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Harpers Bazaar Best Covers
A sPeciAl collectoR’s eDition “BooKAZine” HiGHliGHtinG neARly 145 yeARs oF iconic FAsHion, PHotoGRAPHy AnD illUstRAtion, 1867- 2011
In Bookstores Now
Harper’s Bazaar announced the release of Harper’s Bazaar Best Covers, a special collector’s edition hybrid book/magazine featuring iconic covers from 1867 to 2011. Sponsored by Tod’s, Harper’s Bazaar Best Covers ($12.95) is available at Barnes & Noble, Borders and Books-a-Million bookstores around the country.
“A truly great cover requires a combination of premeditation, determination, vision and fantasy. the best magazine covers reflect the times and stay with us forever,” said editor in chief Glenda Bailey. “Harper’s Bazaar has been shaped by so many iconic covers – from the moment i arrived in 2001, i felt honored to protect and build on that legacy.” Highlighting each stylish decade of Harper’s Bazaar’s history, Harper’s Bazaar Best Covers includes: • The Beginning, 1867–1919: Known then as Harper’s Bazar, many cover illustrations paid homage to the burgeoning artnouveau movement. in 1888, the very first photographed model graced the cover. • Roaring Times, 1920s: the age of erté at Bazaar with dramatic illustrations that captured the essence of the flapper life, tinged with humor and the exotic. • The Power Decade, 1930s: modern, bold and daring images, influenced by surrealism, peppered the front page and the magazine highlighted the work of contributors such as salvador Dalí and Dorothy Parker. Alexey Brodovitch introduced the now-classic Didot typeface to the magazine’s logo, still in use today. • Fabulous, Indeed, 1940s: model close-ups and profiles made for striking covers and echoed the artistic leanings of the day. louise Dahl-Wolfe brought her use of natural light, movement and location to fashion, shooting 86 Bazaar covers. • The Feminine Years, 1950s: Richard Avedon joined Bazaar as a staff photographer, was famous for his dynamic, stylish covers, conveying energy and elegance. Within the magazine, young artists like Andy Warhol illustrated the latest trends in shoes and accessories.
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• The Swinging Era, 1960s: mod and magical, the period was marked by bright, bold covers and striking imagery, with cover girls including Jean shrimpton and sophia loren, and for the first time, men, including steve mcQueen and Warren Beatty. • Fashion Shines, 1970s: celebrity coverage flourished, with elizabeth taylor, liza minnelli and Barbara streisand gracing the cover, as well as the super models of the day, such as marisa Berenson and cheryl tiegs. • Bigger Is Better, 1980s: the hair, the makeup, the fashion— it was a decade famous for more, more, more. With features like over 40 and sensational, it would become a trademark of the magazine to celebrate women of all ages. madonna made her Bazaar cover debut in 1988, and her style transformations were captured on Bazaar’s covers through the years. • From Supes to Celebs, 1990s: models and designers reached the height of celebrity, and covers featured artful and unforgettable images linda evangelista, Kate moss, christy turlington, cindy crawford and elizabeth Hurley. Princess Diana graced two iconic covers, shot by Patrick Demarchelier. • The New Century, 2001–now: With Glenda Bailey and creative director stephen Gan, Bazaar entered the new millennium in style, with a witty, unique view on fashion, and a double-cover concept, for subscribers and newsstands. With cover subjects that include Demi moore, twilight stars Kristen stewart and Robert Pattinson, Julianne moore and sarah Jessica Parker, Bazaar’s covers grabbed attention – and awards.

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J. Ralph - acclaimed composer, songwriter and producer known for his scores to the Academy Award® winning documentaries The Cove and Man On Wire, and the sound behind Charity:Water – draws upon an astounding collection of voices, united in a harmony of purpose for the brilliant and expansive ‘Wretches & Jabberers Original Motion Picture Soundtrack’ out in January 2011. Joining J. Ralph on the album are: Norah Jones, Carly Simon, Ben Harper, Antony, Vashti Bunyan, Ben Taylor, Bob Weir, Devendra Banhart, Judy Collins, Stephen Stills, Scarlett

Johannson, Paul Brady, Vincent Gallo, David Garza, Bonnie Bramlett, Nic Jones, Martin Carthy, Lila Downs and Leah Siegel. The album kicks off with a plaintive, Freewheelin’ style performance from J. Ralph, singing "I don’t need your pity” and is soon joined by a complement of collaborators, including the unmistakable Norah Jones on “Change is Gonna Come,” and Ben Harper, who lends raw emotion to “More Like You,” singing “I can’t speak / but I need you to listen.”

“To me the story is about finding a voice, for those who’ve suffered so long without one of their own,” says J. Ralph, referencing the inspiration for the album’s 20 songs (all of them written or co-written by J. Ralph) borne from the namesake film by Academy Award winning director Gerardine Wurzburg. Wretches and Jabberers chronicles the global journey of a pair of men with autism, Larry Bissonnette and Tracy Thresher, who set out to demystify their disability and reveal its intense isolation, ultimately demonstrating that “Autism is not abnormality of the brain as much as abnormality of experience,” per Larry. But the musical journey that created the soundtrack is equally compelling, spanning multiple continents and iconic stars from five decades, in what’s likely the most impressive gathering of talent in recent times. J. Ralph saw the subjects of the documentary as strolling minstrels going from towns to continents, a parallel to folk music, and soon Ralph’s journey became a modern day road story of its own. Everyone J. Ralph reached out to was moved by the experience of the film’s subjects. It started with a couple of phone calls to Ben Harper, and Scarlett Johannson, whose rich, smoky vocal evokes a 1930’s Paris nightclub on “One Whole Hour.” The stomp of “Lying Down Statues” with Devendra Banhart marks the album’s rhythmic climax, while in contrast Bob Weir on “Breaking The Hold” evokes a Workingman’s-era back porch session.

Ultimately the journey brought him to the elder statesmen of English folk royalty. Martin Carthy – a legend to the legends known for penning the first popular arrangement of “Scarborough Fair” – and Nic Jones, whose career was cut short in 1980 due to a tragic car crash, but was inspired to join on “Pretty Words Lie,” his first studio recording in over 30 years, thanks to an in-person appeal. A gifted artist and songwriter, J. Ralph set out to lend a voice through music to honor those who spent a lifetime searching for a voice of their own. And through sheer perseverance, and perhaps a touch of brilliance, has drawn upon an astounding collection of voices, and an album that stands as a musical masterwork.

About the Autism Society
The Autism Society, the nation’s leading grassroots autism organization, exists to improve the lives of all affected by autism. We do this by increasing public awareness about the day-to-day issues faced by people on the spectrum, advocating for appropriate services for individuals across the lifespan, and providing the latest information regarding treatment, education, research and advocacy.

About the Film
Directed by Academy Award® winner Gerardine Wurzburg (Educating Peter), WRETCHES & JABBERERS follows two men with autism, Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette, who embark on a global quest to change attitudes about disability and intelligence. Determined to put a new face on autism, the men travel to Sri Lanka, Japan and Finland, where at each stop they challenge public attitudes about autism and issue a hopeful message to reconsider competency. A poignant narrative of personal struggle that rings with intelligence, humor, hope and courage, WRETCHES & JABBERERS is about the lifesustaining power of relationships the personal connections that people make through communication.

Time for Spring Cleaning?

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Nell Newman; Growing up with a pinch of mom and dad
What are some of your best memories you have of growing up? one of my favorite memories was going fishing with my dad; it was a special time we shared together. We continued to go fishing even when i got older. i also loved cooking with my mother; we had such a good time. Do you have children or pets? no children, but i have some chickens! When i was growing up we always had dogs, cats and various other pets including a skunk. Do you have an iPad or iPhone? i have an iPad, which i reluctantly gave into because i travel so much. What are your favorite things to do to relax? i love to surf, garden, hike, and fish. i also enjoy wandering around the farmers’ market. Do you have a favorite author? one of my favorite authors is the late edward Abbey, a noted author and essayist known for his advocacy of environmental issues. His non-fiction book “Desert solitaire” was very special to me when i read it. Do you have a favorite musician or type of music that you enjoy listening to? i enjoy a range of music from classical to music of today. A particular favorite is marin saxton, who has an amazing voice. What do you like to watch on TV if anything? i enjoy watching the BBc news; the iron chef and tony Bourdain’s shows. Do you prefer to be out of the spotlight and why? i prefer to be out of the spotlight, particularly where i live. it’s necessary though, when it comes to marketing newman’s own organics products, as well as talking about the issues that are important to me. Do you have siblings? yes, two younger sisters and two older half-sisters. Did you realize as a child, that you’re parents were famous? yes, people treated us differently when we were out with our parents. Also we could tell which children knew we had famous parents, because their parents would obviously tell them. it was very difficult to tell who were your real friends. How did you manage to stay so grounded with famous parents? lots of practice! Also our parents tried to give us as normal a life as possible. Your parent’s had a real love of cooking; did they pass that along to you? Definitely. Both dad and mom are excellent cooks in their own right and i learned a good deal from them both. Dad used to take me to the seasonal farm stands near our home in ct. i’m often the designated cook at holiday dinners. What’s the best advice you have for someone who wants to live an organic lifestyle? Please be mindful in life of your choices and the implications they have environmentally and on others. What is your wish for the coming year? Find a balance between work and daily life. What projects are you currently working on? exploring possible new products. i also sit on three foundation boards: AllergyKids, eco-trust, and Wholesome Waves and have commitments to them.

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Newman’s Own Organics Giveaway
newman’s own organics is offering the readers of A Distinctive style magazine a chance to win an array of organic products. All you have to do is click the logo below to enter. on June 15th 2011, A Distinctive style will select one winner to receive the package of goodies. enter your name and email address subject to the restrictions listed below. if your name is selected, we will notify you by email to request your mailing address.

