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-volving world of Publishing

London Book Fair 2011

Repro presented its products and offerings at the London Book Fair 2011.

TESCO Ethical Training Workshop
Repro was a part of the TESCO ethical training workshop at Coimbatore in March.

ISO 9001:2008

Volume: 01; Issue: 01

News from Africa

The Repro plants at Surat and Mahape will undergo a re-certification process for the ISO 9001:2008 certification in April.


Repro bagged a single order of 5.6 million books from West Africa, valuing to `. 30 crores.

Dear friends, We are on the threshold of an exciting era in communication. Its medium is changing. Information is disseminated across media, formats and oceans. Geography is truly history! Even as we speak, new ways of disseminating information are being explored. With changing technology comes new challenges and opportunities.

What isThe EFI?

A closer look at the EFI Monarch system
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Virtualisation Benefits
Volume: 01; Issue: 01
• Get more out of existing resources. • Reduce datacenter costs by reducing physical infrastructure and improving server to admin ratio. • Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity. • Gain operational flexibility. • Improve desktop manageability and security.

o India Limited Repr

At Repro, staying abreast of change is something we take seriously. Our team is engaged in understanding this technology, and delivering solutions to stakeholders in this industry. All over the world, publishers, corporates, and governments are grappling with digital solutions; in some parts, digital is still a distant reality. At Repro, we straddle both realities by offering customised solutions to all our customers. Repro Times is an attempt to share with you our efforts in this direction. Where is the communication industry going? What are we doing to keep pace with it? What kind of solutions do we have? These are all areas of interest and focus that we plan to share with you through the year. I hope you enjoy Repro Times and I would love your participation in making this initiative a success. Vinod Vohra


Interface (DMI) to Web, Sheetfed and Bindery equipments. The manual data collection proceeds to a “direct-from-the-machine” capture of impression and bindery counts. In 2010, we introduced a theoryof-constraint-based production Limite epro Indiascheduling by the Print-Flow d R module. It manages key constrains and helps schedule work centers for a job’s production tasks cycle. This year, we have placed EFI Monarch into live production. It EFI Monarch What are we doing about it? comes with a new fully graphical user interface and a host of new In 2007, we commenced the EFI productivity improvement features. Hagen ERP implementation initiative. By 2008, we had implemented the foundation modules with web-based Our next vision is to introduce a tightly integrated planner module RFQ processes, estimation, job and later integrate into a real-time management, production desktop, pre-press workflow. This will purchase and inventory, shipping, enhance capabilities to new levels and invoicing modules. of efficiency and productivity. In 2009-10, we implemented EFI is a print and graphic industry vertical software company providing automation solutions through software.

Virtualisation and technology
One of the initiatives is ‘Virtualisation’. In 2011, we undertook major efforts to make this a critical back-end infrastructure for IT. The EFI Monarch and Planner works Volume: 01; Issue: on this infrastructure to improve 01 the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications. Virtualisation runs multiple operating systems on a single computer. It even lets a Mac run on Windows, creating a virtual PC environment for all Windows applications. It reduces capital costs and increases energy efficiency. It also requires l ess hardware. It ensures that enterprise applications perform with the highest availability and performance. It builds up business continuity through improved disaster recovery solutions. It also improves enterprise desktop management and control with a faster deployment of desktops, and fewer support calls due to application conflicts.

Intelligent Integration for Production

-volving world of Publishing



Machines in the pipe-line
We are planning to purchase two new machines – the Manu Graph Citiline Express 546 and the Manu Graph Citiline Express 508. Both of these will be operational in Q1. Each machine has the capacity to print 18 million pages a day. Recently, we have purchased Heidelberg SM 102 which is already operational. It can print 2 colours on one side, or one colour on both sides in a single pass. This machine has helped reduce a significant amount of ‘make-ready’ time and has significantly improved quality and productivity. The Kolbus Perfect Binder, with PUR attachment, would be running before the first quarter ends. This machine offers hot melt perfect binding with PUR (polyurethane reactive) glue, which has excellent flexibility and a thickness level that is one-third the size of standard hot melts. It has the ability to withstand temperature extremes without glue failure, and the binding is 40-60 per cent better than a traditional adhesive.

Repro’s Green Initiatives
The world is doing its best to save planet Earth, and we, at Repro, our working diligently towards this goal ourselves. Both our plants are certified for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), making us the first company in India to bag both certificates. Another initiative that we have taken is to reduce our power consumption by almost 15-20%. Towards this, we have replaced all the older machines with more efficient ones and have also discontinued the usage of a paper storage warehouse in order to minimise handling and transit damage. Both our facilities have become active members of the Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in order to treat and recycle our

What’s New

The Green Print

wastage wherein we send out all hazardous wastes to the TTC WMA for disposal. Recently, we conducted an energy audit with the help of M/s Schneider, a global specialist in Energy Management. We have also been trying to use the ‘ReduceReuse- Recycle’ approach for all our engineering spares and raw materials. All our efforts are towards reducing the environmental footprint by using various technologies on a daily basis, be it in drastically reducing emissions, paper wastage and alcohol usage on web M/C.

Research in Progress
Vision Plate Punching & Bending System for Web Offset Machine: This will greatly reduce the ‘make-ready’ time on the press, and improve quality and productivity. Inkjet Plates: It has an excellent dot resolution of 2-98%. This will help to improve productivity and will act as a back up for CTP. Steinmann Lamination Machine: suitable for any type of film, with high speed, this will help reduce cost and improve productivity, which will help save energy. Automatic Spiral Binding: This is a complete machine that forms spirals from filaments, inserts spiral in the books, and cuts and crimps the entire range of plastic spirals of diameters from 6 mm upto 32 mm.

