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Pamulu, Muhammad Sapri
Perumahan Bukitgolf Riverside Cibubur, Arcadia 2 Blok B-02/20, Cimanggis, Depok 16956 (021) 84302990 (AH) Mobile: +62-82-111-654-898 Indonesia 20/4/1968 Male

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In Built Environment (Project Management) & Business (Strategic Management)

Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia Doctor of Philosophy (Project Management) 17 December 2010 Victoria University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia Master of Engineering (Project Management) 31 October 2003 Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Indonesia Honours – Bachelor of Eng. (Construction Management) 17 Apri1996

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Page 1 - Curriculum vitae of Pamulu Muhammad Sapri

For more information go to © European Communities, 2003

Journal of Civil Engineering..Curriculum vitae of Pamulu Muhammad Sapri For more information go to http://europass. Melbourne. Micro-foundations of sustainable competitive advantage: A study of Construction Enterprises (Under © European Communities. Volume 12 No. An Evaluation of Quality Management System of Construction Contractors. 2005-2008 Business R&D Manager.. & Betts. Indonesia (2005 – 2006) • Full time Lecturer for Undergraduate Program of Civil Engineering. Queensland University of Technology.cedefop. Kajewski. 2010 Professional Experiences Teaching/Learning Experiences • Tutor for ENB – 472 for Undergraduate program of BEE. 2003 . Putra Group Jakarta. Putra Group Jakarta.3. Victoria University Melbourne. Pp. to be published 2011) • Pamulu. 05/2004 • Best Graduates of Eng.210. Project Management Engineer. 2006-2010.. Jakarta. Queensland University of Technology.. Australia (2007) • Part time Lecturer for Postgraduate Program of Project QUT Eprints. 2003 • Major Projects Award. & Corporate Planning. Victoria University Melbourne. Melbourne. 2011 (now) Board of Advisor. Victoria University. & Husni. • QUT-BEE PhD Scholarships. 2011 (now) Board of Director. July 2005. The University of Indonesia. Jakarta. Muhammad Sapri.Awards • Best Student of Master Eng. Victoria University. 2004 – 2005. PT. 1998 . Stephen L. Makassar. ISSN 0853-2982 Page 2 . Muhammad Sapri. to be published 2011) • Pamulu. 2010.2001 Industrial Experiences Selected Publications Journals • Pamulu. Brisbane. Indonesia (20032004) Business Dev. Hasanuddin University. Melbourne. Stephen L. & Betts. 2003 • ADB-TPSDP Master Scholarships.Strategic Management practices in the Construction Industry: A Dynamic capabilities approach (Under review. Martin (2010). Brisbane. Queensland University of Technology... Muhammad Salsabil (2005). Brisbane. 2003 • CNR Consultant Award. 12/2004 • Multiplex Construction Award. 2002-2003. 2010. Muhammad Sapri. Kajewski.201 . Wiratman & Associates. Martin (2010). Bandung Institute of Technology. Australia (2007) • Tutor for BEB-100 for Undergraduate program of BEE. Victoria University. INCO Ltd. Putra Group Jakarta. Australia (2010) • Sessional Lecturer CNP553 for Postgraduate program. • Top 50 Author/Papers..

