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¨The Future is here. it is iust not evenly distributed¨ these Iamous words
Irom William Gibson somewhat encapsulate the driving philosophy oI
digital media and oI Owni in particular. We aim to scout out new cutting-
edge ideas that Iind themselves buried underground (a phantomatic abode
where alternative thinking broods indiscriminately) and 'bring them to the
masses'. so to speak. These masses have a particular identity: they're
European and they're keen to communicate with each other.
Owni.eu is oI course a young creature. launched in October. shortly beIore
our sister site. Owni.Ir. was awarded with an Online News Association prize
Ior excellence in iournalism. Despite its young age. Owni.eu has an
ambitious aim: to be the Iirst Europe-wide website Iocusing on digital
culture. cyberactivism. iournalism and politics. We Ieel our particular
historical context is a Iertile ground Ior the growth oI an engaged pan-
European civil society - but where that will take us. we are yet to Iind out.
It`s one reason our name Owni` is play on the French word Ior UFO -
ovni`. From the depths oI our Ilying saucer we tend to be animated by a
techno-utopian spirit. and we are more oIten than not optimistic about such
OI course the protagonist throughout these pages is innovation. but most oI
all the way our society and its mindset is adapting to such developments.
One oI the main characters oI 2010 is WikiLeaks and its push Ior a new era
oI open governments and transparency. Owni.eu hosted the best opinion
pieces on the release oI the Embassy Logs - known through Twitter as
#cablegate - and we Iinally selected one Ior this year's ebook: JeII Jarvis's
'Big Brother's little brother'.
'Why the internet did not win the Nobel peace prize' is a critical look at
Wired's campaign to award the internet with a prize usually collected by
men and women who have sustained a liIe-long Iight Ior social progress and
civil rights. The ideology behind that campaign. our editorial team Ielt. was
ignorant oI a key Iacet oI techno-utopia; as Kevin Kelly put it. humans are
the sex organs oI technology. Technology is neutral and humans should take
responsibility and credit Ior whatever they do with it.
The missing manual Ior the Iuture by Tish Shute is a long and thorough
account oI the main initiatives and ideas oI 2010 and its driving Iorces - 'the
Iour cylinder engine oI innovation' - as told by one oI the main technology
publishers. O'Reilly.
In the spirit oI cyberactivism we have included two pieces which take part
in longstanding polemics on the subiects oI censorship and discrimination.
two themes you'll be sure to Iind explored even Iurther on our site in 2011.
'Blacklisting and Sexting; parental control as a political tool' surveys the
ramiIications oI practices such as parental control. as opposed to a more
long-term education on the risks and perils oI the web.
Last but not least. 'Why we need to reIrame the women-in-tech debate` is a
popular and controversial article that Iirst appeared on Mashable. which
gave rise to a constructive debate on gender equality within the tech
industry. a theme which we aim to expand within the European arena in the
coming year.
by 1eff 1arvis On December 1. 2010
WIom do we LrusL more Lo decIde wIuL sIouId be secreL? TIe
governmenL, LIe Ieuker, WIkIIeuks, or LIe press?
WIkIIeuks Ius pusIed LIe deIInILIon und quesLIon oI Lrunspurencv Lo
ILs IImIL und bevond, reIeusIng Iundreds oI LIousunds oI Ieuked
documenLs ubouL LIe wurs In AIgIunIsLun und ¡ruq LIrougI medIu
orgunIzuLIons IncIudIng LIe GuurdIun, TIe New York TImes, Der
SpIegeI, ¡e Monde, und OWN¡, u ¡rencI sILe devoLed Lo dIgILuI
journuIIsm LIuL buIIL u crowdsourcIng LooI so reuders couId cuII
LIrougI LIe docs Lo IInd ImporLunL bILs. TIe U.S. governmenL
screecIed IndIgnunLIv ubouL LIe Ieuks, cuIIIng LIem IIIeguI und
dungerous. BuL LIen, LIe Ieuks reveuIed governmenL ucLIons LIuL ure
or sIouId be IIIeguI. WIo IoIds LIe IIgIer ground?
TIe medIu orgunIzuLIons WIkIIeuks worked LIrougI suId LIev
reducLed numes und pubIIsIed onIv documenLs LIuL wouId noL
endunger IndIvIduuIs. So LIev decIded, In LIe end, wIuL wouId be
secreL. WIom do we LrusL more Lo muke LIuL decIuruLIon:
governmenL, LIe Ieuker, WIkIIeuks, or LIe press? And does IL mucI
muLLer now LIuL unv wIIsLIebIower Ius LIe power Lo Ieuk InIormuLIon
unonvmousIv vIu compuLers LIuL run In counLrIes bevond LIe urm oI
LIe Iuw Irom oLIer counLrIes? WIkIIeuks` TwILLer proIIIe IIsLs ILs
IocuLIon us ¨evervwIere.¨ Now noLIIng, noL even wur, cun be currIed
ouL In ussured secrecv.
TIe onIv soIuLIon Lo Ieuks Is LIen noL more secrecv buL more
Lrunspurencv. ¡I we LrusLed governmenL Lo deLermIne wIuL needed Lo
be secreL-II ILs deIuuIL were pubIIc und IL Iud noLIIng eIse Lo IIde buL
LIIngs LIuL wouId be IurmIuI II pubIIc-LIen Ieuks wouId be u cIeur
vIoIuLIon oI our norms und oI LIe common good.
One wuv or unoLIer-bv Iorce oI LIrougI sunILv-we ure uL LIe duwn
oI LIe LrunspurenL uge. BuL IL`s noL goIng Lo be u preLLv or eusv
LrunsILIon. ¡or LIe IIrsL IucLs Lo be drugged InLo LIe sunIIgIL wIII be
LIe ugIv ones LIuL somebodv LIInks need Lo be exposed. OnIv wIen
und II governmenL reuIIzes LIuL ILs besL deIense Is openness wIII we
see Lrunspurencv us u good In ILseII und noL jusL u weupon Lo expose
LIe bud. OnIv wIen governmenLs reuIIze LIuL LIeIr cILIzens cun now
wuLcI LIem-beLLer LIun LIev cun wuLcI LIeIr cILIzens, we Iope-wIII
we see Lrunspurencv brIng deLerrence Lo bud ucLors und bud ucLs.
TIen we become BIg BroLIer`s BIg BroLIer. Or we cun Iope.
TIIs urLIcIe orIgInuIIv uppeured on BuzzmucIIne
PIoLo CredILs: ¡IIckr CC ¡ruuIeIn ScIIIIer und WorId oI Good
TIe cumpuIgn wus ruLIIIed bv 16o ¡LuIIun purIumenLurIus - und us un
¡LuIIun, ¡ musL conIess, LIe quesLIon pops Lo mInd: ure LIese LIe sume
MPs wIo upproved LIe InIumous gug Iuw, ImposIng numerous
censorIng burrIcudes on bIogs?
¡Ls munIIesLo wus InILIuIIv presenLed In November IusL veur,
und RIccurdo ¡unu - edILor oI WIred ¡LuIv - wus InspIred bv LIe so-
cuIIed TwILLer revoIuLIon In ¡run, wIen LIousunds oI proLesLers Look
Lo LIe sLreeLs oI TeIrun IoIIowIng eIecLIons oI zoo¤, und InIormed
oLIers on LIeIr wIereubouLs vIu LIe mIcrobIoggIng websILe.
TIe proposuI Ius been endorsed bv u number oI dIsLInguIsIed
personuIILIes, sucI us "LecIno-uLopIun" NIcoIus NegroponLe und
¡runIun nobeI IuureuLe SIIrIn EbudI, LIougI LIev Iuve been joIned bv
u number oI unIIkeIv eIemenLs, sucI us GIorgIo ArmunI, VoduIone,
CILroen und MIcrosoIL.
Now, wIv wouId LIev wunL Lo Luke purL In sucI un InILIuLIve?
¡ don'L compIeLeIv doubL LIe sIncerILv oI corporuLe socIuI
responsIbIIILv, buL LIe rIeLorIc wus suspIcIousIv sImIIur Lo u
murkeLIng sLruLegv und noL, ¡ repeuL NOT, u serIous cumpuIgn
commILLed Lo rewurdIng peuce-mukIng eIIorLs.
TIe sIow wus presenLed uL LIe PIccoIo TeuLro SLudIo oI MIIun. Under
LIe spoLIIgIL, und wILI u IIrm grIp on LIe mIcropIone, RIccurdo ¡unu,
wus occusIonuIIv uccompunIed bv DuvId Rowun, edILor oI WIred UK,
deIIverIng LIe EngIIsI-versIon oI LIe munIIesLo, wIIcI reud
someLIIng uIong LIe IInes oI:
We have Iinally realized that the Internet is much more than a
network oI computers.
It is an endless web oI people. Men and women Irom every
corner oI the globe are connecting to one another. thanks to the
biggest social interIace ever known to humanity.
Digital culture has laid the Ioundations Ior a new kind oI
And this society is advancing dialogue. debate and consensus
through communication.
Because democracy has always Ilourished where there is
openness. acceptance. discussion and participation. And contact
with others has always been the most eIIective antidote against
hatred and conIlict.
That's why the Internet is a tool Ior peace.
That's why anyone who uses it can sow the seeds oI non-
And that's why the next Nobel Peace Prize should go to the Net.
A Nobel Ior each and every one oI us.
TIere wus unoLIer guesL oI Ionour, MuurIzIo CosLunzo, wIom mosL
oI vou don'L know buL suIIIce Is Lo suv, Is u specIuI ¡LuIIun mIxLure oI
Jerrv SprInger und Jeun-¡uc DeIurue, Is IurdIv u credIbIe udvocuLe oI
peuce, InnovuLIon und dIsInLeresLed InIormuLIon.
¡uLeIv, even sIow bIz joIned LIIs pIuvIuI bundwugon, wILI LIe IIkes oI
Jude ¡uw reIeusIng u vIdeo endorsIng ¡nLerneLqPeuce- on beIuII oI
NGO Peuce One Duv.
TIe cumpuIgn wus ruLIIIed bv 16o ¡LuIIun purIumenLurIus - und us un
¡LuIIun, ¡ musL conIess, LIe quesLIon pops Lo mInd: ure LIese LIe sume
MPs wIo upproved LIe InIumous gug Iuw, ImposIng numerous
censorIng burrIcudes on bIogs? ¡sn'L IL somewIuL IronIc LIuL LIe
proposuI Is beIng puL Iorwurd bv u counLrv LIuL Ius seen severe cuLs
Lo reseurcI und educuLIon? MInd vou, u IILLIe group oI svcopIunLIIc
cronIes puL Iorwurd LIe one und onIv 'SIIvIo' Ior LIe sume uwurd.
Sure, we ure LrvIng Lo cIunge LIIngs - despILe u LrugIc bruIn druIn -
buL Is u commercIuIIv drIven NobeI cumpuIgn reuIIv LIe pIuce Lo sLurL?
EspecIuIIv wIen IL's upIeId bv busInesses wIose InLeresL Is noL
necessurIIv Lo Iuvour Ireedom oI InIormuLIon, IeL uIone peuce.
