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―…squisita musica strumentale ed eccellente musica vocale.‖ Pompilio Totti Ritratto di Roma 1638

Sant’Agnese Oratorio
Music of Bernardo Pasquini (1637 –1710)

I hear a fleeting murmur from the Tiber; that all that charms and pleases flees on the waves
and that human desire has no peace if not sought in God.
Agnese from the Sant’Agnese Oratorio
On Occasion of the 300th Anniversary of Pasquini’s Death

Agnese Gratitude to our donors for helping make this season possible…
Heather Cogswell - soprano
Nancy Archer
Madre di Agnese Lillian Carteng
Marita Link - mezzo-soprano Laura Carlson
Katherine Cram
Flavio Dan Dressen and Elisabeth Comeaux
Brian Link - counter-tenor Lisa Drew
Keith Dunder
Aspasio Edna Erickson
Ben Henry-Moreland - baritone Bob and Darlene Hays
Robert Hickcox and Jacqueline Henry
Gerald Hoekstra
Garrick Comeaux - bass Jeffrey Holland
Laura Kane
James and Donna May
Violins Beth McGuire
Ginna Watson Timothy and Kathy Nelson
Terry Elliott Beth and Pat Nunnally
Rick and Sandra Penning
Violas Cynthia Prosek
Steve Staruch Larry Reynolds
Cheryl Zylla Dale Talley
Robert and Maureen Vince
Basso Continuo U.S. Bancorp
Mary Virginia Burke, viola da gamba Deluxe Corporation
Tulio Rondon, cello
Theorbo Consortium Carissimi
Paul Berget ——— Board Members ——–
Robert Hayes, President
Harpsichord Beth Nunnally, Treasurer
Bruce Jacobs Don Livingston, Secretary
Consortium Carissimi is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Organ P.O. Box 40553 Saint Paul, Minnesota 55104
Tel. 612.822.1376
Donald Livingston

2 27
Già dal ferro traffitta io cado esangue. Io Pierced with the sword, I fall and am Church of Saint Agnes - 548 Lafond Ave, St. Paul, MN
moro,o Flavio, io manco,o Madre, io bleeding. I am dying o Flavio, I am passing Friday, September 24 - 7:30pm
spiro, e l'estremo respiro di questo sen, away, O Mother. I breathe my last, but the St. Mary’s Chapel at the St. Paul Seminary - 2260 Summit Ave, St. Paul, MN
che langue altro, altro da voi non chiede, very last breathe of this breast that lan- Saturday, September 26 - 2:00pm
che se costante amor ne strinse in terra guishes, asks from you nothing else than
ci unisca in cielo un immutabil fede. this. If constant love ever compelled on
earth, an unchanging faith will unite us in
Madre di S. Agnese / Flavio Mother of Saint Agnes / Flavio
Sparsa d'horror mortale, Scattered mortal horror,
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes
tu giaci o figlia al suolo, O daughter, you lie in the soil,
Flavio Flavio
tu giaci Agnese al suolo, O Agnes, you lie in the soil, Giovanni Battista Vitali Sinfonia a Sei
(1644 c.—1692)
Madre di S. Agnese / Flavio Mother of Saint Agnes / Flavio
ma con affanno eguale l'alma dal petto but with equal torment, my soul takes flight
mio discioglie il volo. from this breast.
Flavio Flavio Bernardo Pasquini Sant’Agnese Oratorio
Tu dal ferro traffitta, io dal dolore. You, pierced by the sword, I by the grief. (1637 –1710) for five voices, two violins, two violas

Mother of Saint Agnes and Basso continuo

Madre di S. Agnese
Tu martire dell'ira, et io d'amore. You martyr of wrath, and I of love.

-fine- - the end -

Parte Prima
Parte Secunda

Artwork on front cover of

Andrea del Sarto (Andrea d'Agnolo) 1486–1530 Florentine
S. Agnese (part.) - 1524 - Pisa, Duomo

