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Schedule | MeeGo Conference Dublin November 15-17 2010 http://conference2010.meego.


Note: Sessions sometimes need to be moved or changed due to unforeseen events, so be sure to check back just before the
conference on Nov. 15 for the final schedule.

Day 1 - November 15th, 2010

1. President's 2. President's 3. Havelock 5. Vavasour
Time 4. 1872 Suite
Terrace Suite Suite Suite

9:00AM -

Live Streaming

9:15AM - Strategic
9:45AM Freedom with
Doug Fisher

Live Streaming

9:45AM - MeeGo
10:15AM Momentum and
the Qt App
Alberto Torres

10:15AM - Break

Live Streaming

10:45AM - How to Speed

11:15AM Time to Market
for Embedded
Dominique Le Foll

Live Streaming

Q&A with the

11:15AM - MeeGo Technical
12:00PM Steering Group
Imad Sousou
Jim Zemlin

12:00PM - Lunch: sponsored by Novell


Live Streaming Porting to the TI Dive into Qt Roadmap MeeGo

OMAP™ 4 Banshee: The update Infrastructure
1:00PM -
Platform MeeGo Netbook
1:40PM Thiago Macieira Stefano Mosconi
State of the Media Player
Chris Pearson Michael Shaver

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Schedule | MeeGo Conference Dublin November 15-17 2010

Dawn Foster Aaron Bockover AdamGretzinger

Tero Kojo
Niels Breet

Live Streaming Working Who. What. MeeGo on Tools to support

Together for When. Where! Beagleboard MeeGo end-user
World-Ready Building location testing
Master of Gizmo
MeeGo TV: MeeGo: aware social
1:45PM - Timo Härkönen
delivering Developers and applications in
2:25PM Ville Ilvonen
breakthrough Translators MeeGo
Internet TV
margie Rob Bradford
Auke Kok
Dominique Le Foll

2:25PM - Break

Live Streaming MeeGo IVI Automating Creating a first Sensor

Working Group - Business choice open Framework
In-Vehicle Processes for source mobile Walkthrough
Rapid App Infotainment for MeeGo product platform:
2:45PM - Timo Rongas
Development Connected makers using Learning from
3:25PM Antti Virtanen
with Qt Quick Mobility BOSS mistakes of the
Henrik Hartz past and beyond.
Rudolf Streif InformatiQ
David Greaves Sivan Greenberg

Live Streaming MeeGo The Business Using MeeGo as MeeGo Touch

Architecture – Opportunity for Enterprise Input Method
Short history, MeeGo in Vertical Desktop Frameworks
Qt C++ and QML present and way Markets
3:30PM - Yan Li mdamt
code forward John Lehmann Kimmo Surakka
4:10PM co-operation
Sakari Poussa
Dariusz Wiechecki Arjan Van De Ven
Sunil Saxena
Mikko Ylinen

4:10PM - Break

Live Streaming MeeGo Design Gestures in Qt App Compatibility MeeGo Media

Tools and and the MeeGo Solution
Frederik Gladhorn
Techniques Compliance optimization for
MeeGo Program Atom
4:30PM - Hannah Scurfield
5:10PM Victor Szilagyi Mark Skarpness Halley
with Python: Qt,
Mobility, and

Live Streaming BoF BoF BoF

Getting Started BOF: IVI Error
with the MeeGo Nathan Willis management
BoF SDK tools and
Open processes: The
5:15PM - Bob Spencer
Architecture "Wu Wei" way?
5:55PM Process in MeeGo
Sakari Poussa Stephen Jayna
Arjan Van De Ven
Sunil Saxena
Mikko Ylinen

6:00PM - Evening Reception at Aviva


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Schedule | MeeGo Conference Dublin November 15-17 2010

Day 2 - November 16th, 2010

1. President's 2. President's 3. Havelock 5. Vavasour
Time 4. 1872 Suite
Terrace Suite Suite Suite

Live Streaming MeeGo Marketing Introduction to The Meego The Road to

Brief the Qt Mobility networking Telepathy 1.0
Quim Gil Project APIs architecture Will Thompson
Jeff Tranter Samuel Ortiz
9:00AM - Developer
9:40AM Ecosystem: the
current status
and the
challenges ahead

Live Streaming Prototyping Policy Multi-touch Developing

MeeGo UI - a Framework: a MeeGo: from the communication
designer's flexible way to hardware to the protocol
Community perspective orchestrate user implementations
9:45AM -
Anti-Patterns multiple in Telepathy
10:25AM Miles Rochford James
Dave Neary functionalities on Mikhail Zabaluev
MeeGo devices
Marco Ballesio

10:25AM - Break

Live Streaming Developing Qt OpenGL Designing apps Contributing to

Applications on Acceleration in for Mobile Qt. It's not all
MeeGo Touch MeeGo Simulator devices about code.
MeeGo on N900; with Style and Emulator
Srinivasa Ragavan Alexandra Leisse
10:45AM - The past, present
Torsten Rahn Haitao Feng
11:25AM and future
Zhiyuan Lv
Harri Hakulinen Spyro
Carsten Munk /
Marko Saukko / Sage