Enter our

GrEat GivEaway itEms
Pretzels salted Rounds Hi-Protein Pretzels low Fat Fig newman’s Double chocolate mint champion chip cookies chocolate chocolate chip cookies original newman-o’s Peanut Butter crème newman-o’s cinnamon Graham Alphabet cookies original Hermits Wintergreen mints in tin Butter Flavored Pop’s corn Barbeque soy crisps Dried cranberries Dried Raisins chocolate Bars chocolate cups licorice twists

SIgN uP BY JuNE 15, 2011 TO QuALIFY YOuR PRIvACY: We treat your information with the same level of respect that we would want you to treat ours. We promise not to sell, rent or otherwise abuse your email address. gIvEAwAY RESTRICTIONS: you must be a resident of the UsA. sorry—this drawing is limited to residents of the UsA only. We can not ship to a P.o. Box. you must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

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studies being conducted at the other end of the earth – Antarctica. new scientific discoveries being made related to climate change this year in Antarctica will be included to provide a unique comparison of current climate change research at both ends of the earth. studying the effects of climate change in this Arctic region, in general, and discovering new life on the ocean seabed and other previously inaccessible areas of the Arctic seas, in particular, will be the focus of this one-hour HD documentary. this historic journey, featuring the work of 10 of the world’s foremost polar scientists over a two-week crossing, will be the highlight of a film that will also compare and contrast these findings with the latest
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in addition to showing how warmer temperatures are affecting the speed of melting glaciers, icebergs, pack ice and floes, an examination of the drastically changing eco-systems in both areas will be presented. From polar bears to penguins and from new fauna being discovered on land and at the bottom of the sea, a complete scientific profile of our rapidlychanging poles will be presented in a documentary film for the very first time.
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Carrie Preston
by Matt Kramer

In an industry crawling with questionable life forms, Carrie Preston is often lauded as the kind of actress whose spark, creativity and professionalism makes the theatrical world a better place. Noted for her role as Arlene Fowler in the HBO series, True Blood, and for her critically acclaimed supporting role in “Duplicity,” she has graced every kind of stage from regional Shakespeare festivals, to On and Off Broadway. In 1994, while playing Ophelia at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival she met her husband, award winning actor, Michael Emerson, who was performing the role of Guildenstern in the same production. They have since performed together in numerous productions including an episode of “Lost” in which Carrie portrayed Michael’s mother during a flashback sequence. Carrie’s acting career appeared predestined; forming her own theater company when she was 12, she handled the tasks of writer, producer, director, costumer as well as actress. Her early training, including a degree from the prestigious Julliard School, serves her well as she channels her creativity into her own production company, Daisy 3 Pictures, which tackles themes outside the standard mainstream fare, including festival darling, “Ready, OK!” about a young boy’s challenges when he tries to join his Catholic school’s cheer leading squad. She is finishing up touches on her latest feature, “That’s What She Said,” starring Anne Heche. Carrie’s choices for Daisy 3 Productions reflect her humanitarian interests; among other issues, she and Michael have campaigned on behalf of marriage equality. In our interview with Carrie, she addresses her support for equal rights for everybody. What do you like most about your career? I feel fortunate that so far in my career, I have gotten to work on a really diverse range of projects on TV, in film and on stage. I like having the opportunity to play wildly different types of characters. And I enjoy going back and forth between comedy and drama — or playing both at the same time, like in "True Blood." What do you find most challenging? It's a challenge for most actors to keep the faith when they are between jobs. I like structure in my life, so when a job ends and nothing is lined up yet, it can be a challenge to stay focused and confident that something else will come

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along. That's why I started creating my own projects: so that I could have something positive and creatively fulfilling to focus on when I'm not on a traditional paid gig. What are your thoughts on the status of Marriage Equality? I think, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, if two people want to make a life together and get married, they should be legally allowed to do that. And I believe all marriages should be treated equally, both legally and socially. It's unbelievable to me that this is still an issue in our country. But I truly believe we will prevail. You recently produced, directed and acted in “That’s What She Said” with Anne Heche. How did this project differ from your previous productions? Well I should first say that I did not act in the film. I don't think I am quite ready to take on all three of those things at once! But I did produce and direct it, which was the most challenging and fulfilling thing I have ever done, in my career and my life. Our previous productions had micro budgets, which meant we had tiny crews and literally did everything ourselves in order to save money. That's What She Said had a bigger budget, but it was still extremely low by Hollywood standards. But given what we were used to, it was incredible to have a team of people to collaborate with. I am so proud of how the movie turned out. We are at the tail end of postproduction now, and we are already starting to submit to film festivals. You and Michael seem to be beautifully suited to each other. How do you balance your personal lives and your artistic energies? We have been married for 12 years and together for 16 years, so we have been on the journey together for a while now. We make it a point to keep our careers as separate from our personal life as we can. It's nice, though; to be in the same profession because we understand what each other is experiencing from project to project. We love working together when we get a chance, but we also try to give each other creative space to explore our individual pursuits. We both inherently understand that what we need from each other is unconditional support. We don't even give each other constructive criticism unless it's specifically solicited. This comes pretty naturally since luckily we both admire each other’s work. Would you share more about your humanitarian work? What can you tell us about the organizations are you helping? Because the arts have been so influential in my life, I tend to support organizations that perpetuate them. One organization that I find incredibly moving and profoundly effective is Free Arts for Abused Children ( They bring the arts directly to abused, homeless and at-risk children by delivering arts programs (visual art, creative writing, theater,

poetry, etc.) right to the community centers or neighborhoods where the children live. I'm also a big supporter of the Actors Fund of America (, which helps sustain professionals of the performing arts who are in need or in crisis. In addition, I'm a very active member of the Board of Directors for the New Harmony Project, a two week writers workshop that supports playwrights and screenwriters creating works that explore the positive aspects of life and the human condition ( But it's not just the arts I support. I'm also excited to have just joined the advisory board of The Project Solution (, which allows people to donate a fixed amount of money annually that will pool together with others to help fund a small infrastructure based project such as digging a well in Cambodia or building a bathroom facility in a school in India and the like. Oh, and I'm a proud new supporter of the Humane Society!
CREDITS PHOTOgRAPHER: Josh Williams HAIR: casey Geren | MAkE uP: Kendra Richards with Aim Artists STYLIST: Bill moore | DRESS: BtFl People EARRINgS: (leFt) Jenny Dayco Jewelry NECkLACE: (BeloW) ninoosH

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“Part of our de the other part we moment by moment, action by


By Artist Dan

by Jane Waide

first saw Danielle Kennedy’s work three years ago while visiting family in sedona. Housed in a niche at the end of their entry hall is an amazing standing figure, which emanates an undeniable sense of power, presence and spirit. entitled ”shaman of strength”, which refers to the inner strength we draw from the earth, it is one of over 1000 such sculptures Danielle has created over the last 17 years. she alternately refers to these figures as spirit Guardians, Kachinas, shamans and Wisdom Warriors. Adorned with stones and shells, bones and beadwork, feathers, fur and richly crafted fabric, their palettes and textures appeal to our senses. they are the stuff of magic. Having been an artist all of her life, Kennedy began this phase of her artistic expression in 1994, after seeing a standing figure in gallery in santa Fe. inspired by its effect upon her, she returned home to create her own personal version of such a figure. Her sculptures can be found in homes and businesses around the globe and have graced the display windows of tiffany’s. Her work is moving and experiential. each Kachina expresses its own unique energy and Kennedy feels she serves as “midwife” in bringing them into being. “i create them, but in a very curious way they happen through me. the best i can do is listen well, and they tell me what they want, who they are, and how it’s going to happen. i choose the stone for the base and the sculpture becomes both grounding and uplifting. they begin to evolve and attract objects, stones and ornamentation to themselves. i can hold something up and get a feel of ‘yes’ or ‘no’ from the piece itself.”


22 A


stiny is written, e write ourselves: , thought by thought, y action.”

nielle Kennedy

Her book, Wisdom Warriors, was published in 2005 and is an important art piece in its own right. each element and detail of the book expresses the same sense-appealing quality as her spirit Figures: from the beautiful black fabric cover with its embossed gold lettering, to the rich, orange- colored first and final pages. the book is filled with photos of many of her sculptures and each is accompanied by a meditation inspired by that particular figure. the spirit of Generosity tells us: “the more deeply i nurture myself, the more i have to share with others.” the medicine man says: “Walk with grace and dignity and the whole world will honor you.” living in taos, new mexico, Kennedy is involved in the healing arts and continues to be inspired by clouds, natural objects, and the beauty of the surrounding southwestern landscape. “taos is a very lively place on an energetic level. it’s intense here in terms of personal work; it stimulates and amplifies what we bring with us. i feel this energy goes into the sculptures and the sculptures carry it out into the world.” she shared the following about what she wishes to impart through her art: “We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Respect the mystery of life, because it’s so rich and so deep. Go beyond the ordinary and make room for surprise, for mystery, and for spirit to speak. Quiet the outer world and thoughts, so that inspirations may be heard. this art comes from an authentic place in me. my hope is that this authenticity will resonate in the person who is visiting with the work and give them the inspiration and courage to express their own uniqueness.” We invite you to share in the experience of Danielle Kennedy’s art by visiting

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G O d . YO u r s e l f . Ot h e r s


Rhema wants 50 of her fans to ENJOY her NEW CD for FREE! A Distinctive Style will randomly select the winners from the list of entries. Sign up for a chance to win. Just click the cd cover below.


