MARCH 2011

Newsletter of the JPKU Toastmasters Club, New Delhi Vol. 5, Issue 3; March 2011

Club No. 858173 Division C, District 82

The Editor‟s Note
Staying in Delhi we all know the importance of the spring season. This month, just like the spring, we have a lot of interesting things in store for you. We have Articles from International Speech Contestants of our club, take of a teacher about importance of communication and regular feature theme articles. Apart from many interesting articles, we have three ―Know thy toastmaster‖ – two from new members and one from a reinstated toastmaster. Also we have our very own ―Hyde park‖ section. Hope you have a spring time reading this month‘s newsletter Nitya Ranjan Vice President Public Relations JPKU Toastmasters Club

Mission of Toastmasters
To provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every individual member has the opportunity to develop oral communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence

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March 2011

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Unleash Your Potential
“The Expert Way to fine tune your speech”

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- Deepak Menon

Club DCP Report Important Announcements

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“The War of Words “

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- Sumit Dora

Best Of The Month
“Find out our star performers week by week”

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Training Ground
“A training without guns and grenades”

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- Akhil Sood

JPKU Through Camera

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“Area & Division Level Contests, Nitya’s Birthday, Dinner Party, ”

Speaking to Connect
“Confessions from a teacher’s mind”

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- Sangeeta Malik

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The Day I Reached The Stars

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“The division conference through a contestant’s eye” - Sanchit Aggarwal

“Thoughts of members over 300th Meeting Celebrations”

My Story
“The journey of purpose and appreciation”

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- Sumit Dora

Meeting Theme Articles

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“Another chance to express the thoughts” - Akhil Sood, Rahul Soni, Goonjan Mall

Know thy toastmasters

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“Let’s get close and personal with our new members of the club” - Rahul Mittal, Nripen Mishra, Goonjan Mall

What is Toastmasters

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches communication and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. The organization currently has more than 260,000 members in over 12,500 clubs in 113 countries. Since its founding in October 1924, by Ralph C. Smedley in Santa Ana, California, the organization has helped more than 4 million men and women lead and communicate with poise and confidence. Today, organizations around the world recognize the value of incorporating Toastmasters training to help employees improve their communication and leadership skills.
Features “We Have ...” Benefits “It Will ...”

March 2011

Features/Benefit/Value Chart
Value “Which Means ...” Better teamwork Improved morale Increased productivity Self confidence Career advancement Skills learned are used and retained Improved management and increased productivity

Workshop-based communication skills Improved communication training skills Company-sponsored training program Weekly meetings Opportunity for leadership roles Low cost/very economical Overcome anxiety and fear of public speaking Reinforce lessons learned continually Improved leadership skills

Toastmasters Facts
No of Toastmasters Club: 12,500+ Worldwide Membership: 2,60,000+ Women Members: 130,000 (52%) Members with College Degree: 205,000 (82%) Industries in which Toastmasters are employed:  50,000 (20%) Sales, Consulting, Self Employed  45,000 (18%) Management  37,500 (15%) Government  37,500 (15%) Finance & Insurance  30,000 (12%) Education

Welcome everyone to benefit Great return on investment from the program Mutually supportive training environ- Enhances teamwork and mo- Decreased turnover and imment rale proved customer service Prepared speeches Train employees/person how Effective meetings and better to structure presentations for communication with customers maximum effectiveness Teaches how to think fast and react to crises Improves ability to coach and help teammates Enhance your job satisfaction and career Improve enjoyment of your job Enhanced confidence and poise under pressure Smoother team functioning better performance Employee retention Career enhancement People who enjoy themselves will perform better

Table Topics Critical evaluations A key benefit for all employees Meetings are kept lively and fun

Opportunity to meet fellow employees Enhance diversity and team- Improved productivity from other areas of the company/People work Less absenteeism from other professions Work at your own pace Adapt with flexibility to em- No disruption or loss of producployee/company schedule tivity Increased productivity and morale Better teamwork, morale and productivity Reduced ―churn‖ and better managers

About JPKU Toastmasters Club
JPKU Toastmasters Club is one of the leading community toastmasters club in New Delhi, India. It was established on 2nd December 2005. It is located in Safderjung Development Area. We hold meetings every Saturday at 12:30PM. Drop in to know more.