Muhammad Sapri and Kajewski. and Book Chapters • • Pamulu. Muhammad Sapri and Kajewski.. and Pribadi. Westin Harbour Castle Hotel. 2004 CIB World Building Congress. 02 – 07 May 2004. Muhammad and Marzuki. Stephen L. and Betts. and Wirahadikusumah. Brisbane. Queensland University of Technology. Canada. Martin (2008) Financial ratio analysis of Indonesian construction firms. In: The First International Postgraduate Conference on Engineering. Puti Farida and Fatima. Sapri. Reini D. Ontario. Brisbane. 2003 . Martin (2011) Sustainable Growth Analysis of Indonesian construction enterprises. 73-74). ISBN: NR24-1/2004E 0-662-36716-2 Pamulu. and Tamin. Stephen L. K. In Khosrowpour. : Idea Group Publishing Page 3 . Thailand. November 17-19. In: Abduh. Pa. 603-606). 26 March 2009. Indonesia: ITB Press Bhuta. Krishna S. Mehdi (Ed. Bandung. International Symposium on GLOBALIZATION AND CONSTRUCTION. ISBN: 9748208-56-7 • Managing IT in Construction: A Comparative study of Multinational and National Firms in Indonesia. (Eds.cedefop. In: Infrastructure Research Theme Postgraduate Student Conference 2009. In: Fourth International Conference on Global Research in Business & Economics. Designing and Developing the Built Environment for Sustainable Wellbeing (eddBE2011). Biemo W.Conferences • • Betts. Thailand. Muhammad Sapri. • Pamulu.Pamulu. Hershey. 07 Februari 2011. Ima and Pradoto.) Managing modern organizations with information technology (pp. CIB 2004 Working Commission W107 Construction in Developing Stephen L. Queensland University of Technology. Rani G. Martin (2007) Management of information technology in Indonesian construction © European Communities. and Betts.. Management & Engineering (pp. Shah. 2008. Bangkok. • Pamulu. and Soemardi. & Bhuta. Samir. (2005) Strategic Management of IT in the Construction Industry. Stephen L. (2004) Strategic Management of IT in Indonesian Construction Industry.Curriculum vitae of Pamulu Muhammad Sapri For more information go to http://europass. Martin (2009) Financial management effectiveness of Indonesia's construction state-owned enterprises. Muhammad Sapri and Kajewski. M. and Betts. Bangkok. Muhammad Sapri and Kajewski. & pamulu.) Construction: Industry. Chandra. Chandra. 2004. Toronto. December 27-30. Rizal Z.

com. Australia. July 2010. in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Master of Engineering in Project Management at Victoria University of Technology. Supervisors: Stephen Kajewski & Martin Betts • Thesis: Strategic Use of IT in Indonesian Construction Referee 2 Bambang Trigunarsyah.cedefop. 2003 . Australia o Phone +61 7 3138 2676 o Fax +61 7 3138 1170 o Mobile +61 418 871 702 o Email : s.D. PMP. in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at Queensland University of Technology. June 2003. Muhammad Ismail & Madjid Akkas Referees Referee 1 • Stephen Kajewski.Bhuta@vu. Submitted to School of Civil Engineering. Queensland University of Technology. Submitted to School of Built Environment (ACME). o Professor. Makassar.Curriculum vitae of Pamulu Muhammad Sapri For more information go to • Chandra Bhuta. Victoria University of Referee 3 Referee 4 Page 4 .kajewski@qut.trigunarsyah@qut. April 1996. Australia o Phone +61 3 9866 6866 – 9919 4714 o Fax +61 3 9866 6262 – 9919 4139 o Mobile +61 419 836 144 o Email : © European Communities. Putra Group. Jakarta Indonesia o Phone +62 21 7817233 o Fax +62 21 7817235 o Mobile +62 812 800 2425 o Email : fatah@putragroup.Theses • Thesis: Strategic Management Practices in the Construction Industry: A study of Indonesian Enterprises. Melbourne. Supervisors: Mohammad Sahari Besari (ITB). Supervisors: Chandra Bhuta & Jeff Truyen • Dissertation: Construction & Design Analysis of Canonical Concrete Shell.. o Associate Professor. Brisbane. Project Management Course. Brisbane. o AssociateProfessor. Program Australia. / Chandra@suptec. Ph. Project Management Course. To be submitted to School of Urban Development. • Fatah Mokoginta o Director. Australia o Phone +61 7 3138 8303 o Fax +61 7 3138 1170 o Mobile +61 415 364 389 o Email : bambang. Brisbane. in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Honours of Engineering in Construction Management at Hasanuddin University. Director. QUT Project Management Academy. Queensland University of Technology. PhD.