SIGN UP BY JUNE 15, 2011 TO QUALIFY. YOUR PRIvACY: We treat your information with the same level of respect that we would want you to treat ours. We promise not to sell, rent or otherwise abuse your email address. GIvEAWAY RESTRICTIONS: We can’t ship to a P.O. Box. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

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hat do beer cans, car tires and water bottles have in common? not much unless you're renegade architect michael Reynolds, in which case they are tools of choice for producing thermal mass and energy-independent housing. For 30 years new mexico-based Reynolds and his green disciples have devoted their time to advancing the art of "earthship Biotecture" by building self-sufficient, off-the-grid communities where design and function converge in eco-harmony. However, these experimental structures that defy state standards create conflict between Reynolds and the authorities, who are backed by big business. Frustrated by antiquated legislation, Reynolds lobbies for the right to create a sustainable living test site. While politicians hum and ha, mother nature strikes, leaving communities devastated by tsunamis and hurricanes. Reynolds and his crew seize the


The film
opportunity to lend their pioneering skills to those who need it most. shot over three years and in four countries, Garbage Warrior is a timely portrait of a determined visionary, a hero of the 21st century. earThship n. 1. passive solar home made of natural and recycled materials 2. thermal mass construction for temperature stabilization. 3. renewable energy & integrated water systems make the earthship an off-grid home with little to no utility bills. BioTecTure n. 1. the profession of designing buildings and environments with consideration for their sustainability. 2. A combination of biology and architecture.

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Live From the Red Carpet
What were you like as a teenager/kid growing up? Were you a trendsetter back then? i grew up in skokie, il that borders chicago but is still not a fashion mecca. We wore levi’s and rock concert tees. i also knew i was gay and i saw how the kids who were different were being tormented, so i decided to blend. it was not cool to wear designer jeans, but i got around that by wearing Ralph lauren Polo and then i was the first to wear Girbaud jeans in high school. (Girbaud was way cooler for guys than Guess) mind you, this was the 80’s and i just wanted to dress like Jake Ryan from Sixteen Candles. eventually fashion was more accepted and i was voted “Best Dressed” by my senior class! Where did this interest in fashion initially grow from? Is your family creative? i was always interested in arts but my parents were Greek immigrants and to them it was important to be a doctor, lawyer or businessman. But i got my fashion fix from old movies and looking at archival issues of Vogue at the public library. i also used to secretly go shopping with my older sister because she trusted my opinion. But for the most part i pushed art and fashion aside and went to the University of illinois and got my bachelor’s degree in accountancy. i graduated but never took the cPA exam because i was bored to death. immediately after college i skipped town and moved to los Angeles. Who are your favorite ‘old Hollywood’ icons and why? i have so many favorite icons. marilyn monroe, sophia loren, Ava Grander, Jean Harlow, Brigitte Bardot, elizabeth taylor, Doris Day, Goldie Hawn in the 60s & 70s, Jayne mansfield was incredibly underrated, the original charlie’s Angels (and cheryl ladd, too!), shirley maclaine in Irma la Deuce and What a Way to Go, stevie nicks, Joan Jett, Blondie, Diana Ross and Donna summer. seriously, i could go on and on and on with this. Fashion always references the past, so it’s important to be knowledgeable about icons from every era and medium. mick Jagger, steve mcQueen, James Dean, marlon Brando and, of course, cary Grant. Why do you personally think society is so fascinated by what celebrities wear and how they dress? Do you think it’s for an escape or because the everyday woman just desires such an amazing wardrobe?

By RAcHel soKol

Style Expert George Kotsiopoulos of E!’s Fashion Police dishes about Hollywood icons, style confidence, and what co-host Joan Rivers is really like.
People are obsessed with what celebrities wear because it’s a form of escape. But the fashion business has changed tremendously in the last 10 years. the everywoman is more knowledgeable than ever about designers and trends. With the advent of “fast fashion” runway looks are readily available at dirt-cheap prices to everyone at places like H&m, Zara and Forever 21. How do styles differ from each other in NY, Milan, Paris and Los Angeles? Fashion comes from Paris first, then milan and ny. trendy “trends” come from lA. What is the number one thing women do wrong when they put an outfit together? not wearing the right undergarments! you may need a bra to lift you up or spanx to suck you in and smooth you out. this has nothing to do with size or weight. no matter how great your clothes are, if your foundations are wrong then you will look terrible. Have you ever thought about launching a clothing or accessory line? Absolutely, yes! i will just leave it at that. The red carpet is fun but overwhelming! What do you do to unwind and stay calm during, before and after an awards show? i pretty much always work out and eat healthy so i just stick with my routine. But i skip the martini before the shows. It’s 2011! What new fall trends are coming down the horizon, and what trends are going bye-bye? Honestly, trends are changing faster than ever right now so i say wear whatever looks good on you! Women have too many options right now, which are both a curse and a blessing. take pant width for example. Right now skinnies, wide-leg, flares, bootcut and straight leg are all fashionable, which i think is great. not all women look good in any one of these looks so they should have options! What is your favorite article of clothing, and why? my iWc watch because the most luxurious thing to do is wear your best pieces in everyday life.

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OK, be honest--Do you think its clothes or confidence that really makes woman sexy? Both. the right clothes will definitely give you confidence which is very sexy. But some women, like Angelina Jolie, exude confidence so are sexy regardless of what they are wearing. But a 5 inch “loubie” ain’t gonna hurt! Can you name-drop some up-and-coming designers we should look out for? i adore chris Benz, Juan carlos obando, Brian Reyes, Prabal Gurung and my good friend magda Berliner who isn’t really up and coming but has still not made her big “splash.” You have a day off. What are you wearing? i’m slightly obsessed with the Gap right now and i’m head to toe: 1969 jeans, flannel and denim jacket. Well, except for my yves saint laurent combat boots, chanel aviators and tod’s gym bag. even grunge needs a little glamour. What advice do you have for women who don’t have a lot of money but want to look nice, professional and put-together whenever they leave the house? make sure you clothing fits you! For example, you can buy a $20 dress either vintage or at H&m and by simply making alterations or changing buttons or a cheap looking belt, you can have a dress perfectly tailored to your body that will look like you spent $500 on— but could cost you a tenth of the price. How does your heritage influence your personal style? i’m blessed with great genes so even though i’m 42, i can still dress the way i wanted to dress in the early 80s. Joan Rivers is a legend. What is it like to collaborate with her—and is she as hilarious as she appears on TV? i adore Joan Rivers. she is the sweetest, funniest and smartest lady. she sometimes gets a bad rap for being mean, but she isn’t. if she’s making a joke about you, then you are deemed important enough to have on the show and that’s a huge compliment. But it’s all for comedy and nothing personal. For more info about George Kotsiopoulos and Fashion Police, visit

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Derek Paravicini
aFFeCTIoNaTeLy kNowN as

The Human iPod
By PeteR mAcK

Derek Paravicini was born fifteen weeks prematurely in July 1979. Due to his early delivery he was placed into a neonatal intensive care Unit where he received oxygen therapy. this therapy was blamed as the cause of his blindness and also for affecting his developing brain resulting in severe learning difficulties. He is the son of nicolas Paravicini and mary Ann Parker Bowles, the former sister-in-law of camilla Parker Bowles, who later, by her marriage to the Prince of Wales became the Duchess of cornwall. He is a great-grandson of author William somerset maugham. His stepmother is susan Rose "sukie" Phipps (born 1941), who was brought up by Fitzroy maclean one of the models for James Bond. His cousins include the food writer tom Parker Bowles and the gallery manager, laura lopes. this remarkable pedigree should have given him a great start in life however it was not to be. Derek is Autistic. His nanny gave him a keyboard when he was two years old and he began to show some signs of accomplishment immediately. His parents later enrolled him in the linden lodge school for the Blind in london. there was a young music teacher named Adam ockleford that taught blind children to play the piano at the school for the blind. Adam fondly tells the story of his first meeting with Derek over twenty-five years ago. “i was teaching a young girl to play the piano when i felt a thump on my back. Derek’s family had brought him to the linden lodge school for the Blind that day, and when he entered the room, he immediately rushed across the room and pushed me away from the piano. He sat at the piano and began this series of karate chop actions across the keyboard. After getting over the shock of being beaten up by a four year old that i thought was a total madman, i suddenly heard the very definite tune 'Don't play for me Argentina.' i was amazed as it became apparent to me that this little guy had taught himself. “my diagnosis went from madman to potential genius in seconds.” Adam still smiles at the memory. At nine years of age Derek played his first major concert as a guest with the Royal Philharmonic Pops orchestra, and at ten was presented with Barnardo's children's champion Award by Princess Diana. Adam recalls those moments with pleasure and great detail but he is not so sure whether Derek's memories are so detailed.
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“Autism wasn't known as well as it is today and we just thought these kids were a little eccentric or quirky and Derek certainly fell into that category,” Adam said. From that moment on an amazing relationship has developed between Derek and Adam that is as strong as ever and will continue for many years to come. Adam continues “ Derek has what is known as 'perfect' or 'absolute pitch' which allows him to hear a key once and it becomes engrained in him forever. once hears a note he instinctively knows where it was on the keyboard. But before this could be done i had to physically take his little hand and place it on the key. once i had done this for each key he knew precisely where each key was. Derek can hear a car engine, tumble dryer or an airplane and he can tell you accurately what key it is in. People who speak in tonal languages such as chinese or vietnamese tend to have better pitch recognition but Derek has universal absolute pitch.” People with Autism tend to be perfectionists and people with perfect pitch are often stressed by music that is not precisely in the key that they feel it should be. Derek has never had this potential problem because Adam's teaching method makes his students play in all keys so they have heard it before and it is not so stressful to them. Again unusually in Autism Derek is a very powerful, energetic and passionate pianist but when accompanying a singer he has the innate ability to play sensitively and seems to 'feel' the music; unlike his emotions towards everyday life that elude him. some musical savants can play a variety of instruments but Derek is wedded to his piano and he will look at nothing else. He can neither read nor write music. He is now thirty-one but academically he functions at pre school level. Autistic people often see life as black or white there is no grey in their world. they can only concentrate on what is being said and cannot 'read between the lines' and often life is all about them. An example of this happened recently when Derek and Adam flew to Phoenix, Arizona for muhammad Ali's celebrity Fight night. David Foster was the compere for Derek’s performance and after his first number, tiger Rag he suggested to Derek that they ask for requests from the audience. Derek said, “yes! can i request the Flight of the Bumble Bee” and then commenced to play it for himself.