Training on how to properly conduct a Improve quality and results meeting of meetings Assist employees to learn by Active participation in the training doing with help from fellow club members Directly improve leadership Leadership development programs skills

Communicate and Lead

The # 1 fear in the world is not dying, but public speaking. Yes, more people are afraid of being asked to speak in public, than they are of death. Yet, it remains the biggest irony of life as in today‘s globalized world, communication has become a basic necessity for survival. One has no choice but to master this skill, if one has to survive and thrive. Whatever the industry, profession, role or level, a person has to have at least a basic level of speaking abilities. All work today is team-work. And teams become effective when the members communicate. Surveys reveal that just about 25% of our students are employable. And the basic employability skill is the ability to effectively communicate in the language of choice. In short, people who communicate effectively, get ahead in life. Dear Members, membership in Toastmasters is never static, members keep on moving for various reasons be it personal or professional. Most of you are new, who have been with the club for less than a year. At present we have about 30 clubs in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Let me take you about 11 years back when we had only 1 club i.e. Toastmasters Club of New Delhi. Some of its members thought of helping others by branching out and that is how we got our JPKU club. After Fantastic February and Marvelous March, April began on astounding note. India is the well deserving winner of Cricket World Cup and our enthusiastic members have not left any stone unturned to write some unforgettable stories in Area and Divison Contests. JPKU Contestants managed a clean sweep in Area C2 International Speech Contest held on 13th March 2011. Sanchit Aggarwal and Akhil Sood secured first and second position in Area C2 International Speech Contest. Nitya Ranjan emerged as winner in Area C2 Table Topics Contest.

March 2011

Carrying on with the success at Area Contest, JPKU winners contested in the fierce battle of Titans at Divison C contest held on 03rd April 2011 in Fortune Institute of International Business. Sanchit Aggarwal emerged as the Second Runners Up in International Speech Contest. On the other hand, Nitya conquered the Divison Table Topics Contest and made JPKU Toastmasters proud. Wish her every success at Ovation 2011 to be held in Mysore from 12th to 15th May 2011. I urge all of you to be part of this gala event of combined District 82 to experience the best, to cheer for our club and testimony of bifurcation of District 82 into two separate Districts.

JPKU Toastmasters club inducted five new members in the month of February and One of those leaders who helped form our club indirectly helped us to develop effective March 2011 and is eligible of ―Talk Up Toastmasters Ribbon‖ from Toastmasters Internaoral communication. Let it not stop here, we should also spread the word around and en- tional. I am sure variety of profile of the club members will ensure quality interactions sure that we are able to touch one life, add one member to the club. during the meetings. Let‘s Communicate and Lead. Let‘s achieve greatness together. Happy Toastmastering! Vinay Jain Lieutenant Governor Marketing - District 82N But this is not enough, there is still more to be achieved and I on behalf of EC seek your constant feedback and support in the path ahead. Our 300th Meeting is nearing and I need your support in making it a grand success. Regards, Vikas Kumar President—JPKU Toastmasters Club


You have a speech to deliver at your Club in the next meeting. You have worked hard at selecting a speech topic, doing research for it and then, painstakingly, writing it out. You have discussed your speech with your mentor and your mentor advises you to rehearse your speech. Each time you rehearse, you miss some portion of your written speech and you have to refer to your notes to get the words just right. Finally, you feel you have rehearsed it often and are reasonably assured that you will remember the speech as you wrote it. The day of the speech dawns and the activity of butterflies in your stomach, multiplies. You feel queasy and somehow will yourself to go through the speech. After all, you are a Toastmaster! You arrive early for the meeting, run through the notes once again just to reassure yourself that you remember every word and every nuance of the speech. You are flooded with best wishes but at this time all you want is the meeting to get started and the Toastmaster to invite you to speak. Sure enough, it is your time to speak. After a glowing introduction by the Toastmaster, everyone is waiting with anticipation. You step up smartly (not that you feel very smart) and start speaking. You race through your speech, fearing that if you slow down, you just might forget. Mid way into the speech, horror strikes. A word that you wanted to use, which conveyed all that you felt needed to be communicated, suddenly eludes you. You fumble, you use a ‗filler‘ – but, despite all the practice, your brain just refuses to recall that crucial word. You somehow manage to move on and complete the speech but feel that the impact, as you had planned, is gone. Dejected, you step back to your seat. Your evaluator commends you for the structure of the speech, the meticulous research and vivid wordplay. She recommends more energy in the latter half of the speech and suggests that perhaps you could have rehearsed a little more. You wonder if any more rehearsing would have altered the outcome. We have all, at some time or the other, faced this situation while presenting our speeches. If not, stop reading beyond this point as this article is not for you! So, how can you overcome your reliance on the written word and learn to speak with confidence? The three steps described below worked for me. However, you may wish to experiment and explore other options before deciding which is best for you.

March 2011

DTM Deepak Menon is Immediate Past District 82 Governor and has been nominated as Region 13 Advisor for 2011 - 12 term. Professionally, Deepak is a Partner of J.P. Kapur & Uberai, Chartered Accountants firm in Safderjung Development Area.