We have attended various important conferences, and conducted some, too! Below are some conferences we’ve been a part of: • QBR, hosted by Gilmore and Knowledge, London, for all the Knowledge Cast Partners. • Visit to Kodak USA to understand the capabilities of New Inkjet Technology for Short Run Book Printing model. • Visit to Kodak’s installation sites. • Attendance at Print Pack 2011 Delhi, to meet with digital Vendors for digital printing and horizon for finishing. • Visit to Xaar Head for Inkjet Technology, Delhi. Attendance at the ‘Romance with Print’ Conference, Delhi.

Till Q3, on the binding lines, we Automatic Spiral Binding Machine were using steel blades which had to be changed frequently, resulting

in production loss. We have now started using the Tungsten Carbide Blade, which has drastically reduced changing time and workload and improved quality.



We were happy to welcome clients to our office recently. 1. Tamil actor Sharath Kumar paid us a visit in January. He is a publisher for the Media Voice


magazine and Chairman for Radan Media, a Tamil TV serial content provider.

2. Malayalam actor Siddique met us on 6th April for the signing of the Family Facebook magazine.

3. Neil Bradford, Production Director at Random House, visited our office in February.

Repro is one of the few printing companies to offer wholesome solutions for content, print and fulfillment. Our content services enable publishers to focus on marketing their product, while we take care of the rest.


When we receive the content, we have systems in place to structure and organise it, allowing arbitrary metadata to be added to all the information elements. This helps turn data into knowledge. Once this is done, the information can be successfully retrieved, reused and repurposed.

The content is often passed around among various highly-skilled professionals, namely editors, graphic artists, subject matter experts and business process analyser. These people ensure that the workflow is streamlined, by connecting all the necessary dots and making the flow unidirectional. This is done with the help of the ECM solution.

More than just print

programmes via web service connectors. After this, it is parsed for XML workflow, followed by the pagination and layout according the template approved. Metadata creation helps ease the location/ identification/ classification of content.

with the metadata from stage one. The ECM will manage the work allocation and complete life cycle management of the content.

Version control is a part of the content workflow. Various versions are managed and controlled as incremental as well as corrective versions.

The content resides entirely in relational database structures, file system objects, or a hybrid of both. It can be stored as unstructured text, structured text and binary graphic images, or as XML elements tagged

The finished content is delivered to users in multiple ways. Some of the formats are traditional print formats, sent via the web or email, and some formats are for mobile devices like PDAs, ebook readers and cell phones.

A publisher’s authored content is keyed into the system by trained operators, or ingested by special

Business strategy User-centric Design Content Model Information Architecture Navigation through content Categorisation and Classification Interface and Interaction Design


A Global Partnership
We have recently become a part of the Knowledge Cast Alliance of Gilmore Global. Gilmore Global has been among the top companies in the world to provide a full-range of print supply-chain solutions across the globe. Together, we are working on a worldwide partnering model in digital printing for deliveries across the globe.

Blooper Corner
Here are 3 things likely to happen during a pressing deadline
Your machine will crash Your software will get corrupted The paper will get jammed in your printing machines



A festive feminine celebration at Repro
Women’s Day was indeed a day to remember at Repro this year. As an employee engagement activity, we organised a special Women’s Day celebration at our Head Office and the Mahape plant. The women made the most of this celebration with fun games like Dumb Charades, Housie and Passing the Parcel. A festive feel permeated the air, encouraging women to sing songs, crack jokes and have a memorable day. The purpose of this celebration was to thank all the women in this organisation and make them realise how special and important they are to the organisation. They are an integral part of our organisation and we would like to thank them for their valuable contribution to our success.


Murphy’s Laws
There’s no denying them, and there’s no beating them. All you can do is read some of them and laugh while you wait for the inevitable.

Any instrument when dropped will roll into the least accessible corner.

Repro welcomes all the newcomers
We have welcomed some new talent into our team this quarter. We conducted campus recruitment at Symbiosis, IMDR and Balaji Institute a few weeks ago. It was a successful endeavour, as we hired five new Management Trainees. We also hired two IIM-L summer trainees, who have been a part of our team since the beginning of April. The Government Institute of Printing Technology (GIPT) organised an industrial visit for its final year students at Repro. The visit helped the students gain first-hand information about the operating systems, machines and procedures in the print industry. It also helped them gain a better perspective into an actual working environment and observe how theory is put into practice. Students toured around the facility and observed every department in detail, ending their visit at the production department, where they observed printing processes and machines at work. They also learnt how printed materials are packaged and made shipment-ready. All in all, it was a successful visit.

If a message can be interpreted in several ways, it will be interpreted in a manner that maximises the damage.

If the shipment is already delayed, the weather goes bad and the harbour will close.

Whenever there is a pressing deadline, the client’s disk won’t run on your equipment.

Join the task force

London Book Fair 2011
We set up our products for display at the London Book Fair this April for the 6th consecutive year. The new stand carried our re-positioned image of providing much more than just print, showcasing content solutions as the new major thrust area which we have ventured into. Publishers from the UK, US and EU f locked our stand to witness our capabilities in creating e-books for the educational sector, children’s sector and trade titles. A record footfall is what we experienced at this fair. A delegation of our top executives were present to network with our existing as well as new clients.

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