Derek and David Foster playing at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night 2011 in Phoenix, AZ

rough sound mmunicates th ique way. He co g in a un Adam ockelford es music-makin truly unique.” “Derek embodi passion that is a force and a with a clarity, in 1995, Professor Adam ockelford, together with a group of parents, friends and supporters, set up the AmBeR trust in order to raise funds to build the soundscape centre in partnership with the RniB in Redhill, surrey. Professor ockelford trained as a musician at the Royal Academy in the 1970s before developing an interest in music for children with special needs. since then, Adam has devoted much of his life to teaching 'musical savants' – PROFESSOR AdAm OckElFORd people with exceptional musical abilities despite their disabilities. Working with these young people has led him to research how music makes sense to everyone. He is now Professor of music at Roehampton University and continues to support blind and partially sighted children and young people in music-making. dEREk PARAvicini & Find out more about the Amber trust Project:

PRincESS diAnA

Derek Paravicini is one of AmBeR's great success stories. now 32, he is blind, has the iQ of a 4 year-old, doesn't know his fingers from his thumbs and needs round-the-clock care. But he has an extremely rare gift – he is a musical prodigy whose piano-playing has thrilled audiences from london to las vegas. Copyirght 2011 dr evangelos himonides,

“Music Really Is important to many blind children – and I’m so pleased that today AMBER is helping more young people than ever before.” Adam ockelford

visit the following links to learn more about and connect with Professor Adam ockleford and Derek Paravicini.
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Adam related that “the past twenty five years hasn't been all smooth sailing and the AsD symptoms kicked in with regularity as Paravicini was growing up; for example for me to be able to teach him he had to allow me to share his piano and he disliked this as would most AsD people. He thought the piano was his and that nobody could touch it; this was also a challenge for me. During his teen years he went through the same as all kids did, but he was always able to fall back to his music. the pleasure that i get with him is that he is just getting better and better and it's a great joy to me to be a part of it. He is developing in all areas. His social skills are improving and he loves to travel and meet people; things are in a good place for him right now.”
Copyirght 2011 dr evangelos himonides,

eighteen but in fact they need to continue to learn forever it seems. For someone with severe learning difficulties he is very, very lucky as he has a talent or a commodity that people want. they want to hear him play, they want to see him and he gets many opportunities that others do not. so he has a very full and interesting life. many people in his position seem to vegetate and don't get the opportunities to develop, as they get older. His now divorced parents are a constant source of support for him and they relish going to his concerts. Adam continued, “Despite not having a girl friend he seems to always gravitate to the youngest and prettiest girls in the room even though he can't see. the ladies love him; he's a very charming man. He likes to meet people and loves nothing better

one of the problems with AsD people is that the education system seems to end when they are

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than going out for a beer or a meal and just chilling with friends.” Adam believes that as Derek gets older he will be able to select his concerts and make more choices for himself. He will be firmly etched on the consciousness of the public. He is pretty well known now, particularly in America where he has done a few concerts. Derek has played before the Queen in the past and has a performance at Buckingham Palace in may to look forward too.” Adam ockleford studied music when he was younger and is a Professor of music, trained at the Royal Academy in london. He

is trained in composition, oboe, piano and harpsichord and he has a degree in music as well. Adam enjoys the psychology of music and wants to know what makes musicians tick. He then trained as a special needs teacher for his role at the blind school. He was asked to go and see the blind school when he was about 20 and was so struck with how special it was, that he is still there today. they journey that Adam and Derek are on together is a lifetime journey and they will enjoy it for as long as possible.

IN THE KEY of Genius
A Distinctive style magazine will randomly select three lucky winners to receive Adam ockelford’s book OF


“In The Key of Genius”
signed by Derek Paravicini

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By PeteR mAcK

Jack Frost


colin Firth’s first role was as Jack Frost in a christmas pantomime at age 5 at his english infants school. it has been a long and much-rewarded journey from there to where he is today. He has appeared in a host of films, is now the toast of the movie industry and is the latest recipient of the Academy Award for his role as King George vi in “the King's speech.” the King’s speech tells the story of the man who became King George vi, the father of Queen elizabeth ii. After his brother abdicates, George (‘Bertie’) reluctantly assumes the throne. Plagued by a dreaded stutter and considered unfit to be king, Bertie engages the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named lionel logue. through a set of unexpected techniques, and as a result of an unlikely friendship, Bertie is able to find his voice and boldly lead the country into war.

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When asked whether he used a speech therapist while researching the role Firth replied: “not really no, i consulted with several people. i had a dialogue coach because in a way the discovery of the stammer had to be quite personal and it had to be quite specific to this individual. it had to come from some visceral place but it also had to be very carefully monitored for the sake of the drama because if it takes 20 minutes to get a word out it will affect the pace of the film (laughs). so you have to find something, which is not only authentic and expressive, but which is also very specific to this person and what he’s going through. you also have to find something that doesn’t alienate the audience, that doesn’t slide into some sort of pastiche, that isn’t painful in a way that people resist it. this is where i had to work very closely with tom (Director tom Hooper). this was one of his early concerns with how to pace it and how to score it if you like. How bad it has to be here, in order for it to get to here? When are the relapses? How much can we afford to dwell in painful silences? Having established them can we perhaps afford to pick up the pace because of the humor in the film? i know there’s a jokey reference that timing wasn’t his strong suite, but you do have to tread a very careful line

between not throwing away the humor without throwing away the stammer. tom was very closely involved in how that would be laid out.” “Having said that we did have a speech therapist come by during rehearsal who gave us very good advice in the forms it can take. my sister is a voice therapist so she was extremely helpful in terms of the exercises that can be done. For example in the montage sequence, most of those came from her consultations. But i think the best consultant i had was David seidler the screenwriter, he was so compelling about the experience and what you do in life to negotiate around the speech problems that you have. the fact that it has a profound affect on your identity, because you don’t do what you want to do, you do what you can do in a lot of cases, maybe you can’t order Beef at a restaurant because you can’t get the B out so you have to order the Fish. you make choices according to these limitations. that insight and what my sister gave me were definitely the most useful help i got.” While preparing for this role, Firth couldn't employ his usual

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method of shadowing the person he was about to play. so he drew from the experiences of David seidler, the film's screenwriter, who had grown up with speech difficulties after evacuating from Britain to the U.s. during World War ii. seidler had heard the king’s speeches and was inspired by them. “the story was as much about David seidler as anyone,” Firth stated. the actor himself could identify with the role, as he had dealt with a nodule on his vocal cords in his mid-20s. though not a stutter, Firth found it debilitating and avoided crowded rooms. He drew on these memories of how he felt to enhance his portrayal. the tale also reveals the importance of the bond that needs to be established between patient and therapist before any progress can be made. Barriers need to be broken down before treatment can even begin. the dangers of too much familiarity too soon can also cause delays in progress. Firth said: “i think what i admired most about the structure of this piece is that it doesn’t pivot on one moment. like any credible relationship portrayal it ebbs and it flows, it has breaking points, it’s cyclical, it’s like a marriage. you

see that trust being tussled over the whole time.” “the King’s speech” highlights a common condition of which many people are unaware and also shows speech conditions can be overcome. We often see people with speech impediments being teased, bullied and embarrassed by others who misunderstand or lack compassion for those less fortunate than themselves. the problem is that many people assume a person with a speech impediment is mentally impaired, too. this assumption could not be further from the truth. the more sophisticated the world becomes, the more we seem to lag behind in our understanding of stuttering and similar conditions. the word needs to be spread that speech difficulties are not mental and that we can improve the lives of those suffering from speech impediments by showing a little tenderness and kindness. Firth will appear in the 2012 adaptation of the John le carré novel “tinker, tailor, soldier, spy,” directed by tomas Alfredson and starring Ralph Fiennes, Gary oldman and tom Hardy.