26 3
Nel seno d'un empio trionfi il rigore: con In the breast of the impious, triumphs rig-
barbaro scempio s'avventino strali di our. With barbarous slaughter, arrows are
C ONSORTIUM C ARISSIMI fiamme letali; fomenti l'ardore la face hurled with lethal flames. Incite the ardour
―…squisita musica strumentale ed eccellente musica vocale.‖ Pompilio Totti Ritratto di Roma 1638 d'Aletto ma contro il mio petto. of Aletto’s torch, but against my breast.
Ordisca il tiranno spietate ritorte: Devise, you tyrant, ruthless chains. Ready
- Presentation - prepari ogni affano schernita possanza, with merciless strength every torment, with
Consortium Carissimi was founded in Rome, Italy in 1996, with the mission of con fiera sembianza diffonda la morte il wild beast likeness, spread the cold poison
uncovering and bringing to modern day ears, through live concerts, master classes, freddo veleno, ma contro il mio seno. of death, but against my breast.
recordings and publications, the long-forgotten early Italian baroque music of the 16th Aspasio Aspasio
and 17th centuries. Consortium Carissimi consists of ten to thirty musicians that include Folli a gara chiedete i propri scempi, ma You foolishly ask in battle, your own mas-
singers (soprano, alto, countertenor, tenor, bass-baritone and period instruments d'Agnese i martiri fiano ai vostri deliri sacres, but may Agnes’ martyrdom be a
(theorbo, violins, harpsichord, organ, and viola di gamba). horridi esempi. horrible example for your frenzies.
Why named after Carissimi? Among the various types of music that flourished
S. Agnese Saint Agnes
in Rome during the 16th and 17th century, the oratories of Giacomo Carissimi are
examples of the most outstanding form of composition of that time. Consortium Che più tardi o mio cor con vaghi lampi My heart slowly invites you O rogue with
Carissimi bears the name of the famous composer whose music was known for its t'invita il rogo, e pur tu sei di gelo alle charming flashes, and yet you remain fro-
simple, fresh new approach to text, melody and accompaniment. fiamme, al cielo. zen. To the flames and then to heaven.
Of great importance is the performance of sacred and secular music that is Flavio Flavio
transcribed from manuscript or early print sources. The unique strength that Consortium O portento inaudito mira o mostro O unheard-of miracle! Look, you unfaithful
Carissimi provides is in the performance of these long-forgotten works since much of infedele il rogo si divide, e le fiamme monster, the homicide flames are lit by
this music has not been heard since the 17th century. It is only through transcriptions omicide solo d'amore accese, chinan love alone and the rogue divides in two.
that this music may be heard by 21st century audiences; transcriptions held by altere fronti al piè d'Agnese. E cangiando Bow down, you haughty heads, at the feet
Consortium Carissimi. Currently, there are no other organizations in the United States natura crudo elemento ancora, il bel of Agnes. Transform nature of a cruel
that have these transcriptions in their possession. candor dell'innocenza adora. means, like fire which adores the beautiful
Consortium Carissimi contributes to the cultural vitality of the community in purity of innocence.
four key ways: Manuscript transcription and publication; Consortium Carissimi is the Aspasio
only organization in the United States that has in its library transcriptions over 200
Mora l'infida mora, e se magico incanto Die, treacherous girl, die, and if magical
manuscripts of this time period, including the complete works of Giacomo Carissimi.
valse a destar pietà nel foco istesso enchantment avails to arouse pity, remain
Educational programs; Consortium Carissimi conducts master classes with educational
rimanga un'empio cor, dal ferro in the fire itself impious heart, weighed
institutions, both in and out of state. Master classes include intense studies of vocal and
oppresso. down with the sword.
instrumental practices of 17th century Rome. Performances; the ensemble of mixed
voices and instruments performs three concerts annually of repertoire from the Italian- S. Agnese Saint Agnes
Roman sacred and secular music of the 16th and 17th century. Recordings; Consortium I concede my heart to sweet pains, to be
Carissimi extends public access to and knowledge of this musical tradition through Cedo il core a dolci pene per rinascere a
quel bene, ch'in eterno adorerò. Mio reborn to that Good, which I will adore for
digital recordings. Consortium Carissimi’s unique commitment to the Italian works of eternity. My Jesus, unveil now the charm-
the 16th and 17th is quickly establishing its role as an arts leader here at home and Gesù discopri omai di tua luce i vaghi
rai, che nel grembo del tormento di ing beams with your light, for in the womb
abroad. of torment, I will die of content.

4 25
S. Agnese / Flavio Saint Agnes / Flavio - Program Notes -
Del sospirato ben, giunga alle mete.Chi Reach the goal of the longed-for good. Bernardo Pasquini is mostly known today for his keyboard music but was a
di voi cari martiri mi darà la dolce Which of you dear martyrs will give me the prolific composer of vocal music which included: 18 operas, 15 oratorios, over 50
palma per beare i miei desiri, non più sweet palm, with which I can make my joy cantatas, and a number of motets. In spite of the success of these works during his
dimore, o pene, hora volate; e sarete a complete. No more delays, now fly away, lifetime, this repertoire is rarely programmed in concerts today and virtually impossible
quest'alma, and you will be to this soul, to find in recordings.
S. Agnese Saint Agnes Bernardo came to Rome in 1650 and there pursued his entire career. As organist
quanto veloci più tanto più grate, appreciated as much as you are quick, and composer, he was employed by several different Churches (Chiesa Nuova, S. Luigi
dei Francesi, S. Marcello, S. Maria in Aracoeli, S. Maria Maggiore) and held important
Flavio Flavio roles within the major cultural circles such as the entourage of Christine of Sweden, the
quanto crudeli più tanto più grate. appreciated as much as you are cruel. Colonna Family, the Ottoboni Family and of course the Pamphilj Family. From around
Aspasio Aspasio 1666, Pasquini was permanently employed at the services of Prince Giambattista
Borghese. Together with Corelli and Alessandro Scarlatti, he was admitted, in 1706, in
Flavio, i deliri tuoi pongo in non cale; Flavio, I submit that your infatuations the Arcadia. It is also to be remembered the importance of Pasquini as a teacher, whose
esci di cieco ardore folle tu sogni, e per amount to nothing. Come out from the students were some of the more illustrious musicians of the time (Gasparini, Muffat,
te parla amore. In te maga crudel l'ira blinding fervour, madly you dream that Zipoli...).
rivolgo ecco il rogo bramato, gl'ardenti love speaks to you. To you, cruel witch, I
miei furori, nelle ceneri tue restino turn my anger. Here, your desired rogue. Pasquini’s fame was well established along the Danube, and the Viennese court
spenti, e del guardo adirato sian delitie May my fiery raging be extinguished in was much-accustomed to Italian cultural activities of guest artists. His golden era of
più care i tuoi tormenti. your ashes and in the angry face, may your dramatic composition was between the years of 1670 and 1680. Within the realm of the
torments be your dearest delights. Oratorio genre, his creations were sought after outside Roman circles. Performances
were made in cities such as Florence, Modena, Naples and Vienna.
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes
As a result, the premier performance of the Saint Agnes Oratorio was given in
Sian delitie più care i tuoi tormenti? May your torments be your dearest de- Vienna during Lent of 1678. In this, the 300th anniversary of his death, Consortium
Ferma figlia, deh ferma, e qual lights? Stop, my daughter. In what theatre Carissimi will celebrate Pasquini’s life through the music of the Saint Agnes Oratorio.
m'appresti in teatro d'horror tragica of horrors do you prepare for such a tragic
scene? Saints tend to find themselves on church calendars where their feasts may go
scena? completely unnoticed. Saint Agnes (like St Cecilia) is situated in early church history, a
period when persecution was still common. Very few details are available about the
S. Agnese Saint Agnes lives of Saints that lived so long ago, but devotion to them has never ceased to
With troublesome sufferings, Mother, you speculate, in artistic terms, about the lives they may have lived. The text composition of
Con affetti molesti, Madre qual'hor oratories like this one, was entrusted to librettists more or less professional, but it did
ritardi, di quest'alma i troffei, più crudel are more cruel than any other torment as
you delay this soul’s trophies. occur at times that these texts were written by famous patrons. Santa Agnese is for
d'ogni pena a me tu sei. example a creation of Cardinal Benedetto Pamphilj, known for the intensity of his
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes theatrical and musical passions, and as numerous others of the Roman ecclesiastical
Might my cry save you from the worst hierarchy members, was given to the writing out of not only sacred texts, but of secular
Ai tormenti più severi deh, t'involi il
pains possible, and your mighty thoughts as well.
pianto mio, e più miti i tuoi pensieri si
ribellino al desio. against rebel desire.