The first step is to recognize that the written word is a leash around your neck. The moment you forget even one word, the leash stretches and threatens to choke you and prevents you from speaking further. The second step is to discard this leash. Do not write out your speech or at least not the whole speech. Just jot down the structure and the main points of your speech. Use a bulleted list for the sub-points, anecdotes, examples and statistics that support the main points. The third step is to rehearse your speech. Flesh out the points that you have jotted down using words that you feel comfortable with. These will be easy for you to speak and for the listener to understand. You must use a stopwatch while rehearsing to ensure that you finish your speech on time. Each time you rehearse, the speech will be a little different but each time it becomes a little better. Polish it until it is ready for the final take. Now that you have avoided writing your full speech, you can relax and be more spontaneous while presenting your speech. Your delivery will improve and you will never falter. You have freed yourself from a self-inflicted yoke. Remember that even if you forget some portion, only you know about it and not your audience. Do not fret about it and smoothly move on to the next point. You will feel more confident at the meeting and wish for more speech slots to develop your new found freedom!

Its now time to unleash your potential!


Sumit Dora is a commerce graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce. His first job was at NDTV his job, he completed two levels of CFA, USA and is currently working as a Knowledge Specialist with McKinsey & Company. As living beings we need to interact with ourselves and the environment around us. Thus the urge to connect internally and externally gave rise to different forms of communication. It includes everything from audible, visual and intuitive modes. In today‘s world with help of technology, we have been to broad base our communication to a larger audience, reduce delivery time and made it interactive. Communication has been the very basis of human progression. From the time a child is born to the time people forget about the dead soul, communication helps the being in various ways. Here are some The first and foremost is expressing emotions, through words and gestures. Later it takes complex forms such as art, craft, painting, music and dance. As we start expressing we begin to disseminate information and share ideas. Today thanks to social networking sites, we have been able to harness this ability and reach out to the world for reactions, comments and suggestions. Further as we continue to disseminate information, we build relationships that facilitate dialogues, a feeling of community belongingness. Communication in a relationship can take forms like intuition and mutual understanding. It doesn‘t matter what you say or do, ultimately its how you make a person feel leaves an impression and creates a bond between individuals. In India, you cannot do business if you do not have good relations (read contacts). So communication can help develop a community and also make money. The western world has primarily focused on external communication for heightened awareness, while eastern philosophy suggests that internal communication is the key to higher forms of consciousness. Internal communication includes how we deal with our thoughts and beliefs. Praying to God is part of internal communication to strengthen our beliefs and passing all the unprocessed information collected to the almighty. It‘s like if you don‘t have enough space on your laptop drive, you transfer it to server. as business reporter. All in all, communication in our day to day lives is the key to growth. Having said that, it is not easy to communicate the way we want or to the people we want. There could be a number of barriers that hamper our ability in this field. Let‘s take up the first one, people are often misunderstood because of choice of words, tone and expression. There is a quote – ―The meaning of the message is the response you get‖. Style of communication is a multi purpose tool. It can be used in a way that would put your audience to sleep (most of our professors are masters in this) or it could ignite fire in the hearts of people so as to die for a cause. Other set of barriers that prevent us from communicating effectively include language, cultures, gender and finally our own courage to speak up.

March 2011 Along side

Another aspect of communication is ‗debate‘ – in more formal terms and ‗argument‘ quoted informally. As Toastmasters we have all heard healthy debates and contests, but in our day to day lives, thanks to inflated egos, fifty percent of communication is argument. We just don‘t agree to another viewpoint. There is a funny story on communication between two greatest creations of God. The title is ‗The Silent Treatment‘. A man and his wife were having some problems at home and were giving each other the silent treatment. Suddenly, the man realized that the next day, he would need his wife to wake him at 5:00 AM for an early morning business flight. Not wanting to be the first to break the silence (and LOSE), he wrote on a piece of paper, 'Please wake me at 5:00 AM .' He left it where he knew she would find it. The next morning, the man woke up, only to discover it was 9:00 AM and he had missed his flight. Furious, he was about to go and see why his wife hadn't wakened him, when he noticed a piece of paper by the bed. The paper said, 'It is 5:00 AM . Wake up..' Its clear never challenge a woman in an argument, she can win it without speaking.


Years and years earlier, The moment I heard the word training and I could only think about guns and grenades. I had always associated it with the militants In Kashmir. Today, the dynamics of the changing world has reshuffled my thoughts as much that the militants don‘t even feature in my ideas, after listening the same word ―training‖. We all have undergone different training therapies at both personal and professional levels but the latest workshop I attended was completely different. nothing related to the speech, but the question was will we get up in time and reach the venue and gladly we managed to do it.

March 2011

Akhil Sood is Vice President (Education) of the club and is known for his meticulous planning and enthusiastic approach towards everything. Professionally, he is an entrepreneur and runs his own coaching academy in Faridabad Area. He is very passionate about Cricket.