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The power behind “The king’s speech”
Interview with Jane Fraser

“We have been running around like crazy for months since (‘the King’s speech’) premiered. it’s been wild,” says Jane Fraser, president of the stuttering Foundation of America. Donations to the nonprofit organization, which provides information on stuttering and referrals to the rapists nationwide, have shot up 20 percent since the movie opened. Website traffic has jumped by more than 2 million hits a month since the December premiere, and the organization was forced to add extra phone lines to keep up with the rise in calls. "People call in and say they saw the movie and finally decided to get help," Fraser says. “‘the King’s speech’ has brought so much attention to the world of stutterers,” Fraser tells us. “David siedler’s comments at the oscars were so meaningful for people who stutter. it gave it a realism for those that have to live with it daily. i think the other thing is that colin Firth is such a world-class actor that is truly superb; he captured the fear that so many stutterers have, and that was quite exceptional, really.” “everyone in that movie is so sensitive and understanding and their comments throughout the last couple of months have been extremely kind,” Fraser adds. colin Firth said in so many interviews that he had so much respect for people who stutter and never realized how much they have to go through. it wasn’t until he was in the role as King George vi that he realized how much courage and grace the king had, and added that he had tremendous respect for him. “While i was visiting with colin at an event in london, he asked me numerous questions about stuttering,” Jane says. one of the questions he asked was, “Why does it come and go?” Jane explained it to colin this way: “if i put an 8-foot plank down in this room right now and told you to walk the plank, you could do it. if
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i lifted that plank into the air and said, ‘now, i want you to walk that same plank,’ you probably wouldn’t be able to do it. “it’s not that you can’t walk; it’s not that your muscles don’t work; it’s not that anything’s broken—but you might have a fear of heights, you might be afraid to fall and break your leg,” she added. “it’s a great analogy for people who stutter, why don’t they stutter when they’re talking to their dog or cat or when they are at home in a comfortable environment. Why do they stutter during certain situations? it’s because they become a little more vulnerable. i always suggest that people go to toastmasters because there they will find that ‘normal’ people are terrified of public speaking. in some ways, we are all put in a situation that makes us uncomfortable; it’s just that stutterers are a bit more fragile.” sixty percent of people who stutter have a family history of stuttering. Jane tells us that in her family, both her father and uncle stuttered. People who stutter process language differently than those who don’t. it’s especially hard for children in school because they get picked on for stuttering and that makes it worse. if teachers would talk about stuttering in class, it would help other children understand. “What we’ve been hearing since ‘the King’s speech,’” Jane tells us, “is that a lot of children are now bragging about being stutterers because, ‘the king was a stutterer, and colin Firth was a stutterer and he won an oscar for it! that makes me happy!’ if someone told me a year ago that kids would think it was cool to stutter, we would have said, ‘oh, you’re crazy,’” Jane adds. “i believe all of this is happening because of colin Firth’s performance,” Jane says. “We have videos and very meaningful tapes about people stuttering, but they don’t have the impact that this movie has. it was about a real person with a real fear, and it was presented with music and graphics—like that in the guillotine scene, when the king was approaching the microphone to give his speech with all those people staring at him.” A number of famous people are stutterers, including actors, singers, sports figures and entertainers. Among them: nicole Kidman, emily Blunt, Bruce Willis, James earl Jones, carly simon,

marilyn monroe, tiger Woods, Herschel Walker, Jane seymour, Andrew lloyd Webber, John stossel and Winston churchill, just to name a few. you can see the list at conservationist Alan Rabinowitz was placed in a special education class because of a stutter. While in school, Rabinowitz would stab his hand with a pencil if a teacher approached him with a question. the pain and bleeding was nothing compared to the fear of having his entire class laugh at him. Rabinowitz went on to become an American zoologist, conservationist and field biologist, as well as the president and ceo of Panther, a nonprofit conservation organization devoted to protecting the world's 36 wildcat species.

the stuttering Foundation provides free online resources, services and support to those who stutter and their families, as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering. the foundation is the first and largest nonprofit charitable organization in the world working toward the prevention and improved treatment of stuttering, reaching over a million people annually. it also offers extensive training programs on stuttering for professionals. call the organization at (800) 992-9392, or visit its website at

Stuttering Foundation President Jane Fraser speaks with actor Colin Firth, who portrays King George VI in "The King's Speech," at a charity event and screening of the movie in London.

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'The king's speech' and the Courage of Children
what it teaches us about kids who face crippling fears
Harold S. Koplewicz, MD President Child Mind Institute
courage is a standard theme in popular movies, from saving Private Ryan to the remake of true Grit. But the King's speech, the charmingly modest film that's captured four Academy Awards this year, explores an entirely different kind of courage than the quality that's on display in battle, or on the frontier. it's not about
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scaling mountains or penetrating enemy lines; it's about vaulting emotional barriers and facing down internal foes. the most poignant scene in the King's speech comes when a shaken Bertie, the painfully shy, tongue-tied second son of George v, arrives unannounced at his commoner speech therapist's home and begins to unburden himself for the first time. He was not present for his father's death, Bertie tells lionel. "i was informed after the fact that my father's last words were, 'Bertie has more guts than the rest of his brothers put together,'" he stammers. visibly conflicted, he adds: "couldn't say that to my face." the scene that follows is an eerily apt depiction of the kind of breakthrough moments i've been privileged to witness as a child psychiatrist. Bertie comes across a half-finished model airplane one of lionel's sons was working on when he arrived. When he comments ruefully that as a royal child he was never allowed to make models, lionel encourages him to paint glue on the struts.

PHOTO CREDIT: The Weinstein Company

opposite: not the guts to do something others can't, but the guts to do something that's easy for other people but crushingly difficult for you. it's the kind of courage those of us who work with children who have psychiatric and learning disorders see all the time, when kids struggle to overcome their terrors, or work twice as hard as others to accomplish what's expected of them. As therapists, we see countless kids overcome humiliation and fear other kids just don't have to contend with. We see kids muster enormous energy to conquer their internal enemies, just as we watch Bertie push through his agony to become the king he wants to and needs to be. We suffer with Bertie as he fails dismally, mortifyingly, to deliver a greeting from the royal family to a hushed stadium full of waiting subjects. And we see him endure the rage of his royal father at his utter inability to read a message into a radio microphone. "sit up! straight back!" George v barks at his grown son. "Face boldly up to the bloody thing and stare it square in the eye as would any decent englishman! show it who's in command!" it's excruciating to watch, no less than it is to watch kids be teased and bullied because of their deficits, knowing that, while they appear weak to other children, they are in many ways tougher, stronger people than their tormentors. that's why we see many kids who overcome problems in childhood—dyslexia, ADHD, anxiety disorders—go on to accomplish extraordinary things. they have developed formidable courage. natalie Angier gets at this in a recent new york times piece, as she interviews experts to pinpoint just what courage is. it's not the same thing as fearlessness, they report—it doesn't take courage to charge into the line of fire or run into a burning building if you don't feel fear. courage is not a lack of fear, but the act of overcoming fear. it is, as one researcher puts it, "behavioral approach in spite of the experience of fear." that's clinical language for what inspires us in the King's speech and in the children we are privileged to help every day. We know that Bertie is a better man, not to speak of potential king, than his glib, self-absorbed brother. And we know that every child or adolescent who struggles to overcome obstacles others don't face deserves not only our respect, but also our help. Psychiatric and learning disorders aren't caused by weakness, but they are overcome by strength.
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Brush and model in hand, the future king—finally freed to be the child he wasn't allowed to be—begins for the first time to tell his therapist where he's hurting. We begin to get a portrait of the torments of Bertie's childhood: the nanny who preferred the older brother, tutors who forced the left-handed child to use his right hand, painful metal braces to straighten his legs. the young stammerer was routinely teased by his brother, who was in turn egged on by his father. "B-b-b-bbertie," the adult Bertie mimics, dabbing glue on the model plane. "Father encouraged it. said it would make me stop." it's a turning point in the film, as we begin to understand just how much courage it took to be him as a child with a crippling stammer, and how much courage he would have to muster to rise to the occasion to lead the nation, as George vi, through World War ii. it's not the kind of courage that's usually celebrated on the big screen, with improbable special effects, rippling muscles, and mel Gibson-style blood and gore. indeed, you could call it the

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siGN up tO wiN aN autOGrapHED CD frOm

Olivia Newton-John

Olivia Newton-John is offering five lucky readers of A Distinctive Style, a chance to win her “Grace and Gratitude renewed” CD. A Distinctive Style will randomly select five lucky winners from the list of entries. Sign up for a chance to win by clicking the button below. Enter your name and email address, subject to the restrictions listed below. If your name is selected we will notify you by email to request your mailing address. Olivia Newton-John's Grace and Gratitude is inspired by her belief that music has the power to heal by calming our minds, lifting our spirits, and connecting to our hearts. Named for Olivia's appreciation for the gift of Life, Grace and Gratitude contains more than 20 tracks intended for relaxation and healing. As an 18-year breast cancer "thriver," Olivia has learned the importance of physical and emotional health, and especially the power of music. Research has shown that music can lower stress hormones, slow down brain waves, and actually boost the body's own healing process.
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SIGN UP BY JUNE 15, 2011 TO QUALIFY YOUR PRIvACY: We treat your information with the same level of respect that we would want you to treat ours. We promise not to sell, rent or otherwise abuse your email address. GIvEAWAY RESTRICTIONS: You must be a resident of the usa. sorry—this drawing is limited to residents of the usa only. We can not ship to a P.O. Box. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

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By JAne WAiDe

The Green Beauty Team is a unique, eco-centered site dedicated to a holistic mind, body and spirit approach to beauty. Founded by international beauty expert and make-up artist Kristen Arnett, the team is comprised of seven experts, including Arnett, each an authority in her own field. We caught up with her between Fashion Week and heading off to a photo shoot in Mexico.