24 5
Here is a short Synopsis: Agnes lived in Rome (300 c.e.) and although the details S. Agnese Saint Agnes
of her life vary with the interpretation of those who recant it, the essence of her life and Venghino a mille a mille in me gl'affanni Thousands of thousands of worries are
pilgrimage remain the same. At age 13, Agnes already knew that her life’s calling was agl'incendi, alle pene a'i ceppi, alle upon me, to the fires, to the afflictions, to
to serve God. She died under the Diocletian persecutions when she refused the courtship catene l'empietà mi condanni, che a the logs, and to the chains, the wicked have
of the son (Flavio) of a Roman judge. quest'alma fedel sarà il tormento neve al condemned me. To this faithful soul, tor-
The judge sentenced her to be stripped and placed on public display but God sol, piume al foco, e polve al vento. ment will be like snow in the sun, feathers
covered her nudity with her hair and sent a gown to her by an angel. Flavio was struck in the fire and dust in the wind.
down by lightening when he tried to touch Agnes, but she interceded for him. Upon Flavio
reviving, he converted to Christianity. Flavio
L'alma oh Dio, ch’è tuo dono, a te si O God, your gift, the soul is rendered to
The Judge was so outraged he condemned Agnes to death by burning at the you, for wrath is turned on me, and the
stake. Instead of devouring her, the flames bow down to her. Unable to kill her by renda, in me l'ira si volga, per me il rogo
s'accenda, dispietata pietade a me non rogue is aflame. Do not take away the re-
flame, the young girl is slain by the sword. She does not die before singing of faith and lentless compassion, and grant in noble
love. tolga far in nobil tenzone de più crudi
martiri un serto al crine, ostri, scettri, battle, to the most cruelly martyred, a gar-
Garrick Comeaux land on the head, purple gowns, sceptres,
corone d'effimera grandezza pretiosi
Artistic Director large fleeting crowns, precious torments,
tormenti, aure e ruine, l'alma, che vi
disprezza sciolta dal fragil velo sovra breezes and fury. The soul that scorns all
pira di stelle rinascerà nova Fenice in this, free from the fragile veil, and above
cielo. the pyre of stars, will be reborn a new
Phoenix in the heavens.
A special thanks to S. Agnese
Saint Agnes
Pigri momenti, oh Dio.
Fr. John Ubel, our host at the Church of Saint Agnes, Tardy moments, O God.
Fr. Tom Margevicius, our host at the St. Paul Seminary, Flavio
Cari tormenti, oh Dio.
to Bill Mathis and Hennepin United Methodist Church for the use of their portative organ, Dear moments, O God.
S. Agnese / Flavio
to Bruce Jacobs for the use of his harpsichord, Saint Agnes / Flavio
Che più, che più tardate, il volo omai
to Beth Nunnally, Robert Hayes, Don Livingston and Elisabeth Comeaux, The more you delay, you release into
for their patience, organizational skills, time and efforts. flight,
S. Agnese
Saint Agnes
onde l'alma penante
Look for future concert programming under our Future Concerts section at our website: my paining soul Flavio
onde il mio core amante
my loving soul

