am am am am am am am am

a memory waiting to be forgotten. a photograph that has begun to fade. the stars that always vanish. the night that melts into day. the wind, that one day, will settle. the sun, that one day, won't shine. the present without a tomorrow. a flaw and a waste of your time.

I am a product of my predecessors. A stain of blood upon their clean cheeks. I am a mute child with an answer To why the wind howls and why the lark sings. I I I I I I I I am am am am am am am am the rain waiting to dry up. a dream about to shatter. a heart already lies broken. a life that no longer matters. a flower, that one day, will wither. the hope, that soon will be lost. the summer that melts into winter. a snowflake; ephemeral frost.

I am the rest given to those that are weary, A song to be sung when the sea is asleep. I am the maiden, beside your ear, whispering, All will be right , when it is you weep. I I I I I I I I am am am am am am am am the yesterday that's always changing. the future unwritten in stone. the salty tears of the ocean. an angel without a home. a woman that cries out for mercy. a demon that prays in the dark. a musician that plays no music. an ember; a fire's last spark.

I am the summer, and once was the autumn, The coldest winter and most radiant spring. I am the angel holding the key, In order to make the most captive, free. I I I I I I I I am am am am am am am am a child afraid to look forward. a man afraid to look behind. a feather that keeps on flying, the darkness that melts into light. the knowledge that has been rejected. the cloud that brings forth rain. a goddess that heeds destruction. the one that cries for your pain.

I am the music box that sings ever softly, Waiting for someone to hear its melody. I am a labyrinth full of questions, That no one can answer no one but me.

Then little by little tearing you apart. daffodil that grows in winter. blue. the taste of honey on your lips. the fear that makes you scream. in truth. your mind making you dream. the water that cleanses your spirit. the song that no longer needs singing. a tongue that doesn't shed lies. am a dream that will linger forever. a person that doesn't yearn to die. a lonely spirit in the forest. a bird caught in a golden cage. an arrow shot by Aphrodite s cupid. the voice in your ear. I have found hope in the rising tide.I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am a slave torn away from freedom. a child that sees what is true. instrument of evil. capturing your heart. am. all that lies broken. without dismay. A puppet of love. am the limit found beyond the sky. whispering. . the tint that makes this sky. am am am am am am am am am am am am a dancer yet without a partner. the happiness that lurks in the shadows. I am an angel born from the sea. a product of this earth s nature. I am the mist born from the ocean. Because it has sheltered and protected me. pulling you together. I am the gentle wind of Autumn. temple encrypted with runes. a dog that has gone astray. I am the mage. a baby that no longer cries. red rose caught in full bloom. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I am am am am your conscience making you weary. a person that has touched the sky. a reader who can't turn a page. a believer that believes . a flute always singing of peace. a ghost finally put to rest. I am the tears of Amaterasu. the sorrow. the poet lost without rhythm. a statue whose beauty is broken. am the black in a raven's eye. in nothing. Enchanting your spirit. yet without an ending. With rolling hills of blue evergreen. a a a a novel.

making the sky pink. an owl that glides through the night. banished from her kingdom. the evil found within beauty. the promise for a broken heart. the one with power to keep on going. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am am a book that hasn't been opened. blank and waiting. I am the wind singing your lullaby. past hidden in the new. a bird that in Autumn. Hush now. a nightmare. . someone that can fly with tattered wings. dark star that calls to the few. an artist. a remnant of something once warm. I I I I am am am am a spider caught in its own web. close your eyes and fly away love. the bird that sings in the morn'. don t you cry. a quill that no longer writes. a wolf that no longer howls. For someone to write in with blood red ink. a riddle without an answer. I am a journal. I I I I I I I I am am am am am am am am the dove and I am the raven. the snow of a dreary winter.I am the daughter of Adam and Eve. a poet without inspiration. future hidden in the forlorn. without a paintbrush. the spirit of gentle spring. and the sunset. I am vagabond with no compass. No map. I am a woman with no regrets. I am the sunrise. Euphonious melody. I am a princess. someone who lives with old dreams. darling. I I I I am am am am the fire that looms within you. a thorn can that rip you apart. and no shelter to call a home. the the the the product of an untold story. a figment of your insane mind. I am a flower rejected by nature. a dreamer without a fantasy. a leaf that keeps on changing. Primrose and twilight. sings. my voice keeps on singing. Cursed and doomed to forever walk alone. something left unspoken. a maiden that is out of time. the heat of radiant summer. a dreamer caught in her own world.

I am the photograph that is fading. I am a memory you will forget. .

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