Week 4 5

Week 4: (with a little of 3) We were able to go to a refugee camp for a day and hand out a lot of fresh food, play with kids, and have a dinner with a family. We played with the kids for a few hours and then had a program with songs, story of David in the lions den, and painting. Starbucks street evangelism on Thursday night went really well, we got to talk to a lot of different people about God and love on them. Many of us focused on encouraging people creates natural conversation and something in common. away cinnamon rolls. and gave them notes or pictures. We really like to sing for people on the streets because it One friday night, we went to the party district and played music, hung out, and gave Street art on Saturday, we split into two groups, Monica had a group painting a big shoppers, Sadie had a group making a yarn and frame sculpture in a park. streets and we got to hang out with them for hours. Sunday we hopped on a train to Budapest.

We had many two hour conversations with many different people.

diamond in a busy shopping district and got to interact and hangout with some Saturday We had a concert at Ali's Tea House, some people came that we had invited off the



Week 5:

The first week in Budapest... We are staying in the city at a YWAM house and helping in there ministries, many of there staff is gone so they have many needs that

we are happy to fill. We are helping with English club, where we speak English with Hungarian students, we try to build a friendship with them at the club and invite them to hang out later. Coffee House is another ministry we are helping with. On Friday nights, there is coffee at the make friends with. Last week Alida, Sadie, Justen, and Silvia provided

YWAM building with live music a place where youth come and we try to the music and it was super fun! We are doing street evangelism and we have been able to talk to many broken people. Sandwich runs are a fun way to show our love, we make lunch packs and pass them out to homeless people, we also are working in a refugee camp and a school.

God has reminded people of the passage: times for us, so you could pray this verse over our team.


Good connections with the Hungarian youth we are meeting on the streets, in English club, and at Coffee House. Good communication with the team and contacts. Our love would shine through language barriers. Health and energy in our team.

Isaiah 61 multiple

Inspiration and creative ideas for when we get to be with kids.

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