6 23
- Italian Text Translations -
Aspasio Aspasio
Nel tuo sen generoso figlio della ragion In your generous breast, reign with rigour
regni il rigore. which is the son of reason. Flavio Flavio
Prefect Chi nasce à gl'Imperi con l'aure vitali Born into the Empire with vigorous fa-
Prefetto Love and Astrea accuse me of injustice, he respira i piaceri in cune reali, l'accoglie il vours, one breathes the pleasure in royal
is my son, but guilty, I am his father, but diletto se il mondo soggetto nascendo streets and receives these delights to gaze
Amore e Astrea mi taccian d'ingiusto; è
just. Aspasio, I entrust my heart to you to mirò. Le mete ai contenti prefigge sua upon, only when born into this world.
prole, ma rea, son padre, ma giusto.
assign the massacre of this impious cult, brama, ma poscia ai tormenti se amore lo The destiny of the happy is satisfied at
Aspasio il cor, ch’in tua virtù s’affida
for where grief is Emperor, reason does not chiama, gioisca se può. birth, but should love call and cause him
dell’empio culto a te la strage assegna,
reign. My son adores a beautiful but treach- Tal di Quirin sù le famose arene, ove il agony, let him rejoice if he can.
che dove impera il duol, ragion non
regna, adora il figlio una bellezza infida, erous young girl, he dies and then is reborn temuto Padre del gran Giove Romano I, from Quirin, am such a one, above the
more, e nemico ai sommi Dei rinasce: i an enemy to the Almighty Gods. I can hear occupa il trono, leggi prescrivo, e famous ruins, where the feared father of
tumulti e le grida odo del volgo a mie the voice of the populace who are intent on prigioniero io sono; che per ordirmi al the great Roman Jupiter sits on his
ruine intento, onde in un sol momento my ruin. Fate, in one quick instance to cor dure catene fabbro d'inganni amore, throne. I appoint laws and am yet a pris-
per affliger quest’alma unì la sorte harm me, has joined forces with love, un- con lucide rapine ad Agnese involò, gl'ori oner. Love, the blacksmith of deception,
amore, infedeltà, congiure e morte. faithfulness, conspiracy and death. del crine. has flown to Agnes and bound my heart
Aspasio with hard chains to her golden locks.
Might not the remedy for harsh pain in a Prefetto Prefect
D'aspro duol non sia ricetto nobil petto
del mio brando ai lampi e all'ire fugan noble breast be my sword, for the shadows Flavio, beloved son, what ravaging cloud
of fear take flight at the lightening flashes Flavio, Flavio, diletta prole, qual
l'ombre del timor, e se un Idra è il tuo d'occulto martir nube funesta turba il of hidden torments troubles your heart’s
martire fia l'Alcide il mio rigor. and ire. If martyred by an Idra, may Alcide serenity and infests your soul? Should
be my severity. seren del core, e l'alma infesta? Se di
tesori e gemme vago il desio si duole, you grieve of desire for treasure and
Laugh on now, for in this heart that groans nell'Indiche maremme suddite al tuo voler charming jewels, the Indian seas are at
Rida omai nel cor, che geme dolce speme sweet hope, soon will grow dim, the impi- your beckoning, and as precious dew
l'albe stillanti pretiosi per te versano i
languirà quel empio ardire, che diè vita a ous boldness which gave life to evil tor- drops at dawn, they shed their tears for
rio dolor, e se un Idra è il tuo martire fia ment. If martyred by an Idra, may Alcide you.
l'Alcide il mio rigor. be my severity. Flavio
Up and away, you proud ministers! Rouse Flavio
the ardour of the final flames. Put to the Charming jewels, you diffuse with your
Su, su ministri fieri eccitate l'ardor di Vaghe gemme, che dal gelo diffondete i shining rays as from frozen ice. Plentiful
test, this unhappy soul, and see which is rai lucenti; ricche perle, che del cielo
fiamma ultrice, e provi alma infelice se pearls, you fall smilingly as tears from
heavier, the yoke of holding the sceptre or siete lacrime ridenti; la beltà, che'l sen
più pesante è il giogo di regger scetri, o the sky. The beauty however which has
burning in the rogue. m'accese, come oscura i vostri vanti, se al
d'avvampar nel rogo. set my breast on fire obscures all your
fulgor, che sparge Agnese ombre son glories, for compared with the radiance
perle e diamanti. which Agnes sheds, pearls and diamonds
are but mere ghosts.

22 7
Prefetto Prefect Prefetto Prefect
Se t'offre il crin fortuna, se a stabilirti If fortune is awarded you, and heaven Di mie pene crudeli sgravato appena il Just unburdened of my cruel sentences, this
honori d'ogni stella gl'influssi il cielo amasses all the powers of the stars and tormentoso incarco, con accenti infedeli painful weight, with unfaithful words my
aduna, se leggi imponi alla beltà che entrusts to you these honours; if you im- figlio a nuovo dolor tu m'apri il varco. Son, you would again open, this passage of
adori, perchè nel fosco ciglio di sognato pose the law on the beauty that you love, woe.
martir s'aggira un'ombra? Spera, deh why then in your sullen face, roams a Aspasio
spera o figlio, che d'Imeneo la face d'ogni ghost of fantasised torment? Hope, my Aspasio
cura mordace il vel disgombra. son, hope that the light of the God of mar- Signor non più dimore, ch'ai ministri del Sir, no more delays. The common people
riage may lift the veil of all biting zeal. tempio il volgo unito già volge a danni have united with the ministers of the tem-
tuoi l'armi e'l furore. ple and are already directed with arms and
Quando un'alma diffeso rimira lo scettro, When a soul well defended by the sceptre anger, to harm you.
che stringe da sorte fedel, se tra gl'ostri, e reconsiders and should sigh even among Prefetto
the purple and magnificence, then fate it- Prefect
le pompe sospira il fato costringe a farsi Che ascolto o Dei?
crudel. self is forced to be merciless. O gods, what am I hearing?
Chi tra i lampi di soglie gemmate, col A soul that destroys the heart’s joy with Aspasio
tears upon crossing a jewel embedded Lo scempio appena udito, che magica
pianto distrugge la gioia del sen, sembra This havoc just heard of, that impious
threshold is like a serpent, turning all the empietà fè di tua prole la plebe accorse a
un'angue con spoglie dorate, che i fiori, magic has been done on your son, is the
flowers it tastes, into poison. vendicar intesa l'onta del genitor, del ciel
che sugge converte in velen. reason why the populace intends to revenge
the father’s disgrace and the offence to
Poscia in udir, che del tuo duolo ai heaven. Afterwards, when it was heard of
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes prieghi di possanza infernal forza rubella your pains at the prayers, the infernal rebel-
Qui dove bagna il Tebro l'augusto piede Here where the Tiber bathes the venerable nel sen di Flavio infonde con sacrilega fè lious power poured into Flavio’s breast,
alla città di Marte o quante gratie il cielo foot of the city of Mars, o how many vita novella. new life of sacrilegious faith.
Agnese, amata figlia a noi comparte. Ma graces heaven bestows on us, o Agnes, my
Prefetto Prefect
dal materno zelo tali stimoli io provo, beloved daughter. But my motherly zeal is
tried, since I don’t sense that your heart is Segui, che fia. Continue, then what?
onde non sento colma di tante gioie il cor
contento. happy and full of all these joys. Aspasio Aspasio
L'amor cangiato in ira, chi vendicar Love transformed into hate, for he who de-
Saint Agnes bramò, punir sospira. Signor chi lento, in sires for revenge, punishes and sighs. Sir,
S. Agnese castigar l'eccesso del fallo, che soffri, fa
Unveil to me, Mother, the tormenting slow to castigate the excesses of the of-
Svela o Madre, deh svela qual trafigga il reo se stesso. fence, is a criminal himself.
tuo cor pensier tiranno si scema il duol thought that has wounded your heart, re-
veal it to lessen the pain and to ease your Prefetto Prefect
col palesar l'affanno.
breathlessness. Discordi pensieri, ch'l cor dividete, o Discordant thoughts, which divide my
ardite più fieri, o miti tacete. Amore e heart in two, o venture you proud, o be si-
Astrea mi taccian d'ingiusto; e prole, è lent you mighty. Love and Astrea accuse
prole, ma rea, son padre, ma giusto. me of injustice, he is my son, but guilty, I
am his father, but just.