ArmunI's IIrsL InILIuLIve on LIe web pIuLIorm comes Lo mInd. HIs
debuL wus Lo sue un eponvmous bIogger In order Lo sIeze LIe domuIn
ArmunI.IL und use IL Ior IIs own commercIuI needs. NoL LIe besL cuse
oI neLIqueLLe ¡ wouId udd.
Munv use LIe presence oI pornogrupIv, pedopornogrupIv und
websILes endorsIng vIoIence us u reuson Ior noL supporLIng LIe
nomInuLIon. ¡uLeIv un InLeresLIng pIece bv JuIIun BuggInI on LIe BBC
websILe urgued LIuL II we consIder InLerneL us IuvIng u svsLemIc
InIIuence on LIe wuv we LIInk und communIcuLe, LIen IL Ius been
proven LIuL "qood sustems recllu ccn promote better behctiour",
LIougI on LIe oLIer Iund "SLunIev MIIgrum's Iumous obedIence
experImenLs Iound LIuL peopIe were mucI more wIIIIng Lo InIIIcL puIn
on unoLIer person II LIev couIdn'L ucLuuIIv see LIem, even II LIeIr
IowIs oI unguIsI were sLIII uudIbIe". TIInk oI LIe exempIurv
beIIIgerence dIspIuved on mosL commenL LIreuds (LIe proverbIuI
reducLIo ud IILIerum comes Lo mInd). AccordIng Lo wrILer Evgenv
Morozov, "WIeLIer IL Is Lo Lruck down unruIv bIoggers, spreud LIeIr
own onIIne propugundu, or IuuncI cvber-uLLucks, uuLIorILurIun
governmenLs Iuve emerged us verv ucLIve users oI LIe web". TIIs Is u
rIsk we're runnIng In Europe uL LIIs verv momenL, wILI Iuws IIke LIe
HudopI, LIe ¡odo AIIuno In ¡LuIv, und LIe DIgILuI Economv BIII In LIe
Morozov uIso udds: "WouId we ever gIve LIe NobeI uwurd Lo LIe
mucIIne gun jusL becuuse IL couId be used bv UN peucekeepers?".
Muvbe. OLIer opLIons IncIude unoLIer weupon oI muss consLrucLIon:
CrILIcs Iuve udded: "WIv noL gIve IL Lo currIer pIgeons us weII?" und
Indeed LIev dId muke un unrewurded eIIorL Lo Improve
communIcuLIons, buck In LIe duv!
AccordIng Lo ILs nomInuLors, InLerneL sIouId wIn LIe peuce prIze due
Lo ILs ImporLunce In promoLIng purLIcIpuLIon, democrucv und muLuuI
undersLundIng beLween dIIIerenL cuILures. ¡ndeed, LIe cuLcI pIruse
used In LIIs conLexL Is LIuL "InLerneL Is LIe IIrsL weupon oI muss
conLrucLIon" - u sIogun LIuL, uccordIng Lo u source, wus ucLuuIIv
devIsed bv LIe underpuId, overworked, onIv IemuIe sLuII member oI
LIe WIred ¡LuIv newsroom.
Don'L geL me wrong, ¡ um uwure LIuL LIe moLIvuLIons ure nobIe.
OveruII, ¡ wouId urgue LIuL LIe weukesL poInL oI LIIs cumpuIgn Is LIuL
IL Is promoLed bv LIe sume corporuLIons LIuL IurdIv Iuve IndIvIduuI
Ireedom us u prIorILv - LIIs mukes LIe uLLempL seII-rIgILeous und
IeuvIIv mIsguIded. ¡L Is IundumenLuIIv, noLIIng buL u gImmIck. ¡
sIouId know, ¡ used Lo work Ior WIred.
AsIde Irom LIese consIderuLIons, ¡ IInd worLIv oI noLIce LIuL everv
sIngIe WIred-LurgeL-uudIence geek ¡ Iuve dIscussed LIIs wILI Ius
been uguInsL LIe InILIuLIve. WIv Is LIIs?
WeII, Ior one LIe ¡qP websILe Is In ILseII LecInIcuIIv quesLIonubIe . BuL
wIuL comes Lo mInd Is mosLIv un epIsode oI LIe ¡T crowd wIere LIe
muIn cIurucLers Iund u box Lo LIeIr IuddILe munuger cIuImIng "LIe
eIders oI LIe InLerneL" Iuve uIIowed Ier Lo use LIe InLerneL Ior u
TIougI uccordIng Lo LIe Vuncouver Sun LIe InLerneL wus sIorLIIsLed,
oI course, umong LIe z¤; cundIduLes IL wus IurdIv LIe besL cundIduLe,
especIuIIv II vou consIder IuvourILes DemocruLIc VoIce oI Burmu, LIe
specIuI SIerru ¡eone Peuce CourL, AIgIun Iumun rIgILs ucLIvIsL SImu
SImur und LIe wInner, oI course, CIInese dIssIdenL ¡uI XIubuo.
¡n recenL weeks TIm O`ReIIIv Look purL In severuI evenLs, Muker ¡uIre,
Web z.o Expo, Hudoop WorId, umong oLIers. TIsI SIuLe Immerses
IerseII In LIe depLI und breudLI oI InnovuLIon sIowcused und
dIscussed uL LIese evenLs.
Tim O'Reillg's 1our Cglinder 1nnoootion
O`ReIIIv MedIu, Is Iumous Ior Is producIng ¨mIssIng munuuIs¨ Ior
new LecInoIogIes, buL LIInkIng oI O`ReIIIv us jusL u pubIIsIer oI books
wouId be IIke suvIng ¡ucebook Is jusL u websILe (LIIs cume up In LIe
dIscussIon uL MedIu Round TubIe uL Web z.o Expo, NY, zo1o). ¡n
recenL weeks, ¡ munuged Lo cuLcI TIm O`ReIIIv uL severuI
evenLs, Muker ¡uIre, Web z.o Expo, Hudoop WorId, und LIe Iree
webcusL TIm dId wILI JoIn BuLLeIIe on TIe BuLLIe Ior LIe ¡nLerneL
Economv (uILIougI TIm spoke severuI oLIer LImes durIng LIIs
¡L occurred Lo me, us ¡ Immersed mvseII In LIe depLI und breudLI oI
InnovuLIon sIowcused und dIscussed uL LIese evenLs LIuL TIm
O`ReIIIv, und LIe O`ReIIIv Leum, ure creuLIng The Missinq Mcnucl [or
the Iuture.
As TIm puLs IL, we ure ¨chunuinu the world by spreudinu the
knowledue oI innovutors.¨ TIm uses u quoLe Irom WIIIIum
GIbson Lo IIIumInuLe wIuL Is uL LIe IeurL oI LIe O`ReIIIv projecL:
'The Future is here. it is just not evenly distributed yet.¨
(William Gibson).
BuL TIm O`ReIIIv mukes unoLIer poInL ubouL LIe IuLure wIen Ie
speuks. TIe IuLure unIoIds unexpecLedIv - so we musL InvenL Ior un
unknown IuLure noL u known IuLure, or us AIex SLeIIen puL IL so weII
In IIs posL, WIv Our BrIgIL Green ¡uLures WIII Be WeIrder TIun We
TIInk, - ¨The world we need is one we've never yet seen.¨
TIe mugIc oI uLLendIng un O¨ReIIIv evenL Is LIuL IL gIves vou u cIunce
Lo work on LIIs koun In InLeresLIng wuvs, und Lo Luke more
responsIbIIILv Ior Iow LIIngs Lurn ouL.
TIm O`ReIIIv uIso urges LIuL we LIInk more deepIv ubouL wIuL we ure
doIng. HIs kevnoLe Ior Hudoop WorId , NYC, bIIIed us,¨The
Bosiness oI Ðutu¨ Lurned Lowurds ¨The Conseqoences oI
Livinu in u World oI Ðutu.¨ TIe ¤oo sLrong crowd uL Hudoop
WorId wus probubIv one oI LIe mosL suvvv crowds In LIe worId ubouL
LIe busIness oI duLu, so LIIs wus u nIce Lurn.
Web z.o Expo wILI LIe LIeme, PlutIorms Ior Growth, wus u deep
dIve InLo LIe busIness oI InnovuLIon. TIm O`ReIIIv`s kevnoLe uL Web
z.o Expo, ¨Thinlinq Hcrd About The Iuture¨ (or ruLIer ¨LIInkIng u
IILLIe bIL creuLIveIv or dIIIerenLIv ubouL LIe IuLure), deveIoped LIe cuII
Ie mude uL Web z.o Expo zoo8, Lo ¨work on stoII thut mutters,¨
InLo u ¡our CvIInder EngIne Ior ¡nnovuLIon.
TIe IIrsL oI LIe Iour cvIInders In LIe IIrIng order Is, ¨Huvinu Ion!¨
BuL, uL Muker ¡uIre, Web z.o Expo, und Hudoop WorId ¡ goL un
InsIde Iook uL LIe workIngs oI uII Iour cvIInders, und LIere Is more Lo
come, ¡ um sure, us LIe oLIer O`ReIIIv evenLs unIoId over LIe comIng
monLIs IncIudIng, Web z.o SummIL, SLruLu (u new O`ReIIIv
conIerence on TIe BusIness oI DuLu), und WIere z.o, zo11.
¡n u Iree webcusL, IusL week (recordIng Iere), prevIewIng Web z.o
SummIL, JoIn BuLLeIIe und TIm O`ReIIIv dIscussed LIe PoInLs oI
ConLroI Mup wIIcI Is deveIopIng InLo u Iun und useIuI LooI Lo
exumIne u verv serIous LopIc, ¨The ßcttle [or the Internet Economu,¨
und Iow LIe ¨increcsinqlu direct con[licts betueen its mcjor
plcuers¨ couId eIIecL ¨people, qoternment cnd the [uture o[
technoloqu innotction.¨
The 1our Cglinders o[ 1nnoootion
1rom Jet Ponies to Jet Pocks: The 1irst
Cglinder o[ 1nnoootion - "Hooe 1un"
TIe ¨muker¨ energv und ILs spIrIL oI pIuv, und LIe couruge Lo creuLe,
Iuck, reInvenL und re-purpose evervLIIng und unvLIIng, Is u
quInLessenLIuI exumpIe oI LIe IIrsL cvIInder oI InnovuLIon IIrIng bIg.
Munv ¨muker¨ projecLs uIso go on Lo IIre on uII Iour cvIInders. BuL
LIe Muker IorLe deIInILeIv Is In LIe IIrsL cvIInder zone (und suIeLv
LIIrd us some oI LIe rIdes, IncIudIng JeL PonIes, wurned). TIe pIoLo
openIng LIIs posL bv Murc de VInck - Ior more pIcs see Iere, Is oI TIm
rIdIng TIe JeL PonIes uL Muker ¡uIre wIIcI Look LIe New York HuII
oI ScIence bv sLorm In IuLe SepLember - see TIe New York TImes
coveruge Iere. TIe rIde wus ¨boilt by the dusturdly dunuer-
huckers ut the Muduuuscur Institote." See LIIs wonderIuI
InLervIew wILI HuckeLL on IIs work Lo desIgn ¨oor speciIic jets
Irom u putent thut wus Iiled in 1n6os by u Mr. Lockwood,
Ior Vulveless Polse Jets.¨HuckeLL poInLs ouL:
¨Looder thun uod, ulowinu white-hot und lookinu like the
trombone oI the Apoculypse, polse jets ure ulso reully
shitty, ineIIicient enuines,¨
BuL, Ie udds:
¨I huve ulwuys wunted u jetpuck, und one oI the reusons I
leurned to boild these thinus wus to Iorther thut uoul.¨
TIIs grund vIsIon beIInd LIe JeL PonIes Is u kev Lo IIrIng...