Live Streaming Application ST-Ericsson Rolling your first Pushing MeeGo

Design Survival U8500 Linaro and package in the internationalizati
Guide for MeeGo openSUSE Build on upstream
Role Reversal: Programmers Service
11:30AM - Andrea Gallo Michał Sawicz
Mobile Device
12:10PM Andrew "wazd" Pavol Rusnak
Open Platforms

12:10PM - Lunch

Live Streaming Avoiding MeeGo Security: Power An Inside Look

Common Mobile What is it and Consumption into the MeeGo
Application why do we care? Community
Jan Slupski
Development Pitfalls Metrics
Ryan Ware Tomasz Hliwiak
1:00PM - process for 3rd
Tony Newpower Bronislav Kantor Dawn Foster
1:40PM Party MeeGo
Narayana Pattipati

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Schedule | MeeGo Conference Dublin November 15-17 2010

Live Streaming Hybrid Mobile Simplified MeeGo Handset Tune disk io to

Qt/WebKit Security User Experience speed up MeeGo
applications: Framework Home Screen boot
1:45PM - MeeGo Pushing the Overview
Tuomas Järvensivu shaohua li
2:25PM community OBS Limits of Web Elena Reshetova Mikko Levonmaa
and repositories Development
Casey Schaufler
Niels Breet Noam Rosenthal
David Greaves

2:25PM - Break

Live Streaming WebRuntime MeeGo system Organise your life Metasys MeeGo:
Architecture integration to with the Calendar Intel-powered
hardware in MeeGo classmate PC for
Laszlo Gombos
MeeGo Education
Jouni Roivas Alvaro Manera
2:45PM - Community
Andrey Moiseenko Leonardo da Mata
3:25PM application
end-to-end story
Tero Kojo
Bob Spencer

Live Streaming Build Amazing The ZYpp Porting existing MeeGo Quality
Mobile Apps software software to Approach
using HTML5, management MeeGo
MeeGo and OBS: CSS3 and stack
3:30PM - Thomas Thurman V-PV
Current state and JavaScript
4:10PM Jano Kupec
Anas Nashif

4:10PM - Break

Live Streaming Things you The cost of Writing The MeeGo

always wanted to security, a applications for Context
know about developers view. multiple MeeGo framework under
4:30PM - MeeGo Handset creating an open devices the microscope
Brian McGillion
5:10PM UX Roadmap source
Juhani Mäkelä Eduardo Fleury Rob Taylor
Sami Pienimäki conference
Caio Oliveira
Dirk Hohndel

Live Streaming BoF BoF BoF BoF

Getting Started MeeGo Security BoF: Developing BOF Session:
with the MeeGo Breakout Session a MeeGo interface Open
BoF SDK for your desktop Collaboration
Ryan Ware
BoF: Towards the app Services
Bob Spencer
best Qt
5:15PM - Bart Cerneels FrankKarlitschek
experience on
5:55PM MoRpHeUz
Torsten Rahn
Thiago Macieira Marco Martin
Alexis Menard
Lydia Pintscher
Bernhard Reiter

Live Streaming BoF BoF BoF BoF

Backup/restore BoF - Core OS MeeGo Libmeegotouch
for MeeGo Program Everywhere: (MeeGo Touch
6:00PM - BoF Designing for Framework): an
Otso Virtanen Makoto Sugano
6:40PM BoF - MeeGo wildly varying application from
Sateesh Kavuri
Infrastructure devices the scratch
Stefano Mosconi Victor Szilagyi Adrian Yanes

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Schedule | MeeGo Conference Dublin November 15-17 2010

Michael Shaver Hannah Scurfield matusz

Tero Kojo
Niels Breet

7:00PM - Guinness Storehouse Coaches Pickup Outside Aviva


Day 3 - November 17th, 2010

1. President's 2. President's 3. Havelock 5. Vavasour
Time 4. 1872 Suite
Terrace Suite Suite Suite

9:00AM - Atrium: Welcome - What is an unconference and how do I participate?


9:15AM - Atrium: Schedule board open - people post sessions on the grid.

9:45AM - Atrium: Schedule board adjustments (combine duplicates, adjust rooms, etc.)

BoF Lightning Talks unconference sessions

Handling bug Part 1
10:00AM - reports in
Andre Klapper

BoF unconference sessions

11:00AM - BoF: MeeGo ARM
11:45AM Carsten Munk /

BoF unconference sessions

session on
12:00PM - packaging
12:45PM techniques,
and cross-
Jan-Simon Möller

12:45PM - Lunch and Networking


BoF unconference sessions

Brainstorming for
Improved User
1:45PM - Engagement
2:30PM Randall Arnold
Dan Leinir Turthra
Timo Härkönen

BoF Lightning Talks unconference sessions

2:45PM -
Getting Started Part 2

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Schedule | MeeGo Conference Dublin November 15-17 2010

with the MeeGo

Bob Spencer

3:30PM - We need to be out of Aviva no later than 16:00.


6:30PM - Ireland / Norway Football Game at Aviva


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