Where did the inspiration come from for the Green Beauty Team website? Honestly, it came from a need to change my own products to something more natural. then i realized that professionally i wanted to do the same thing. it felt hypocritical to be putting things on people’s faces that i didn’t want on my own skin or to be touching my own hands. originally, the site was meant to be a way to put information out there. then, as it progressed, it just got bigger and bigger and i realized all the things we could do. that’s how it formed and it’s been a labor of love since! How did you go about selecting the specialists for your team? i had my criteria, which included that each member be passionately living examples of what they preach. in the end, i chose people i really respected. i already knew that they were green and healthy and holistic and passionate about what they do. I’m going to ask the same question you asked in the film clip on your Green Beauty Team website. If we were to take a peek inside your makeup bag, what would we find? my personal makeup bag is tiny. i use Rms Beauty crème pots ( for just about everything on my face. i use shobha eyebrow pencil (; it’s a brand here in new york. you’d find Korres mascara ( and Physicians Formula organic Wear eyeliner and their tinted moisturizer ( i also use youngblood mineral powder ( to set the makeup, if needed. And that’s it! i love tinted lip balm for summer. Burt’s Bees ( is the first one that comes to mind, and there’s a company called Jenulence ( they make a lip balm from alkanet root that’s a beautiful, deep color. it’s really nice and it smells really earthy. i was surprised that it’s so natural. i just got some lip balms from Alima ( that aren't even on the market yet. they’re very conditioning and i love the peppermint smell! Please tell us what we should be looking for in a sunscreen and what should we be looking out for? this is a topic of conversation i’ve been on for a couple of weeks now. i used to wear sunscreen every single day. then people

began saying the chemicals in sunscreens are either nanoparticles that are actually being absorbed by your skin or they absorb the UvA rays and basically cook in your skin. the jury is still out and there just isn’t enough information. you want to avoid chemical sunscreens. my sunscreen of choice is a mineral sunscreen. it’s hard to absorb and goes on white on the skin. it’s probably the safest because it’s sitting on the surface of my skin … and it’s really, physically, blocking the sun. Is there a toxic ingredient that keeps showing up in products? Parabens. they’re everywhere: in skincare, makeup and even in baby wipes. there’s so much information currently being released that links them to breast cancer and other diseases, making it an ingredient to be concerned about. Have you any age-defying techniques for women over 40? coloring in the eyebrows with pencil or powder helps significantly. it helps to frame and “lift” the eye. When you add fullness to the eyebrow, it minimizes facial length and registers in a subliminal way. stay away from black or brown eyeliners drawn on the top of the lower lid. instead, go for a soft, diffused look. Is it ever too late for women to begin using green cosmetics? no! the more healthy and vibrantly you want to live, the more i would encourage you to change as many things as you can to give your body a break. But you don’t have to change it all at once. i’d love for the Green Beauty team website to be a way for people to say, “oK, i want to make a change. let me find something on here that will help me make that change in the best manner possible.” How about products our readers can make at home? Jojoba oil and lavender essential oil are the two “at home” products i use the most. Jojoba oil is very nurturing for the skin. it’s as close to the natural sebum production of the skin as any other oil you’re going to find outside of the human body. the skin recognizes it and knows what to do with it. you can mix in coffee grounds or sugar to make a scrub. i mix lavender essential oil with jojoba, as well as with my unscented soaps, and even add it to my bathwater for a nice relaxing bath.

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Healthy Beauty from the Inside out
An interview with Kristen Arnett of the Green Beauty team

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? i have no idea. What i do know is that this is my passion and it finally revealed itself in a tangible way. i always knew i liked makeup; i always knew i loved educating, inspiring and teaching. this has shown up in a way that’s really important for me. And it involves makeup and beauty and helping people not only look better, but to live in a more whole and well way. educating women in a way that helps them choose healthier products is empowering. People sometimes look at beauty as being frivolous. But this is more than just lipstick and powder. this is about celebration and tradition. Women’s beauty has been integrally tied to the forms of our cultures for thousands of years. it’s so important for women to follow their intuition and their guidance, and claim themselves and be beautiful. For more information on Arnett and the members of her team, visit

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in a playful, surprising and thought-provoking portrait of our time on earth, national Geographic demonstrates, in a series of remarkable visuals, what makes up an average human life today and how everything we do has impact on the world around us. in this unique journey through life, it shows all the people you will ever know, how much waste you will produce, the amount of fuel you'll consume and how much you've got to pack in during your 2,475,526,000 seconds on earth.

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Art the Behind


“I think art is a beautiful way of working through feelings of pain, and a great way to turn things that ” are a negative into a positive.
– Tinsel Korey – Artist, Teacher and Humanitarian

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TINseL koRey
By mAtt KRAmeR

Watching Tinsel Korey, you are aware that a quiet power runs deep in this woman. As an actress, she is known for her role as Emily Young in the Twilight series but her life ripples far and wide of the Hollywood bubble. Tinsel is also a professional singer who records and tours throughout North America. And, as if film, television and performing were not enough, Tinsel also dedicates a significant part of her time working with Native youth teaching arts and acting. A role model, an inspiration, we are grateful to have captured a few moments to get to know Tinsel. In your spare time, you have been working with youth around the country and in Canada. Please educate us about the nature and intention of your work. Basically i go to different reservations that don't have arts programs already in their communities and do workshops. For example, on the Quileute nation (the nation that the "twilight" wolf pack is a part of), i spent a couple days with their kids and taught acting workshops. We had an hour session for each day, and did acting exercises with each class. i worked with kids from kindergarten to high school. With the younger kids we mainly played games, and with the older ones, we did scenes and even used tv scripts. the program is not supposed to be about them wanting to pursue acting as a career. it's more a way of utilizing art to help express themselves. For me personally, if i didn't have art in my life, i don't know if my life would have taken the positive turn that it has. Right now i'm just focusing on native communities, but my five-year goal is to work in different countries around the world. Out of many choices for your time and interest, share some of the motivation for this particular work. As i said in the prior response, if i didn't have art in my life growing up, i don't know what i would have done. i'm a really sensitive person, and art helps me express those emotions. And i know a lot of kids are going through tough times, and they don't know where to put those emotions. i think art is a beautiful way of working through feelings of pain, and a great way to turn things that are a negative into a positive. In the course of being of service, can you share any favorite stories? i remember being in northern Bc at a workshop that was run by another organization. there was this little girl there, and she kept circling me as if she wanted to talk. so i engaged her in a conversation. she told me how her dad had an alcohol problem and that her parents fight. she just wanted someone to talk to, because she had bottled all those emotions up and didn't know who to talk

to about any of it. later during the workshop, i gave her a sketchbook and some pencil crayons. i told her that every time she felt sad, to draw in that book- and to express what she felt. i think just even having something small like that could help her work through what is going on in her life. it helped me when i was little. How did sketching help you? there were a lot of challenging roadblocks during my childhood; for example "Bullying." When i would get sad, or angry or didn't know how to deal with all the emotions i was going through, i would paint, sing, or make up characters to release the emotions into. Releasing them on to a piece of paper, or through voice or movement, would heal the part of me that was hurt. What do you find most challenging about your professional work as an actress? Probably the business side of it, the gossip, the negativity, sometimes i feel like a puppet. i cherish my work, it's personal, and so it's hard for me to grasp the business side of it. What i love about acting is the art, i want people to focus on my art, and not just what kind of jeans i wear. But i guess that's just what it is. love it or leave it, i suppose. What do you find most challenging about your work being of service to others? the most challenging part ... is not having a lot of money to help more people. if i had more funds, then i could go to more places, and have more supplies and resources to make a bigger impact. Not to disparage the general public but people (and media) unfamiliar with a culture often have misconceptions and hold incorrect stereotypes about that culture. In regard to general presumptions about American Indians, do you have any comments (or corrections)? lol. lots. i'm an activist that has to bite my tongue most of the time because of the business i'm in. i just wish more people would take the time to educate themselves on the history of native America. From sports mascots, phrases like "indian giver" to the history of thanksgiving, there are tons of misconceptions. this magazine article would end up a novel if i went though all of them. :) Do you have a vision of your life ten years from now that you would like to share? nope. i just live life one day at a time. you're never really guaranteed anything else; actually you're not even guaranteed that. every second counts. carpe Diem.
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By teResA loUise JoHnson

spring eco Fashion 2011: Pushing Forward

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We’ve all heard it before—the claim that we’re “springing forward” into something new and fresh, but this season’s eco fashions truly can really stake claim to the adage. since their

into the environmental age

Fall/Winter 2010 collections emerged, designers have gone all out to invent green fashions unlike anything we’ve seen before; luxe sheens and texture designed to awe, cuts and lines to flatter the body, accessories and shoes created to enhance, and events to showcase all of it...this truly is the environmental age at its commencement.

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the goal of the organizers of February 2011’s eco Fashion Week ( in vancouver, Bc, canada is to create awareness of the commitment to the environment in the fashion industry. they work with a host of members of the Green Advisory Board (GAB) to effectively fuse fashion, beauty and the environment. the eFW runway shows featuring the creations of the world’s eco-designers; their devotion to using the most sustainable methods to create their designs is undeniably impressive and beautiful in so many ways. included among the designers showcased at eFW were Dahlia Drive, nicole Bridger, lara Presber, We3 and lav & Kush. With Dahlia Drive, there’s a collision of art and fashion, both in the pieces themselves (walking art, anyone?) and in the artfulness employed to produce images of the pieces. inspired by everything from da vinci to nature to the body of a woman, Dahlia Drive ( designer Wendy van Riesen puts so much of herself into her designs. Her passion for muted but striking hues is immediately apparent but her attention to individuality is what is truly outstanding about this vancouver artiste. there is no way the wearer of Dahlia Drive could fade into the background; these upcycled pieces are about being noticed. vancouver Bc (canada) designer nicole Bridger’s spring/summer collection (, entitled “Reconnect” to reflect the designer’s own life circumstances, is nothing short of breathtaking. not only does she work with sustainable materials like renewable woven cotton but she is eco-conscious wherever and whenever it is possible. However, Bridger’s dedication to renewability doesn’t stop at materials or practices; sewn into her garments is a label declaring “i Am love”, the designer’s signature mantra and an attempt to spread positive energy. Bridger’s spring/summer 2011 collection is bursting with flavourful colour; citric greens and deep berry blues are interspersed with earthy tones or pastels. said to be a collection reflective of Bridger’s rediscovery of happiness and reconnection to herself, it is clear in the airy fabrics, the softness of the fabric arrangement and the light hearted titles for the pieces that the designer is in a good place. the collection shows no apprehension toward texture, movement and distinctive drapery. Dresses and skirts are prevalent in the collection with jackets, tunics, shorts and a harem inspired cropped pant mixed in here and there. the inspired scarf, a soft flowing accessory, is a versatile piece made to wrap around the head as a thick band or for wearing around the neck. notably, the connected Dress has a gathered hemline, displaying the legs with elegant decency. the flattering crisscross bust line,
68 A Distinctive style . com