...The Second Cglinder o[ 1nnoootion, "Heg,
ue con chonge the uorld!"
BuL JeL PonIes, us u sLeppIng sLone Lo jeL pucks, uIso reuIIv sLruck u
cIord Ior me us ¡ Iuve been devoLIng u IoL oI LIme IuLeIv Lo LIe
emergIng AugmenLed ReuIILv IndusLrv, u LecInoIogv wIIcI wus
Iumped In LIe sume cuLegorv oI scI II cIImeru us jeL pucks unLII verv
Doto is the Cosoline

¨TIe Iuces ure comIng Irom LIe skv. TIe IocuLIons ure comIng Irom
LIe skv. AII LIese upps depend on someLIIng, somewIere up. And
LIuL, Lo me, wus uIwuvs LIe IeurL oI Web z.o. And ¡ um so deIIgILed
LIuL peopIe ure IInuIIv geLLIng IL. Becuuse Ior u Iong LIme, peopIe
LIougIL, 'Dh, Web z.o, it's cbout liqhtueiqht cdtertisinq supported
in c ueb stcrt up.` So ¡ wenL, 'No, no, no. It's cbout the [cct thct
ue're buildinq these qicnt dctcbcse subsustems in the slu thct cre
qoinq to drite cpplicctions.` And now, oI course, LIe sume
uppIIcuLIon Is on vour PC, IL`s on vour pIone, IL`s on vou IPud. And
cIeurIv, LIe uppIIcuLIons ure jusL sorL oI un InLerIuce Lo someLIIng LIuL
Is beIng drIven Irom LIe cIoud, und LIuL Is IubuIous. TIuL`s LIe
dIIIerence. PeopIe geL IL now.¨
(TIm O`ReIIIv, suId LIIs us purL oI u response Lo LIe IIrsL quesLIoner uL
LIe MedIu Round LubIe Web z.o Expo)
' The data that is generated by the sensors and the
applications that use that data is going to be where people
are going to be innovative.¨ (Tim O`Reilly)
DurIng LIe MedIu Round TubIe, ¡ Iud u cIunce Lo usk TIm more
ubouL LIe roIe oI boLLom up InnovuLIon In u worId wIere bIg duLu Is
LIe gusoIIne Ior IncreusIngIv sopIIsLIcuLed engInes - pIuLIorms
InLegruLIng mucIIne Lo mucIIne InLeIIIgence und reuI LIme unuIvLIcs.
Tish Shote: You brougIL up Muker ¡uIre In vour kevnoLe, und uguIn
now. ¡ wus LIere, wIIcI noL munv peopIe In LIe uudIence were |noL
Loo munv Iunds wenL up wIen TIm usked durIng IIs kevnoLe|. BuL ¡
LIInk one oI LIe LIIngs LIuL sLruck me wus LIe jeL ponIes - LIev were
jusL eurLIsIukIng Lo sLund neur. TIev mude LIe ground LrembIe; LIev
mude LIe worId sIuke. YeL, mosL oI vour kevnoLe, und mosL oI wIuL`s
on our mInds Iere, uL Web z.o Expo, Is exLrucLIng InLeIIIgence Irom
LIe bIg duLu |In LIe skv|, und uIgorILImIc InLeIIIgences ure LIe jeL
engInes oI LIe InLerneL. And oI course, noL Lo be IorgoLLen, us we ure
Iere In New York CILv, wIere LIe LrudIng murkeLs ure creuLIng LIe uIr
we breuLIe |uILIougI we probubIv don'L reuIIze IL unLII we Iose our
morLguge or someLIIng| und LIese uIgorILImIc economIes or ¨roboL
cusInos¨ us KevIn SIuvIn puL IL, ure uII ubouL speed - IL`s noL jusL reuI-
LIme, Issues oI IuLencv ure so crILIcuI LIuL co-IocuLIon Is kev Lo
wInnIng LIe gume oI LIe murkeLs. |KevIn SIuvIn brIIIIunLIv unpucks
LIIs In IIs LuIk, "¡oILerIng on LIe MoLIerbourd." ¡or more In LIIs see
mv conversuLIon wILI KevIn SIuvIn beIow|.
So mv quesLIon Is, wIo`s mukIng LIe jeL ponIes Ior LIe uIgorILImIc
economIes In LIe skv LIuL vou jusL descrIbed? How cun we muke u
pIuv Irom LIe boLLom up? ¡ uIwuvs IeeI UsIuIIdI Is one oI LIe jeL
ponIes oI LIe duLu uIgorILImIc spuce |becuuse oI LIeIr greuL work Lo
brIng Iumun und mucIIne InLeIIIgence LogeLIer Lo soIve probIems In
crIsIs sILuuLIons|. BuL wIo do vou LIInk Is doIng excILIng work und
Iow cun we ensure LIuL LIIs powerIuI worId oI duLu und uIgorILImIc
InLeIIIgences does noL become IIdden In u cIosed bIuck box |onIv
reuIIv uccessIbIe Lo eIILe pIuvers IIke LIe NYC LrudIng murkeLs|?
Tim O'Reilly: ¨WeII, ¡ LIInk LIere`s cerLuInIv u IoL oI InLeresLIng
LIIngs IuppenIng In, suv, LIe IInuncIuI servIcesLIuL u IoL oI, kInd oI,
LIe ¡nLerneL IoIks ure kInd oI bIInd Lo. ¡ LIInk LIuL LIere ure
compunIes IIke NexL Jump wIIcI ure reuIIv good wILI duLu und good
wILI uIgorILIms. BuL kInd oI speukIng specIIIcuIIv Lo LIe muker sIde oI
LIIs, LIuL wIoIe sensor enubIed worId wIIcI Is goIng Lo produce duLu
Is In ILs InIuncv. WIuL we Iuve LIuL ¡ LIInk Is so powerIuI rIgIL now Is
we Iuve LIe IIrsL porLubIe sensor pIuLIorm. ¡ suId In mv LuIk LIe oLIer
duv, vou know, vour pIone Ius eurs, IL Ius eves, IL Ius u sense oI
wIere IL Is. And LIese ure uII uvuIIubIe Lo uppIIcuLIon deveIopers. You
know, vou cun compure, suv, DodgebuII Lo ¡oursquure, vou cun see
Iow dIIIerenL. DodgebuII Is ¡oursquure In LIe LeIe-Lvpe eru.
¡oursquure Is now possIbIe becuuse LIere ure so munv more
cupubIIILIes on LIe pIone.
And ¡ LIInk LIuL we ure goIng Lo see u IoL oI oLIer ureus LIuL ure
revoIuLIonIzed bv LIe sensors In LIe devIce. ¡L couId weII be LIuL
some oI LIem wIII come expIIcILIv ouL oI LIe muker kInd oI projecLs,
or IL couId jusL be LIuL muke Is sorL oI u proxv Ior LIem. So
veuI, ArduIno Is LIIs greuL muker sensor pIuLIorm, buL Iev, Iere`s u
consumer sensor pIuLIorm |IoIdIng up pIone|. Muvbe we vuuILed
pusL LIe muker sLuge uIreudv und we jusL dIdn`L know IL.
And LIuL`s noL enLIreIv Lrue, becuuse ArduIno Is buIIdIng u wIoIe
economv oI specIuI purpose devIces. BuL IL IeeIs u IILLIe bIL IIke LIe
duvs wIen peopIe roIIIng LIeIr own PCs coexIsLed wILI LIe rIse oI
DeII, wIo wus u kId In IIs coIIege dorm room wIo mude IIs own PCs
und soId LIem on LIe neL, buL IIgured ouL Iow Lo scuIe IL preLLv
quIckIv und geL good uL IL. BuL LIere were sLIII u IoL oI guruge sIops,
vou know, '¡`II muke u PC und seII IL Lo vou` peopIe Ior probubIv u
decude beIore LIere wus reuIIv u cIue LIuL LIuL wus u commodILv
IndusLrv. ¡n IucL, ¡ do LIInk LIe sensor pIuLIorms ure goIng Lo become
u commodILv IndusLrv. And LIe duLu LIuL Is generuLed bv LIe sensors
und LIe uppIIcuLIons LIuL use LIuL duLu Is goIng Lo be wIere peopIe ure
goIng Lo be InnovuLIve.¨
The internet operoting sgstem is o doto
operoting sgstem ond it is hoppening in
reol time (Tim O'ReillgJ
NoL onIv do we Iuve u porLubIe sensor pIuLIorm In our pockeLs buL
deveIopers uIso Iuve powerIuI pIuLIorms und LooIs Lo muke sense oI
duLu LIuL IueI our upps. Opensource Hudoop mukes uvuIIubIe, Lo
unvone wILI some duLu muncIIng cIops, LIe power Lo work wILI
gIunL unsLrucLured duLubuses und do LIe kInd oI reuI LIme unuIvLIcs
prevIousIv onIv uvuIIubIe Lo gIunLs IIke GoogIe. BIg pIuvers IIke
YuIoo, ¡ucebook, und TwILLer use Hudoop (JonuLIon Gruv Irom
¡ucebook noLed LIev udd 1oTB c dcu). BuL, us LIIs greuL roundup oI
Hudoop WorId poInLs ouL, wIIIe Hudoop geLs LIe press Ior IundIIng
peLubvLes oI duLu , MIke OIsen (CEO oI CIouderu) noLed, LIe IusLesL
growIng ureu oI users ure workIng wILI cIusLers smuIIer LIun 1oTB
und over IuII oI LIe Hudoop cIusLers were under 1oTB In sIze.
1our Squore: A Plot[orm [or Crouth uith
on ecosgtem huilt on top o[ doto thot exists
in the reol uorld
As un uugmenLed reuIILv enLIusIusL IL Is noL Iurd Lo guess LIuL one oI
mv IuvorILe pIuLIorms Ior growLI Is ¡our Squure. See DennIs
CrowIev`s kevnoLe uL Web z.o Expo Iere. TIe ¡our Squure AP¡ Ius
been uvuIIubIe Lo deveIopers sInce November zoo¤, und LIere ure
uIreudv u number oI InLeresLIng uppIIcuLIons, und LIere wIII be munv
more Lo come. TIe screen sIoL ubove Is oI geopoIIsLer - see LIe
guIIerv oI ¡our Squure upps Iere.
Ødens tueeted recentlg "Politics + Ø1oursquore =
ØCeoPollster" http://geopollster.com <- 1 looe looe looe
thot people ore using aSQ to think ohout election tools
As KuLI ¡ondon poInLed ouL In Ier kevnoLe, ¡our Squure Is LIe ¨kind
oI uoumented reulity thut is uimed ut shiItinu or chunuinu u
person's sociul reulity, e.u. the muyor budues in Ioor
Sqoure thut chunue my relutionship to the people und the
pluce I um in, und uoument enuuuement und repotution
throouh sociully driven consomer tie ins.¨ We ure uIreudv see
uugmenLed reuIILv deveIopers begInnIng Lo work wILI LIe ¡our
Squure AP¡ - see Iere, ¡oursquure + AugmenLed ReuIILv + VIrLuuI
GruIIILI = ARsLreeLs.