Tough it was, But that was the way Sanchit and I prepared for the Area contest and since we both won, there are no complaints. Considering the phenomenal success rate we achieved, we are back to our training To begin with, it wasn‘t organized at a swanky hotel. Wait a minute, as I just remem- ground, just in time for the division bered, everything related to the training was miles from being called organized. It took contest. Feel free to join us there, we will do well with some more trainers. place at the residence of our club president Vikas Kumar. The training timings were peculiar. It did start on weekend but it was post dinner. The person addressing the audience was a trainee and the audience was the trainer. The trainee had to show the stage presence and there was just two people watching him, placed comfortably in each corner. The only sophisticated technical devices used in the entire session were mobile phones and television. The phones were used to make calls, send messages, sometimes to time the speeches and make videos whereas the poor television was just there to show us the last three deliveries that Ashish Nehra bowled to Robert Peterson, Well it could be the last three deliveries he ever bowled in an international match. Every time one of the trainers moved, the trainee was distracted and he had to make a fresh beginning. The moment the cameraman looked up over the camera, the trainee was dead. May be he had committed the crime of his life whereas it was just the case that the cameraman was relaxing his neck muscles. The speeches were repeated so many times that all three of us knew both the speeches well enough. It was like watching a thrilling murder mystery again and again and sit through it with most innocent looks when we knew the climax pretty well. All it took was three hours of hard work each night after dinner to get the nod from our President and the other trainer. It meant we were ready for the contest and when we retired to bed, the only concern we had was


Raise your right hand‖, said the teacher. ―The right hand is the one with which you write.‖ The student raised her left hand and said ―This is my write hand .I write with it.‖A good teacher speaks but a great teacher communicates and connects. is an element of surprise as she steps into a new realm of knowledge. A mystery unfolds as the facts are discovered, and as the day progresses the effective components of communication emerge victorious with desired results at the end of the day.

March 2011

Sangeeta Malik has been the past Secretary of JPKU Toastmasters Club. She is a Teacher by profession and is employed with Delhi Public School, Vasant Vihar which is a prestigious school in South Delhi.

Such an important aspect is not dealt in the regular How many of us still recollect those ‗Arm B.ed. and the other teacher training courses. I wish chair Teachers‘? I can still visualize them sitthey could all have a toastmasters training to help ting behind the table, acting as a superior be- them to evolve as an effective speaker by speaking in a ing, letting out a volley of words, transmitting clear, concise manner using short simple sentences an array of facts, and shooting out wisdom of and express themselves with good body language, imknowledge accumulated through years of repeated voyages through the leaflets of pressive pauses, phrases, words and voice modulation. books. Going down the memory lane, I do remember a handful of them who were a class And above all …Enable the teachers to speak to inapart. What made them special was that they knew how to talk so that the kids listened dividuals in a group and also speak to a group as and to listen so that the kids would talk. they are an individual. ‗Do this project by Friday‘ the teacher commanded. Fifteen of forty students failed to do it. The teacher said, the students heard, but the communication failed. It just ended in an illusion or an imitation of communication. Proper Communication occurs only when it produces the desired results. If the speaker and the listener move forward together then the learning can take care of itself. For students, Communication may be subject specific, or may help expanding their vocabulary, may be to enhance their value, or interactions with others, but one thing is certain – Teacher‘s talk can bring about a positive or negative influence on their little minds. They may be growth stimulators or growth inhibitors .Their impact on masses is massive. Their body language, intonation, expression are all part of the communication impacting a whole being of the future generation. On the flip side, lack of communication can turn people with remarkable knowledge into virtual disasters and failures. Just close your eyes and imagine a teacher whose passion and enthusiasm reflects as she unfolds a new topic. She uses voices that ebb and flow as the new story opens up. There


I am not a very old member of Toastmasters club. It‘s been only 8 months since I started my journey at JPKU Toastmasters club. It has been a ride, which never had any lows. I have just gone higher and higher. My last high was Division C contest. It was a new kind of experience altogether. Best of the best were present there, and I was participating. A room filled with toastmasters from Punjab, U.P and of course Delhi. Finally, it was time for the results. For table topics, Nitya, as expected, bagged the 1st prize. But for the international speech contest, it was a tough race. There were some excellent speeches delivered that day. My mind was full of permutations and combinations. I was trying to picture myself in the top 3 places but it was not easy. Finally, 2nd runners up award was declared and it was me. I couldn‘t believe it. For the first 5 minutes, I was not even sure that I was awake or asleep. That was one of the finest moment of my life.

March 2011

Sanchit Aggarwal is present Sergeant at arms of JPKU Toastmasters Club. He completed his graduation from NSIT Delhi. He is a gadget freak and loves reading about technology. He works as a Technology Consultant with Abus Security Center, which is a video surveillance firm.

