultyhomeimprovement. one of the best kept secrets in DC. Big Free On-Line Central heat A/C
com Call for estimate 301-943-8186. Bear and Rustik a block from house. Controlled access building
Directory of the Top Gay & Lesbian Metro accessible, Bus accessible. Call Rick 301-312-5881 DEADLINES
Realtors in Washington D.C., Maryland, Give us a yell if this is something
Virginia & the Nation Instantly on-line at you are interested in checking out. all classified ads - including
ROOFING Walk to Shady Grove metro Large one-
bedroom, all new, gas fireplace, walk-in regular and adult - must be
closet. $1,595 includes all utilities, cable, received by mondays at 5pm
PJ McTAVISH & Co. Roofing Repairs, internet, garage parking. Must be clean, so they can be included in that
New Roof, Gutter Cleaning. Licensed - quiet, respectful, and non-smoker. Contact weeks edition of the washington
Brad 202-288-4400.
Bonded – Insured. See our display ad
in this issue. 301-476-8551
52 • april 15, 2011


Volunteer for an HIV VaccIne study!
We’re looking for HIV-negative men,
18-50 years old. You cannot become
infected with HIV from the vaccine.
You will be paid for your time.

Scan it with
your phone

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NEW Call. Cruise. Connect. PHIL ROCKSTROH


Friend bladeclassifieds 202-747-2077 X8092


Sign Up NOW!

(202) 822.1666

(410) 468.4000 all classified ads - including regular and adult - must be received by mondays at 5pm so they can be
included in that week’s edition of the washington blade and

Try i E!*
(804) 675.1100
Arlington FRE get him
(703) 373.1000
on the line
For other local numbers call:

1-888-MegaMates TM 1-888-634-2628
Find your local number: 1.800.777.8000
24/7 Friendly Customer Care 1(888) 634.2628 18+ ©2011 PC LLC 18+ Ahora en Español
*Most Features Free. Some Fees Apply.

TOPS Referrals
138lbs, 29w. Very cute & clean-cut, old, 5’9”, 150 lbs, Blonde, Blue, Great
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Serving Metropolitan Washington DC

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TOPS69.cOm BLONDE GI 6’ 0” , 165 lbs, Good

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Sensual Massage & More. Eli
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Chad (202) 329-7097 Versatile Top 202.271.0440
therapist. Deep tissue also available. $70/hr. Days/evenings, metro.
On table. Handsome man with class. BRUNO (301) 580-2716.
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friendly, handsome, smooth, nice body.
In /Out (Alexandria VA) 10AM - 10PM
Call Robert (703) 655-2130 HOT LATINO with a special touch.
32 yo, 5’ 9”, 165 lbs, Offering
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Available, hotels welcome, Silver
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AD FOR COPY AND DESIGN ACCURACY. Revisions must be submitted within 24 hours of the date of (571) 484-3038
of will be considered final and available,
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le for any legal liability arising out of or relating to the advertisement, and/or any material to which users
hrough the advertisement. Advertiser represents best.that Initscalls only.will not violate any criminal laws orFLORIDA BOY muscle body
1652, Try FREE! Call 202-448-0112
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patent, trademark, trade secret, music, image, or other proprietary or propety right, false advertising, unfair
her right of any person or entity. Advertiser agrees to idemnify brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the ADVERTISER
Scott (202) 491-5022 SIGNATURE
n blade) and to hold brown naff pitts omnimedia llc (dba the washington blade) harmless from any and all By signing this proof you are agreeing to your contract obligations with the
ss, damages, claims, or causes of action, including reasonable legal fees and expenses that may be incurred washington blade newspaper. This includes but is not limited to placement,
naff pitts omnimedia llc, arising out of or related to advertiser’s breach of any of the foregoing representations payment and insertion schedule.
54 • april 15, 2011

Whitman-Walker Clinic’s 18th Annual Spring Gala


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1630 Crescent Place, NW

6:30 – 9:00 pm | Business Attire

Ticket Prices: $250, $500, $1,000

Please join us as we celebrate the accomplishments David Messing, Chair
of our rich past & look toward our bright future. Adam Falk, Esq., Vice-Chair
Alexandra Chandler,
Esq., Secretary
Once you leave this event April 27, you will never Gerald P. Beaulieu,
see Whitman-Walker the same way again! June Crenshaw
Jehan El-Bayoumi, md
For more information, please call 202.797.3543 now or André Eleazer
Martin Jervis
visit today! Brian Johnson
Gardiner Lapham, mph, rn
Michael Manganiello
Alex Slater
Wesley D. Thomas, dmd
Mary Tierney, md
SaVanna Wanzer
Mark Young
Donald Blanchon
(Chief Executive Officer)*
Cocktail Reception & Light Buffet
Musical performances by a string quartet from the World Doctors Orchestra. *Ex-Officio Board member
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