8 21
S. Agnese Saint Agnes Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes
Signor l'humil preghiera figlia di pura fè O Lord, in the starry realm humble prayer Di falsi numi a stabilir la sede regge An inhuman monster has established the
nella stellata sfera mai conseguì mercè la daughter of pure faith, indulge my desires mostro infernal scettro inumano. seat for False Gods to rule with sceptre.
sua clemenza i voti miei secondi. Scuopri of clemency for him, who has never at- E sull'altar d'un idolo profano svena di On the altar of a pagan God bleeds with im-
la tua potenza togli a morte le prede, e i tained mercy. Reveal your power, take the Cristo empio rigor la fede. Se Cesare pious harshness the faith of Christ. Should
rei confondi. prey away from death and confuse the t'impone offrir a sordi marmi arabi Cesar order you to offer Arabian incense to
Se mai sovra le stelle priego mortal volò, wicked. fumi, in sì fiera tenzone come celar deaf and dumb marble, how can you hide
spirare aure novelle, gelato sen vedrò. If ever a mortal prayer flew above the stars, potrai legge, e costumi. your Christian faith in such a cruel contest?
A'i miei desiri tua gratia oh Dio diffondi, blow early breezes, and I will see my soul
Se ne l'arco d'un orrido ciglio il trionfo If triumph looses hatred in a hideous face,
accogli i miei sospiri, fredde spoglie freeze. To my desires O God, diffuse your
spiegò l'empietà, fredda tema di pronto every heart becomes a cold subject to the
ravviva e i rei confondi. grace, hear my sighs, reanimate the cold
periglio, ogni core, soggetto si fa. fear of imminent danger.
spoils and confuse the wicked.
Prefetto A gl'assalti di barbaro sdegno cede To such proud and barbarous attacks, all
Ma qual novo portento il guardo ammira, vinto, ogni sesso ogni età, chi di straggi ages and sexes surrender, defeated. He who
What new prodigy am I witnessing? Am I
son desto, o pur la speme cari sogni fa base al suo regno, non distingue founds his Kingdom on massacres has no
awake or is it simply hope painting dear
dipinge al cor che geme. Figlio dal tuo virtude o beltà. regard for virtue and beauty.
dreams for a groaning heart? In your face,
bel volto si, ch'io veggio sparir l'ombre A fronte d’un tiranno in van si finge, It is useless to pretend in front of such a ty-
my Son, I can see death’s shadows disap-
mortali porgon l'aure vitali moto alle onde a me si dipinge crudo pensiero ad rant, and my peace vanishes with a cruel
pear, as lively breezes give motion again to
membra esangue, e i dolci accenti, che involar mia pace in procelloso mar qual thought, like an audacious ship into a tem-
your bleeding body. I hear the sweet mur-
da tuoi labri ascolto già richiamano in pino audace. pestuous sea.
muring from your lips which brings back
vita i miei contenti.
my peace of mind. S. Agnese Saint Agnes
Flavio Come in serena calma fia, che rimanga As in serene calmness, a heart must remain
Immenso Dio, che sol te stesso intendi, e un cor fedele assorto ove nocchiero è absorbed with faith where the soul is the
O great God, you who alone can know
in conoscer te stesso nume produci a te l'alma, cinosura la croce, il cielo, è pilot, the cross is the North Star and the
yourself, and in knowing yourself you pro-
medesmo eguale, e mentre al tuo riflesso porto. heavens, the port.
duce god of your own equal, and while in
di reciproco amor le fiamme accendi
your reflection of reciprocal love you Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes
spira quel dolce spirto immortale, tu sei
breathe the sweet immortal spirit. You who
del ciel su la gemmata sede base Pavento. I fear.
are in heaven and seated on the jewelled
all’eternità meta alla fede.
throne, are the eternal foundation of the S. Agnese Saint Agnes
Finché un’alma i suoi fulgori cela in goal of faith. Di che. For what?
limiti penosi di caduca humanità, con
Until the soul’s splendours are hidden in Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes
fantasmi tenebrosi idear non può i tesori
the painful limitations of human frailty, it
di serena eternità. In grembo al tormento. Torment in my womb.
cannot conceive of the treasures of eternal
serenity with these dark ghosts. S. Agnese Saint Agnes
Trionfa la fè. Faith will triumph!