As uugmenLed reuIILv deveIopmenL LooIs muLure, ¡our Squure wIII,
IncreusIngIv, become un ImporLunL pIuLIorm Ior creuLIve AR
deveIopers InLeresLed In InLegruLIng LIe power oI LIIs pIuLIorm Ior
uugmenLed engugemenL und repuLuLIon wILI ¨device uided
uoumented reulity thut cun shiIt visoul experiences oI
sitouted ueolocul experiences.¨ WILI LIe QuuIcomm vIsIon
bused uugmenLed reuIILv SDK now uvuIIubIe Ior downIoud, und Wuve
In u Box soon? Lo be reIeused, und un ARWuve cIIenL workIng on
AndroId (uImosL!), ¡ Iuve been expIorIng LIe ¡our Squure AP¡ In mv
non exIsLenL spure LIme!!
TIe ¡our Squure AP¡ uIso oIIers some InLeresLIng possIbIIILIes Ior
expIorIng gumes LIuL Luke LIe compIex economv oI ¡our Squure - noL
personuI duLu buL uggreguLes oI beIuvIor, us LIeIr subjecL muLLer (Ior
more on LIIs see mv conversuLIon wILI KevIn SIuvIn IuLer In LIIs posL
und In un upcomIng posL).
Pochuhe (Potch-BogJ: o ueh seroice [or
storing ond shoring sensor, energg ond
enoironmentol doto

EIgILeen monLIs ugo, ¡ InLervIewed Usmun Huque (urcIILecL und
dIrecLor, Huque DesIgn + ReseurcI) und Iounder oI PucIube. Usmun
poInLed me Lo LIIs wonderIuI evocuLIve Imuge Irom T.R. Oke`s
book,¨Boundurv ¡uver CIImuLes¨ (orIgInuI pIoLo source ProI. ¡. E.
MounL`s TIe CIImuLIc PIvsIoIogv oI LIe PIg). ¨It's the scme piqlets,
in the scme box, but on the riqht hcnd side the tempercture hcs been
increcsed. This smcll chcnqe in hou the spcce is ¨proqrcmmed¨ hcs
drcmcticcllu chcnqed the ucu the `inhcbitcnts' relcte to ecch other
cnd hou theu relcte to their spcce.¨
The Chollenge o[ Connecting people ond
AL Web z.o Expo, ¡ goL LIe opporLunILv Lo LuIk wILI Usmun Huque
uguIn. PucIube, Is becomIng un esLubIIsIed pIuLIorm now, Usmun
expIuIned. TIev Iuve u deveIopmenL Leum oI eIeven und robusL buck
end. And, LIev wIII now be spendIng some more LIme on LIe IronL
end, IncIudIng u redesIgn oI LIe websILe, mukIng ¨it u lot eusier to
widuetize the entire website so thut yoo will be uble to tuke
ulmost uny element und embed thut into yoor own website.¨
And, us Usmun menLIoned In IIs presenLuLIon, LIev ure workIng on
un uugmenLed reuIILv InLerIuce, PorLIoIe, Ior IucIIILIes munugemenL
und, ¨us u consumer-orIenLed uppIIcuLIon LIuL exLends LIe unIverse oI
PucIube duLu InLo LIe conLexL oI AR - u 'porLIoIe` InLo PucIube`s
duLu envIronmenLs.. Usmun Is uIso conLrIbuLIng Lo LIe AR sLundurds
dIscussIon und on LIe progrum commILLee now Ior LIe W¤C group on
uugmenLed reuIILv.
TIe Imuge ubove Is Irom CIrIs Burmun`s puper Ior LIe
W¤C, PorLIoIes und PIumbIng: Iow AR eruses boundurIes beLween
¨pIvsIcuI¨ und ¨vIrLuuI¨ |PD¡|.
PucIube, Is someLImes descrIbed us LIe ¡ucebook Ior DuLu or un
unuIogv Usmun preIers, u TwILLer Ior Sensors. AL Web z.o Expo, ¡
Iud un umuzIng opporLunILv Lo Ieur Irom TwILLer und ¡ucebook
ubouL LIeIr sLruLegIes us pIuLIorms Ior growLI. TIIs guve me IoLs oI
IueI Ior quesLIons ubouL PucIube`s upproucI Lo deveIopIng LIeIr
pIuLIorm. SImpIIcILv wus u LIeme LIuL ¡ucebook und TwILLer boLI
uIIIrmed us u kev. One oI PucIube`s cIuIIenges wIII be Lo deIIver euse
oI use, und LIe equIvuIenL oI ¡ucebook`s ¨IIke¨ und TwILLer`s ¨IoIIow¨
Lo guIn muss uppeuI.
Here Is u brIeI excerpL Irom mv upcomIng conversuLIon wILI Usmun:
Tish Shote: So us u pIuLIorm vou see PucIube us IuvIng more In
common wILI TwILLer - u TwILLer Ior Sensors. ¡n wIuL wuvs Is
PucIube sImIIur Lo TwILLer?
Lsmun Huqoe: WeII we ure LIe TwILLer oI sensors, devIces &
mucIInes In LIe sense LIuL, reuIIv, LIe AP¡ LIuL enubIes uII LIIs
communIcuLIon Is ImporLunL, mucI more so LIun LIe websILe ILseII. ¡L
Is wIere, busIcuIIv, mosL oI LIe mIIIIons oI our IILs ucLuuIIv go, Is Lo
LIe buckend. And we`ve now goL dozens oI uppIIcuLIons buIIL on Lop oI
LIe svsLem, u IILLIe bIL IIke TwILLer`s uppIIcuLIons; vou know, uII LIe
upps ure LIe ImporLunL purL.
BuL we ure ucLuuIIv goIng Lo be doIng some quILe excILIng LIIngs wILI
AP¡ kevs LIuL we Iuven`L reuIIv spoken LIuL mucI ubouL In pubIIc. BuL
we Iuve come up wILI u preLLv InnovuLIve soIuLIon Lo muke uImosL
everv resource Iuve grunuIur prIvucv opLIons on IL, now dIscussed
AL Hudoop WorId, TIm O`ReIIIv uIso ruIsed some InLeresLIng brouder
quesLIons LIuL ure verv reIevunL Lo PucIube`s vIsIon Lo ¨puLcI LIe
pIuneL¨, e.g, LIe probIem oI dIgILuI IdenLILv In LIe uge oI sensors?
(SmurL pIones uIreudv know LIeIr users bv LIe wuv LIev wuIk!)
And, ¨How shoold we think uboot privucy in u world where
dutu cun be triunuoluted?¨
Usmun LuIked ubouL PucIube`s upproucI Lo boLI LIe LecInIcuI uspecLs
oI Iow Lo buIId u mussIveIv scuIubIe svsLem, und LIe concepLuuI
uspecLs oI Iow peopIe connecL Lo eucI oLIer, und wIuL LIev mIgIL do
wILI LIese new opporLunILIes Lo connecL envIronmenLs und sensor
duLu (see mv eurIIer LuIk wILI Usmun, PucIube, PuLcIIng LIe PIuneL,
Ior u deLuIIed expIunuLIon oI some oI LIe concepLs beIInd PucIube).
¡ Iook Iorwurd Lo posLIng LIIs conversuLIon. PucIube Is growIng, und
Usmun uIwuvs goes bevond LIe IumIIIur Lropes oI connecLIng Iumun
und mucIIne InLeIIIgence.
2nd Cylinder of Innovation: ~Hey Can We Change the
TIe possIbIIILIes Ior reImugInIng oI LIe roIe oI duLu In IeuILIcure
produced some oI LIe mosL powerIuI ¨Hev Cun We CIunge LIe
WorId¨ momenLs Ior me uL boLI Web z.o Expo und Hudoop WorId.
TIe sIIde ubove Is Irom EsLIer Dvson`s brIIIIunL ¡gnILe
presenLuLIon, ¨WIuL vou cun und cun`L Ieurn Irom vour genes?¨ ure
Iere, TIm O`ReIIIv uIso brougIL up LIe powerIuI roIe reuI LIme duLu
unuIvLIcs cun pIuv In ImprovIng IeuILIcure In IIs Hudoop WorId
KevnoLe. AIso see AIex Howurd`s posL, 1o ¡essons Ior Gov z.o Irom
Web z.o Ior some more greuL, ¨Iev we cun cIunge LIe worId
momenLs¨ uL Web z.o Expo. TIe kevnoLe Irom ¡ukus BIewuId oI
Crowd¡Iower und ¡eIIu CIIruvuLI JunuI oI Sumusource (see vIdeo
beIow) In purLIcuIur, Is u provocuLIve expIoruLIon oI LIe IuLure oI work
In LIe new ecoIogIes oI Iumun und mucIIne InLeIIIgence.
Chonging the World When Our Lioes Our
1ncreosinglg Shoped hg 1orces 1noisihle To
MIke OIsen, CEO oI CIouderu, noLed LIuL ¨the luruest ureu oI dutu
urowth does not come Irom homuns inteructinu with
muchines; ruther, it's Irom muchines inteructinu with euch
other¨ (see Iere In MInor TecInIcuI DIIIIcuILIes). One oI LIe mosL
InLeresLIng presenLuLIons uL Web z.o Expo wus KevIn SIuvIn`s,
¨¡oILerIng on LIe MoLIerbourd,¨ wIIcI, us TIm O`ReIIIv poInLed ouL
In IIs kevnoLe uL Hudoop WorId, Is u LuIk LIuL ruIses uII kInds oI
quesLIons ubouL u svsLem wIere bIg pIuvers ure gumIng LIe duLu Ior
LIeIr own ends.
KevIn SIuvIn, u Iounder oI AreuJCode, noLes LIe operuLIng svsLem oI
our morLguge, IIIe Insurunce, LIe operuLIng svsLem oI currencIes und
goId Is now governed bv mucIIne Lo mucIIne InLeIIIgence und
uIgorILIImIc economIes ouLsIde oI Iumun cognILIve processes. TIe
murkeLs ure now IegIbIe onIv Lo boLs In un uIgorILImIc urms ruce wILI
boLs surveIIIIng boLs, und LIrowIng oII IuIse InIormuLIon In u bId Ior
counLer-surveIIIunce. He sIowed some sIIdes oI LIe eerv buL
beuuLIIuI vIsuuIIzuLIons oI Lruces oI LIe LrudIng boLs creuLed Irom LIe
Nunex AP¡.
TIe screensIoL ubove Is Irom LIe Nunex: Crop CIrcIe oI LIe Duv -
QuoLe SLuIIIng und SLrunge Sequences. ¨The common theme
with the churts shown on this puue is they ure ull ueneruted
in code und ure uluorithmic. Some demonstrute bizurre
price or size cyclinu, some demonstrute lurue borst oI
qootes in extremely short time Irumes und some will
demonstrute both.¨ TIIs one Is u zoom oI LIe NSDQ ¨WIId
TIIng.¨ WIId prIceJsIze repeuLer Irom NSDQ runnIng uL 1,ooo quoLes
per second, eIIecLIng LIe BBO uIong LIe wuv (¡ Iove LIe greuL numes
Nunex gIves LIe dIIIerenL puLLerns und Lruces produced bv LIe LrudIng
Nunex suppIIes u reuI-LIme duLu Ieed comprIsIng Lrude und quoLe duLu
Ior uII US equILv, opLIon, und IuLures excIunges. TIev Iuve urcIIved
LIIs duLu sInce zooq und Iuve creuLed und used numerous LooIs Lo
¨sIIL LIrougI LIe enormous duLuseL: upproxImuLeIv z.= LrIIIIon quoLes
und Lrudes us oI June zo1o.¨ Muv 6LI zo1o (duv oI LIe IIusI crusI),
Iud upproxImuLeIv ;.6 bIIIIon Lrude, quoLe, IeveI z, und depLI records.