For every participant it was a challenge. It was the time to face the crowd; to look into the eyes of people and speak; to convey their message to every person sitting in the room. I don‘t know about anyone else but I was nervous. I had never faced such a big gathering before. Chits were picked and I was speaker number 7. Contestants started speaking one by one. Each one had the message better than the other; unique than the other. I started shivering more as the time passed. Finally when I was called, I Somehow, I won that day; not the first prize, nor the place in the next level felt as if the time had stopped. I could just feel everyone looking at me. All of contest but an acknowledgement that someday I will be a good speaker. the nervousness went away in a flash, when I heard the applause, climbing the stairs of the stage. I think I did okay presenting my speech. I was happy when the speech ended, people applauded again and I was back on my seat. Apart from International Speech Contest there was also Table Topics contest, and I sincerely thank god that I was not participating in that contest. It was not possible to win that day from Nitya. She has always been an excellent Table topics speaker but that day she was on a roll. She delivered such an extraordinary speech that by the end of her 2 minutes, everyone knew that today she will walk away with the 1st prize.


Sumit Dora
Scared of speaking, far from preaching, for he has been moulded like hot molten iron. always found himself as the audience in a meeting Proud to be a Toastmaster,, now he can stand for a cause So content in life, and the audience doesn't miss an applause had always adhered to his mother, teachers and wife Toastmasters had transformed his life for it had offered a stage not so high, Long ago he had forgotten, yet enough to make elephants fly his ability to frame opinion and express had rotten But like a candle wicking in a storm stood this desire to speak, influence and perform Who on the earth was willing to help this guy, all he could say..Can I try? Forget addressing a crowd, he could not speak out loud... His early mentors shook their heads… Rethink your desire...for you lack that fire Then came Toastmaster, it was an elevator not only to go up but to move faster Today the guy stands in front of you roaring like lion,

March 2011


Rahul Mittal is an engineer by education and a consultant by profession, He is currently working with TCS. Lets hear from the horse‘s mouth...

March 2011

Q1 How did you get to know about toastmasters? How is the journey so First signs are usually a false alarm. far? No need to worry. I will rather advise
not to spend your whole wealth, we I learned about toastmasters from Poonam Jain. The journey so far is excit- will survive. ing. This provides a forum to meet wonderful people and hone communication and leadership skills. Q5 What are the areas where toastQ2 Working with TCS has made you travel far and wide. Please share Being a consultant, communication is

masters can help you?

the best trip you had

something which is my bread and butter and Toastmasters can definitely Working with TCS and previous firms have certainly made me travel. I have help me in enhancing it further along over 2 million flying miles under my belt. Best or rather most interesting trip - with honing my leadership skills. Flight from West Palm Beach, FL to Altanta, GA takes 2 hours but for one of my trips I ended up spending over 12 hours - 2 hrs of flying from West Palm Beach to Airport over Altanta, 1 hr circling over Altanta (due to bad weather flight could not land), 1 hour fly back to Greenltalville, SC (as flight finally could not land in Atlanta due to extremely bad weather) and finally rented a car and drove 8 hours to reach Altanta. I was supposed to reach home in Altanta at 2 pm but reached at 2 am instead.

Q3: What is Rahul passionate about?
Passionate about everything that I do. Can't survive without it? It is a blessing as well as curse for me.

Q4: Its 9 months for 2012 and the first signs are showing. What is your take on this?


Nripen Mshra is an engineer and is currently working with POSOCO (Power Grid Corporation of India Limited). Lets get close and personal with him.

March 2011

Q1 What brought you to Toastmasters?
Evan Esar said “Public speaking is the art of diluting a two-minute idea with a twohour vocabulary.‖ However, that is exactly the kind of speaker I want to avoid becoming. Public speaking has always given me jitters, more so when it is impromptu. I have participated in debates, and have been giving presentations. And haven‘t done too badly at either, but I want to be better and not only at speaking but also learn about stage presence, audience appreciation, and delivering content and concepts in a distinctive style of my very own. And, the best way to overcome thy fears is to face them head on. It has been just around one month since I joined the club and despite attending just 4 meetings, I feel a difference. Q2 How will you like to sum up your experiences at Toastmasters? My perception about Toastmasters has changed over the last month. Like most other members, I joined the club to hone my public speaking, leadership skills blah blah blah. But frankly speaking, it has been much more fun. Here, you learn but not in the conventional way. Q3: Tell us something about the Nripen whom we don‟t know? With me ‗what you see is what you get‘. I love challenges and tend to get bored when things get monotonous. New roles and assignments keep me going. Rest I would ‗reveal‘ in my Ice Breaker speech. Q4: What is Nripen passionate about? The title song of Hindi film legend Raj Kapoor‘s movie ‗Anadi‘ very aptly puts everything in one phrase: ―Sab kuch seekha humne, Na seekhi Hoshiyari; Sach hai Duniya

