PCC Foundation Grow a Future Campaign Overview

Campaign Goal The goal of the PCC Foundation’s “Grow a Future” campaign was to inspire PCC’s faculty, staff and retirees to give money for student scholarships and program support in 2009-10. Strategies  and  Components The  theme  of  this  campaign  was  conceived  to  inspire   PCC  faculty,  staff  and  retirees  to  “grow  a  future”  by   making  a  gift  to  the  PCC  Foundation.   Both  the  theme  and  execution  tie  in  with  the  college’s   commitment  to  sustainability  and  good  stewardship.   The  brochure  was  printed  in  one  color  –  making  it   more  economical,  and  the  French  paper  used  is  100   percent  recycled  containing  30  percent  post  consumer   waste.  It  was  produced  with  100  percent  green  power. Also  included  in  the  seed-­‐packet-­‐style  brochure  was  a   slip  of  real  seed  paper,  which  donors  could  actually   plant.  This  interactive  aspect  of  the  brochure  was   meant  to  reJlect  the  connectivity  between  faculty,  staff   and  retirees  and  the  students  they  are  helping  with   their  donations.   This  connection  was  further  reinforced  by  on-­‐campus   scholarship  receptions  hosted  by  the  PCC  Foundation.   For  the  Jirst  time  ever,  PCC  employees  were  formally   invited  to  meet  the  students  whose  scholarships  they   are  supporting.

Summary  of  Campaign  Results As  a  result  of  the  2009-­‐10  Faculty,  Staff,  Retiree  “Grow   a  Future”  Campaign,  the  PCC  Foundation  raised   $226,000  from  769  donors.  Thirty-­‐six  percent  of  PCC   employees  contributed  to  the  campaign,  including  153   new  donors.  These  new  donors  were  an  integral  part   of  reaching  the  James  F.  and  Marion  L.  Miller   Foundation  challenge,  which  matched  $320,000  in  new   and  increased  scholarship  donations.

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