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coupled with an empire waist line, is flattering on many body types and ideal for pairing with a cardigan or jacket for daytime wear. in the evening, it is striking enough to stand alone with a pair of dazzling heels. lara Presber’s fashion design is directly reminiscent of her architect background, which is apparent in the structured lines and shapes. A vancouver Bc (canada) designer, Presber’s inspiration for the spring 2011 collection came from Art Gallery of Alberta. the Art Gallery of Alberta is a juxtaposition of variously interconnected grids, ambling arcs and linear brickwork, architectural significances evident in Presber’s fashion collection. Presber’s claim that the building is organically connected to the city grids and meandering river is also reflected in her use of natural/organic fabrics in the eco collection ( Dress 1067, with its structured shape, is eye-catching because of its remarkable addition of a length of transparent fabric down the front. Knee length and elegant for office wear, it’s one of many power pieces in the collection. though attractive and feminine, the entire collection evokes strength and an attention to careful detail.

the eco denim capri 3041B is unmistakeably sophisticated but not boxy or overly linear. the sheen and flare of the capri pants perfectly complement top 2013, made with 100% cotton, with its clean straight lines. the look is a mix of the ambling arcs and linear brickwork of the gallery the designer was inspired by. We3, not surprisingly given the name, is a collaboration of vancouver Bc (canada) designers: Glencora twigg, Jessica vaira and christine Hotton. their FW11 collection, with its woven fabrics, was found on the runway at vancouver’s eco Fashion Week in February 2011, while We3’s ( spring 2011 line is touted as an ode to the hippie and the feminist. the collection is entirely created with sustainable fabrics and sold online and in boutiques like twigg&hottie. We3’s convolution Dress, though available in several colours, is remarkable in royal purple on model shallom. the boatneck and tie detail give the dress shape and versatility, creating shape in the otherwise simple (but elegant) sheath. made with a mix of bamboo, organic cotton and spandex, it’s suited to flatter so many bodies.

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made from a blend of the same fabrics used for the convolution Dress, the Bend Bolero is a reversible layering piece with sleeves perfect for wearing over long-sleeved tops on cool summer nights or for over a favourite dress, just to give it new flavour. Worn with a tank and jeans, it’s casual but worn with a tank and a skirt, its work wear appropriate. the lines and contouring of the meander top make the piece both comfortable and pretty. its gathers hide and flatter the mid-section but not obviously—it is a subtle but purposeful draping women will appreciate. the fabrics used for the top are lightweight for spring/summer. the luxurious eco-brand lav & Kush (, designed by Angela saxena, hit the eFW runway to showcase their F/W 11 collection. However, the spring 11 collection is sure to be a success with its fresh take on a flirty-sexy vibe. the collection’s #1181 bamboo oring Dress is sexy and summery with its neckline drapery and body skimming lines while the #3207 pleated skirt worn with a white tee or tank is the ultimate in stylized glamour. Anyone who hasn’t been walking around in a fog knows that wedge heels are the accessory of this season. However, it’s not easy to hunt down eco-friendly shoes, no matter how low to the ground your fashion ear is. UK’s Beyond skin ( is 100% vegan and i’ve got my eye on a few faves to go with all the flirty dresses of the spring/summer collections. the elisha shoe in Pink (faux) suede with Floral Print and its sister shoe in turquoise speak of summer in flouncy skirts and short shorts. From solid pink to sleek black to zebra print to ballet flats and bridal footwear, Beyond skin does shoes with pizzazz. if you’re anything like me, accessorizing is like breathing. An outfit isn’t complete without some sort of bauble to go along with it. What better than reclaimed and revived vintage jewelry to achieve a captivating and original look? the s/s 11 collection at mi Asunta ( includes some headpieces and chain bird necklaces that are made to top off the hippie-summer looks of Dahlia Drive and some of the more heavy metal pieces could set off the architectural feel of lara Presber’s designs. With the world’s designers dabbling in sustainable, vegan and organic fashion, the environmental age combined with the digital age is literally at our fingertips. s/s 11 fashion collections evoke an image of a girl whose easy beauty is made for frolics in the sun but her focus is global.

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SIGN UP BY JUNE 15, 2011 YOUR PRIvACY: We treat your information with the same level of respect that we would want you to treat ours. We promise not to sell, rent or otherwise abuse your email address. GIvEAWAY RESTRICTIONS: We can’t ship to a P.O. Box. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter. A Distinctive style .

Hetty Rose Footwear: Reviving Vintage
By teResA loUise JoHnson

With the launch of a ready-to-wear collection in 2011, the Hetty Rose footwear brand ( is branching out. the plan is to also include baby shoes, men’s ties and bags along with the handmade shoes. Hetty Rose is dedicated to the sustainable creation of products; vintage fabrics and materials are reused and reworked to make one-of-a-kind footwear. Designer Henrietta Rose samuels’ unique take on footwear is the culmination of years of education in Footwear Design and Development. Hetty’s fascination with shoes began early, when the designer was taken with her nursery school teacher’s shiny red shoes. Her personal collection of shoes has grown over the years into a large collection of inspirational vintage pieces. the concept for the Hetty Rose brand was in its research and development stages while Hetty was earning her degree. she graduated in 2005 but before she founded her company, Hetty made shoes in her free time that received positive attention at exhibitions. By 2007, she’d designed a line of sample shoes for london Fashion Week. Hetty’s brand philosophy is uncomplicated and admirable: to make an environmental statement in an aesthetically pleasing way. the brand is most certainly aesthetically pleasing; the fabrics alone are remarkable. 7 years ago, Hetty found panels of vintage kimono fabric while travelling in Japan. she was told that young Japanese women are uninterested in traditional kimono outfits so the vintage kimono silks are left rejected. Hetty worked with the fabrics back in her workshop, after discarding her clothes in order to fit kimono silks in her suitcase and flying home. eventually, her decision to grab up the kimono fabric concluded with a striking, colourful and daring Kimono collection of footwear. Hetty Rose sometimes collaborates with other designers, like yukiness, a designer of theatrical wigs. Hetty fondly remembers their colourful window display for valentine’s Day with crystals and handmade love hearts (pictures are found in the event section of the
74 A Distinctive style . com

Hetty Rose website.) the yuki shoe has been well-received by clients. Workdays start early at the Hetty Rose studio and last until after 7 p.m. she works with students some days, giving them hands on experience to complement their studies in footwear. networking and fashion events often take up evening hours, but her friends and family members can be found helping out when things get chaotic. Working on an industrial sewing machine she inherited from her grandmother, Hetty uses materials like reclaimed timber to hand carve heels and vegetable-tanned leather (both untreated and toxin-free) to hand cut soles. she keeps two notice boards with inspirational photographs, fabric swatches, vintage jewelry pieces and images from magazines near her work station. the creation process of bespoke Hetty Rose shoes speaks to the designer’s dedication to quality and fit. First, a client chooses a design. then, fabric. next, she has her feet measured and some days later, she meets with the designer again to for a rough fitting. then, the shoemaking begins. A fitting, sans a proper sole until perfect fit is satisfied, is the next step before Hetty completes the shoes (with soles and heels) back at the workshop. Hetty keeps clients posted on the development of their shoes by email. (see a video of the process at: Hetty’s returning clients enjoy the uniqueness and exclusivity of Hetty Rose footwear. they like having a say in the design and style of their shoes; Hetty even tells them the origin of the fabric they’ve chosen and if it has any significant meaning. she says her shoes “tell a story.” even the colour of the lining inside Hetty shoes is the client’s choice. Brides are attracted to the idea of shoes specially made for their big days; some save up just to buy a pair for an exceptional occasion. the Hetty Rose brand is something clients can put themselves into, but not only that: it is something they can believe in.

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Rosa Clará Bridal: Modern appeal with a Nod to the Past
By teResA loUise JoHnson

Rosa clará bridal fashions ( are described by Rosa clará as gowns “created by one woman to another” with elegance and femininity in mind. the Rosa clará Group is based in Barcelona, spain but it is in no way available there only. the company was founded in 1995 and though the collections are available in Paris or london or slews of other countries and locations, a Rosa clará boutique is currently opening up in Dallas, texas (U.s.A.) Dresses are custom-made for each client, with 2-3 fittings to assure ideal fit. one of the most important features of Rosa clará dresses is the fabric; the gowns are made using only high quality materials like cottons and natural silks. not only are the fabrics earth-friendly but the designer asserts that her design team has respect for the environment and the earth in their process as well. though every day is different for the Rosa clará team, the original team has stayed together for 15 years, creating season after season of bridal fashion. their design maxim or “leitmotiv” is “quality and simple but spectacular lines.” this year’s garments are haute couture creations with a “roaring twenties” feel combined with the modern look of the corset.
A Distinctive style . com 77

luxurious silks, lace and cottons are among the fabrics used to put together the juxtaposition of modern and early 20th century glamour. every dress is more unique and more phenomenal than the last; from strapless to translucent ¾ sleeves to v-neck with supportive straps to spaghetti straps to slim skirts to tiered, Rosa clará fashions has everything the modern bride could dream of. the simple lines of the elia dress with its understated pleats are made for a subtly elegant walk down the aisle. the elke dress, however, is the epitome of twenties style vibe mixed with a modern sophisticated appeal. the epico and erol dresses have a hint of pretty ballerina blended with a corset style modern femininity. the erudito dress, though similar to the epico and erol dresses, is just a touch more exciting, with a gossamer tiered skirt. Rosa clará boutiques give the ultimate experience in bridal, offering not only tailor-made gowns but supplying lingerie, shoes, veils and hair embellishments as well. Along with Rosa clará bridal fashions and two by Rosa clará, Rosa clará boutiques offer the luxury lines Jesús del Pozo and christian lacroix mariée. the Rosa clará Fiesta line, modeled in part by mischa Barton, is full of texture in pinks and blacks. they’re pretty frocks made for twirling and dancing in and for smouldering with appeal. it would appear that there is nothing quite like Rosa clará for the modern bride-to-be.
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Mischa Barton: Giving Back
By teResA loUise JoHnson