KevIn poInLs ouL LIuL our IIves ure beIng sIuped bv crILerIu InvIsIbIe
Lo us und LIe oId Iuckneved Lropes oI mucIIne Lo mucIIne
InLeIIIgence sucI u roboLs reudIng HUDs In EngIIsI ure Iong worn
ouL. TIe IuLLer poInL Is, perIups, someLIIng Ior us uugmenLed reuIILv
geeks ubsorbed In Ideus oI ¨mukIng LIe InvIsIbIe vIsIbIe¨ Lo cIew on.
CIungIng u worId sIuped bv Iorces LIuL ure, IncreusIngIv, InvIsIbIe Lo
us presenLs u Iuge cIuIIenge.
BuL ¡ Iud LIe gIImmer oI u, ¨Hev Cun We CIunge LIe WorId¨
momenL, wIen ¡ uLLended KevIn SIuvIn Iounder oI AreuJCode`s
presenLuLIon und Iud u conversuLIon wILI IIm uILer IIs LuIk. Could
qcmes tcle these complex economies cs their subject mctter? TIe
economIes oI ¡urmvIIIe und gumes IIke WoW ure noL opuque uL uII,
und LIese ure envIronmenLs wILI compIex economIc
beIuvIor, ¨where yoo cun uctoully huve enoouh dutu to
onderstund whut it is¨ ?
'It`s not so much about personal data. It`s more about. like.
aggregate behaviors.¨ 'Games that can really model those. and
play with those. and take those as the subiect the way that
Monopoly takes Monopoly as a subiect could be really
KevIn mude munv IuscInuLIng poInLs - more Lo come on LIIs LopIc.
Here Is LIe begInnIng oI our conversuLIon:
Tolking With Keoin Slooin
Tish Shote: You begun vour LuIk Loduv ubouL vIsIbIIILv und wIere
some oI LIe uIgorILImIc musLers oI dIsguIse wenL Lo work, uILer LIev
Iud soIved LIe muLI beIInd sLeuILI bombers. ¡ LIougIL perIups vou
were IeudIng InLo Ideus ubouL u reverse surveIIIunce socIeLv.
BuL vou surprIsed me, us ¡ IeIL vou mude vIsIbIIILv ILseII kInd oI u non-
Issue bv LIe end oI vour presenLuLIon und LIuL counLer surveIIIunce
becume busIcuIIv u LIme und speed Issue. Now ¡ um noL sure quILe
Iow Lo ImugIne u counLer-surveIIIunce socIeLv, someLIIng ¡ Lrv Lo
LIInk ubouL.
Kevin Sluvin: WeII, IeL`s see. TIere`s u coupIe wuvs Lo LIInk ubouL
IL. ¡ LIInk one poInL Is jusL LIuL wIen we LuIk ubouL counLer-
surveIIIunce, we usuuIIv IocuLe LIuL us someLIIng LIuL comes Irom LIe
boLLom up, someLIIng LIuL comes Irom LIe popuIuLIon. TIInk ubouL
LIe wuv LIe pIune spoLLers dIscovered LIe C¡A bIuck rendILIon IIIgILs.
¡ LIInk In generuI, wIen peopIe LuIk ubouL counLer surveIIIunce, or
sousveIIIunce, LIev ImugIne IL us un InversIon oI LIe LrudILIonuI
reIuLIonsIIp beLween LIe peopIe und LIe sLuLe.
BuL LIuL`s wIuL`s InLeresLIng. WIuL`s IuppenIng now, Is LIuL LIere ure
Iorms oI surveIIIunce und counLer-surveIIIunce LIuL ure In pIuv
bevond unv Iumun percepLuuI IorIzons. TIese Iorms ure uL LIeIr
mosL sopIIsLIcuLed In IInuncIuI servIces, In LIe murkeLs.
¡I vou were u boL, und couId reud LIe murkeL IegIbIv (wIIcI Iumuns
cunnoL), wIuL vou wouId see, eIIecLIveIv, ure boLs LIuL ure surveIIIIng
boLs. TIen vou Iuve boLs LIuL ure LIrowIng oII IuIse InIormuLIon In u
bId Ior counLer-surveIIIunce. Munv oI LIe boLs ure, LIemseIves,
surveIIIIng oLIer boLs; eucI one oI LIem Is LrvIng Lo IIgure ouL wIuL uII
LIe oLIer ones ure goIng Lo do. ¡n essence, IL`s un uIgorILImIc urms
ruce, und gume LIeorv Ius become concreLe, sInce LIe LIeorIes ure
code, LIe code Is ucLIon, und LIe ucLIon uIIecLs, IeL`s suv: vour
And so, busIcuIIv wIuL vou Iuve Is vou Iuve LIIs serIes oI uIgorILIms
LIuL ure uII IookIng Lo dIscern eucI oLIer, wIIIe uIso LrvIng Lo prevenL
LIemseIves Irom beIng dIscerned. ¡ LIInk oI LIe LunneIs under LIe
LrencIes In WW¡, LunneIs Lo surveII LIe LrencIes, und LIen, IuLer,
LunneIs Lo surveII LIe LunneIs. TIere`s u Iew exumpIes oI LIIs kInd oI
LIIng. BuL ¡L`s especIuIIv sLrunge wIen IL`s compuLer code, und uL LIe
mugnILude we`re seeIng Loduv.
AII oI IL, us noLed In LIe LuIk, uccounLIng Ior ;o% oI uII LIe Lrudes In
LIe murkeL. ;o% oI LIe murkeL Lrudes ure never LoucIed bv Iumun
Iunds or even seen bv Iumun eves; LIev don`L move LIrougI u
convenLIonuI cognILIve process. And LIuL`s wIv vou geL LIIngs IIke
LIe CredIL SuIsse uIgorILIm, IL wus buvIng, seIIIng zoo,ooo sIures oI
sLocks Lo ILseII over und over und over uguIn. ¡L wus u bug und IL
sIowed LIe murkeL Lo u cruwI.
CredIL SuIsse wus IIned, In essence, Ior IuIIIng Lo conLroI un
uIgorILIm. Muvbe LIuL`s LIe IIrsL LIme un uIgorILIm wus LreuLed IIke u
Iumun, In u wuv. As II LIe uIgorILIm broke LIe Iuw, und CredIL SuIsse
wus responsIbIe Ior IeLLIng IL do so. ¡or me, LIuL IeeIs IIke u LIresIoId
¡L`s noL LIuL Iumuns never mude mIsLukes wIen LrudIng on LIe
murkeL. BuL wIen uIgorILIms err, LIev err wILI mugnILude.
TIe Ideu LIuL we now Iuve bugs In LIe UnILed SLuLes murkeL economv
Is reuIIv worLI IookIng uL. ¡I AppIe cun`L keep code bugs Irom LIe
mosL sImpIe IPIone upps In u cIosed und reguIuLed ecosvsLem, ¡`m
preLLv cerLuIn we`II Iuve u IoL more CredIL SuIsse Lvpe bugs In LIe
And LIuL wIII be preLLv InLeresLIng. TIere wIII be vIruses, und LIe
operuLIng svsLem LIev wIII operuLe on wIII be LIe operuLIng svsLem oI
LIe UnILed SLuLes. TIe operuLIng svsLem oI vour pensIon, vour Iouse,
vour IIIe Insurunce. TIe operuLIng svsLem oI currencIes und goId.
Tish Shote: ¡ wus Iurd-pressed bv LIe end oI vour LuIk Lo LIInk oI
IIke, ¨WeII, wIuL wouId be LIe equIvuIenL oI, sorL oI u peopIe`s
uprIsIng Lo creuLe u beLLer IuIrer socIeLv In LIIs kInd oI worId wIere,
reuIIv, LIe LIIngs LIuL uIIecL LIe kev uspecLs oI IIves mosL ure goIng on
bevond Iumun percepLIon uL un uIgorILImIc IeveI?¨ BuL vou mude u
preLLv rudIcuI suggesLIon uL LIe end.
Kevin Sluvin: WeII ¡ LIInk IncreusIngIv LIe murkeLs Iuve become
deIumInuLed Irom unvLIIng meunIngIuI. ¡IrsL Irom goods, LIen Irom
IundumenLuIs, und now IInuIIv Irom Iomo supIens. So LIuL`s Iurd Lo
¡L`s LIe ruce Lowurds ubsLrucLIon LIuL mukes IL ImpossIbIe Lo sImpIv
¨resIsL.¨ TIe IuLesL versIon In LIe Iong serIes oI IIscuI cuLusLropIes wus
bused on WuII SLreeL IIndIng goods LIuL couId be roIIed up und soId
wILI IuIse vuIuuLIons, buL goods LIuL wouId Luke u Iong LIme Lo IuII.
MorLguges ure Iundv IIke LIuL. ¡L`s LIe LrudILIon oI exLendIng LIe
ubsLrucLIon us Iong us possIbIe, unLII IInuIIv LIe bIII urrIves und LIe
bunks IuII. ¡ don`L know II LIuL`s someLIIng Lo rIse up uguInsL or noL.
¡L`s IIke u ruIIv uguInsL evII.
I think the point is that it won`t be the people that rise up. It will
be the Iinancial services themselves that rise up. They`ll iust
detach completely.
TIuL wus Iurder Lo do wILI coLLon or wILI wIeuL, wILI sImpIe IuLures;
LIev keep IInuncIuI servIces LIed Lo LIe ground. So wIuL we`re doIng
Is creuLIng IncreusIngIv compIex IInuncIuI InsLrumenLs LIuL ure
IurLIer und IurLIer removed Irom unvLIIng vou cun LoucI. ¡Ike LIe
wuv u morLguge Is ubsLrucL. BuL, oI course, LIe boLLom IIne Is LIuL uL
LIe end oI LIuL morLguge IIes someone`s Iome.
¡L`s suId LIuL WuII SLreeL Is now movIng onLo IIIe Insurunce, becuuse
LIuL`s goIng Lo Luke even Ionger Lo IuII. TIev`re doIng LIe exucL sume
LIIng. TIe word Is LIuL LIev ure roIIIng up CDOs mude ouL oI crup IIIe
Insurunce poIIcIes, sume wuv LIev roIIed LIem up wILI crup
morLguges u Iew veurs ugo.
And LIose wIII probubIv Luke, ¡ don`L know, 1= or zo veurs Lo unwrup
und unruveI.
But what you see in the meantime. is that they are looking Ior
things that are increasingly abstract. intangible. removed as Iar
as possible Irom the experience oI everyday liIe.
So muvbe LIIs Is good. Muvbe LIuL`s IInuncIuI servIces rIsIng up.