20 9
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes Flavio Flavio
Inerme è il tuo petto. Defenceless is your breast. Esca di vampa ardente ogni spirto in me Every spirit in me languishes as a burning
langue, e quest'alma dolente niega blaze. My pained soul is bleeding in my
S. Agnese Saint Agnes gl'usati uffici al seno esangue. breast.
Mio scudo è virtù. My shield is virtue. Prefetto Prefect
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes Occhi miei che mirate? O figlio, oh Dio, What do my eyes see? O my Son, o god,
D'un empio l'aspetto Although an impious appearance sogno, veglio, vaneggio? Flavio preda di am I dreaming, am I awake, am I raving? O
morte? O ciel, che veggio? Se l'acerbo heavens, what is this I see? Flavio, prey of
S. Agnese Saint Agnes
mio fato si vago germe in sul fiorir death? If my bitter destiny produces a
serena Giesù. I am at peace with Jesus. recide, come il dolor, perch'io gli mora charming seed that blossoms and is quickly
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes al lato, reso parca pietosa hor non cut off, why doesn’t this grief not now kill
m'uccide. me that I might die at his side.
Fra dure ritorte, Among hard trials,
Ma se indelebile gl'affanni asprissimi son Should these harsh torments endure in my
S. Agnese Saint Agnes
del mio cor, mie luci flebili su heart, o feeble eyes, dissolve into bitter riv-
si pena un momento. one suffers only a moment. disciogliete fiumi amarissimi e ers and drown my grief.
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes sommergete il mio dolor. And with my tears, do not discourage the
A fronte di morte, In the face of death, E se col piangere non si disanima pena penalty of death. For the arrow of Cloto
mortal. Perché per frangere nodo che must break the knot that ties the soul in the
S. Agnese Saint Agnes lega nel petto l'anima l'ali non spiega breast and unbind its wings.
si avviva il contento. Happiness is enlivened. Cloto il suo stral. Since I cannot bring an end to my tor-
Madre di S. Agnese Mother of Saint Agnes Ma già ch'a me si toglie dar fin con la ments, all my torments will be transformed
Ma se il timor non fa mendace il guardo, If my fear does not betray and mislead my mia morte al mio martire tutte del cor le into anger against you! Onto you, O ruth-
del preside crudel non lungi io veggo eyes, I see not far off the proud son of the doglie stimolo di vendetta hor cangi in less Circe, impious Medea, my rage will
l'altera prole, e il consiglier malvaggio: evil counsellor. Run, o daughter, for your ire. In te Circe spietata, empia Medea fall if you are responsible for my grief.
fuggi ò figlia il tuo scempio che espresso havoc is written on the face of Aspasio, in l'ira cadrà se del mio duol sei rea. Saint Agnes
in fronte al fiero Aspasio io leggo il whose face I see likeness of the wicked. S. Agnese My God knew to punish the works of mor-
sembiante d'un empio qual d'acceso The turbid vapours flush his face and Punir seppe il mio Dio, che de mortali su tals, measuring in Astrea’s scales with the
vapor torbido crine sparge là dove appar spread to certain ruin. la libra d'Astrea l'opre misura col gel di chill of death with an indecent heat.
certe ruine. Aspasio morte un impudica arsura. Prefect
Aspasio Falvio, what a grim veil of unusual pain Prefetto To this God of yours I implore, to render
Flavio qual fosco velo d'insolito dolor overshadows your face. Is heaven perhaps Quel nume in cui delle rotanti sfere again if he can, this son to the fatherly
t'adombra il volto? È forse stanco il cielo tired to rain joy and happiness on your sogna culto infedel l'altro governo, il cui love.
di piover sul tuo crin gioie e contenti? head? potere eterno altre mete non ha, ch'il suo
volere renda se può di sua possanza in
segno, renda al paterno amor si caro
10 19
Forse il cor, che delira qui crede oh Dio Perhaps the infatuated heart here encircled Flavio Flavio
di fosche larve cinto l'ombra veder del by shadows, believes, o God, to be extin-
suo dolore estinto. Piango, peno, sospiro, guished through its pain by dark ghosts. I Aspasio, oh Dio consenti, ch'io viva in O God Aspasio, grant that I live buried in
avvampo e gelo ma d'amolir quel cor non cry, I suffer, I sigh, I burn and I freeze, but grembo al mio dolor sepolto. the womb of my pain and despair.
si dan vanto, pene, gelo, sospiri, ardori e to soften that heart, no suffering, freezing, Aspasio Aspasio
pianto. sighing, or burning is of any use. Vanti la sorte alle tue brame ancella, e You boast the destiny of your yearnings
Non imperano i regnanti, quando han The regnant does not reign when its citizen pur folle sospiri? and yet you still foolishly sigh.
suddito il voler; quella fiamma, che is desire, that voracious flame that can de- Flavio Flavio
vorace può distrugger l'altrui pace entro stroy the peace of others, a rogue of pleas-
il sen de folli amanti si fa rogo del ure can be found in the breasts of foolish La mia sorte rubella mi condanna ai My rebellious destiny condemns me to suf-
piacer. lovers. martiri se con lucido crin l'alma flagella. fer the flagellation of my soul with blond
Spesso un'alma in regio seno prigioniera Often a regal soul is a prisoner of pain. If
è del dolor, se d'ardori un cor si pasce il the heart is nourished by fervour, joy dies Aspasio Aspasio
diletto ha tomba in fasce ch'ove sparge il at birth and wherever love spreads her poi- When the desire of a great man is ex-
Non ha vicende il Fato ove il voler d'un
suo veleno crude morti infonde amor. son, she infuses cruel death. pressed as the law, then fate has no power
Grande è legge espressa.
S. Agnese Saint Agnes whatsoever.
Flavio tra queste soglie? Empio cimento Flavio, within these walls? Impious danger, Flavio
E pur l'alma servile forza non ha per
Agnese a te s'appresta. Per sottrarmi comes to you Agnes. O God, immortal hus- And yet the menial soul has no strength
dominar se stessa.
all'oltraggio di lascivo ardimento sposo band, I invoke your favour to deliver me with which to dominate itself.
immortale il tuo favore invoco: in from this affront of lascivious burning. In
quest'ombra funesta, mio Dio deh this woeful shadow, my God, shine a beam Aspasio
splenda un raggio di quell'eterno foco, of that eternal fire, fatal minister of love Why does the son of the Governor give
che ministro fatal d'amore e d'ira al and hate, North Star for the righteous, pyre Cede a cura sì vile del presside latin way to such vile worries?
giusto è cinosura, all'empio è pira. for the impious. l'inculto germe?
The defenceless beauty is always able to
Flavio Abbate ogni valor bellezza inerme. bring down every valorous man.
Ma qual fiamma improvisa il sen What flame all of a sudden overtakes me? Aspasio Aspasio
m'accende? Qual infocato dardo fere il What burning arrow has wounded my Dunque d'amor avvampi? Are you are burning with love.
petto, arde il core, abbaglia i lumi? breast? My heart is on fire, my eyes are Flavio
Soccorso, aita, o numi; di timore ed dazzled. Succour! Help, o gods! I am freez- Flavio
affanno aghiaccio e ardo. ing and burning of fear and anxiety! Ardo d'amore è vero ai vaghi lampi del Yes, I am burning with love for the charm-
bel volto d'Agnese, e al chiaro lume su ing eyes of the beautiful face of Agnes. On
S. Agnese Saint Agnes l'ali del pensiero il core amante farfalla the wings of thought and towards the bright
Il castigo del ciel non giunge tardo. The chastisement from heaven is not tardy. ardita incenerì le piume. light, the lover’s heart as a brave butterfly
has burned its wings.