walon ke hum hain anari‖ But joking aside, I am always very puzzled when this question pops up. From what I understand Passion is something which you absolutely love doing. My hobbies/interests have changed radically over the years. I have experimented with lot of new stuff, trying to figure out the right combinations. But on a second thought, despite all the confusion and chaos- reading books, power system markets (yes, I am an inveterate geek) and soccer are a few things that I have always loved doing Q5: Any Closing Remarks? For me, the one thing that makes Toastmasters stand out is its incubative and enabling environment. Whether it is a role play or table topics or prepared speeches, everyone gets an opportunity to participate and learn at every step. The positive and constructive feedback which is an integral part of the mission as well as style of functioning of the club, are commendable indeed.

“We are all apprentices in an art, where no one ever becomes a master” -Ernest Hemingway


Goonjan Mall is a passout form BITS Pilani and is currently working with Bain & Company and has just joined the club after a stint with Bangalore Toastmasters Club. He is passionate about chess, cricket and entrepreneurship .

March 2011

Q1 What brought you to Toastmasters?
Ah! It's the usual suspect. I was very scared to even stand up in public and even speak out my name. Whereas, my dad is a great public speaker. He kept on pushing me hard to go on to the stage and speak. With a will to overcome the fear and someday be like my dad I decided to work on public speaking. If you start working on public speaking, obviously the first thing you come to know about is Toastmasters. I googled, read a couple of blogs and went to the toastmasters website. And it was that very day, I decided to be a part of this revolution.

I have a simple three step recipie – Think about a basic theme or style of table topic say, two person role play Research (This essentially means Google. And remember, I am a champion in Googling!) Mix it, shake it and twist it. Add some red chilies. And enjoy a good session of table topics – served red hot!!

Q2 You are a reinstated Toastmaster. How will you like to sum up your experi- Q5: Team SRK or Team Aamir? ence at Toastmasters so far at Bangalore Toastmasters Club and then at JPKU Toastmasters Club? I am a perfectionist. And I admire Aamir. Well, you can‘t compare the two experiences. With an average attendance of over 80 people, ―Bangalore Toastmasters Club‖ is the Granddaddy of all toastmasters clubs in the Q6: Any suggestions for us? District. And I have been very fortunate to start my Toastmasters journey at BTMC. JPKU on the other hand is the friendliest club. The experience at JPKU so far has been Just one – continue what you are doing. And I am sure, JPKU will scale new heights. fantastic. In fact, I get up on a Saturday morning only to come for JPKU meetings – to meet friends and have fun! Cheers to JPKU. Cheers to us!! "I dreamed a dream in time gone by Q3 Tell us about your professional life and importance of effective communication there? I work in a consulting firm – Bain and Company. Do I now have to say anything about how important communication is? Q4: You seem to be a great table topic master. So where is that you design these topics?

When hope was high And life worth living I dreamed that love would never die I dreamed that God would be forgiving Then I was young and unafraid And dreams were made and used and wasted There was no ransom to be paid No song unsung, no wine untasted" - Les Miserables


Colors of life - Akhil Sood

March 2011

Colors have seized a significant position in our daily lives. We have been attracted to colors always and that made the festival of Holi special and appealing. Each of us decides his favorite color. Each decided color meant something in life and the first traits of your personality are drawn. The colors keep fading as we grow up. One day you conquer everything, the next day receive everything which you didn‘t deserve the previous day. Welcome to colors of life and they come with a warning that they change without the slightest notice. I urge each one of you to take a stand and don‘t let these colors fade away. The brightness is important and please try to make it stay. Let me take you back to an age which you all loved, when you were toddlers and the only thing you loved was toddling. A couple of years later, when your parents decided you had enjoyed enough and the time was apt for you to plant the first seeds of learning. Next day, before you can realize, you find yourself in a play school and the first reaction you had was never to let your parents leave. You didn‘t want to be left out but you are too small to make an impact and you had to undergo the tortuous week by feeling the agony of your parents leaving you deserted. A week later, however, the story takes an unprecedented U turn. You don‘t feel the agony, You are comfortable in your surroundings, the first learning have been imparted, your first love has just taken shape. It was the colors, yes those joyfully bright and attractive colors which indulged you for the most of your day there. There was no shortage of paper then, no lack of willingness to color. No wonder, why we find most of the play schools in the brightest hues. The theme of the meeting was colors of life and it was decided to keep it as the theme in accordance with the festival of Holi. The meeting had only one speech by Akhil Sood and it was subjected to a panel evaluation, lead by Sanchit Aggarwal. The tabletopics round was conducted by Vaibhav Vashihstha and tested the present guests and members alike. It was a good fun meeting.