com/in/mansurm June 16.Strong combination between practice & theoretical background. He is a smart lecturer. The most unforgettable session when he had explained about how Australia Government composing legal issue of carbon emission of building.... starting with civil & project management background.linkedin... he has a strategic view & vision meanwhile acting locally for an execution .linkedin. 2010 Mansur Muhammad Project Control at Thiess Additional Information Page 5 .. 2008 Emilio Bisanto HR Senior Coordinator at MBCentury Drilling “Sapri was a PhD student under my supervision. He was a good and smart lecturer.” Recommendation is available at http://au..cedefop.attention to details doesn't make him loose the strategic of helicopter April 18. I believe he would make a lot of positive changes for our community & better living.. . and his conduct always professional.” Recommendation is available at http://id. of high quality and appropriately focussed.Curriculum vitae of Pamulu Muhammad Sapri For more information go to “He was one of the best mentor i've ever had. I learnt a lot from “ 2008 Putu Riska Business Consultant at PT SCS Astragraphia Technologies “Mr. 2010 Sanad Albatal Student at Queensland University of Technology July 14. As his student.” Recommendation is available at http://au. 2010 Stephen Kajewski Professor at Queensland University of Technology August 7. I've obtained a lot of information from him that improved my way of thinking. He is a good researcher and strongly self-directed.linkedin.well done. helps him a lot to face things in such predictable ways. His work was.Recommendations Available at “I had Sapri as my tutor at QUT.linkedin. He had known global strategic issue and technology about project financing.linkedin. at all times. 2008 Recommendation is available at in/sapri September 15. He's a figure thirst for knowledge and become my inspiration in reaching goal.” Recommendation is available at http://id.” July © European Communities. Sapri Pamulu had lectured me for subject Strategic Technology Management. also his close relationship with academic surroundings & networking .. 2003 . Sapri was the lecturer for my final assignment when i was in college (Civil Department University of Indonesia). © European Communities. 2003 . 12 – 20 July 1999 List of Student Theses Supervised Postgraduate Students The University of Indonesia Jakarta Student Name: Akhsari T.ui.jsp?id=98621 http://www.Curriculum vitae of Pamulu Muhammad Sapri For more information go to http://europass.lib. Higher Education Directorate. investment on corporate performance of state owned firms • Year: 2005 Digital Thesis is available at http://www. 30 Ministry of National Education. 14 – 19 May 2001 • Teaching Improvement Workshop (TIW) Batch 10. Teaching & Learning Skills Training • Applied Approach (AA) for AdvanceTeaching Skills. – 18 November 2000 • Instructional Design & Techniques – Basic Teaching Skill (PEKERTI).id/opac/themes/ina/detail. Ministry of National TPSDP Batch-1.Affiliations Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) Indonesian Society of Project Management (IAMPI) American Society of Civil Engineer (ASCE) Teaching Grants Teaching Grant: Teaching Grant on subject of Engineering Economics. Lopa • Thesis: Causal relationships between project delivery system and firm’s performance • Year: 2005 Student Name: Syamsul A. Indonesia.ui. TPSDP Batch-1. Indonesia. Higher Education Directorate. Alwie • Thesis: Explatory study on construction disputes • Year: 2004 Student Name: Andi Maddeppungeng • Thesis: Impact of I.jsp?id=21984 Page 6 .2003. Ministry of National Indonesia. Teaching Grant on subject of Statistics for Civil Engineering. 2004.jsp?id=21947 http://www. Higher Education

• Year: 2006 Student Name: Putu Riska • Thesis: Job analysis on management information system (MIS) for construction division of Rekayasa Industri.eng. • Year: 2006 Digital Thesis is available at http://www.ui.eng.ui.Undergraduate Students The University of Indonesia Jakarta Student Name: Andria Fitra • Thesis: Benefits of electronic procurement implementation on construction firms • Year: 2006 Student Name: Gunadi Sinatrio • Thesis: Enginer’s roles on planning of precast concrete production of WIKA Ltd.Curriculum vitae of Pamulu Muhammad Sapri For more information go to http://europass.jsp?id=30386 http://www. 2003 .lib.jsp?id=30410 Page 7 .jsp?id=45278 © European

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