18 11
Aspasio Aspasio S. Agnese Agnes
Di tue brame al dolce impero la beltà, Of your yearnings of the sweet empire, the gli bramo, I long for them,
che ti diè morte offre il cor già beauty which has slain you offers an already Flavio Flavio
prigioniero se l'innalza altera sorte oltre imprisoned heart, if this proud destiny raises
i voli del pensiero. it beyond the flight of thought. il rogo, the rogue,
Non si duole irata Flora se di rose più The irate Flora does not complain if a S. Agnese Agnes
vermiglio cielo amico il crin gl'infiora, friendly sunset sky adorns her hair with è il mio trono, is my throne,
non ricusan le conchiglie i bei pianti flowers, just like the conch that doesn’t re-
Flavio Flavio
dell'aurora. fuse the weeping of the dawn.
la morte. death?
Prefetto Prefect
S. Agnese Agnes
Non più sospiri, o Figlio, ecco sen viene Don’t sigh any more my Son, for she who
chi del tuo cor può raddolcir le pene. can sweeten your heart’s pain is arriving. la chiamo, che nel mortal periglio brama I call to it, for in mortal danger, grafted
innesti di palme un puro giglio. palm trees long for a pure lily.
Flavio Flavio
Bella, nel duol, ch'entro al mio petto io Agnes, in the pain I am hiding in my breast,
celo scorgi il dolce poter di tua discover the sweet power of your beauty parte seconda second part
vaghezza come rimira il cielo nelle and how heaven gazes into your face, re-
sembianze tue la sua bellezza. flecting its own beauty.
S. Agnese Saint Agnes
S. Agnese Agnes
Vaghe stelle, che splendete, care mete di Charming stars that shine, dear destiny of
Se il ciel ver me lucidi sguardi affissa, If heaven fixes its gaze on me it only reveals mia pace di quel sole opre voi siete, al my peace, you who are the work of that
ne falli miei la sua pietà ravvisa. its glory through my faults. cui raggio il cor si sface. Sun whose rays melt the heart.
Vaga rosa, che fastosa nell'alba nutrì Ma ben che siate al core cinosure fedeli Although you are faithful guides for the
folle speme di vita immortale, tosto The charming rose that believes to be im- io priva di conforto sospiro oh Dio, fra le heart, I, without comfort in the midst of
langue ch'l raggio vitale Febo asconde mortal at dawn, looses its petals at sunset procelle il porto. tempestuous seas, I yearn for the port.
all'occaso del dì; e disperse le pompe and discovers its own frailty, leaving only Voi del ciel spirti amorosi dal suo freno You who are amorous spirits, untie this
del crine fa di spine all'estinta vaghezza the thorns on the stem. l'alma sciogliete che già mira i suoi soul that aspires to your realm, from its
il feretro, sia specchio un fiore a una
riposi nelle sfere, che volgete. body.
beltà di vetro.
Quel ruscello, che rubello sua cuna In the same way, the river that overflows
sprezzò sommergendo del prato i tesori, and floods the treasure of the fields, soon Flavio Flavio
tosto manca ch'in seno di Dori la dries up, only to reveal a sad little puddle.
Amore ove mi guidi, e in qual di ciechi Love, where are you taking me, into what
superbia dell'onde domò: e se lascia tra orrori impuro laberinto, per vagheggiar impure labyrinth of unseen horrors, to wan-
spiaggie tranquille poche stille, vivo un sol Flavio s'aggira? der and yearn for the one I adore?
raggio di sole l'adugge, sia specchio un
rivo a una beltà che fugge.