“The color of truth is gray.” - Andre Gide


Communication - Rahul Soni
Why was Communication chosen as the theme of the meeting? I will begin to answer motivate and move one towards taking action? Can their this with the Quotation I started my speech with and that is the basis for the theme. words help us fight the inertia that is making it difficult for us to take the leap towards greatness? Well all that is at―The Single Biggest Problem in Communication is the Illusion that it has taken place‖ tended to during the evaluation session which comprises of George Bernard Shaw. the listening section. Whoever said Communication is all about talking and not listening? We start with the end in All through my life I kept wondering communication is all about reading and listening mind, waiting for effective evaluation to help us become betto whatever suits you. It was only in the last few years of my life I have had to unlearn ter and effective communicators. and relearn lots of things about communication. As a concept, communication is a work in progress. No one can ever say that I am an authority over communication. One can master a particular aspect of it, but to master the whole of communication and survive in this imperfect world will be a real challenge. We all travel every Saturday and fight our fears to stand in front of our fellow members to gain that extra bit of confidence which will result in better articulation of our thoughts when we step out into the world. Every time I have an important meeting coming up, I try to keep it after Saturday so that the extra confidence I gain by participating in the meeting helps me sound and appear confident in front of the stakeholders. We had two Ice breaker speeches lined up for the meeting out of which only one materialized. It takes a lot of courage for one to step forward, drop all the inhibitions, be candid and yet maintain composure while delivering your maiden speech. That is when one realizes that we all have a long way to go in order to assimilate our thoughts and present them in the best possible manner. During the first speech, holding onto nerves is all that non verbal communication is all about. Little does one realize that Non Verbal Communication constitutes 70% of our verbal message. It is during uncertain moments that our body language conveys more than our words do. Situations and Events erupt out of nowhere and a near perfect response is expected out of you. How do we ensure that we don‘t crumble and say what is to be said? That is the art of thinking on our feet. That is where the real aspect of Communication as per me comes to the fore and sweeps us off the ground. All said and done, what is Communication? An easy assimilation is that Communication is 20% of what one knows and 80% of how one presents it. Participants say what they have to say, have they been able to convey the desired meaning? Have they been able to

March 2011


Go India Go - Goonjan Mall

March 2011

―Kill the Kangaroos. Kill the Kangaroos.‖ PS: On 30th March, either I am on a vacation or I am sick! J This is what the entire nation wanted from the Men in PPS: Please please please approve! Blue. And what did we do? We slaughtered the yellow Kangaroos. During the match: I was on the 7th heaven. To see the God himself at arm‘s-length, playing his classic straight drives and cover What next? drives was the experience of a lifetime. The magic, the madness It‘s time for the granddaddy of all matches. It‘s the ultimate and the Mexican waves in the stadium were mesmerizing! arch-rivalry. It‘s Men in Blue v/s Men in Green. It‘s India v/s Pakistan. On Wednesday, the world will stop! Post match: I was the most satisfied man on Earth. We won! I had And, the world did stop. Even Gods had their eyes fixed at tears in my eyes. Everyone had! The euphoria was just un-ending! the PCA Stadium in Mohali. This entire episode had me thinking. They say – we are a cricket crazy country. Two very interesting things happened that day: But, are we? Na! I don‘t think so. We are an India crazy country. And, will always be In1.) India thrashed Pakistan. A splendid demonstration of will, skill and passion by us. dia crazy. 2.) Yours truly witnessed the match from the stands of Mohali. J We love India! Go India! Go!! Yes! I was a member of the ‗Blue army’. An army of 40,000 tri-color bearers, being led by 11 champions – the Indian cricket team. The experience was electrifying. That feeling was un-imaginable. It was awesome! Let me take you through my world. Before I got the tickets: Ah! What‘s the point of going to a stadium to watch a match? It‘s just too much trouble. And, you will miss the details. I am very happy to watch the matches on TV. With replays. And commentary. My comfortable beam bag, cold drinks and chips! What else do you need? Then I got an email. It read – ―Congratulations! You have been selected in the ICC CWC 2011 Ticket Public Re-poll Ballot for Semi Final 2-Mohali‖ Now I have the tickets: I was jumping – with joy! I can‘t wait for 30th March. My leave request to my manager read – Sir, I got tickets for the Mohali match. I have to go. Kindly approve my leave on 30th March. Thanks! Goonjan