¡IILIng oII. ¡ LIInk besL cuse scenurIo now Is LIuL LIev ucLuuIIv Ieuve
Iumuns uIone uILogeLIer. TIuL, someduv, LIev ure jusL LrudIng,
eIIecLIveIv, compIeLeIv urbILrurv goods, LIe sLocks couId be unvLIIng
uL uII, muvbe Ior crops LIuL no Ionger exIsL, und ¡`m jusL suvIng LIuL
LIen LIese boLs wouId no Ionger uIIecL wIuL we do und wIuL we ure, IL
wouId jusL be u roboL cusIno, un InvIsIbIe purudIse In LIe uIr.
People ore the plot[orm: Hou Comes Con
Be Engines o[ 1nnoootion in Our Lioes
KuLI ¡ondon, SenIor Producer, AreuJCode, In Ier kevnoLe sIowed
Iow gumes LIuL know wIere we IIve cun sIIIL pIuvers perspecLIves -
Irom devIce uIded uugmenLed reuIILv LIuL cun sIIIL vIsuuI experIences
oI sILuuLed geoIocuI experIences Lo u kInd oI uugmenLed reuIILv LIuL Is
uImed uL sIIILIng or cIungIng u person`s socIuI reuIILv, e.g. LIe muvor
budges In ¡our Squure LIuL cIunge mv reIuLIonsIIp Lo LIe peopIe und
LIe pIuce ¡ um In, und uugmenL engugemenL und repuLuLIon LIrougI
socIuIIv drIven consumer LIe Ins.
AreuJCode Ius recenLIv deveIoped Lwo gumes Ior LIe KnIgIL
¡ounduLIon LIuL Luke peopIe us LIe pIuLIorm. Mucon Monev, uses
verv sImpIe gumes dvnumIcs (Ior more see LIe vIdeo oI KuLI`s
kevnoLe) In u gume desIgned Lo IeIp ¨KnIgIL`s conLInuIng eIIorLs Lo
supporL revILuIIzIng Mucon und creuLIng u vIbrunL coIIege Lown.¨
TIe oLIer gume LIuL AreuJCode Ius desIgned wILI LIe supporL oI LIe
KnIgIL ¡ounduLIon Is Ior LIe BIIoxI und GuII CousL communILv, u
gume cuIIed BuLLIesLorm. ¨ The qcme's purpose is to increcse
cucreness cbout ncturcl discsters cnd chcnqe the ucu people
prepcre [or them .¨
grd Cglinder o[ 1nnoootion: Build products,
husiness models ond entire industries.
GIvmpse - reuI-LIme, prIvuLe IocuLIon LruckIng
JuIIunne PepILone, YuIoo! ¡Inunce, nuIIed LIe essence oI Web z.o
Expo, NYC, LIIs veur In Ier posL, Web z.o Expo sLurLups ure bIg on
neIgIborIoods, sLorvLeIIIng. SIe wrILes:
'At the Web 2.0 Expo in New York City this week. executives
from big sites like Facebook. Twitter and Pandora all spoke
about industry trends. But the showcase of 27 startup tech
companies stole the show.¨
¡IsLen cureIuIIv Lo TIm O`ReIIIv und ¡red WIIson, UnIon Squure
VenLures, quesLIon LIeIr pIcks Irom LIe sLurLup sIowcuse uL Web z.o
Expo. AIso see LIIs vIdeo oI ¡red und TIm dIscussIng LIeIr
conversuLIons wILI uII LIe sLurL ups. TIIs Is one oI LIe cIeuresL pubIIc
wIndows onLo boLI Iow Lo presenL vour compunv Lo VC, und Iow Lo
IIgure ouL wIuL ure LIe mosL ImporLunL quesLIons Ior vou us un
enLrepreneur buIIdIng u busIness In u worId oI duLu.
GIvmpse successIuIIv pILcIes LIeIr ¨jeL ponv¨ sLruLegv Ior u IocuLIon
bused busIness, und Is ¡red`s pIck. TIev IoId up weII under pressure
und unswer TIm und ¡red`s Iurd quesLIons ubouL Iow LIeIr sLurL up
wIII noL geL overLuken bv un encumbenL pIuver wILI resources und
murkeL sIure beIore LIev cun guIn LrucLIon. Iood=z responds Lo
TIm`s probIng ubouL LIeIr sLruLegvIor busIness duLu unuIvLIcs LIuL Ie
poInLs ouL ure vILuI II LIev wunL Lo survIve wILI LIe smuII murgIns oI
ecommerce. TIere Is u IIsL oI uII LIe purLIcIpunLs In LIe sLurL up
sIowcuse In Brudv`s posL Iere. Iour.Iv wus LIe uudIence pIck.
Shozom [or 1oces!
Mv IuvorILe sLurL up wus u bIomeLrIc servIce doIng Iuce, IrIs, und
IInger prInL muLcIIng, TucLIcuI ¡nIormuLIon SvsLems.
TIm und ¡red uIso IIked LIem, und LIev Iuve un InLeresLIng
dIscussIon ubouL LIe merILs or noL oI upproucIIng vour pIuLIorm
LIrougI u nurrow IIrsL uppIIcuLIon us TucLIcuI ¡nIormuLIon SvsLems
ure wILI Wunder¡D - un uppIIcuLIon Lo IeIp IdenLIIvIng IosL
AIzIeImer puLIenLs. As ¡red poInLed ouL, LIev ure poLenLIuIIv
LIe SIuzum Ior Iuces, so wIv sLurL so smuII?
¡ Iud usked T¡S LIe sume quesLIon wIen ¡ meL LIem In LIe ¨speed
duLIng¨ sessIon. TIIs Is jusL LIeIr IIrsL Loe In LIe wuLer us LIev ure u
Lwo person compunv uL LIe momenL. TIeIr vIsIon Ior LIeIr pIuLIorm Is
bIg. Murv HuskeLL und Dr AIex KIIpuLrIck, LIe Iounders oI LIIs
quInLessenLIuI jeL ponv Ior LIe uIgorILImIc economIes In LIe skv, ure
noL onIv u purLnersIIp wILI LIe credenLIuIs Lo do u SIuzum Ior Iuces
- see LIeIr bIos Iere, LIev ure LIe peopIe ¡ wouId wunL Lo be runnIng
u SIuzum Ior Iuces! TIev reuIIv geL LIe consequences oI IIvIng In u
worId oI duLu - cIeck ouL Dr KIIpuLrIck`s ubsoIuLe kIIIer ¡gnILe LuIk.
Hou Con Augmented Reolitg Add Volue to
the Reol Time 1nternet/Doto Operoting
plcne[inder.net - cn cuqmented reclitu cpp thct lets uou [ind
in[ormction cbout plcnes bu pointinq uour phone ct the slu,
¨includinq [liqht number, circrc[t reqistrction, speed, cltitude cnd
hou [cr cucu it is¨ (tic MccLi[e).
TIe new opporLunILIes In LIe uIgorILImIc economIes In LIe skv were
cenLer sLuge uL Web z.o Expo und LIere ure some InLeresLIng AR upps
Ior LIe reuI LIme InLerneLJduLu operuLIng svsLem emergIng,
IIke pIuneIInder.neL. BuL AugmenLed ReuIILv wus sLIII preLLv Iow
proIIIe uL Web z.o Expo (excepL LIuL NVIdIu uugmenLed reuIILv demo
uLLrucLed u IoL oI uLLenLIon uL LIe sponsors expo). However, evervone
workIng In LIe emergIng IndusLrv oI AR sIouId recognIze LIuL upps
bIg on ¨neIgIborIoods und sLorv LeIIIng¨ ure IeudIng rIgIL up LIe AR
sLreeL, und LIuL pIuLIorms IIke ¡our Squure und PucIube presenL
enormous opporLunILv Lo expIore LIe possIbIIILIes oI AR. And II
uugmenLed reuIILv enLIusIusLs ure noL uIreudv puvIng uLLenLIon Lo reuI
LIme duLu unuIvLIcs, und Hudoop, LIev sIouId be (see LIIs posL Ior un
exceIIenL round up on Hudoop WorId).
AL Hudoop WorId, TIm O`ReIIIv reIerenced LIe greuL LugIIne Irom
LIe ¡BM commercIuI:
'Would you be willing to cross the street - blindfolded -
on data that was five minutes old? Five hours? Five days?¨
As ¡ Iuve noLed In severuI eurIIer posLs - see Iere und Iere Ior
sLurLers, we ure jusL seeIng LIe LooIs Ior deveIopIng neur IIeId, vIsIon
bused, mobIIe, socIuI AR become wIdeIv uvuIIubIe Lo deveIopers, so
LIere sIouId be u new IeveI oI AR upps emergIng LIrougI zo11.
TIere Is u wonderIuI dIscussIon In LIe commenLs oI LIIs posL bv Muc
SIocum, ¨How AugmenLed ReuIILv Apps Cun CuLcI On,¨ beLween
Muc, RuImo one oI LIe Iounders oI ¡uvur, und CIrIs Arkenberg on
wIuL consLILuLes u pIuLIorm Ior growLI Ior uugmenLed reuIILv.
Muc`s posL, LIe commenLs und CIrIs Arkenberg`s posL on LIe IuLesL
edILIon oI LIe GurLner Hvpe CvcIe, LIuL ruLIer curIousIv pIuced
AugmenLed reuIILv uImosL uL LIe peuk oI InIIuLed expecLuLIons, reuIIv
goL me excILed ubouL expIorIng un Ideu ¡ Iuve been LIInkIng ubouL Ior
u wIIIe, wIIcI Is Lo geL LIe AR communILv Lo dIscuss LIe PoInLs oI
ConLroI mup.
TIe InLerucLIve PoInLs oI ConLroI mup Is un umuzIng LooI Lo LIInk
wILI! CIeck IL ouL In movemenLs, LerrILorv und movemenLs,
ucquIsILIon mode. TIere Is u compeLILIon Ior LIe mosL InLeresLIng
commenL und mosL InLeresLIng ucquIsILIon suggesLIon. TIe prIze Is u
LIckeL Lo Web z.o SummIL!
Whot is the 1uture o[ Sociol?
TIe recenL ¨deIecLIon¨ Irom GoogIe Lo ¡ucebook - see ¡urs
Rusmussen, ¡uLIer OI GoogIe Mups And GoogIe Wuve, Heuds
To ¡ucebook , Is us MG SIegIer oI TecICruncI poInLs ouL, ¨LIe bIggesL
one sInce CIrome OS Ieud MuLLIew PupukIpos mude LIe sume jump
In June¨ (TecICruncI uIso noLes ¨currenL ¡ucebook CTO BreL TuvIor
wus IeuvIIv InvoIved In LIe IuuncI oI GoogIe Mups¨).
TIese moves Iuve druwn mv purLIcuIur uLLenLIon us dId BreL TuvIor`s
response In IIs conversuLIon wILI Brudv ¡orresL uL Web z.o Expo Lo
Brudv`s quesLIon, ¨How soon ontil we uet the Iucebook
¡I vou Iuve been reudIng UgoLrude vou uIreudv know Iow ImporLunL ¡
LIInk un open, dIsLrIbuLed, sLundurd Ior reuI-LIme communIcuLIons
sucI us LIe verv InnovuLIve Wuve ¡ederuLIon ProLocoI couId be Ior AR
TIe unLIcIpuLed reIeuse oI Wuve In u Box, Ius ruIsed Iopes In LIe
deveIoper communILv LIuL W¡P wIII soon become eusIer Lo work
wILI, und IopeIuIIv more wIdeIv udopLed. ¡Ike munv oLIers, ¡ wonder
wIuL wIII Iuppen Lo Wuve In u Box now?