12 17
Flavio Flavio Flavio Flavio
La Fama. Fame, Mortal non è chi nel bel guardo avviva He who restores the splendour and eternity
S. Agnese Agnes cifre d'eternità gl'astri del polo: Flavio of the stars, cannot be mortal. I love you
sol per te langue e brama solo meta del and desire your stable faithfulness. I can
E' mendace. it is mendacious. suo penar tua stabil fede, onde a me si only aspire to either the chill of death, or to
Flavio Flavio prescriva, o il gel di morte o d'Imeneo le the joy of matrimony.
Tede. Agnes
Lo Sposo. The husband,
S. Agnese If the most candid flower of chaste honesty
S. Agnese Agnes
Se il più candido fiore di pudica onestà and innocent seed I offer as a token of love,
È il mio Dio. is my God.
germe innocente al sovrano motore offr'io of my burning faith to the Sovereign
Flavio Flavio pegno d'amor mia fede ardente come, Mover, how can I then take it back and
O folle desio, d'un alma crudel, e come O foolish desire of a cruel soul, and how come poss'io per darlo ad huomo fral give it to mortal man?
non sente a tanti sospiri favilla d'amore this heart of ice doesn’t feel the sparks of ritorlo a Dio? Aspasio
un core di gel. love in my sighs. Aspasio With joyous voices, you are invited to live
S. Agnese Agnes Con voci di contenti amor t'invita alle in grandeur and yet the rays of your lost
Vaneggi, deliri. You are raving and delirious, grandezze al soglio, e pur l'alma smarrita soul eclipse in the serenity of your face. No
del tuo ciglio sereno ecclissa i rai, o ciel one has ever seen a great pilot who has sur-
S. Agnese / Flavio Agnes/Flavio chi vide mai nocchier, che il fiero vived the tempestuous wind, die in the
a tanti sospiri, for many longings, orgoglio vinse d'ogn'austro infido, shallow waters near the shore.
S. Agnese Agnes valicati gl'Egei perir nel lido.
no, no che non sente favilla d'amore il no, this heart of ice doesn’t feel the sparks S. Agnese Agnes
core di gel. of love; Nuda balza che in seno nasconde miniere A simple trimmed flounce which hides
Flavio Flavio profonde paga sol dell'interna ricchezza, i deep mines in the breast, treats with only
freggi disprezza dell'erbe dei fior, così interior riches. The ornaments disdained by
e come non sente favilla d'amore un core and how this heart of ice doesn’t feel the serti fugaci al crin non chiede chi
di gel. sparks of love. the flowers of the grass, as fleeting wed-
nell'alma racchiude oro di fede. ding garlands on the head, never ask who
S. Agnese Agnes might hold in their soul, gold of faith.
O saggio desio, d'un alma fedel. O wise desire for a faithful soul. Prefetto Prefect
Flavio Flavio Già che sdegna il tuo petto di fortuna e Vanish from my sight and Vesta’s, you
O folle desio, d'un alma crudel. I numi, O foolish desire for a cruel soul. The gods, d'amor le faci e gl'ostri involati al mio who disdain the purple glamour, fortune
S. Agnese Agnes aspetto e di vesta nei chiostri tra and love. Fly to the cloisters and journey in
volontari affanni traggi vedovi i dì, sterili life with voluntary troubles as a widow all
che sono, what are they, gli anni. your days, and sterile all your years.
Flavio Flavio
gli scherni, derision,

16 13
S. Agnese
Agnes Flavio Flavio
Per dar freggi innocenti col virginal mio
giglio all'alma ai sensi fia chiostro il sen In order to give to the soul innocent deco- Così del suo cordoglio sarà dura cagione This hardened heart will be the hard cause
pudico; ai marmi algenti arda culto rations with my virginal lily, may my un cor di scoglio. for its own pain.
chaste breast be the cloisters for the senses; Di tua fè delirante con più saggio desio With a wiser desire, correct the error of
infedel profani incensi.
and the unfaithful worship burns with pa- l'error correggi. Mira delle tue leggi già your delirious faith. Consider your laws
gan incense to the cold marbles. reso il Tebro adorator costante. and see the Tiber in constant adoration.
Flavio Flavio Nel tuo volto bandito il rigore splenda un Banished in your face, is the rigour, and
Adoro i marmi è vero, che insegna It is true, I worship marble statues because raggio d'amica pietà che d'un sole shines a ray of friendly pity as my heart is
all'alma al tuo volere ancella i freddi Love teaches my soul to adore the marble, all'amato splendore nova clitia il mio transformed into a new sunflower.
marmi idolatrare amore, se nel tuo seno since in your breast, o beautiful urn of my core sarà.
o bella urna della mia speme un marmo è On the dawn of sweet hope, all fear disap-
hope, your heart is of marble and tomb of
il core. Agl'albori di dolce speranza dal mio seno pears from my breast, and triumphs an un-
my hope. sparisca il timor, e trionfi un invitta defeated rigid heart with constancy of
Prefetto Prefect costanza dell'asprezza, di rigido cor. harshness.
Un delirio inevitabile destar deve entro An unavoidable delirium, for the sleeping S. Agnese Agnes
al mio core la sopita crudeltà, alimenti cruelty must be aroused in my heart, to
ira implacabile, l'arco impugni di fiero Del Tebro apprendo al mormorar fugace, I hear a fleeting murmur from the Tiber;
feed this implacable ire and grasp the bow
rigore nel mio petto schernita pietà. che ciò che alletta e piace qual'onda that all that charms and pleases flees on the
with proud rigour. Within my breast, pity is fugge, e che l'human desio pace non ha, waves and that human desire has no peace
a mockery. se non la cerca in Dio. if not sought in God.
Una fiamma inestinguibile con la vita, An inextinguishable flame, with the life of
Flavio Flavio
con la vita d'un infida strugga ancora a treacherous girl, still consumed with im-
un'empia fé, soffrirà scempio insoffribile pious faith. For she who has made herself a Udisti a qual oltraggio se stessa esponga Did you not hear the cruelty which awaits
nel rigore di pena homicida chi del cielo rebel of heaven, will suffer insufferable il tuo voler si crudo. you?
ribelle si fe’. ruin in the rigour of penal homicide. S. Agnese Agnes
D'inerme purità la croce è scudo. The cross is the shield of my unarmed pu-
Chi spettatrice Roma non curò de suoi Those who have never cared for Rome’s rity.
fasti tra impure frine entro lascive soglie Fasti or her glories, become a spectacle for Flavio
esposta all'altrui voglie spettacolo Rome and the entire world as they are ex-
La Gloria. The glory,
divenga a Roma, al mondo. Folle, se posed to the desires of others. Mad are you,
disprezzasti non che prospera sorte i if you despise not only a prosperous des- S. Agnese Agnes
numi istessi; il tuo seno pudico, ben tosto tiny, but the gods themselves. Your chaste is fleeting.
breast soon will become a filthy theatre and E' fugace.
diverrà teatro immondo, e nell'inculta
in your coarse, long hair, the dark cy- Flavio Flavio
chioma succederanno ai mirti atri
cipressi. presses will succeed to the myrtle. La Madre The mother,
S. Agnese Agnes
L'oblio. I will forget her.

14 15