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Thiruvananthapuram Vadodara


Bollywood spawns film marketing
Ka aja l Wa l l i a, TNN, Ma r 4, 2002, 02.01a m IST

05 07 23 10
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0 0 StumbleUpo mumbai: call it bolly wood part ii or the triumph of entrepreneurship, Submit Recommend but the rs 1 ,30 0-crore hindi film industry has spawned a profitraking spin-off. that is, film-making has seen the rise of a number of agencies — some priv ate and some owned by corporate entities — to promote, market and design mov ies, and also to rope in corporate sponsors and track cable piracy . these spin-off enterprises, conserv ativ ely pegged at rs 30 0 crore, hav e emerged ov er the past fiv e y ears, according to industry observ ers."with mov ies increasingly being treated as commercial products and their publicity budgets ranging from a modest rs 1 5 lakhs to rs 3 crore, it is but natural that entrepreneurs make a capital of this huge ad spend,'' said trade analy st komal nahata. at present, about 35 promotional agencies giv e publicity to the 200-odd mov ies that bolly wood churns out annually .a few are also inv olv ed in designing the adv ertising campaigns. promotional agency owner rahul nanda, who has designed the look of ov er 1 50 films in the last sev en y ears including dilwale dulhaniy a le jay enge and asoka, said, "we decide a film's usp and design its look accordingly . our basic aim is to keep the target audience informed about the product and make it glamorous and interesting for them to v enture out to see the mov ie''. mr nanda charges any thing between rs 2 lakhs and rs 15 lakhs for a project.according to him promotional agencies earn around rs 1 00 crore annually . then, there are nearly four infilm adv ertising firms which broker reel marriages between brands and films.this concept was popularised by filmmaker subhash ghai, who made his stars, including the lead pair of taal, aishwary a rai and akshay e khanna drink coke. this business prov ed to be so "fruitful and huge'' that akhil rajendran gav e up his ev ent management firm to start an in-film adv ertising company three y ears ago. he has since engineered sev eral deals between brands and film projects, such as paas paas and hero cy cle for y aadein, and onida, archies and reebok for bus itna sa khawab hai. rakesh roshan's koi mil gay a and sooraj barjaty a's mein prem ki diwani hoon, too, hav e tied up for flashing popular brands on the silv er screen. according to mr rajendran, he nev er brokers a deal worth less than rs 50 lakhs and gets a 7 .5 per cent commission from the brand owner as well as the producer. then, there are 25 anti-piracy companies that are engaged in prev enting pirated copies of films from being broadcast on cable networks. "most producers hire us for a timeframe during which we hav e to ensure that the newly released film is not screened by cable networks,'' said raju asari, of feature films copy right. this firm has been engaged to check piracy for 162 films, including big banners like mohabattein, k3g, dil to pagal hai. the amount, he said, v aries from rs 50,0 00 to rs 1 lakh per project. apart from these entrepreneurs, corporate entities such as adv ertising agencies, public relations firms and auditing houses hav e also jumped onto the bandwagon. most hav e either started a separate entertainment div ision or new v entures solely dealing with film accounts. in fact, these play ers offer a one-stop deal for promotion, publicity and corporate sponsorship. perfect relations, a public relations agency , carv ed out a separate entertainment div ision fiv e y ears ago and later floated buzz entertainment. in its three-y ear ex istence, buzz has handled marketing and promotion of ten films, including y aadein, asoka, dil chahta hai and kabhi khushi kabhie gham. similarly , consulting firm ernst & young started a separate entertainment div ision two y ears ago. advertising agency leo burnett, did the same, after handling the publicity campaign for actor ajay devgan's home production raju chacha about two y ears ago. the firm offers a fiv e-point business model to help producers market a film better."these include an ad package, complete with telev ision trailers, posters and billboards,'' said sanjay bhutiani, head of leo burnett entertainment.
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