london, england born mischa Barton is well-known for her role in the o.c., a popular American tv show but her acting resume is endless. the o.c, however, was the first television project mischa was involved in that really helped her to appreciate how lucky she was as an actress. she realized there was so much she could be doing to help others who are in need. Her work with numerous charities, like save the children ( and Planet call, focuses not only on the environment but the world’s children. A self-proclaimed “emotional person,” mischa is devoted to making children’s dreams come true and to help save lives. Barton’s eyes aren’t closed to the needs of the world; she is in a position to draw attention to the things that matter. As a member of lupus lA (, mischa knows that further research for lupus is necessary and her work at lupus events will allow for further research in the search for effective treatments for lupus sufferers. the goal of an organization such as Planet call ( is to get young people involved in finding sustainable solutions and becoming dedicated to a low-carbon future. Barton, a youthful activist herself, is the perfect choice as spokesperson. she asserts that youth doesn’t mean looking the other way; everyone can do her part. mischa Barton is much sought after by paparazzi; her fashion choices make news time after time. she became a model for Rosa

clará ( bridal fashions after she met the designer while on a trip in spain. the collection appealed to her for its freshness, youthfulness and dynamic and as a bonus, she was impressed by the natural cottons and materials used to create the gowns. Barton is not a stranger to wearing earth friendly clothing; she says she likes knowing her fashion choices respect the environment and that they are made in optimal conditions free of child labourers. mischa’s fashion choices are up for grabs at charity auctions for solesforsouls ( and Handbag Amnesty (launched by one lucky girl purchases mischa’s shoes through an auction so that another needy recipient receives a much-needed pair of shoes. money from Handbag Amnesty goes to cancer research. As an entertainment industry Foundation Ambassador, mischa’s been spotted on the home shopping network Qvc selling clothes and raising money for cancer research as well. Why the focus on intermingling fashion and charity? mischa believes that fashion has great power. Using that power can “attract media coverage to charity and awareness campaigns. Fashion can help a lot of people in need.” What can you do? mischa’s involvement in assorted charities is an excellent example for all. she thinks everyone should get involved and do it all year long. As she tells ADs, “Helping others helps you a lot; what goes around comes around.”

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Green up your Beauty Cabinet
spring is here…and so is spring ‘greening.’ your house is not the only thing that needs to be cleaned out…your beauty cabinet needs it as well; and to replace the old with tlP (tender loving products). think about how many products you use on a daily basis, how many of them are natural? Better yet, are they truly organic and made without harsh preservatives or harmful ingredients? Hopefully we can take the guessing game out and guide you to some healthy beauty alternatives. start first by cleaning up your shampoos, body washes, and body lotions first, since you’re slathering potentially toxic chemicals over a larger surface area (remember your skin is an organ, and by far the largest). Body wash—cleanse and detox your entire body with collective Wellbeing's charcoal Body Wash ( Just one capful of this sulfate-free cleanser contains tens of thousands of micro-sponges-active charcoal powder that traps and whisks away dirt, environmental toxins and impurities. Body lotion—100 & Pure ( A luxurious cream concenmade with sugar and coconut oil cleansers that gently lift and remove everyday environmental pollutants without stripping hair’s natural oils. organic red raspberry leaf extract strengthens hair and imparts a natural shine leaving hair smelling oh so fresh! trated with potent anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins, skin softening fruit oils and moisturizing cocoa and avocado butters. Delicious smelling body cream will immediately hydrate, soften and feed your skin nutrients for a healthy & happy complexion!

shampoo/conditoner—think about it… steam open up pores, and so it does on

your scalp thus harmful ingredients enter in, at high speed into your pores! Go with a natural shampoo like Dessert essence ( Red Raspberry84 A Distinctive style . com

Face wash—John masters organics ( its mild foaming cleanser washes away dirt and oil, leaving skin clean and fresh. the healing properties of plantain leaf repair skin and soothe irritation while pure organic essential rose oil improves blood circulation.

moisturizer—Duchess marden ( is a creamy, delightfully scented, hydrating moisturizer that actively evens the skin tone (because of the mushroom extracts) using wholesome, luxurious ingredients. the scent will put you in a calm, relaxed mood.

SprinG GreeninG
with Beauty editor shelly Ballestero

eye cream—mychelle ( A blend of peptides and plant extracts helps to lighten dark under-eye shadows and sends bags over your shoulder (where an accessory should be). eyeseryl® Peptide strengthens weakened capillaries and supports the release of excess fluid responsible for dark circles and puffiness. magnolia leaf extract helps strengthen and promote repair for a well-rested look. serum—Reishi mushroom serum by

internal anti-aging—sprayology’s Rejuvenation Plus (, it revitalizes the aging body from the inside out! Helps Restore energy, skin and sleep with a combination of homeopathic ingredients to combat the signs of aging. spray twice under the tongue three times per day, and expect to feel results within two to three weeks.

Prauna ( helps relieve stressed skin from inflammation by boosting skin immunity and helping to absorb unwanted toxins. mushroom healing is a century old ritual that enhances the skin’s vitality.

Deodorant—miessencetahitian Breeze roll-on deodorant ( Has no aluminum compounds or chemical antiperspirants Based on the traditional remedies of bicarbonate of soda to eliminate odors and aloe vera to soothe. lightly scented with a warm blend of intense floral and citrus aromas, truly smells amazing (and it does work)!
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water is a source of energy
By DR. sHARyn WynteRs

very few people understand the connection between water and energy . . . or water and health. they have no idea that water is one of their main sources of energy. in fact, it may be tHe main source of energy when all factors are considered. nothing happens in the human body without water. it is involved in every function that takes place. When water is lacking, everything slows down. no wonder afternoon fatigue is rampant, and no wonder many people have difficulty concentrating later in the day. By the time afternoon rolls around, you’ve used up the pool of energy you accumulated while you slept, and as soon as you eat lunch, your body hits a crisis. that’s because digestion requires copious amounts of water. if you are dehydrated (and most people are), eating an afternoon meal will sap your energy quickly. And yet, it’s not just about drinking enough water. there are a few things you can do to maximize water’s benefits and to experience more energy from the water you drink. First of all, you need to understand that water functions in the body the same way a crystal functions in our solid state technologies. Water is capable of storing energy and information, just like crystals. it amplifies and transmits signals at the speed of light—unless toxins and wastes have corrupted its molecular organization. most of the water on the planet today has been stripped of the qualities that allow it to hold and transmit energy with efficiency. that’s why drinking more water isn’t always the answer. Water has to be delivered into your cells to participate in all the metabolic pathways that provide energy and the ability to function throughout the day. Water also has to enter your cells to participate in cellular cleansing. if water lacks energy it simply follows the pathway through your organs of elimination and out your body. Here are six ways to augment your drinking water and to maximize its ability to get to your thirsty cells: 1. One of the simplest ways to return the property that allows water to store energy is to stir it within a magnetic field. this is the way the earth cares for her water. the earth pulses with tiny electromagnetic fields, the same way your body does. these fields return water’s life force as water moves. Place your water over a small magnet in a glass container. stir the water for several minutes—in both directions. this allows water molecules to align and re-align within a magnetic field. it may sound over simplistic but the new science of Water is confirming this process. i use a little blender-type device called the vitalizer Plus that does all this automatically.
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2. If you drink distilled or reverse osmosis water, you need to add unprocessed salts to your water—just a tiny amount. most people know that distilled water does not conduct energy. it is the salts (minerals in their ionized form) that conduct energy. they are vital for water to be able to hold energy. Put a pinch of celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt in your water before you stir it. 3. Stay away from electromagnetic fields when you drink water—never drink while at the computer. Unnatural electromagnetic fields affect you because they affect your body’s water. they “short out” the electrical potential at the cell membrane, which allows water to enter your cells. staying away from unnatural electromagnetic fields is a good idea anyway, but especially when you drink water. For more information on electromagnetic fields and how to protect yourself, i have included a whole chapter in my new book, sURvive! A Family Guide to thriving in a toxic World. 4. Exercise puts all your bodily fluids in motion. Whole body movement (walking, swimming, tai chi, etc.) pumps water into the tissues of your body. Drinking one glass of water 10 minutes before exercise will do more to hydrate your body than three or four times that amount when you are sedentary. 5. Avoid alkaline ionized water. there is a lot of hype in favor of alkaline water these days, but the truth is that your body responds to organically complexed minerals in the form of organic acids. the very best water contains minerals in this same form and the resulting water has a neutral or slightly acidic pH. Water from fresh springs contains carbonic and fulvic acids—not alkaline minerals without their acidic counterparts. one of the best things you can do is to squeeze a few drops of lemon in your water. Funny how some of the things we have instinctively done for a long time are in our best interest. 6. Drink water at key times. the best times to drink water are first thing in the morning and 10-15 minutes before each meal or exercise. these times are when your body needs water the most. if you practice the above recommendations on a regular basis you might be surprised to discover you have more energy than you’ve had in a long time. sharyn Wynters is a naturopath, author, and motivational speaker. For more information on her book or on the Vitalizer Plus, visit her website:

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