March 2011

The Hyde Park in London is famous for its Speakers’ Corner, which allows anyone and everyone to speak on a topic for as long as they can unless the police finds it offensive, and the Hyde Park police has had a history of being offended very rarely even on sensitive issues. As a salutation to the freedom of expression, we bring Hyde Park from London to our newsletter, and invite everyone to publish their comments on a certain topic, which for this month is: “Ideas for JPKU 300th Meeting Celebrations" We can make 300 as our theme and contribute to learnings from the movie 300 that can be applied in a Toastmaster situation. Top of my mind, here is what I think Learnings from the movie 1. Know your surroundings, and choose the battleground that most suits your strengths 2. The gods aren‘t always right, do what‘s best for yourself, above all else. Keep your skill set sharp, cause you never know when you might have to defend yourself. Applied to Toastmaster situation  Know your audience and select the topic and style that depicts you rather than copying someone else's  Mentors or Best Speakers are not always right...Develop the art to trust your gut Be ready with a joke, anecdote or a witty one liner...You never know when Ritu will call you on Table Topics 300th meeting is an occasion of pride as well as joy. It should be a perfect fit between a systematic meeting and a fun filled party. I think the meeting can start with 2-3 modules taken by senior members and then we can have a small table topics session. It will not only help our guests to better understand Toastmasters but it will also show the level of excellence we have in our clubs. Rest of the evening can be like a normal party with dance and music with around 80-100 people.

It has to be a grand celebration and hence special meeting 1) Masquerade Ball 2) Dinner and dancing 3) A day trip to some nearby place (Nimrana) and back 4) Color Theme (All members in same color)

Sanchit Aggarwal

Ritu Arora
300 Rs per person for the celebrations :) 2. Lets Donate 3000 - collect money on that day and make that as min target Everyone speaks one joke each

Sumit Dora
The 300th meeting has to be special. So we should have a party-cum-meeting. We should focus the meeting on our achievements as a club. Also it should be open for everyone in the NCR. the meeting should have celebrations as its theme
  

Meeting on Ho-Ho Bus In-house Jam session. Inter– club celebrations

Sameep Taneja

Nitya Ranjan

Akhil Sood


JPKU Toastmasters and 50 others like this

March 2011

Paramveer Nain Vikas is the sturdy pillar of JPKU Toastmasters Club. Sanchit Aggarwal Mr, Malik,, Mr. President, Mr. Toastmaster of the year for division C, Mr. Superman. Nripen Mishra The hand that is rocking JPKU is also ruling the Division C. He has taught us to speak as a frog is taught to leap!! Sameep Taneja A bright, young and energized Toastmaster Akhil Sood Vikas won the award, we are all happy but we will be happier if you give a party. Nitya Ranjan Vikas epitomizes un "ORGANISATION" and he supports "PRINT EVERY DOCUMENT ON EARTH‖ movement.

Vikas Kumar is currently President of JPKU Toastmasters Club. He is a Graduate from Sangeeta Malik The meeting in which Vikas is not preDelhi College of Engineering and Post Graduate from Indian Institute of Management sent, shall not be counted. Lucknow. He is currently working with Power Grid Corporation of India Limited. He received „Division C - Toastmaster of the Year‟ award for 2010-11 for being the most helping 'non-District official' across clubs and areas in Division C



March 2011

AREA - C2 International Speech & Table Topics Contest 13th March 2011 NDIIT, Kalkaji

Division - C International Speech & Table Topics Contest 03rd April 2011 FIIB, Vasant Vihar



March 2011

Nitya Ranjan‟s Birthday Celebrations

Dinner Party


Here come the results!!! Here come the results!!!

March 2011

5th March: Akhil Sood 12th March: Akhil Sood

5th March: Mala Malhotra 12th March: Nitya Ranjan 19th March: Pranshu Arora 26th March: Vikas Kumar and Goonjan Mall

5th March: Vikas Kumar 12th March: Vikas Kumar



March 2011

JPKU Toastmasters Club has achieved this milestone once again. Congratulations to all members of the club.


April Renewals: Renewals for next term (April 2011 - September 2011) are due. Please pay your dues as soon as possible to any Executive Committee member. This will help our Club achieve ―Golden Gavel‖ Award. Ovation 2011 Annual Conference of District 82 will be held in Mysore from 12 - 15 May 2011. Register for the event and be ready to have a life time experience in Mysore. (For Details: ) 300th Meeting JPKU Toastmasters Club will celebrate its 300th Meeting on 28th May 2011 (Saturday). We need your help in ideas for the event, organizing the event and participation in the meeting. Akhil Sood and Sumit Dora are the MCs for the same.

March 2011

JPKU TM Calendar - April 2011
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Meetings: April 2, April 9, April 16, April 23, April 30 Please contact Vice President (Education) - Akhil Sood (, 9810820409) to grab the roles for the next meeting. Special This Month: April 3: Division C Conference

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Venue of Meetings
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March 2011

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Always Ahead…!

March 2011

I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone who contributed to the newsletter. Thanks to Deepak, Vinay, Sumit, Akhil, Rahul Soni, Sangeeta and Sanchit for their support. Finally, I would like to specially mention the names of Rahul Mittal, Nripen, and Goonjan for their prompt contributions.

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