BuL LIe InnovuLIon oI Wuve Is deep und broud (und us munv Iuve
poInLed ouL IugeIv umbILIous). PerIups LIe boIdesL uLLempL veL Lo
InnovuLe boLI uL LIe Iow IeveI oI urcIILecLure (wIere GoogIe Is so
powerIuI) und uL LIe IIgI IeveI oI the Murk Zockerberu, "biu
ideu,¨ which us Tim O'Reilly notes is, "Whut is the Iotore oI
sociul?¨ MG SIegIer noLed ¡ucebook Groups ¡s SorL OI ¡Ike GoogIe
Wuve ¡or Humun BeIngs .
BuL ¡ deepIv Iope LIuL LIe open, dIsLrIbuLed sLundurd purL oI LIe
Wuve bIg Ideu Is noL IosL In LIe mIx Iere.
1ourth Cglinder o[ 1nnoootion: Keep the
Ecosgstem Coing, Creote More Volue thon
You Copture
TIm O`ReIIIv poInLs ouL LIuL LIere Is u worrIsome durk sIde Lo LIe
PoInLs oI ConLroI Mup - see TIm`s kevnoLe Iere. To purupIruse some
or IIs poInLs:
TIere ure compunIes on LIe mup LIuL ure IorgeLLIng Lo LIInk ubouL
creuLIng u susLuInubIe ecosvsLem. RuLIer LIun growIng LIe pIe, LIev
ure LrvIng Lo dIvIde up LIe pIe und LIuL LIreuLens Lo cuuse LIe IourLI
cvIInder oI InnovuLIon Lo mIsIIre. TIIs IourLI cvIInder Is essenLIuI Lo
LIe ecosvsLem.
TIm O`ReIIIv Iooks buck Lo LIe Iessons oI LIe personuI compuLIng
IndusLrv wIIcI wus IncredIbIv vILuI und creuLIve, und IoLs oI peopIe
mude monev unLII u coupIe oI bIg pIuvers ¨socked ull the uir oot oI
the ecosystem¨ und InnovuLIon Iud Lo go eIsewIere.
TIe Power oI PIuLIorms Is Lo creuLe vuIue noL jusL Ior vour compunv
buL Ior oLIer peopIe. CreuLe vuIue Ior vourseII bv creuLIng vuIue Ior
oLIer peopIe. TIm O`ReIIIv used LIe wonderIuI exumpIe oI Henrv
¡ord InvenLIng LIe weekend so LIuL LIere wouId be enougI peopIe
wILI LIme und monev Lo buv IIs muss produced curs. TIInk ubouL
buIIdIng LIe ecosvsLem LIuL wIII supporL LIe IuLure vour ure goIng Lo
buIId. Grow LIe pIe ruLIer LIun cuL up LIe pIe. TIIs wIII be LIe vILuI
IourLI cvIInder oI InnovuLIon In Squured worId.
TIm O`ReIIIv Ius Iong proposed LIuL Web z.o Is uII ubouL IurnessIng
coIIecLIve InLeIIIgence, buL us GurLner predIcLs, ¨ßu uecr end zo:z,
phusiccl sensors uill crecte zo percent o[ non-tideo internet
trc[[ic.¨ YeL unoLIer prevIousIv unevenIv dIsLrIbuLed IuLure Is goIng
muInsLreum, und II vou Iuven`L reud IL uIreudv, now Is LIe LIme Lo
reud LIIs puper bv TIm O`ReIIIv und JoIn BuLeIIe, Web Squured: Web
z.o ¡Ive Yeurs On.
The Consequences o[ Lioing in o World o[
To brIng LIIs verv Iong posL Lo u cIose! Here ure jusL u Iew oI LIe kev
quesLIons re The Consequences o[ Litinq in c World o[ Dctc LIuL TIm
O`ReIIIv ruIsed durIng IIs kevnoLe Ior Hudoop WorId:
¨How woold we solve the problem oI diuitul identity in the
uue oI sensors? (Oor smurt phones ure uble to know their
osers by the wuy they wulk - their uuit!)
¨How will we inpot dutu when oor devices ure smurt enoouh
to listen on their own?¨
¨How shoold we think uboot privucy in u world where dutu
cun be triunuoluted?¨
¨We ure movinu to u world in which every device uenerutes
oseIol dutu, in which every uction creutes inIormution
shudows on the net.¨
¨Shooldn't we reuolute the misose oI dutu ruther thun the
possession oI it?¨
¨How do we uvoid u dutu urms ruce?¨
¨Creute more vuloe thun yoo cuptore.¨
TIIs urLIcIe orIgInuIIv uppeured on UgoTrude
PIoLo CredILs: ¡IIckr CC pdcuwIev, Iucu.surLonI, SuIuI-EddIne,
dpsLvIes¯, --SIuvIn
by Fabio Deotto On October 29. 2010
¨Be cureIuI oI peopIe wIo cIuIm LIev wunL Lo proLecL vou. TIev
probubIv wunL Lo Luke vou down or, even worse, LIev ure LrvIng Lo
sLILcI vou up¨
Mv grundmoLIer once LoId me: ¨ße ccre[ul o[ people uho clcim theu
ucnt to protect uou. Theu probcblu ucnt to tcle uou doun or, eten
uorse, theu cre truinq to stitch uou up¨. Mv grundmoLIer IeIL scIooI
uILer junIor IIgI, und worked In LIe LexLIIe IndusLrv Ior Ier enLIre IIIe.
¡ doubL sIe`II ever geL LIe cIunce Lo do un onIIne seurcI.
NeverLIeIess, sIe possesses LIe kInd oI wIsdom LIuL couId reuIIv IeIp
munv oI us Lo unruveI LIe LungIe oI pronounced Ireedoms und subLIe
censorsIIp LIe InLerneL Is IusL becomIng.
¡n LIe pusL Iew weeks, GoogIe und AppIe Iuve InLroduced u coupIe oI
new Ideus, eucI wILI LIeIr own LooIs osLensIbIv Ior LIe ¨proLecLIon¨ oI
mInors. GoogIe's new ¡nsLunL SeurcI , Ior exumpIe, Ius proven Lo be
un InsLunL IIL, ILs prImurv IeuLure beIng Lo dIspIuv vour seurcI resuILs
us vou Lvpe. However, bewure: LIe momenL vou sLurL LvpIng unvLIIng
remoLeIv Improper (LIe word ¨EscorL¨ Is uIreudv Loo ruuncIv), vou'II
geL u pure und unsuIIIed bIunk puge InsLeud oI vour prevIew.
There are hundreds oI 'bad¨ words Google Instant doesn't like.
and there's a website (2600.com) collecting them all Ior
posterity. The young or unwary web surIer is prevented Irom
running into such dangerous previews as Lesbian (but not Gay).
cocaine (but not heroin). swastika (but not Nazism). Kama sutra.
eiaculation. Iellatio etc.
And II vou Iuppen Lo be u Iun oI PIIIIp K. DIck - sorrv, no prevIew Ior
¡usL week, LIe purILun revIvuI wIIcI spurred GoogIe's censors uIso
emerged In LIe Iorm oI u new puLenL Irom AppIe. TIe puLenL Is IIIed
under LIe LILIe ¨Text-bcsed communicction control [or personcl
communicction detices¨. AppIe cIuIms IL wIII IeIp purenLs Lo cIeun up
¨dungerous¨ LexL Irom LIeIr cIIIdren`s SMS. ¡L uILImuLeIv uIIows u
smurLpIone user, or u desIgnuLed udmInIsLruLor, Lo conLroI LIe LexL
conLenL oI IncomIng und ouLgoIng messuges.
PurenLuI ussocIuLIons und some cIIId proLecLIon websILes pruIsed LIe
puLenL upprovuI, expIuInIng LIuL IL wIII IeIp LuckIe LIe growIng
probIem oI 'sexLIng` (u neoIogIsm LIuL reIers Lo LIe excIunge oI
sexuuIIv expIIcIL muLerIuI LIrougI LIe InLerneL und purLIcuIurIv
pIones) und ILs connecLed poLenLIuI Ior cIIId ubuse. However,
uccordIng Lo some - noLubIv, JoIn C. Dvoruk - LIe puLenL`s purenLuI-
conLroI IeuLure Is noLIIng buL u wIndow dressIng LIuL IIdes u subLIe
LooI Ior poIILIcuI censorsIIp.
¨This is c clcssic excmple o[ somethinq loolinq lile one thinq cnd
beinq somethinq else cltoqether. And the entire tech uorld is
stupidlu missinq the point.¨ expIuIns Dvoruk, coIumnIsL Ior PcMug.
'This patent is not about sexting; it's about political speech.
Apple wants its phone in Iran. China. Saudi Arabia. and other
parts oI the world where political dissent is a crime. Over the
years. it has become apparent that the mobile phone is a tool Ior
revolutionaries. This was proven with the Iranian "Green" riots
oI 2009. but began with a series oI riots all over the
world through the last decade.¨
AcLuuIIv, LIe Lerm ¨sexLIng¨ Is never used In LIe puLenL - und In IucL,
purenLuI-conLroI Is onIv one poLenLIuI use. ¡L`s noL dIIIIcuIL Lo ImugIne
LIuL sucI u IeuLure couId be used Lo bun menLIon oI unv unsuILubIe
conLenLs (or peopIe).
TIe coIIecLIon oI vInLuge udverLIsemenLs provIded bv BoredPundu
beur greuL wILness Lo Iow LIe worId oI murkeLIng (und consequenLIv
LIe Web) Is poIILIcuIIv correcL now more LIun ever. And II on one sIde
¡`m LoLuIIv Iuppv LIuL ¡ no Ionger um Iorced Lo Iook uL suucv pIcLures
oI IILLIe gIrIs, ¡`m uIso uwure LIuL, In u cerLuIn wuv, censorsIIp Is
eusIer (und more uccepLed) Loduv LIun LwenLv veurs ugo.
See more Imuges Iere..
¡eL`s ussume, LIougI, LIuL beIInd AppIe`s puLenL IIes u genuIne
InLenLIon Lo prevenL Leens Irom Iuzurdous messuges, or Lo provIde
purenLs wILI u LooI Lo dIg ouL bud words Irom LIeIr cIIIdren`s
conversuLIons; IL remuIns u IucL LIuL LIIs uppIIcuLIon Is more u LooI oI
censorsIIp LIun u LooI oI educuLIon.
To be Irunk, LIe reuI dunger oI sexLIng Is noL LIuL Lwo IIILeen veur oId
kIds couId excIunge Iurdcore messuges. TIIs Iuppens now us IL wIII
uIwuvs Iuppen In LIe IuLure, wILI or wILIouL AppIe`s consenL. TIe
reuI dunger oI sexLIng IIes In Imuges und vIdeo, und LIe euse wILI
wIIcI LIese IIIes - even II orIgInuIIv recorded bv LIe kIds In jesL -
couId ucLuuIIv be spreud LIrougIouL LIe neL, munIpuIuLed (suv, Ior
buIIvIng) und, uL worsL, expIoILed bv uduILs Lo LrIck or Iure oLIer
mInors. ¡n LIIs wuv LIe IIuw In LIe puLenL Is uppurenL even In LIe LILIe:
IL onIv uppIIes, und cun onIv uppIv, Lo LexL.
Child sexual abuse through sexting is a real problem. and there's
only one way to Iight it: to take responsibility. to educate. and to
A kId wIo Is IgnorunL oI LIe perIIs IIdIng In LIe Web Is IIkeIv Lo
IrIvoIousIv squunder LIeIr prIvucv und LIuL oI LIeIr conLucLs bv
posLIng InIormuLIon wILI IILLIe regurd Ior suIeLv. TIev ure more prone
Lo uccepL IrIend requesLs Irom LoLuI sLrungers, und uILImuLeIv LIeIr
nuIveLv oI LIe dungers cun Ieud Lo LIem ¨InnocenLIv¨ posLIng sucI
reveuIIng pIcLures on LIeIr own pubIIcIv uccessIbIe bIogs. TIe soIuLIon
Is noL uskIng Ior more uuLomuLed sLewurdsIIp, buL Ior more
InIormuLIon, sLurLIng Irom scIooIs.
A prooI oI LIIs Is LIe IucL LIuL u pIece oI reseurcI recenLIv compIeLed
bv ¡psos Ior LIe cIurILubIe Suve LIe CIIIdren Iund Ius reveuIed LIuL
¡LuIv, LIe counLrv In wIIcI ¡ IIve, Is wIere voung peopIe use LIe
InLerneL wILI LIe IeusL precuuLIons. And II ;6 kIds ouL oI 1oo ucLuuIIv
excIunge personuI Imuges und vIdeo wILI sLrungers, II ;¤ oI 1oo
voung persons ure uccepLIng IrIend requesLs Irom sLrungers, und II z¤
oI LIem Iuve no probIem wILI gIvIng uwuv LIeIr Iome uddress Lo
unvone, LIIs Is noL becuuse oI u Iuck oI un uppIIcuLIon LIuL bIocked
LIem. ¡L`s becuuse LIev ure noL InIormed und, moreover, uwuke Lo LIe
rIsks connecLed wILI LIe Web.
¡uckIIv, wIIIe AppIe conLrIves more coercIve meLIods Lo uverL LIe
specLre oI sex Irom cIIIdren`s smurLpIones, wIIIe GoogIe dIsIodges
LIe mosL muIIcIous Lerms Irom ILs InsLunLuneous prevIews, some
scIooIs ure IuuncIIng medIu-educuLIon cIusses, wurnIng Lowurds
probIems IIke sexLIng. TIeIr IInuI gouI Is Lo educuLe noL onIv voung
web-surIers, buL especIuIIv LIeIr concerned purenLs.
PIoLo CredILs: ¡IIckr CC AIIcukes¯, IIndIev rebeccu, und v I p e z.
by Carla Thompson On November 27. 2010
TIe song-und-dunce Ius been LIe sume Ior veurs, buL LIe drum beuL
IuLeIv Is deuIenIng: WIere ure LIe women enLrepreneurs und LIeIr
sLurLups? TIe quesLIon sIouId InsLeud be uskIng ¨WIv do we perceIve
LIere ure so Iew oI LIem?¨
TIIs urLIcIe orIgInuIIv uppeured on MusIubIe.com, u Lop source Ior
news In socIuI und dIgILuI medIu, LecInoIogv und web cuILure
TIe song-und-dunce Ius been LIe sume Ior veurs, buL LIe drum beuL
IuLeIv Is deuIenIng: WIere ure LIe women enLrepreneurs und LIeIr
sLurLups? WIv uren`L LIev Iunded? Are LIeIr busInesses
successIuI? Ad in[initum. TIese ure uII quesLIons worLI uskIng, Lo be
sure, und LIere wIII conLInue Lo be u need Lo revIsIL LIem Irom LIme Lo
LIme. BuL doesn`L IL IeeI IIke we`re spInnIng endIessIv In LIIs purLIcuIur
IumsLer wIeeI? ¡L`s LIme Lo cIunge LIe conversuLIon.
TIe reuIILv Is LIuL women enLrepreneurs ure evervwIere, In everv
IndusLrv und Irom everv cureer pIuse. And LIev`re euger Lo couIesce.
SInce IuuncIIng u compunv excIusIveIv Ior LIem IIve monLIs ugo, ¡`ve
Iud LroubIe keepIng up. TIev`re comIng ouL oI LIe woodwork Lo LuIk
und neLwork, munv oI LIem uggressIve In LIeIr desIre Lo connecL wILI
IeIIow enLrepreneurs und Iuve reuI conversuLIons ubouL buIIdIng LIeIr
So LIe quesLIon we need Lo be uskIng rIgIL now Is, ¨WIv do we
perceIve LIere ure so Iew oI LIem?¨ And IL`s LIme Lo move LIIs
dIscussIon ouL oI LIe commenLs secLIon und InLo LIe busIness puges.
The Prohlem
TIere`s no doubL LIuL ouLrIgIL bIus sLIII exIsLs, buL LIere ure so munv
wuvs Lo work uround IL now. TIe reuI Issue Is percepLIon vs. reuIILv.
A muIn cuuse oI LIIs IncorrecL percepLIon Is LIe wuv we usk quesLIons.
¡eL`s suv vou`re u womun LIInkIng oI IuuncIIng u LecI sLurLup. As
vou`re LIInkIng LIrougI vour busIness pIun und compunv creuLIon,
vou undersLundubIv go IookIng Ior resources onIIne. WIen vour
InILIuI seurcI Ior ¨women LecI sLurLups¨ reLurns counLIess IeudIInes
IIke, ¨AddressIng LIe ¡uck oI Women ¡eudIng TecI SLurLups,¨ vou`re
IIkeIv goIng Lo IeeI uL u dIsudvunLuge beIore vou`ve even sLurLed.
WIIIe reseurcIIng LIe compeLILIve Iundscupe Ior mv compunv, ¡
Iound LIuL u Iurge mujorILv oI websILes LurgeLed uL ¨workIng women¨
ure IILLered wILI moLIerIood reIerences, uds Ior enveIope-sLuIIIng
¨Iome-bused busInesses,¨ und IusIIon LIps. TIere`s perIups noLIIng
more dIsIeurLenIng us un enLrepreneur LIun IuvIng vour Ideus
beIILLIed, no muLLer vour gender. WIen vou`ve Iorsuken sIeep, Iood,
und LIme wILI Ioved ones Lo buIId u compunv, LIe IusL LIIng vou need
wIen IookIng Ior resources Is u buncI oI dIuper uds, or worse, un
urLIcIe suvIng vou don`L exIsL und Iuve no Iope oI beIng Iunded.
BuL despILe LIIs dIsIeurLenIng medIu und murkeLIng-spun percepLIon,
reuI numbers cerLuInIv exIsL Lo supporL u more posILIve ouLIook. A
¡ebruurv zo1o sLudv bv ¡IIumInuLe VenLures LILIed ¨HIgI-
PerIormunce EnLrepreneurs: Women In HIgI-TecI¨ Lukes u decIdedIv
dIIIerenL vIew oI LIIs Issue, und ¡ encouruge vou Lo downIoud LIe IuII
reporL. PredIcLIng LIuL ¨women enLrepreneurs ure poIsed Lo Ieud LIe
nexL wuve oI growLI In gIobuI LecInoIogv venLures,¨ ¡IIumInuLe`s
sLudv Iound LIuL:
Women-owned or Ied IIrms ure LIe IusLesL growIng secLor oI
new venLure creuLIon, represenLIng neurIv =o% oI uII prIvuLeIv
IeId busInesses.
Women-owned busInesses ure more IIkeIv Lo survIve LIe
LrunsILIon Irom sLurLup Lo esLubIIsIed compunv.
TIe number oI U.S. soILwure puLenLs IeId bv women Ius
Increused q=-IoId sInce 1¤8=; LIree LImes LIe nuLIonuI uveruge.
Women currenLIv muke up more LIun ¤o% oI LIe LecInoIogv
workIorce, buL receIve Iess LIun 1o% oI venLure IundIng.
TIe numbers ure LIere, und LIe bIuses ure becomIng Iess powerIuI. So
wIuL now?
The Solution
TIe soIuLIon IIes In un oId LruIsm: ¡I vou don`L IIke LIe unswers,
cIunge LIe quesLIons. We need u IundumenLuI sIIIL In LIe
conversuLIon uround women enLrepreneurs und women In busIness
overuII. We need opporLunILIes Lo usk LIe quesLIons LIuL muLLer ubouL
LIe compunIes we`re buIIdIng. We need unswers LIuL spurk
dIscussIons Irom women wIo`ve been LIere. We need bruInsLorms
uround InnovuLIve Ideus LIuL wIII evenLuuIIv Lurn InLo compunIes. ¡n
sIorL, women need wIuL unv enLrepreneur needs: supporL, Ideus,
energv, creuLIvILv, und unswers. And vou don`L Iuve Lo puInL IL pInk or
muke IL IeurL-sIuped Lo uppeuI Lo us. (ReuIIv, pIeuse don`L.)
¡mugIne wIuL wouId resuIL II we repIuced everv ¨WIere ure LIe
Women¨ urLIcIe wILI someLIIng weIgILIer - perIups un exumInuLIon
oI wIv some women ure Iess IncIIned Lo seII LIemseIves und LIeIr
busInesses, ouL oI Ieur oI beIng vIewed us egoIsLs. Muvbe we need Lo
Iook uL uII LIose soILwure puLenLs cILed ubove und Iow LIev`ve
uIIecLed kev secLors, or expIore LIe rupId growLI oI IemuIe
enLrepreneurs und wIuL eIIecL ILs IuvIng on busIness overuII.
Now ImugIne IIke-mInded women guLIerIng onIIne und oII Lo dIscuss
LIese Issues und sIure LIeIr experIence Lowurd u gouI oI enrIcIIng uII.
¡I we Look our coIIecLIve knowIedge, energv, experIence, und
moLIvuLIon, sIured IL und buIIL on IL, we`d be ubIe Lo move LIe worId.
TIe number oI orgunIzuLIons LIuL Iuve emerged In recenL veurs - Lo
encouruge, IosLer, deveIop, und susLuIn women-owned busInesses -
Is overwIeImIng. We need Lo esLubIIsI u more cenLruI reposILorv Ior
LIese, so women IookIng Ior resources cun eusIIv IInd communILIes In
wIIcI Lo couIesce. We`re ouL LIere. We sImpIv need Lo IInd eucI oLIer
more eIIecLIveIv.
¡`m u womun. And ¡`ve sLurLed u busIness. And ¡ know uL IeusL =oo
more IIke me. ¡`m beLLIng vou do Loo.
Ccrlc Thompson is cn emerqinq technoloqu cnclust cnd the CED
cnd Iounder o[ Shcrp Slirts, c netuorl [or uomen entrepreneurs.
You ccn [ind her on Tuitter «ccrlct.
PIoLo CredILs: ¡IIckr CC soIurboLIcs, MIke ¡IcIL, NoLIonsCupILuI.com
und WIsconsIn HIsLorIcuI ¡muges